The Stick

In Promo by Sigil

“An old master had a lesson to teach his students.”

“In his hand was a stick which he swung violently through the air. He showed off its speed, the wind whistling as it flew by.”

“He wanted to teach them a lesson in inevitability.”

“His students stood in line, watching the stick with anxiety as he walked by them one by one.”

“The lesson was simple. He was going to walk up to every single one of them and tell them something.”

“If they ask him not to hit them, he will hit them anyway. If they ask to be hit, he will hit them. If they do nothing, he will strike them all the same.”

“One by one those poor souls received welts to the skin, red marks upon their wrist.”

“However, the last student in line watched as his peers received the harsh beating, learning from their failures.”

“When the master walked in front of him, he told him the same spiel he had told the others.”

“But this student wasn’t one for inevitability.”

“So he reached out, and he broke the stick.”

“Such a simple answer to the problem, isn’t it? Occam’s razor in full effect.”

“Let us view Old School Wrestling as one large monastery with death as our aged old master.”

“He walked the rows one by one with that damn stick clutched in his hands.”

“With Corvus forever by his side.”

“Death, you see, felt he needed to teach OSW a lesson. He took his stick and he went after all those who need heed his word.”

“Those who told him not to hit him, the likes of a hacker who only wished to help him? He felt the wrath of his punishment in full force as he crumpled to the ground beneath the stick’s lashings.”

“Those who asked for death like Tyler Brooks with his hubris were struck down swiftly in his wrath.”

“And even those who said nothing, the many loved ones of Redwing, Axel? The stick shredded their skin all the same.”

“It’s all a lesson in inevitability, isn’t it? Death takes his stick and decides who gets struck and when. He has all the power in his hands, he is unstoppable.”

“Every being will be struck until they learn their lesson.”

“All of the students of OSW, of  the world, will die.”

“But you see, I’ve been watching as this little lesson plays out.”

“Standing at the end of the line I’ve felt Death’s eyes burning my skin for what feels like millennia.”

“At Ring of Dreams it’s my turn to be struck, isn’t it?”

“However, I’m not one for the inevitable.”

“You see, Corvus is your tool, the only thing you have to wound me. So I shall do as the student did unto his master.”

“And I’m going to break the stick.”

“The Crow shall be broken in two at my feet, Death.”

“His spine crushed, skull cracked.”

“And it will be I who have a lesson to teach you.”

“I have walked this path before.”

“It is inevitable that I walk it once more.”