The Blind Leading The Blind

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

A man really couldn’t see without his glasses.

They’d broken and were unusable.

Everything was blurry.

At first, he tried squinting. He thought if he could bring things into a smaller condensed visual plane, that he’d be able to see with a little more clarity. It didn’t work. He still couldn’t see a thing but blur.

He searched his home shortly thereafter and found a former prescription. Under the belief that they used to work, he hoped that they’d do enough to satisfy his desire to see. They didn’t work. All they did was refocus his eyes to what they used to be able to see clearly, not what they could see clearly now. 

Finally, with nothing else working, he decided that if he wanted to see, he’d have no other choice but to purchase his prescription glasses and give his eyes the aide they require.

Do you know what he didn’t do to help him see?

Close his eyes. 

People who truly want to see, don’t blind themselves, Vision. That’s illogical.

The man who lost his glasses didn’t remove his eyes.

I get it; you feel superior to the regular insignificant pinprick of a mortal by claiming that you have garnered some sort of increased vision and sight by removing the very things that aide you to see.

But a man who wishes to be heartless, does not remove his heart, does he? For if he did, that man would be dead.

You’re a man that wanted to see beyond what his eyes could comprehend, so you removed your eyes.Do you know what that makes you?


You don’t have the ability to see further, or more than anyone else. In fact, it isn’t feasibly or scientifically possible for you to see more than those of us with eyes – whether we’re wearing glasses, or partially blind, each and every single one of us see’s more than you do.

You’re the leader of a group that literally follows the mantra of the blind leading the blind.

Do you know what happens when the blind lead the blind into dangerous matches against scientists, who when using science, can make you something other than blind – such as a dead?

An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind, Vision. Your goal is to blind the masses, claiming they’d be able to see more. I want you to achieve that. I want you to blind every single person who is stupid enough to believe they’ll see more as a result.

Do you know why?

Because my goal is to dominate Arcadia.

My goal is to reign supreme at the top of the food chain and if everyone below me can’t see where the food chain is, I’ll have no problem positioning myself so far above their useless blind little heads that I’ll forever be out of reach.

This Monday, what happens when a Blind Man walks into a wrestling ring against a scientist?

I’ll see.

You won’t.