In Promo by Zeus

Two buccaneers were on the search for treasure.

One carried the wolf as its sigil, the other the crow.

The Wolf and The Crow came across the same beach where they knew a vast treasure trove waited to be plundered.

They began to dig into the sand, all day and all night, until they both hit upon wooden chests.

Looking to claim their prize they broke open their chests. Inside his, The Wolf discovered a cache of pure gold. For The Crow there was merely a modest bag of seeds.

With all that gold, it certainly seemed like The Wolf had won the best prize of the two but The Crow was satisfied with his loot.

For while The Wolf’s sudden wealth guaranteed him immediate prestige and the status of a king, gold is finite.

The Crow retired to sow his seed, which soon became a treasure of incredible proportions. Generation after generation of crops were produced, allowing The Crow to feed his family and more for years to come.

While The Wolf, once all the gold ran out, was left destitute.

Grimwolf, we are both adventurers in search of treasure, like the buccaneers of your heyday.

It is here inside The Slaughterhouse that we discovered our beach where the treasure we desired was to be found.

So we set about digging, deep into the very substance of this place. You with your tentacles and me with my daggers.

Soon we hit upon our chests, expecting riches. Inside yours there was indeed gold, plenty of it, and even a crown. You became the Ring King and not long after draped in the gold of the OSW Championship.

But all that wealth didn’t last. How could it when one puts all their faith and their trust into something so soft and malleable, something so unfit for everyday use.

Gold is brittle and will break under the merest strain. That’s why it is necessary to combine gold with harder metals to make it hold its shape. But there’s not an ounce of steel in you, Grimwolf, so now you are penniless and begging snakes to fill your belly!

While it did not shine so brightly, inside my chest is a treasure with more lustre than any gold.

It’s called the greater good.

Like a bag of seeds its potential is infinite. You sow a seed of the greater good and a single plant that it produces will offer more treasure than one hundred chests of pure gold.

And it grows exponentially, each new plant spawning new seeds that can produce generation after generation of food to feed the masses. What is more, it is exactly the kind of food the world needs.

The truth.

The real treasure, Grimwolf, isn’t the gold you lost, it is the crops I am sowing and when it comes to Bad Attitude I will serve up a big plate of the truth about you.

You will swallow it one bite at a time, gulp down every morsel of the treasure I have discovered.

For the greater good.