The Discordant Note

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

Since stepping foot inside the Church of Zion, I have heard a sweet, sweet song. The lyrics tell a promise of his return before the end, but I find myself especially enthralled by the composition of the music itself.

The song starts out soft, laying the foundation for what’s to come. The notes establish the calm that is what Zion meant for us, building up in volume to see his glory fully realized…until it reaches its crescendo with a jarring discordant note.

One note can change the whole scope of a song, and those who listen closely will recognize what comes next…a rest, giving enough pause to clear one’s mind before proceeding forward.

Much like the song of the Church, the lives of many a citizen on Arcadia has seen a relative calm over the years, though the rising volume of violence and depravity has slowly built up toward the crescendo we saw at Anarchy Rulez…and the invasion of the Uprising. Yet, it is not those who seek the Baron’s downfall that are the discordant note…it is those who seek something far more grandiose.

What exactly do you seek, El Mariachi Muerte? You were once someone who merely sung into existence the end for those with ears to hear…and yet, something different exudes from your melody. Something scary, something dangerous.

You are the note that changes the scope of the song of Arcadia itself, the absolute peak of the chaos that it has fallen into after years of peace…but you too shall pass, and with it, the rest that these people deserve. The sort of rest that comes from Zion’s big embrace.

I will provide that rest, I will prepare Arcadia for the embrace they deserve…by bringing that discordant note to its conclusion. The atmosphere for this is perfect, with nothing to keep me from fulfilling my mission…not even the threat of disqualification or count-out.

With the weapons afforded to me, I will usher in a symphony all its own at your expensive, Mariachi. This is the path I choose to go down, for the glory of Zion. There will be no stopping what’s to come, until the end is upon you.

I will not falter, I will not waver until I have done what is necessary. Your song, O Singing Death, will finally bring about your own downfall, as the discordant note is silenced to bring about rest to these people.

And with that rest, we will clear our minds and focus on the glorious future to come. The return of Zion, and the salvation he promises to bring us all.

Such is the message Zion has delivered unto me, that those who would try to upend his promise would be brought to ruin for the sake of his glory. The old tune shall give way to a song anew, with all his people giving him praise.

This is simply the way it has to be, Muerte. It’s what Zion would demand of me, and what Zion wants…Zion gets.