The Cancer In Me

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“A man was given the worst news imaginable.”

“He had only six months to live.”

“Whilst the cancer ate away at him physically, it also drained him mentally. He spent every minute of every single day thinking about his inevitable death and how he could change it.”

“He went and saw Doctors across the country and world. He travelled hundreds of thousands of miles to try anything he could to survive.”

“The man undertook horrible experimental treatments that made him feel worse than death itself.”

“He tried various different medications.”

“Entered into numerous clinical trials.”

“Suffered unimaginable pain.”

“His determination to defeat fate was only outweighed by his fear of it. When the fifth month came and went, the man found himself broke, in unspeakable agony and no closer to a cure.”

“It’s there that his story ended.”

“And he perished.”

“When what I am became apparent to me, I had no choice but to accept my fate. I was here for a purpose, that much was clear. Who I thought I was and what I thought of myself changed in that moment.”

“I was no longer in control of my own destiny. Fate had already determined an outcome for me, long before I ever knew it, and I was here to carry that out.”

“The wiring within me is the cancer.”

“And I could spend time trying to figure that out. I could try removing the wiring and replacing it. I could run from Old School Wrestling and never once look back.”

“I could spend every penny I own, every moment I have and every thought in my mind trying to defeat fate.”

“I could travel hundreds of thousands of miles to destroy this cancer within me.”

“To become a real man.”

“To become flesh and blood.”

“To feel like anything other than what I am.”

“But you’re right Chronoa; you’re right – I’d be wasting my time, wouldn’t I? The man from my story wasted what time he lad left trying to change fate. He wanted to defeat something that can very rarely be defeated and after the apocalypse was averted, you came here to assure it couldn’t happen again.”

“That once in a million miracle could not be repeated.”

“Fate cannot be defeated or changed.”

“But guess what, bitch, you can.”

“You’re not fate.”

“Whilst I may be destined to complete a mission that’ll likely result in my termination and the end of my life, I have nothing but time left to burn and boy, I’m not gonna waste it wishing it wasn’t so.”

“I’m not gonna waste it finding a way out.”

“I’m gonna use it to kick your ass, Chronoa.”

“You and your weapon.”

“Let’s see what fate has in store for my boot and your ass, shall we?”

“Cause as we both know…”

“You can’t change fate.”