The Forge

In Grimskull, Promo by Grimskull

The great crucible of life is nothing more than a forge.

In the scalding furnace of existence, we are hammered, crafted, shaped by the ceaseless blows of adversity. We flinch, recoil, shutter under the relentless strike, but the hammer persists, unmoved by our distress.

It’s not a tormentor, it’s a blacksmith.

Pain, misery, disappointment.

They are not afflictions.

They’re tools.

And with every perceived catastrophe, with every moment of suffering, we are being sculpted, chiseling away our flaws, our weaknesses, to reveal the steel beneath the surface.

But you Jinx, you are different.

A hacker, a speedrunner, a master manipulator of code.

You deftly evade the hammer of life, looking for exploits and cheats in the code, glitching past adversities with the tap of a key. You’ve turned existence into a game, sprinting toward an imagined finish line.

But, Jinx, life isn’t a sprint; it’s a grueling marathon.

It’s not about reaching a goal faster than others. It’s about the journey, the transformations, the rise and fall, the beauty and the pain.

You’ve been running, Jinx, running from that hammer.

From the forge.

Somewhere inside, you believe you can outpace life itself.

But you can’t.

Life isn’t a glitch to be exploited or an obstacle to be bypassed. It is the foreground and the background, the creator and the created, the blacksmith and the hammer.

In your haste, you’ve overlooked the crux of existence. Pain is not a hindrance, it’s a teacher. It tests and provokes, pushes, and prods until we understand that it is not something to escape, but something to embrace. It is the friction that ignites the spark of growth within us.

You think you’ve found a way around, beaten the system, outrun the trials.

But you’re running in circles, confined within the illusion of your own creation.

And at the center of it all is the forge, the relentless, beautiful forge.

And here I stand, within its flames, unflinching, unyielding.

Because I know life is pain.

It is not a distraction, but the main attraction, not a detour, but the path itself.

It all boils down to the simple truth, will you run, or will you rise?

You, floating around in your binary world, poke holes in the walls of adversity, frantically searching for shortcuts.

But the tricks won’t work forever…

Because you can’t speedrun life.

When the last shortcut leads you back to the start. When the high score resets. When all the hacks and the glitches, when all your tools fail– who will you be then?

When that time comes, when you finally face the torturous trials you’ve always avoided, I’ll be there.

Grimskull is your trial, your shepherd in the darkness.

In embracing my pain, I became what I am. What will you become, Jinx?

Glitches can be corrected. Hacks can be patched. Just as the road of pain forges the strongest souls, etches them with the deepest truths.

You can hack away at the surface, Jinx, but the forge endures. The forge transforms.

So step out of your digital delusions.

Embrace the pain.

Become the forge.

Or I’m afraid your only speedrun will be to defeat.