The Hand That Wields It

In Promo, Sebastian Boswick by Sebastian Boswick

Some people say the pen is mightier than the sword.

To those people, I say that might is determined not by the instrument, but by the hand that wields it.

Some people, when in possession of a golden pen, might see it as a mere catalyst to achieving their goals. Others might view it as the goal itself. 

To those people, I say in capable hands, that pen is much more.

It’s a gateway. A means of access. In the right hands, that pen can draw a golden path towards not just your goals, but your dreams. Dreams you’re scared to mention because they are so big can become realized with that pen, so long as you know what to do with it.

And so long as your hands hold the right pen.

After all, a swordsman with a dull blade is no more dangerous than a gunman out of bullets.

To draw such a path, I will need the right pen.

And though this pen that can shape reality, this pen so graciously loaned to me by Mr. Lamplight, is quite a useful instrument in the arts of pushing into the future one’s desires…

This pen is only useful insofar as it has drawn me a path to a different pen.

The right pen.

The pen which as of now stays clutched in the hand of that she-witch who has made herself a part of my business with Mr. Lamplight.

It’s your pen I want, Gemini.

The pen that inevitably I will use to draw my gateway towards the ACA becoming what it was always meant to be.

To be in possession of such a pen, I understand, can make a girl feel mighty big and strong.

But there ain’t enough insects in the world to stop this swordsman.

And I don’t think your pen is mighty enough, either.

Because it’s in your hand.

If it was a nest of locusts that you were keeping in the back of your throat, it would be more formidable.

But the hard truth, devil woman, is that your hands are no match for mine.

While you were crawling around on the ground with a magnifying glass, looking for insects to hold in your disgusting, whore mouth?

I’ve been creating a good world.

While you went about censoring the only side of you with any redeemable qualities whatsoever?

I’ve been busy censoring the evils of Arcadia.

Creating good.

Censoring evil.

Now that’s a double feature worthy of permanent ink.

Meanwhile, there’s you. Trying to assist the depraved and clever Mr. Lamplight with his little censored shop. You’re so willing to help this evil creature, that you’ve offered up your pen as a matter of assistance.

You might as well have donated it to the Arcadian Censorship Authority.

You might as well have gifted it to me, with a note that reads:

To he who has shown himself worthy

From the woman who has shown herself worthless.

The end result is the same.

Censorship isn’t my job, it’s my life’s work.

And soon my hand will wield the pen that carries that work forward.