The Blade

In Promo by Starboy

A flock of little sheep freely grazed out in the pasture.

They roamed around their environment not knowing of what would come next.

They went about their day eating from a trough of corn feed and soybeans.

Unknowing that their farmer was fattening them up to be sent to the butcher to be slaughtered.

As the farmer and farm hands herded the lambs to the slaughter, there was the ONE.

The one who had the untimely job of shearing them, skinning them, and butchering them for sale.

The one was the person with the blade.

He kept his long blade sharp, shined up real nice and ready to get the job done.

He had no remorse for the pain and suffering of those lambs sent to the slaughter.

All he wanted to do was slaughter those lambs for he found joy and pleasure in being the one with the blade.

It wasn’t politically correct, or a glamorous job but fuck did he enjoy slaughtering the shit out of sheep.

He took pride in his line of work, in some sick, twisted way he lived for it.

This coming week, OSW has their annual Lambs to the Slaughter match.

Twenty little lamb fighting to survive and be the one that got away to live another day.

And escape being sacrificial lamb to the one with the blade.

Everyone has already predicted who will be the prized lamb and who will succumb a slow, painful, death at the hand of the blade.

STARBOY is no bad mother fucker or dream demon.

Collector, head snake or fighting for the greater good.

Look me up and down and you’d come to the conclusion that I’m not on their level or even on their playing field.

But who’s to say STARBOY can’t get the job done?

He may walk into Lambs to the Slaughter as just another number.

Just another lamb.

But at the end of the night, STARBOY will be the ONE.

The one to survive.

The one to walk out with his hand raised in victory.

STARBOY is the bad mother, father, brother, sister fucker.

The chocolate starfish collector.

The wet dream demon.

The big anaconda.

Fucking for the greater good.

Because STARBOY will be the one yielding the long, hard, blade that will not only slaughter the masses.

But the blade that will fuck the shit out of them asses.

STARBOY’s job isn’t glamorous nor is it politically correct.

But STARBOY is politically incorrect and damn proud of it.

And he loves a good fucking slaughter.

Get in line my cute little sheep and try to run if you can.

But once STARBOY’s pants come down and whips out his blade, he always gets his way.

There’s nineteen of you standing in the way of STARBOY reaching for that COCK Ring of Dreams.

And STARBOY’s long blade is throbbing and shined up real nice to slaughter the shit out of some cute, innocent, and scared little sheep.

STARBOY’s coming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums!!!