In Kpavio, Promo by Kpavio

“Do you have what it takes to make the choices others won’t?”

“A vet is given an animal and told it has a problem.”

“The pet sitting on his operating table is normally such a kind, lovable little idiot. Not a mean thought in her fuzzy little head.”

“But, unbeknownst to the animal, it lashes out at random. Biting, clawing, and growling before going back to its formerly kind, playful self.”


“Because there’s a tumor in its brain.”

“The animal doesn’t realize it, but they’re the victim of something beyond their comprehension. Every moment they could easily flip the switch between the lovable idiot and the vile, cantankerous bitch that the tumor makes out of her.”

“So there’s a decision to be made.”

“The choice is between going in and ripping the tumor out at the root.”

“And death.”

“Putting her down before the tumor can grow and the cute little personality they fell in love with is gone forever.”

“But the animal is too stupid to make that choice for itself, too na├»ve.”

“And her owners? They can’t decide.”

“So it’s on the vet to make the choice.”

“You really were a cute little puppy, Gemini. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? You’re as adorable and pure as any old cat or dog that doesn’t realize just what’s going on in the world around her.”

“Nothing phased you, you just wandered off without a thought in your little head chasing butterflies and smelling daisies.”

“Not even realizing that, without warning, the people of Arcadia were subject to the fucked up little outbursts of the bitch hiding inside of you.”

“Like a tumor in the brain she’s pushing on your lobes, growing slowly and getting stronger with every day until you’re going from chaotic and evil to kind and caring at a moment’s notice.”

“You still don’t understand just how much damage you’re doing, you could never hope to comprehend the pain an unrestrained bitch like you will cause unless someone is willing to make the tough decisions.”

“But thankfully for you, I’m willing to make the choice for you.”

“I have the steady hands and the means to try and tear the nasty tumor right out of your skull. The only thing I need you to do for me is to lay down and let me do what needs to be done.”

“Because if I can’t remove it? Then I’ll have to do the only humane thing.”

“And I’ll have to put you down.”

“I’m the vet in the office, a needle in my hand.”

“May my vengeance be the lethal injection that puts you to rest, Gemini. Because if this doesn’t work? Then I’ll have no choice but to watch you go limp on my table as the chemicals fill your veins.”

“A cruel world needs a cruel hero, Gemini.”

“And that same world demands a very cruel choice.”