In Destructo Boy, Promo by Destructo Boy

When I was a kid, I remember there was this ridiculously lavish abode. Adorned with gold, silver and platinum, it was pure spectacle that even Zeus himself would be embarassed by.

A normal extravagance for the rich and famous yet it wasn’t on the higher levels where they love to lord over the less fortunate, it was right in the middle of the pack surrounded by a hive of a scum and villany.

Rumoured to be the home of Plutus himself, this symbol of greed absolute was a beacon in the darkness yet no matter who tried to avail themselves of it’s riches, all their bells tolled with a single attempt.

Because guarding this Trojan Horse was not the owner himself but two wild animals from the pits of Tartarus itself.

The first no one took heed of, a small, scrappy dog whose bark was far worse then it’s bite as it was often kicked aside by the bemused thief before they ran head first into the true threat.

The monster protecting the treasure.

A vicious brutal chimera who tore apart anything that dared walk through it’s thresh hold and left nothing but ash in its wake.

Many tried and failed but the most infamous of them all was a young, brash, cocky dickhead with balls of brass and brains to match.

He decided that the one thing no one had done was befriend the beast so slowly but surely over months, he slowly whittled down the rage inside the beast. He fed it, allowed it to know his face and voice and slowly it anticipated his arrival with joy.

So one night underneath the pale moonlight, he finally crossed that thresh hold. The chimera being placated by a tasty treat from his friend, the thief was inches away from riches but he’d barely taken a few feet before he fell to his knees, blood pooling down his chest

He’d only focused on the obvious danger and ignored that tiny, scrappy dog that so many had dismissed and fallen victim to.

That tiny, scrappy dog that tore all their fucking throats out.

And just like that thief, good old Drexel has his mind so preoccupied with his bell tolling that he ignores the grenade rolling forward at his feet.

Involving yourself in the matters of O’Toole and Drewitt has left you blind and paranoid. Allowing your arrogance and greed to piss off a force of nature wasn’t a good idea

And in some aspects, Tombstone should be the only thing on your mind but your life isn’t the only thing at stake, so is your reputation.

The Ferryman comes at you, you get a chance to become legend. But the big bad Drexel falls to the kid, you lose a lot more then just a title belt.

So you best get your head on straight Big Slim

Because Tombstone ain’t the only one coming for your throat and while his very presence might terrify you,

You take me lightly, and mine will be the name you never forget.