The Dragon

In Kaiju Chiba, Promo by Kaiju Chiba

Chasing the dragon.

It is an expression I hear from the addicted who, so often, find themselves receiving justice from me, one way or the other.

It is, as they freely admit, a fruitless chase.

But they persist anyway.

They say that first hit of a drug is the dragon. They want to feel it again. It was the most intense pleasure of their life.

That second hit? Almost, but just not quite as good as the first. The third? Close, but not quite as good as the second.

And so on and so on, until they are forced to stop.

Understand, the danger lies in the irony. The irony of the dragon is it only happens once. And the more you chase it, the further away it gets.

There’s two ways an addict finally gives up the chase for the dragon, who they are as far away from as they’ve ever been.

They either get sober.

Or they die.

In Arcadia, addicts have options for sobriety. They can join a program that guides them towards sobriety. They can check themselves into a rehabilitation center.

Or they can quit, as they say it, cold turkey.

Which is, making the choice to stop chasing that dragon, on their own, with or without the support of anyone else in their decision to do so.

It requires hitting rock bottom, and choosing to live.

It is, in my opinion, the most heroic thing one can do regarding a dragon.

And you, Colt?

You’re about to become a hero.

Because you’re an addict, aren’t you?

You are addicted to the story.

And you saw me. You saw the Big Save doing what he does, doing the thing he was born to do.

And you thought you’d finally caught the dragon.

It is to your detriment that you didn’t realize I’m not the dragon.

What I am, for you, is rock bottom.

Because I tried my best to guide you like a program to healing yourself, and getting your mind back. I tried my best to check you, as if I was a rehab center.

But you just can’t stop chasing that story.

You can’t stop chasing that dragon.


I’m going to make you stop.

At Dead or Alive, like any other addict, you’re coming face to face with rock bottom and you’re going to have to choose.

You can choose to chase that dragon until it turns around and kills you.

Or you can stop your mad pursuit, and choose to heal yourself from your addiction.

Because despite what you think, your addiction isn’t good for anyone.

It isn’t good for me.

It isn’t good for Arcadia.

And it certainly isn’t good for you.

It has led you down paths so dark you cannot even remember them.

And here I am Colt. The rock bottom that shows you the light.

The rock bottom that gives you the chance to stop chasing that dragon, and be the hero of your story.

If not now, when?

If not me, then who?