The Marathon

In Promo by Deathnote

“Many men of many different statures gather along the starting line.”

“Some of them are big, bulky muscle head types, while others are slender, average type of men who seem to be light on their feet.”

“The sun barrels down upon them as they do their pre-run workouts. Some men choosing to flap their gums at other less fortunate men.”

“In unison, they line up along the starting line. The arrogant muscle-heads all share one final glance before the call, each of them oozing of over confidence in their own abilities.”


“A beautiful young lady shoots a blank Into the air, signaling the beginning of the race as everyone scurries off the line.”

“Most everyone. A few runners were so distracted by the beauty of the lady firing the gun that they lost the race without ever leaving the line.”

“The arrogance runs high as the jocks claim and early lead. But this isnt a short race, no.”

“This is a marathon.”

“And those who left the line with a full head of steam quickly tire out and fall behind the pack.”

“Then there’s the middle of the pack. All fit and agile on their feet, pacing themselves as they run.”

“Some of them will fall to hunger or dehydration. Others get disqualified for trying to take short cuts.”

“At the end of the day, there can only be one winner.”

“OSW has never been a short race, but a marathon indeed.”

“Many new faces, such as TAG and Starboy, may come and go, but in the end they are left staring at the beauty that OSW can offer, left standing at the starting line.”

“Those who are big and muscle bound, such as Banzan or Mordecai, they may come out of the gate firing on all pistons.. but they’re indeed running the short race.”

“They tire and fall behind the pack with the greatest of ease.”

“Only the very best of the pack will remain down the final leg of the marathon. No longer will men such as Luke Storm or The Sandman be able to take shortcuts and cheat their way to another day.”

“They will be disqualified and removed from the picture all together.”

“And in the end, there will only be one man crossing this finish line.”

“And I am that man.”

“2022 has fallen upon us as The Year of Death, and I’ll be right there at the helm as the Shinigami who reaps the souls of those muscle heads, those and those who cut the corners.”

“There is no escaping death this year.”

“Each of you shall fall.”

“Each of you shall pay the repercussions of your hang ups, whether you’re a cheater defying the way of life and death or strong and arrogant, bullying your way through lesser men.”

“And the new faces will be left staring at all at what it looks like to be a true Champion.”

“Only I will be crossing this finish line.”

“A new world has risen..”

“Kneel before it’s GOD.”