Unbending, Unbreakable.

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

There was once a young man who stepped into The Grove with an ax in hand, a smirk on his face, and a nasty plot in his mind. For quite some time, the police force was in search of someone stealing plants from the level…and here now was the culprit, ready to strike again.

Sneaking his way through the rows of vegetation, he arrived at the largest plant of them all. This was the prize he sought, looking to chop the plant down to add to his collection back home. Time and time again, his plot paid dividends…and so, he took a swing.

But the ax simply bounced off, not leaving a scratch on the stem. The man reared back for another swing of the ax…and ended with the same result. This was unlike any of the man’s previous endeavors…this was a miracle of nature. The plant endured his attack.

This, of course, angered the young man. Not believing his eyes, he would continue to enact his plan of trying to chop away at his target…but to no avail, only making him more tired. Hour after hour was spent on this affair, and all the while he was unaware of the scene he was causing.

For this man reached a point where he was no longer quiet in his efforts, drawing more and more attention to himself until he was apprehended…not by the police, but one of the dangerous creatures that dwells in The Groves. All because of his foolishness.

And here, my brethren, we see a man making quite the noise in himself in Master Ken. This is a man who has taken down a number of foes, chopping them down with ease and garnering such a reputation as to hold an Olympic medal for his skill and expertise.

But you have now stepped into Olympus, Sensei. Your reputation precedes you, but it has not prepared you for the toughness of the competition here in OSW…least of all, a man of such strong conviction as Colt Ramsey. Rooted in my faithfulness, Zion has blessed me with strength and endurance.

All that noise you’ve made upon entering this place will only serve to aid in your downfall. Like the creature in The Grove, I have been alerted to your presence…and I will snap you up and destroy you.

For men like you displease Zion, men who would disrupt His grand vision for Arcadia…and I simply cannot let that stand. A man like you cannot be persuaded to deviate from your path, a path that brings you at odds with His mission…so you must be broken.

I will prove that the great Ken-do is no match for the sheer obedience of Zion’s faithful servant. I will endure against your onslaught, and make you humble as I present what remains unto Him. A necessary sacrifice for the greater good, and one I will gladly deliver for His glory.

Zion deserves nothing less, and I will make good on my word.