The Torture of Mrs. Foley

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

A dining room table full of dangerous implements. However, Doom stands in the kitchen, holding a wooden handled knife over a gas lit stove.

Once its heated significantly, he heads back into the room with Mrs Foley. She screams upon his arrival.

[Doom] May I tell you a story? Heh, silly me. You’re not going anywhere, are you?

He laughs.

[Doom] There’s a man called Grimskull. He believes that lowering oneself and enduring pain can achieve freedom.

He draws the burning hot knife across her forearm. She screams.

[Doom] Do you feel anymore free, Mrs. Foley?

She cries.

[Doom] As the knee trembling pain courses through your body, is that how you feel? I’ve had you captive for days and in those days, I’ve tormented and tortured you. You’ve bled, suffered, cried and screamed. Yet you remain tied to that chair.

Her muffled cries continue.

[Doom] Physically, you’re far from free.

Doom bends down and leans in.

[Doom] But what about mentally?

She lowers her head and weeps.

[Doom] Has the endurance of pain enlightened you?

Mrs. Foley passes out.

[Doom] Perhaps not.

He picks up a smelling salt from the table and wafts it under her nose,  awakening her.

[Doom] It’s rude to fall asleep when one is talking, Mrs. Foley. It’s no wonder your boy is a menace with such manners.

[Doom] Now, as I was saying; in a way my dear, Grimskull is right.

Doom puts the knife down against her skin again and slices.

[Doom] Freedom through pain can be achieved. It can.

She cries out.

[Doom] The pain you’re enduring right now is a means to an end. In feeling every ounce of it, you could be led to the right decision. After all, if you tell me what I want to know, the pain will stop.

Doom shrugs.

[Doom] And you will be free.

She shakes her head.

[Doom] But what happens if I choose another path?

[Doom] The implementation of pain is a finite balance between action and result. This is another area in which Grimskull and I differ, Mrs. Foley. He would continue down this path until you achieved freedom by telling him what he wanted to know or death.

He this time shakes his head.

[Doom] I on the other hand realize that if pain does not equal results and said pain has been inflicted appropriately and proportionately to the situation, then alternative means of assuring cooperation may be required.

Doom puts the knife down and she sighs with relief.

[Doom] This means that the endurance of pain is no longer a pre-requisite of your freedom. It means that your freedom won’t be attained by the use of pain.

He reaches down and grabs a lighter, putting it against her skin. Her muffled screams roar until she passes out.

[Doom] Use of pain will instead be used for enjoyment.

[Doom] And causing the suffering of others is something I deeply enjoy. Should Grimskull enjoy receiving that, then I believe we’re a match made in paradise.

He laughs.

[Doom] It’s a shame the same can’t be said for you, Mrs. Foley.

[Doom] That appears… true.