The Fallen Tree

In Luther Grim, Promo by Luther Grim

Once upon a time, there was a tall and sturdy tree that stood in the middle of a vast forest. The tree had been there for many years, and it had weathered many storms. Its roots were deep and strong, and it had grown tall and proud, providing shelter and shade for the animals that lived in the forest.

One day, a great storm swept through the forest, with strong winds and heavy rain. The tree swayed back and forth, its branches bending and cracking under the force of the wind. But the tree was strong, and it held fast, weathering the storm with grace and resilience. 

But as the storm continue to rage, the tree felt the ground beneath its root begin to give away. The soil was soft and muddy from the rain, and the tree’s roots began to loosen and pull away from the earth. The tree tried to hold on, but it was no match for the force of the storm. 

You are the tree that has stood the test of time, Destructo Boy. You’ve seen many storms throughout your life. And you’ve weathered them quite well. You’ve been a staple in this community, having provided shelter and shade for all of the people around you. You are strong and resilient, standing as mighty and as proud as any tree that had ever existed.

But what you have failed to realize, Destructo Boy, is that you are not impossible.

You are battle-tested, having survived many downpours in your life. But none of them were as destructive as Luther Grim.

You see, I am the storm that instills fear in the hearts and minds of whoever witness me. I am the storm that will have you scrambling to pick up the pieces… long after I have passed. I’ve existed in Arcadia as a reminder to all that you are not unendurable. There is always danger lurking around the corner, even when you think the coast is clear.

You’ve been rooted firmly in the ground, Destructo Boy. Over time, you’ve lost some leaves and you’ve lost some branches. You’ve suffered heartbreak before in your life, but you’ve remained standing. You perceive yourself to be the essence of strength and courage, but The Hunter perceives you as nothing of the sort. In fact, I perceive you as a weak and feeble tree. I perceive you as a tree that is willing to foolishly destroy themselves so that others are able to live and see another day. You are a tree that has been rooted in Arcadia for many years, but despite this fact, you are still not good enough

At Clash, Destructo Boy, I’m going to bring the strong winds and heavy rain and uproot you from the very place you stand. You are a decrepit tree that was fortunate enough to have never needed to weather my storm, but on Monday, your life will come to a tragic end. Because no matter how much confidence you think you have, your blind faith means nothing to me. And at Clash, I’m going to run right fucking through you!

It’s hunting season!