Unworthy Successor

In Promo by Mordecai

“I observed a boy that couldn’t wait to take his father’s place as king.”

“The elderly ruler was a frightening, but wise man that spoke softly and carried a big stick. He was highly revered throughout his kingdom and feared in all the others.”

“Many expected the boy would be the same way when he grew up. While he was under the mentorship of his father, it seemed like the child was destined to become another great ruler.”

“Then one day, the king was assassinated by his own royal advisor. Worse yet, he did it under the promise that the now former emperor wouldn’t sentence the advisor to the dungeon for treason.”

“When the lad took the throne, he ruled over the land with the competence of a daft blacksmith. He lacked the wisdom needed to be a ruler and the compassion needed to care for the people within his kingdom.”

“A revolt took place not long after his rise to the crown. The boy was killed and replaced with an oligarchy as a result of his terrible reign.”

“How are you enjoying your tenure as the new dream demon, Viper? Do you like being able to invade people’s dreams; torturing them until they awaken in a cold sweat?”

“When I gave you the power to control your dreams, I only did it on the promise that you’d keep the Sandman under control. I did not provide you that ability so you could usurp his position as the new master of nightmares.”

“What makes you believe you can accomplish more than my brother? You might have a deluded army of snakes at your beck and call in the real world. In the dream realm, however, it’s just you and me.”

“You weren’t created by Gods for the purpose of providing humanity pleasant dreams or horrid nightmares. As far as I’m concerned, you’re a human that’s trying to pass themselves off as something greater.”

“It doesn’t matter the kind of blood you bleed or what truth you might be hiding from the rest of us. You’re not fit to take my brother’s place and I’ll be more than happy to show you why that is.”

“You’re like the prince that didn’t know how to rule. You believe you have what it takes to make the dreaming fear you, but you’re not as intimidating or as powerful as Sandman.”

“You might believe you make up those features by having a legion of followers by your side at the waking world, but those that don’t follow you will quickly grow sick of your reign of terror and chase you down.”

“When they catch you, you and your followers will be treated to an execution so they don’t see you in their dreams anymore.”

“It is not too late, however, to ask me to give up control over dreams to avoid such a fate. If you’re as wise as you claim you are, you’ll do just that.”

“Otherwise, you’ll dream a little dream of your impending death before our fight.”