The Cutting Edge…

In Harold Attano, Promo by Harold Attano

Before I was put here, I was a collector of blades, anything, and everything that had a cutting edge was on the cutting edge for me.  

The scalpel being my favorite because, it can be used to create, to make beautiful collages to exacting specifications because the knife itself is so nimble and sharp when it’s well maintained. 

Medical grade stainless steel scalpels are a hell of a thing too. 

Because in kind, caring, compassionate hands they can be used to save lives. 

A tool to keep the worthy among the living and breathing. 

Alas, in the hands of men with a less than moral compass it can be used to take lives effortlessly.  

One swift motion across the throat and well, you’ll being seeing red without even applying an ounce of pressure. 

It simply glides without the victim feeling anything. 

But what you need to watch out for is when that scalpel starts to age

Because it rusts, it dulls, its edge becoming jagged, and at that point in hands of anyone it can only be used to take life. 

I’ve met a man recently who shares my affinity for our tried-and-true scalpel. 

A specialist who likes to use it for all three of its uses. 

A Taxidermist who uses the noble scalpel to take life, ending men where they stand and leave them lying dead in a pool of their own fluids. 

In his own way he uses the aforementioned blade to be creative as he uses the remains of his victims to create immortal versions of them that will live forever. 

And, thus in his own way he saves the memory of his victims if not the life. 

But it’s a habit that’s put Gustav here on Deathrow facing the aging scalpel

The thing about the aging, dirty, old scalpel is that it is more dangerous than the bright shiny new one. 

Because its dulled ever so slightly, people underestimate its actual sharpness, their hand slips, and when it digs into their flesh it cuts deeper than ever intended. 

The rust and filth that has accumulated from years on the ground of Deathrow make it vector for bloodborne infections like tetanus, staph, and MRSA. 

All the while the edges now jagged, don’t so much as slice flesh instead tearing the flesh creating wounds that can’t stitched together to the point they weep blood long after clotting begins. 

A scalpel so old and rusted, its only purpose could ever be to end someone’s life slowly, painfully, and with an amount of suffering you would never wish upon your worst enemy. 

But at the end of the day Gustav, I’m just another aging, dirty, old man who’s been here on the Deathrow floor for years…. 

Mind dulling… 

Muscles rusting from atrophy… 

Growing more and more jagged, oh I mean ragged around the edges with each passing day. 

Just another man growing old on Deathrow, I am a true nobody, and at Invasion I will surely leave no body.