The Perfect Outfit

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“There was a time when I cared about more frivolous things in life. For example, what I’d wear on a daily basis in my tier.”

“I prided myself on being a well dressed family man that cared about how he looked. As a result, I spent more time than I’d care to admit pondering what items in my closet would make for the perfect outfit.”

“Do I wear my finest suit, of luxurious but fragile fibers? Or should I wear a more durable pair of jeans and t-shirt, knowing that I’ll be seen as tacky by others?”

“I had so many choices and couldn’t decide on what to wear. But before I could narrow my options, my life was forever altered by that fateful day.”

“As a result of that, I was left with only one outfit to wear for the rest of my days. One costume that I didn’t choose to wear, but quickly became a defining trait of mine.”

“What would you wear, Narcissa, if you were only allowed to wear one outfit for the remainder of your life?”

“Perhaps you’d go with the finest sheer lace dress that’s seductive to the very core? Know that one wrong move in that outfit will result in the whole thing falling apart.”

“Maybe you’d rather pick something far more durable and become the talk of the town? Know that said chatter will be about how hideous your bright neon costume looks.”

“Nothing you could think of would be appropriate or long lasting enough to wear for the remainder of your livelihood, miss Balenciaga. No choice or creation of yours would make the perfect outfit.”

“That’s why I wear nothing but these gauze bandages. I wear them not because of a fashion statement I’m trying to make, but because they’re all I can wear.”

“I was forced into these by those bastards that burned me and my family alive. After wearing these for Zeus knows how long, I found out that they’re the perfect garment to hide my charred skin in.”

“It’s easy on the eyes, very durable, and reminds me of what’s important in life. Not appearances, but making the ones that did this to me pay.”

“I used to be vain like you, Narcissa. I used to be particular about my appearance and what people thought about it. It wasn’t until that day when I realized that I shouldn’t care about how I look.”

“You spent years honing your craft, trying your best to create that flawless garment that everyone could wear. How does it feel knowing that I found mine, and it’s just some gauze wrappings?”

“When we meet in that ring, I’ll expose you for how vain you truly are.”

“Behind that search for the perfect garment, you’re nothing but a shallow and insecure woman that craves attention.”

“Know that the only attention you’ll get is from the medics that have to patch you up.”

“Be careful trying to start the hottest new trend. You just might get burned.”