The Fire of Passion

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“There was a male prostitute that liked to play with his clients’ hearts in order to turn one night stands into frequent outings.”

“He’d often whisper the right words into their ears and press all the correct buttons so they’d become enamored with him.”

“He was also passionate in the sheets, making sure their night together is one the client will never forget.”

“But for him, it’ll be just another payday. One that’ll blend in with all the others he’s received throughout his time as an escort.”

“On a day like any other, the streetwalker met with a repeat customer and got paid to get frisky once more. The escort played his usual cards on his client and performed his regular act on them too.”

“Once they were finished with the deed, however, the buyer presented him with a ring, asking him to marry them. The hooker laughed in their face, telling them that they were just a customer to them, nothing more and nothing less.”

“Dejected but expecting that answer, they pulled out a gun and shot the prostitute dead.”

“The Underworld has no fury like a lover scorned. It’s a lesson that Aarman Fidel needs to learn before it’s too late.”

“You fancy yourself to be quite the playboy, don’t you? You know exactly what words to say and what buttons to push in order to get everyone swooning over you.”

“And when they do, they’ll perform whatever you want them to, be it passionate love making or leaving the slums for whatever nefarious reason you have planned.”

“No matter what you get them to do, the transaction you come to will be all the same to you, much like the former hooker’s paydays.”

“Now you’ve come across two more individuals that you’ll try to work your magic on. You’ll try to whisper sweet nothings into their ears and push their buttons in order to get them to do your bidding.”

“It might work on one of them, but it absolutely won’t on the other. Why?”

“Let’s just say that they’ve been burned before by your tricks, Aarman. They’ve had the same words tickle their eardrums and their buttons pushed, only to be scorned when you remind them that they’re just a means to an end.”

“That unfortunate person is me.”

“And with my help, I’ll be able to convince Kaiju not to fall for your games and step aside as the fires of passion burn you alive.”

“You’ve played with the emotions and hearts of helpless Arcadians for too long, Duke of Desire. It’s about time someone in the know of every move in your playbook does something about you.”

“If not Mannfred, then it’ll have to be me.”

“You’ve fanned the flames one too many times, Fidel. Now they’re going to end your cruel game before you can make a fool out of anyone else.”

“You’re going to get burned, Aarman. I’ll see to it that no one is around to extinguish the fire you started.”