The Coming Storm

In Promo by The Impaler

A storm starts and wherever it does it could be many things.

If it’s off the coast in the tropics, well then stand back because you may very well have a hurricane coming through that will tear apart lives.

You have low pressure mixing with frigid temps in the north, you’ll have yourself an ice storm that will cut power and people can, will, and have frozen to death.

The thing is when storms form where they’re not anticipated that is when the death toll truly climbs.

As Pandemonium approaches the lights have been flickering around here because a storm is very much approaching and most of the OSW roster is blissfully unaware of what exactly is about to happen.

It’s a blizzard in Florida, a category five Hurricane in Maine, it’s months of torrential downpours in Nevada, tornadoes ravaging London.

What it will be is ever changing, ever evolving pain, and misery.

The force of the Many is no longer knocking at the door of OSW but instead ripping it from its very hinges.

All because one person had to tempĀ Fate and sow the wind.

Now everyone that resides in the space that is OSW shall have to reap the whirlwind that she has visited upon them.

Because it is not going to be some thunderstorm, or blizzard.

No, this will be something a Group of Sirs will love me saying but hate the moment they see it because this is going to be a tempest on a biblical scale.

That means nowhere to run and no where to hide.

I know where everyone is not and that is… safe.

All because a Harbinger thought that they could control the uncontrollable.

From this point forward it matters not if you’re fromĀ Hollywood, Death’s Favorite Author, or the Kid from bygone Generation.

Every last one of you will get to pay for Chronoa’s attempts to reign in an unnatural force of nature.

Because it is time for everyone around here to see what lies within the mask.

The monsoon that has been building upon the very outskirts of the Slaughterhouse that is a literal Multitude that’s been biding its time.

While Chronoa gets to see what she’s always wanted.

She gets to be the Harbinger of Fate for Old School Wrestling at the hands of a storm that can be tailored to everyone individually including but limited to herself as well.

A force that can and will rip the OSW from its very foundation and leave nothing but ruins in its wake.

Because this is about the Double Feature Championship, it’s about a force that will rise unbidden, uncontrollable, and make Lambs to the Slaughter actually live up to its name.

So I respectfully request that everyone entering the ring this weekend tell your next of kin to lay the blame for all of what is about to happen at the feet of Chronoa, she asked for this.

She wanted the ravages of Legion to descend upon OSW and consume its very being.

So listen to wind blow, that wind is I, and I AM LEGION, FOR WE ARE THE MANY!