The Feast

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

The distinct sound of water running in a sink can be heard. Jasper Redgrave stands in the confides of his cell in front of the sink, his hands being caressed by the stream of water. A soft, yet vicious whisper creeps up the spine of Redgrave.

Feed me..”

This somewhat startles Redgrave. He looks over his shoulder but no one is there.

“I’m hungry, Jasper.”

A second whisper causes Jasper Redgrave to do a full turn about, but still.. there’s nothing there.

“Don’t act like you don’t hear me. You know I don’t like being ignored.”

The words cause a smile to creep across Jasper’s face as he peers up from the sink to look straight into the mirror. His inner demon speaks through the reflection.

“You’ve grown soft, Mr. Redgrave. Once a feared member of the free society, people used to avoid the shadows in fear of your presence. You’ve watched personally as countless men and women have taken their last breath. You’re a killer, Jasper.”

His voice becomes solemn..

“Or at least, you used to be.”

“Since being placed on Death Row, what have you done? Warden Meadows made a mockery of you in front of the rest of the inmates. You’ve had several attempts to assert yourself atop the food chain in this hell hole, and each time you’ve failed.”


His inner self demands, causing the real Jasper’s eyes to widen.

“It’s time to wake the fuck up, Jasper. It’s time to be the killer that you’ve always been. And now, now’s your chance.”

“In one weeks time, a tournament will be held right here in the depths of hell. A tournament to find the King of the Damned.”

“This is your moment. No longer will you sit here dormant in this cell. It’s time you get back to your work.”

“It’s time to begin your next portrait. A portrait of Death Row.”

“A depiction of all the worst parts of Arcadia. Paint us the picture of the fallen thug rapper, the vision of the clown slipping into madness. Make an example of your competition. Use the blood from another artist as the medium to paint the beautiful death of the beastly man that they all fear.”

“At King of the Damned, it’s time for the lion to awake.”

“Slaughter all the little lambs. Put that scumbag of a warden in his place. Take the crown that belongs to you.”

“Use that throne to secure your opportunity against the Death Row Champion, and then finish your masterpiece by shattering his skull in front of all of Arcadia.”

“I’ve been asleep for months, Jasper. Months of lying dormant without a single morsel to feed upon. I’m starving..”

At those last words, the real version of Jasper would strike forward, smashing head first into the mirror and shattering it completely. He turns away from the sink, his eyes glossy under the crimson mask of blood that now covered his face. His tongue parts his lips as he takes a lick of the blood before his lips curl into a smirk.

“Then let’s fucking feast.”