The Notebook

In Promo by Starboy

STARBOY had started to go through a dry period.

Business wasn’t booming as it once was and instead of his phone notifications going haywire around the clock 24/7, he found himself staring at the screen waiting for a text or a call.

He was salivating.


His LOVEstick was rock hard with nothing to stick it into to.

He was hot and ready, clamoring for the opportunity, leaking to the thought of diving 13 inches dee into someone’s gaping asshole, their tight wet pussy, or jamming it down someone’s throat and fucking their brains out.

In an act of desperation he went to a tarot card reader in search of answers.

The tarot card reader told STARBOY that he was going through a dry spell because of anti-LGBTQ laws and protests, and because people didn’t have the money to spend on a night of pleasure, and that people were finding stability in their partner and relationships.

Not satisfied with the answer STARBOY asked how long it would last and the reader told him indefinitely and that he should accept his fate and move on.

So move on he did, and he went home that night.

To the reader’s house.

And proceeded to double team, Eiffel Tower and spit roast her with the help of her husband.

And be as it may, the husband couldn’t resist and eased his chocolate starfish for STARBOY to come through the back door.

And just like every one before, STARBOY always gets his way…

… and is so irresistible people end up playing for the other team.

You see Deathnote, I can see right through you.

Behind your dark exterior and brooding personality lies a man who is as curious as every client that has contacted STARBOY for a little exploration.

You hide behind your notebook and use it as a shield to hide your true emotions.

When in actuality you are interested in homosexuality.

Those listed in your notebook aren’t the names of people who will die and when it will take place.

Your little, black, notebook contains the names of everyone you’re attracted to and want to show your shingami to.

And would you look at that?

You got STARBOY’s name written in there, I’m flattered.

You can come and try to fuck me all you want.

I’ll be sprung once I feel your tongue in the crack of my ass, it’s such a tasty treat.

Or STARBOY can help you write a new chapter in your notebook called experimentation, and STARBOY has already got some thoughts and ideas to make it the best entry you’ve ever had.

You know where to find me Deathnote, I’ll be waiting to see if your notebook really is a list of names and how they’ll die.

Or you could be like my tarot card reader and be blowing hot smoke up my ass, and blowing their significant other while I fuck them in their ass.

And once I’m through with you, you can put the date and time of when STARBOY fucked the shingami out of you and a part of you died inside.

STARBOY’s coming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums!!!