The Other Disciple

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“Come with me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jesus chose twelve to follow him. To be his disciples. But not all disciples were equal in reality.

Peter, James and John made up the inner circle of disciples. They were the first he recruited, the first to witness his miracles and the first to put down their nets and pick up their cross.

These were his closest friends, whom Jesus trusted the most to carry out his legacy and mission. They were the leaders of his church. It was Peter that walked on water, and James who was the first of the apostles to be martyred for his faith.

But among the twelve disciples of Jesus, we forget that there was another named James. Often confused with James the Apostle of the inner circle, James of Alphaeus is named among the other disciples… But not much else is known about him.

He is even referred to as ‘James the Lesser’, the other disciple, as to not confuse him with the others. The LESSER James still witnessed the miracles of Jesus. He still worked towards building the church, but has no noteworthy accomplishments of his own.

He was a good team player, but in terms of legacy and mission he was somewhat invisible. Drowning in obscurity among his friends who accomplished amazing miracles.

You too, Cael, have proven to be a team player. Your golden glory days spoke to a time of selfish ego, you left that behind when you took up that mask.

In this sea of sinners, Solomon has led us to be fishers of men. While Sir Renault and I have shone brightly in the inner circle of favour, you remain that other disciple. Hanging in there, working towards the legacy and mission of Vayikra but ultimately paling in comparison to the name Bellator. Because a part of your mind has always been on that ocean, Cael.

You’ve always had the faith of a mustard seed, but until now that has been enough.

We saved you from your sea of sin, showed you another path instead of the one that leads to Davey Jones’ locker. Yet, one look from the Nekken and a reminder of your personal expiry date; you crumple like a ship upon the rocks.

You have been limited by the knowledge that your end is inevitable, whereas our mission transcends your understanding. I have kept my eyes upon the path we must follow, leading me from glory to glory while you remain drowning in a sea of insecurity.

Our mission needs all hands on deck, from the great to the lesser alike. We cannot all be part of the inner circle, and there is wisdom in the story of James the Lesser… Being content with your place in the mission.

Vayikra needs you, Sir Lesser.

But your destiny does not include this title. For the glory remains for those within the inner circle. You are here to witness the miracles from the shadows.

Drowning in obscurity as the Lesser Disciple.