The Colt

In Promo by Deathnote

“There once was a small village.”

“A village rife with violence and chaos.”

“A village that was once ruled by a King, but now found themselves under the order of the Phoenix.”

“It cared not whether their village would thrive.”

“And thus, not only was the Phoenix their ruler, but also their worst enemy.”

“Every so often, a new challenger to the Phoenix’s throne would rise up.”

“Many men and women trained their entire lives to dethrone the firebird, yet each of them failed.”

“Though some managed to reduce the firebird to ashes, sure enough.. the Phoenix would rise from those ashes again and again.”

“For the Phoenix was thought to be immortal.”

“A young hunter who had lost his entire family to the Phoenix’s wraith had promised the village that he would rid this town of that awful firebird for good.”

“He spent many of nights locked away in a small cabin on the outskirts of town.”

“Using the blacksmithing skills that he had learned from his late father, the hunter was able to craft the perfect weapon.”

The Colt.”

“He loaded his crafted gun with iron bullets and set out on his journey.”

“He climbed the highest mountain in the land, up to the perch of The Phoenix.”

“The phoenix flapped it’s wings of fire and let out an awful screech, but the young hunter wasn’t afraid.”

“Instead, he unholstered The Colt from his side, and cocked the gun taking aim at the Phoenix.”




“Three shots rung out into the night, those bullets of iron piercing the Phoenix’s exterior. The firebird screeched in pain and immediately was reduced to a pile of ashes.

“Only this time, the Phoenix wouldn’t rise again from the ashes. The hunter stepped forward, stomping onto the pile of ashes with his boot and smearing them into the ground.”

“Much like that small village, OSW has come to be under the order of the Phoenix.”

“With the support of my father, Jensen Cussen has taken the reigns of our village and left nothing but chaos and violence in his wake.”

“Resurrected once again by my father after several men and women had tried to extinguish the firebird, Cussen finds himself at the top of the mountain, laying in perch.. waiting for Red Snow.”

“Waiting to come face to face with me, the hunter.”

“I’ve spent the past few months preparing for war. Preparing for Red Snow..”

“I have crafted The Colt.”

“And come Red Snow, I am the answer to the villages problems.”

“I wield the very weapon that will save this village from the order of the Phoenix.”

“And I will pump you full of my iron bullets, Jensen.”

“You may think that you’re coming for my life, Cussen, but at the end of the day it will be you who is reduced to nothing more than a pile of ashes.”

“A mere stain on the bottom of my boot when I smear those ashes into the canvas of OSW.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“For he is The Colt.”