The Lonely Puppeteer

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

“There was once a small boy.”

“He wasn’t a very popular kid.”

“All the children used to make fun of him, even within the lower levels of Arcadia.”

“He just didn’t fit in with the rest of the children. He was always the oddball out.”

“He tried to join in on some of the games with the other kids, but instead of allowing him to play.. they pointed and laughed at him.”

“He left with his head hung low. He walked the shameful walk home, clearly in his feelings. But there, in the gutter.. he found a dirty old stuffed bear.”

“He picked the bear up. The stuffed animal was missing an eye, one of his arms barely held on by a few threads.”

“But the little boy dusted the bear off. He took him home and gave him a good cleaning. He found a way to patch up the arm and he gave the bear a name.”

“And the young boy became best friends with the bear. Everywhere he went, the bear went as well.”

“No matter what, the little boy could count on that bear to be there.”

“Until it wasn’t. One day he would crosspaths with a child much larger and stronger than him.”

“The bully pushed the little boy to the ground and snatched his best friend from him. He ripped the head clean off the stuffed animals shoulders and with a laugh, tossed the body into the sewer, keeping the head as his own souvenir.”

“I’m reminded of this story when I think of you, Felix Foley.”

“When the rest of Arcadia looks at you, they see the oddball. The kid that just doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of his peers.”

“As much as you want to play our little game, you’re not exactly cut out to play.”

“Instead, you’re laughed at. You’re turned away in shame.”

“You parade around with your little collection of puppets, each with their own personality, their own voice.”

“Each filling the void that is your lack of friendship.”

“Each being a crutch that keeps a lonely old man willing to live to see another day.”

“No matter what, you can rely on them to be there..”

“Until they’re not.”

“This week at Clash, you will cross paths with someone who is much bigger than you. This week, you find yourself pitted against someone who is much stronger than you.”

“And just like that bully, I will push you down and steal your little friends. I will rip the head off of them right before your eyes..”

“But there’s a difference in this scenario, because it’s not the head of the puppet that I will take as souvenir.”

“No. It’s your head that I’m after.”

“It is your head that I will display in the center of my Gallery, for all to see.”

“Leaving you just as lifeless as those puppets you hold so dear.”

“I’ll call it The Lonely Puppeteer.”

“With your blood, I shall create my most creative masterpiece yet!”