[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom corner.] [Grainy footage rolls.] [Everything had changed. That once proud masked luchador returned to the backstage area a broken husk of a man. Everything he had fought for, he had lost.] [Including his mask.] [His young son stood opposite him, mouth agape, looking for the words that soon came. He was disgusted, confused, angry and full of rage.]

“I told you dad!” [he yelled at him.] “I told you that if you lost, you would bring shame to our family and you have!”

[The luchador couldn’t even look him in the eyes. He just sat there, sweat dripping from his body, staring straight at the floor.]

“I’ll never be able to take on the legacy of El Rojo now! Do you know what you’ve done, papa? You’ve killed El Rojo. You’ve killed our families pride and legacy. You’ve desecrated it.”

[He turns around.]

“El Rojo is dead to me now!”

[A slight pause.]

“And so are you.”

[The boy walks away, just like that. By the time his father looks up, tears streaming down his face, the child has gone.] [As was his legacy; as was El Rojo.] [He had let his pride get the better of him and now he had nothing left. No mask, no honour, no dignity and no legacy. The Luchador stood up, untied his belt and looked at it for a moment, lowering his head.] [And the footage cuts.] [Hero is allready in the ring as Tyler Brooks comes down the ring to a surprising uproar from the crowd. Brooks rolls into the ring as Chase rushes him, only to be met with a hard leaping knee to the jaw. Brooks covers as the referee quickly calls for the bell] [ONE…TW…Chase gets a shoulder up, pissed he nearly lost in record time. He gets to his feet right into a hard kick to the gut from Brooks who lifts him up high, keeping him elevated for several seconds before drilling him into the mat with a brainbuster. Tyler doesn’t cover, instead nailing Chase with a running knee to the forehead before dropping down and trying to lock in an early Eternal Salvation. Chase quickly scrambles to the ropes, breaking the hold before it can be locked in.] [Brooks lets go, as he lets Chase get to his feet but as he grabs for him again, Tyler gets a thumb to the eye before Chase spins him down to the canvas with a neckbreaker. Hero quickly pulls Brooks up to his feet, nailing him with a series of hard knees to the gut before placing him between his legs, trying for a Piledriver. Brooks manages to backdrop his way out of it, backing up and nailing Chase with a leaping calf kick as he gets to his feet] [Brooks backs up, calling for the end as he waits for Chase to get to his feet, YOUR FORETOLD…NO! Chase ducks under, delivering a massive bicycle knee to the jaw before quickly lifting Brooks up and drilling him into the canvas with a massive Piledriver. Brooks goes down, holding his neck in pain as Hero covers. ONE…TWO…THR…Brooks just barely gets the shoulder up. Chase calls for the end, pulling Brooks up to his feet, HERO’S DUTY! Brooks gets planted with the Hammer as Chase drops down, pinning him with a cocky smile on his face. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Chase gets to his feet, celebrating his victory with a cocky smile on his face as the fans begin to boo. Chase stares at the audience, pointing down at Brooks as he yells out ‘I’m the only Savior you’ll ever need’ before rolling out of the ring as he celebrates his victory all the way to the back] [In the parking lot backstage, we arrive to see The Hobo ambling up towards security on the door, looking for entry.]

“I’m sorry sir, this is talent only,” [the security guard says with a palm raised.] “Entry for fans is around the other side.”

[The Hobo frowns at him.] “I’m on the roster. I’m the Hobo.”

“I can see what you are, sir.”

“What the fuck do you mean by that?” [Hobo reacts.] “Look kid, unless you want to be fumbling around on the floor, asking me ‘where are my teeth’ with your gums clapping together, you’ll let me in the fucking building.”

[immediately, the security officer gets on his radio.]

“Sierra-one, I need back up at the talent entrance.”

[The Hobo rolls his eyes, looks around and spots the new Rewind Champion making his way towards the entrance.]

“Ask him,” [Hobo says pointing in Davenports direction.] “He can vouch for me since he beat me last week.”

[Security looks towards Davenport who considers his options for a moment, whilst looking entirely confused.]

“I’ve never seen this bum before in my life. You should escort him from the premises immediately and back to the trash where he belongs. He makes the place untidy, hanging around here.”

“Absolutely, Mr. Davenport, sir,” [The guard obliges.] “Come on now, let’s get you off site.”

[The backup arrives as Security crowds the poor Hobo, ushering him away. Davenport looks on with a big smile, chuckling to himself before entering the arena.] [And this is your Rewind Champion?] [Brandy Cognac looks across the ring. A very experienced man stands in the way of her first W here in Old School Wrestling. Will tonight be the night? Lets find out.] [The chosen one lunges at Brandy Cognac from the first bell and starts to show an early dominance which all cultivates with a big backbreaker. Quickly followed by a pin attempt, Brandy powers out with barely a one count registered. Pulling her back to her feet he whips her off the ropes with force. LEAPING IN THE AIR FOR AN EARLY BOOMSTICK!….. BRANDY BARREL ROLLS THROUGH! Ash almost seized the opportunity very early on, but the tables begin to shift with that dodge by Cognac. With lightning like speed she approaches Ash from behind. Wrapping her arms around his waist. HUGE BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX.] [Incredible strength from Brandy. Sniffing a first victory, she covers. One…Two… NO! Ash powers out sending Brandy high up into the air. Like a cat she lands on two feet and puts the boots to her opponent to keep him grounded. Satisfied she has knocked the wind out of his sails. She walks to a ring corner reaches down and takes a sip of a bottle of liquor. Having quenched her never ending thirst she heads up top. Looking to do some damage with a high risk here… SHOOTING STAR PRESS.. NOTHING BUT MAT. Ash rolled out the way at the last possible second and Cognac hits hard.] [With both needing to recover stamina. A ten count is started. It reaches four before we see any movement. Brandy has clawed the bottom rope. By Six Brandy is as good as up, Ash not far behind. The count is stopped on seven as both are on their feet. A quick roll up from Brandy, she’s looking to steal it. One…Two! Another kick-out from Ash. Brandy looks to keep the momentum up. Feeling the confidence she pulls Ash to his feet, a kick to the gut, BUT NO ASH CATCHES HER LEG! He spins her around, three sixty style. Kick to the gut of his own… HAIL TO THE KING! Brandy is out cold. Pin… One….Two… THREE!!] [A brave Brandy Cognac is overcome. Having survived a boomstick attempt, she couldn’t escape a Hail to the King. Ash Williams with a great win here on VHS.] [Captain Jack is standing in gorilla position as he awaits his next match with the trespasser on his ship. As he’s about to go out, he receives a letter kept together by a wax seal with the Pokeball logo imprinted upon it. He hands it to one of his crew who opens it with a letter opener before reading it to him.]

“Hey Jack! Tonight, in the ring, I challenge you to a battle! Bring your best Pokemon and lets do it!”

“If it’s a battle ye be wantin’, it’s a battle ye be gettin’!”

[Captain Jack’s theme song hits as he makes his way out to the ring with two member of his crew flanking him. He steps into the ring.]

“I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was!”

[The lyrics to the popular hit franchise Pokemon rings through the arena as Matthew Cories comes flying out of the entrance tunnel with his arms in the air. His clothes include a blue vest, jeans, black shirt, and a red and white hat. The attire is definitely Ash, the lead character from the show, inspired. He enters the ring with a smirk before he points up. Something is being lowered to the ring by wires. It hits the ring as Cories detaches the wires to show the table with something round on it. A cloth blocks the audience from seeing what’s underneath. Cories grabs a microphone.]

“Thank you for accepting my challenge, Captain! Now, did you bring a Pokemon with you?”

“Arggh, a what?”

[Cories looks at him as if he was a confused child.]

“A Pokemon. For the Battle?!”

“Ye scallywag be getting a battle alright but not with no Pokemon.”

[Matthew Cories smiles before removing the cloth to show a ginormous Pokeball! The crew looks confused as does Captain Jack.]

“Well if you didn’t bring a Pokemon, I guess you’ll just take the damage directly! Pollyoxinfree, I choose you!”

[Matthew Cories hits the button and the ball opens uneventfully. Cories looks within the ball and a with a flutter of wings, Polly emerges! The bird circles around the ring before landing atop Matthew Cories shoulder. Captain Jack’s eye widens as he points at Cories.]

“YOU! Ye were the one who took my Polly-bird!?”

“No! I captured Polly thus Pollyoxinfree is now mine!”

[Captain Jack is now incensed.]

“First, ye trespass on my ship and now ye be stealin’ me bird?! You’re not going to walk the plank this time, no. I’ll be tying ye to the front of me ship to live out your days!”

“Blah, blah, blah. We’ve all seen Pirates of the Carribean now!” [Cories seems to stress the last word as if he just recently did.] “We all know Captain Jack is all talk.”

“Polly-bird. Come to me.”

[The bird begins to fly but Cories grabs onto the bird’s leg! The bird turns around and… PECK TO THE EYES! It’s super effective! The bird flies over and lands atop Captain Jack’s shoulder who smiles displaying his rotten teeth.]

“Argggh. Now that’s what I call an eye for an eye. Tonight, you’ll be introduced to Davey Jones himself, matey.”

[The two circle around as everything is moved for their final fight!] [Captain Jack paces the canvas in angst as Matthew Cories celebrates his arrival with the fans along ringside. The crowd sure does love this guy! As he slides under the bottom rope, “That 90’s Guy” is already behind.] [LOOK OUT! The Pirate lands a double axe handle across the back of the neck of Cories. AND ANOTHER! Cories taken by surprise by the assault as Captain Jack delivers a SERIES of fists to the skull of his opponent. Pulling him to his feet now and SENDING him to the ropes with an irish whip. CORIES HITS HARD! And here comes A RUNNING SPLASH from The Swashbuckler. Cories falls flat on his face and ole “One Eye” will take advantage. He goes for the pin. ONE… TWO… NO, IT WON’T BE ENOUGH!] [Jack undeterred and brings Matthew back to his feet again. Big right hand from The Pirate AND IT’S BLOCKED BY CORIES! FOREARM SMASH from “That 90’s Guy” AND ANOTHER! BIG ELBOW to the jaw of Captain Jack AND HE FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Captain Jack is down and Matthew Cories falls on top of him for a cover. ONE…but that’ll be all he gets! Both men are down, but both working to get to their feet. The crowd chiming in. MATTHEW CORIES!!! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Both men are up. Both are staggering.] [Cories to the ropes. Jack the opposite way. DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! AND BOTH MEN GO BACK DOWN! Little movement this time from either competitor as NO WAIT, Captain Jack IS stirring. Captain Jack gets to a knee before Cories even begins to roll over. Jack now to his feet; Cories stumbling upward. Cories with an off balance back hand chop, AND JACK DUCKS IT! Cories turns and IS NAILED WITH AN ELBOW! AGAIN! AGAIN! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! IT’S THE SEVEN SEAS!! Jack drops Cories with a spiked ddt and goes for the cover. ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [BOOOO!!! The official raises The Pirate’s hand as he sits on the canvas with a smug grin covering his lips. Matthew Cories; meanwhile, is out cold in the center of the ring.] [After coming up short last week, Nyx walks through the hallways of the Schoolyard. His spirit is unbroken and unbowed, yet tonight he takes on the Monster. Pig. This will not be an easy feat for even an athlete as extraordinary as Nyx.]

“The heralds of the gods were ready to blow their horns.” [A voice comes from behind Nyx, whose lips purse in response.] “Feasts were prepared and mead was poured. Yet there was nothing to celebrate at the end of the night. There was no glorious victory, only the stunning silence of defeat.”

[Viktor North, the Skull Splitter, walks up beside of Nyx. His countenance is of annoyance.]

“The honor that awaited you has been taken from you by that Shark. His waters rent you limb from limb, and he smote your ruin about the waters. I believed you were of the wise, of the like of mighty Odin. I was mistaken.”

[Nyx shakes his head in response.]

“That was your folly. Not mine. I only claim to be myself. Waters have taken much from me over the years, yet I will not bemoan their lessons. Next time, I will not waver.”

[North’s husky laugh fills the hallways, probably scaring some innocent stagehand in catering. Viktor does not seem to buy this.]

“Even so, I no longer want to see your eyes, Nīþ. For they are the eyes of the lost, of the fallen. You are unworthy of mine own sight, much less your own.”

[The jab causes Nyx’s head to tilt to the side, an expression that is a reminder of a different time in his life. After a beat, he smiles instead.]

“Yet I do not need eyes to vanquish someone such as yourself.” [Nyx states, the challenge evident in the air.]

“No, but you need wisdom. You need the power of Odin.” [North responds.] “One way, or another.”

“I have the power of myself, and that’s all I need.” [Nyx confidently states, allowing the challenge to continue to linger.]

“We will see.” [North finally responds, walking away from Nyx who merely smiles.] [North has answered the challenge, but will Nyx be able to back up his bravado?] [We cut backstage to a shot of the Hobo, dressed in tattered robes and hair a’ mess, rummaging through a garbage bin in the men’s locker room. One by one he pulls empty cans and bottles out of the bin when in walks Keg.]

“Uh oh…” [Keg playfully puts his hands in the air.] “…looking for evidence that I drank this past week?” [He eyeballs Hobo’s bottles and cans with a smirk.] “Because I’ll be honest with ya’, I just told you I wouldn’t drink to shut your ass up!”

[Keg pulls a beer from seemingly out of nowhere and cracks it with a chuckle. The Hobo doesn’t offer much of a reaction, other than to place his bottles and cans into a bag at his side.]

“I was just picking up a few nickels.” [Hobo responds nonchalantly as he lifts his bag of recyclables off the ground, finally making eye contact with Keg for the first time.] “Fact is, I don’t give a’ damn if you drink or not! I mistakenly thought I could help you but I’ve got my own problems to deal with. If you want to throw away a perfectly good life just as carelessly as some people throw away a’ nickel…” [Hobo gives his bag a little shake, rattling the bottles and cans within.] “…you go right ahead.”

[Keg guzzles his beer and belches.]

“You see, there you go being a’ condescending little prick again…”

“No condescension… I’ve been through my fair share of bins in my life, and in that time I’ve become pretty adept at figuring out what within has value…” [Hobo looks Keg up and down.] “…and what’s just trash.”

[The Hobo shows off his rotten looking teeth and Keg steps in on him aggressively.]

“I’m really going to enjoy kicking your ass tonight…” [Keg speaks through clenched teeth; both hands balled up into fists.] “…ganna’ make the after-party that much sweeter!”

“That’s your problem, Keg.” [Hobo smirk, hoists his bag over his shoulder and begins to walk away.] “You think life’s a party…” [He raises his voice as he gets further from Keg.] “…but one night in the streets, with me!?!” [He stops and turns back to his foe.] “You’ll see the gritty truth…”

[Hobo winks before disappearing around a corner, leaving Keg so annoyed he chucks his beer against the wall and splatters it all over the place. This match tonight is going to get real heated, real fast.] [We open to a cluttered and dimly lit alley somewhere off the Las Vegas strip. Keg stumbles into view, knocking a pile of trash over. Keg scans the area on wobbly legs looking for The Hobo.] [Keg knowing this environment like the back of his filthy hand appears out of the darkness and lands a solid right hand to the jaw of Keg, who stumbles and falls upon the pile of trash he knocked down earlier. The Hobo wastes no time and begins to rain blows down upon Keg’s face and body. Keg uses one arm to block as many shots as he can while his other arm rummages through the trash pile. Keg’s free arm produces a brown beer bottle and he whacks The Hobo on the head. A second crack of the bottle and it breaks and the Hobo falls to the dirty pavement below.] [Keg pulls himself to his feet and fights with his equilibrium for balance. The Hobo gets to all fours but Keg delivers a strong football style punt kick to the ribs of The Hobo, turning him over flat on his back. Keg walks over to a nearby dumpster and begins to attempt a wobbly ascent to the top. Keg makes it and takes flight with a Kegton Bomb!! Keg looks to be in pain after that one as well but rises to his feet and pulls Hobo up by his mange, and drives The Hobo’s face into the dumpster he used as a launch pad.] [The Hobo leans on the dumpster while Keg surveys the scene for any accessible weaponry. Keg turns his back on The Hobo he leaps onto his back and applies a choke hold. Keg try’s desperately to get the Hobo off his back, but the Hobo just applies more pressure. Keg try’s to fall back into the dumpster with as much force as he can. The Hobo releases the hold and get’s back to his feet and delivers a vicious knee strike to the temple of Keg. The Hobo himself now begins to look for anything he can use a weapon, but he doesn’t see Keg crawling toward him and Keg delivers a low blow!] [The Hobo falls to his knees and then fully prone in the pavement. Keg slowly rises to his feet and grabs a metal crutch from inside the dumpster. Keg hoists it over his head, ready to bring it down across the Hobo, but the Hobo counters and lifts his foot into the crotch of Keg with his own low blow!! Keg falls over to one side holding his lower region. The Hobo pulls himself up and notices the crutch. He lifts it over his head and begins to rain blows down up Keg. The crutch bends and The Hobo tosses it aside. The Hobo takes a mount and begins to hammer keg with left and right combination shots. Keg’s eyes roll in the back of his head. Finally a count One….Two….Three!! The Hobo has done it!] [The Hobo rises up and looks at his bloody knuckles and back down to the unconscious body of Keg. Perhaps tonight this victory over Keg serves as a defeat of his own demons, even though his attempts to save Keg from his own were in vain.] [Backstage, All-State wrestler and former Olympic hopeful, Shane McGovern, tapes his knee in preparation for his debut match. He wraps things up and slowly stands, not putting too much weight on it too quickly. He finishes his ritual with a handful of painkillers from his gym bag.]

“That’s a really slippery slope you’re headed down, friend.” [Fellow newcomer to OSW—though no stranger to the fans—Tyler Brooks steps into the shot. The crowd pop for the familiar face.]

“How so, friend?” [Shane asks bemusedly.]

“You know how it is. Bet you’ve had those days where the dosage just didn’t numb the pain, right? Maybe you popped one more pill than was recommended?” [Tyler smiles knowingly.] [Shane stays silent.]

“I’ve been there man. Then I had an epiphany. Now I’m straight-edge, which means I’m drug-free. I was saved, man, and now… now I’m the Saviour!” [Tyler’s gaze floats up to the ceiling, a serene smile on his face…]

“What a load of bollocks.” [The fans pop as Shane abruptly brings Tyler back down to Earth.] “You haven’t been there. I had to fend for myself as a lad. I came this close—” [He holds his finger and thumb up.] “To being in the Olympics! You go around calling yourself the Saviour? Listen to me: there’s only one Saviour, and it’s his blessing that gives me strength – not these pills.” [He rattles the container, then tosses it over his shoulder.] [Brooks, whose expression has since soured, smiles again. He pats Shane on the shoulder and looks into his eyes.] “Looks like my message has reached you.”

[He walks away smugly. Shane looks down at the painkillers littering the floor behind him and stews.]

“How many interventionists does this place have?”

[He slaps his knee for luck later on.] [Old School Wrestling newcomer, Shane McGovern bounces up and down in the ring as he watches his opponent, Viktor North ascend up the steel steps.] [“The Skull Splitter” enters the ring and we’re ready to go!! The bell sounds prompting North and McGovern to circle the ring, measuring each other up. They converge into a Greco roman lock up. Neither man able to get the upper hand. McGovern and North are both similarly sized men. This should be a good show of strength, but don’t forget McGovern is a Greco Roman specliast!! KNEE TO THE GUT from Viktor and he immediately heads to the ropes. Shane back to a fighting stance JUST IN TIME to be nailed with a dropkick from North and he goes down!] [Viktor going to the ropes now and quick. McGovern still on the canvas trying to shake the cobwebs as North mounts the turnbuckles. HE’S ON THE TOP! INTO the air with a big splash BUT SHANE MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!!! Shane McGovern moved at the last second and Viktor ate the canvas. This could shift momentum in McGovern’s favor! Both men to their feet. North shaken. EUROPEAN UPPERCUT from Shane! My GOD that had some force to it!! LOOK OUT! Suplex from McGovern. HE HOLDS ON, bringing North back to his feet for another!! AND AGAIN!! It’s the “Boston Massacre”] [Shane McGovern goes for the cover and the win! ONE… TWO… NO! Viktor North powers his way out and we see some surprise in the eyes of McGovern! It doesn’t stop the grappler; however, as Shane pulls North to his feet and sends him to the ropes with an irish whip. On the return and “GUNGNIR”!! “GUNGNIR” FROM NORTH AND BOTH MEN GO DOWN!!! North now crawling over to make the cover. And he will. ONE… TWO… NO! MCGOVERN GETS A SHOULDER UP!! Both men to their feet slow. Staggering. SMALL PACKAGE! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!] [The competitors roll away from each other as Viktor North springs to his knees; both hands held high into the air. Meanwhile, a look of frustration covers the face of McGovern. What an exciting contest this was!!!]

“Max Mann reporting from the Max Mann Report, I’m Max Mann, and this is a look into life of a true Villain!”

[The flashy in ring show is rather high budget, having three armchairs in the ring alongside a large TV. Chase Hero sits next to Max, Ash Williams taking his seat in the chair opposite the two men. Max stands up and points to Ash.]

“Now, it has come to my attention that this… Villain, has taken to assaulting a true hero of the wrestling industry, VHS’ own Chase Hero, isn’t that right, Chase?”

“Yes it is, Max. Williams here not only insulted me on multiple occasions, but he went so far as to vandalize and destroy my car.”

“Truly a monster. I even have proof that Williams attempted to harm me until Chase came to my aid.”

[Ash, who seemed disinterested up until this point jumped to his feet, pointing at Max.]

“The hell are you talking about? I didn’t even know who you were until they told me I was supposed to come to this shit show.”

[Chase smirks as he whispers to Max, picking up a remote and turning on the TV in the ring.] [The TV starts up with ‘DRAMATIZATION’ shown on the screen. The following is a depiction of Max walking through the VHS backstage. He soon jumps back as a man, who is wearing a picture of Ash’s face as a poorly made mask, threatens him. He clumsily tries to Boomstick Max but just ends up making himself look a fool. Max backs up and Chase Hero leaps into screen as heroically as he can before super kicking the poor actor backwards. Max turns off the TV before turning to the crowd.]

“Undeniable proof of this dastardly villain. Anything you have to say, Chase?”

[Hero stands up and takes the mic.]

“I do. I think that this poor excuse of a villain needs the spotlight so bad he goes after good, hard working people like us. And of course, he falls flat every time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he-” [BOOMSTICK!] [Ash has had enough of the talking and stares down the still standing Max Mann, who calls for security and tries to run, not before Ash grabs him and HAIL TO THE KING! Max Mann is laid out as Ash grabs the microphone from the ground.]

“So, I get it. I have a bit of a temper. And I admit, maybe I went a little overboard just now. But if you guys want a villain, then you have one. Hail to the king, baby! Because ain’t no one hailing the so called Savior.”

[Ash rolls under the bottom rope as he leaves the ring, fleeing into the crowd as he sees security running down the ramp.] [A stiff contest is about to go underway as OSW veteran Pig goes one on one with a man who was inches away from the VHS championship, Nyx] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, Nyx ducking under a wild clothesline as he begins taking Pig apart with a series of hard kicks to the gut and legs, trying to take the monster down. Pig staggers back, dropping to one knee as Nyx leaps up with a spinning heel kick only for Nyx to be grabbed in mid-air by the monster, as Nyx is thrown into the air, before being driven into the canvas with a modified powerbomb. Nyx is pulled roughly to his feet before being thrown into the corner as he’s pummeled with rights and lefts before a hard headbutt leaves Nyx out on his feet] [Pig pulls Nyx out of the corner, lifting him up high as he tries for another Powerbomb, this time into the turnbuckles but Nyx manages to wiggle out of Pig’s hold, grabbing him from behind as he drops down as he slams Pig down to the canvas with a reverse DDT. Pig gets to his feet, right into a massive kick to the knee as Nyx backs up, ASHES TO ASHES! The massive superkick sends Pig crashing to the canvas as Nyx drops down, hooking the leg for the first fall of the contest. ONE…TWO…Pig just gets the shoulder up] [Nyx rushes to the ropes, backflipping off as he handsprings, DUST to D…NO! Pig rolls away as Nyx gets to his feet, holding his gut in pain, MARCH OF THE PIGS! Pig absolutely destroyed Nyx with that, flipping him in mid-air upon contract as Nyx looks done. Pig pulls up his limp form, holding him up high, THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! Nyx crumbles to the mat in pain as Pig rolls him over, muscling him down into a pinfall. ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [Nyx put up a big fight but Pig picks up a huge victory tonight over a top VHS contender that has to put him up the rankings]

“Belgium chocolates, check,” [Betamax says as our scene opens at his table based office in the backstage area.] “Belgium beer, check.”

[Cough.] [Betamax turns around to see both members of Belgium Roots – our newest Old School Wrestling tag team, stood waiting, their arms folded.]

“Gentlemen, how great to see you,” [he says offering an enthusiastic handshake.] “I’m glad you decided to meet with me. I have some gifts here for you, so-“

[Rich cuts him off.] “Let’s cut to the chase, Betamax. We’ve been told that you have an offer for us?”

“That’s right, I do. Now I know the immediate thought process must be to go to Monday Night Showcase because that’s where the Tag Championships are but we all know that it’ll take you some time before you earn your shot at those.”

“We might surprise you.” [Randy says confidently.]

“I have no doubts that you might. All I’m asking is that you gentlemen come to VHS next week, where by I’ll give you a match each to showcase your individual talents!”

[The brothers look at each other and contemplate the offer.] [Rich is the first to respond.] “We’ll come here and we’ll fight. You’ll find out that there’s no-one on your roster as riveting as Rich.”

“Or as glorious as Randy.” [His brother continues.] [Both brothers fist bump their Belgium Roots sleeves together and head off into the locker room – not before Randy comes running back and snatches up the beer.]

“To celebrate later.”

[Betamax grins and nods as the scene comes to a close. It looks like Belgium Roots will be hitting VHS for their debuts next week!] [In tonight’s main event, the inaugural champions of VHS look to prove who the better man really is, while their peers and competition all have front-row seats to the action!] [The VHS roster surround the ring, though they give a wide berth to The Asylum, who stand in Shark’s corner. The VHS Champion goes nose-to-nose with the Rewind Champion, Jon Davenport. Honour, respect, glory – it’s all on the line, even if their titles aren’t! Jon raises his hand to challenge Shark to a tie-up; the cunning veteran playing to his strengths. Shark takes the bait – only to kick him in the gut instead! He gets Jon on his knees and only now does he accept his hand, twisting his fingers viciously! Shark has an axe to grind tonight, as many OSW fans said Jon had a better week than him last week!] [He keeps twisting the fingers—biting them when the referee turns away—perhaps looking to reel in the Georgia Crawfish iron claw from Davenport’s arsenal. Arm wringer! Jon holds his aching extremity as Shark stomps away at him. The official holds him back as Davenport pulls himself up using the ropes – cheap shot by Hysteria! “Booo!” A vocal pocket of the crowd grill The Asylum and rally behind the controversial Davenport. Shark pulls him up and wrings the arm once more before throwing the Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog to the wolves!] [The Asylum swoop down like vultures, pelting Jon and his wounded limb with lefts, rights, and kicks. He tries to retreat but Viktor North lays into him before rolling him in the ring, where Shark covers. One… Two—kickout! Shark backs up as Jon gets to his knees. “oooOOOH—” Jon cuts off the SUSHI KICK with an airplane spin! Shark looks green around the gills as Jon spins him round – “1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7…” The crowd keep score of each rotation until Jon dumps him outside at 12! The VHS lumberjacks prey on the Champion, Brandy and KEG in particular giving him some lumps before The Asylum crashes the party. A standoff ensues as they rescue their man and roll him back in.] [One… Two… T—Shark kicks out from the mugging as Davenport spits tobacco on the mat. He shakes his arm to encourage bloodflow, then pulls Shark up and drops him like a brick with a slam. Jon into the ropes… a mean elbow drop to the face with his healthy arm. Davenport gets him back up and hugs him tight – belly-to-belly suplex! He keeps hold and heaves him back up into another, then a third. One… Two… Th—shoulder up by The Great White! Jon teaches the referee how to count to 3, then drags Shark to the corner. The veteran climbs onto the bottom rope…] [MUD FLOP INTO SHARK’S KNEES! Jon rolls around in agony as Shark gets up. He tears into the ropes and hits a baseball slide that sends Davenport off the apron! The Asylum converge on him once more, slamming his injured arm into the steel steps! A handful of VHS guys and girls come around, tired of The Asylum dictating this match. They reluctantly pull Jon to safety… then throw him back in themselves! Shark drags him by the bad arm and suddenly locks in THE ASYLUM SPECIAL! Davenport hollers in pain, that bum arm and opposing leg locked together, preventing him from crawling to the ropes!] [Even the wily veteran doesn’t seem to have an answer to this lethal hold, shaking his head furiously when asked if he wants to quit. Shark ups the pressure, wrenching that arm. At this point, it must be held together by nothing more than rubber bands – SCHOOLBOY! One… Two… THRENO! “YEEAA-Ooohhh…” A pop and a groan from the crowd as Jon damn near pins Shark with that resourceful pin! Shark hammers the mat in a rage, then goes to lock in THE ASYLUM SPECIAL again – GEORGIA CRAWFISH! Davenport’s bear-paw hand clamps the skull of Shark, squeeeziiing it like a stress ball! How long can his grip strength last, though!? Shark has severely damaged that arm – SHARK STAGGERS BACK AND BOTH MEN GO OVER THE ROPES!] [A MELEE ERUPTS AT RINGSIDE! “YEEEAAAHHH!” The Asylum and VHS lumberjacks clash. Hysteria with the LOST HOPE to Hobo; Nyx hits ASHES TO ASHES to Smiley; Ash BOOMSTICKS Chase Hero – no surprises there; this is all-out war! The VHS Champion and Rewind Champion wade through the battleground in a collar-and-elbow, trading shots and taking lumps from all directions! Bodies fly around them as they collar-and-elbow their way up the stairs and back into the ring! Shark breaks away and hits the ropes… FIN-ISH HIM! The running headbutt puts Jon down. Shark catches his breath before covering – GEORGIA CRAWFISH! Davenport with that vise-like grip for a second time, and this time there’s no escape as The Shark taps out!] [The bell rings, causing a brief ceasefire between the lumberjacks. The referee raises Jon’s healthy hand in the air, to which most of the VHS locker room fist-pump and celebrate; The Asylum shaking their heads and licking their wounds!] [The Asylum close ranks around the ring, guarding Shark as they stare down the VHS lumberjacks. The roster slowly dissipates; this isn’t their fight anymore – not until after Rebellion. Davenport eagerly snatches his title from the timekeeper and gets the hell out of Dodge. Hysteria collects the VHS Championship and hands it to its rightful owner, Shark, who holds it aloft in a sea of “BOOOO!”s…] [SQUUEEAAL!] [What the hell!? The arena is plunged into darkness. The jumbo screen on the stage comes to life, replaying the grizzly abattoir footage that Shark forced Pig to endure last week. As hundreds of pigs are slaughtered, their squeals haunting the speakers, the lights turn blood red. Fans turn away and cover their mouths in disgust. Shark plays it off coolly, laughing it up with his Asylum inmates.] [White noise. Static consumes the tape… then it resumes. Gone is the slaughterhouse, replaced by a beachside scene. Somebody has taped over it… This isn’t a family vacation video, though. Fishermen hack and slice away at beached sharks, mutilating them and harvesting them for their fins. The Asylum look at Shark, who slowly sinks to his knees in horror. Now it’s his turn to watch his kin get butchered. The sea is red with blood, as living sharks are tossed back without their fins, left to asphyxiate or succumb to predators. In the ring, Shark pulls at his mohawk and rocks back and forth at the scenes of genocide. The Asylum point to random crew members, demanding the footage be stopped, to no avail.] [“YEEEAAAHHH!” The crowd bizarrely go apeshit during the shark snuff film. The Asylum turn around in confusion… PIG stands before them, and HE IS PISSED! The lights return as Smiley races up to Pig and eats a big boot! Doubt gets goozled aaand chokeslam! Shark cradles his title to his heart in the corner, Hysteria all that stands between him and Pig! The Lost One rushes The Monster – LOST HOPE!? NO! Pig blocks the Codebreaker and shoves Hysteria into the ropes – MARCH OF THE PIGS! The headbutt spear damn near disembowels Hysteria, who rolls outside.] [SMACK! Shark nails Pig in the back with the title belt… but it’s not very effective! Pig slowly turns around, unfazed. “UUHH-OHHH…” The fans clamour to see Shark get his head ripped off! Pig snatches him and gets him up in a crucifix! THE DAY THE WORLD WENT GODDAMMIT – Smiley and Doubt pull Shark to safety! “BOOOO!” MARCH OF THE PIGS TO DOUBT… THEY MARCH AGAIN RIGHT INTO SMILEY!] [The Asylum backpedal up the ramp, clutching their gold and nursing their wounds. Pig grips the top rope, seething and burning a hole through all of them, but especially at The Shark. The VHS Champion holds his title up once more, glaring defiantly at The Monster he himself has unleashed on VHS!]