[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom corner.] [Footsteps creep down a darkened hallway towards a room in the bowels of the arena. No-one had dared venture here since he took residence. For the first time, we see his operation in all its glory.] [He enters a room and sits near an intercom, his gloved hand reaching out to press the button.]

“I’m not upset with you,” [his distorted voice rumbles.] “Far from it. But you did interrupt my session with Doubt.”

[The camera peers up to a glass one-sided window, where on the other side, Smiley lays roped to the same table as everyone else.]

“Which I must say, has brought forward our appointment. You see, we were always destined to meet, Lee.”

[Smiley struggles against the table at the hearing of his name.]

“You’ve just accelerated that process. I suppose that begs the questions; why have I been doing this and want do I want? I want people to see inside themselves as I have. This roster is full of frauds who hide behind masks and make-up. I’m your living nightmare, Lee.”

[Inside the room, Smiley begins laugh somewhat maniacally.] “You’re a nightmare? You just wait until I’m released from these shackles, I’ll show you a nightmare.”

[Click.] [Taking his finger off the intercom and standing up, the man walks towards the door and opens it. He heads into the same room as Smiley, his robed figure making it impossible to see who he is. Inside his pocket is a blade that he reaches for, pulling it out and putting it to the face of his captive.]

“Do you remember this?” [he says, tapping the scar with the blade.] “This permanent smile placed upon your face. The same smile you hide behind now, even when you’re miserable, even when you’re unhappy.”

[Smiley leans up at him, pushing the blade against his skin.] “How could I forget?”

“It’s funny, under all the makeup and lies, your smile has become faded. It has begun to blend into your skin, and once hidden behind this mirage of lies and deceit, it has become almost invisible,” [he muses.] “But I’ve brought you here today because I want to help you. I want you to save your smile.”

[The man pushes the knife into the skin of Smiley, etching it violently across his face as the deranged Asylum member screams in either agony or excitement. We focus on the motion, watching as the arm of this sinister individual cuts into the face of his captive.] [The screams echo throughout the room.]

“Save a little smile for me.”

[And we cut to black.] [The cold, distant eyes of Pig seem to stare a hole through The Hobo. However, The Hobo has a stare of his own. The stare declares his fight to eat. Eat To survive.] [The bell sounds and both men charge into eachother, grabbing one another behind the necks and exchanging hard punches back and forth in rapid fire succession. Neither man giving an inch, they work their way unwittingly towards the ropes and fall through them to the outside. This fall finally separates both men, Pig rises back to his feet and goes for the March of the Pigs but The Hobo slyly side steps and Pig bounces his head off the ring steps.] [The Hobo delivers a few kicks to the ribs before rolling back into the ring, sensing an easy victory. Pig uses the steps and the ring ropes to make it back to his feet on his own accord and rolls back in under the bottom rope. The Hobo shrugs his shoulders and closes in for the assault. Pig props himself up in the corner and the Hobo begins to lay vicious body shots to Pig. Pig with a burst of energy charges out of the corner with a clothesline taking The Hobo down.] [Pig turns around to catch The Hobo charging in full steam ahead and catches him with The Great Destroyer! Super kick right under the chin!! One….Two…..Three!! NOOOO!! The Hobo violently kicks out and try’s to roll toward the ropes and out the ring. The Pig is up and stalking The Hobo. The Pig reaches down to grab the grungy mane of the Hobo but he counters into a front chancery that looks to be choking Pig!!] [Pig struggles to escape the front facelock variation, but manages to lift the Hobo into the air and sets him forcefully down on the top rope. Effectively crotching him upon the turnbuckle. The Hobo’s face is covered in pain but Pig is not done. Pig with a straight right to the jaw of the Hobo leaves him stunned as he ascends to the top rope. Pig lifts The Hobo into the crucifix position! THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! Off the top rope!! The Hobo’s lifeless body bounced off the canvas. Pig places a foot on the chest of The Hobo! One….Two….Three!!

[Pig looked as vicious and as violent as we’ve ever seen him tonight. Somewhere behind the squeals and dark eyes is a quest to get his hands on The Shark. Tonight, he sent a clear message.] [Having pushed themselves to the limits to figure out who would tap first, both Pig and Hobo are somewhat subdued at the end of the match. There is no time for celebration or commiseration as they are soon interrupted by the arrival of a rather unwelcome presence – the Rewind Champion, Jon Davenport.] [The Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog lumbers down the entrance-way and makes a beeline for the ring. He grabs Hobo by the ankle and drags him out. Davenport proceeds to manhandle a battered Hobo over the crowd barricade towards one of the side exits to the Schoolyard. They burst out of the arena and into the open evening. Davenport stops just short of an already burning bonfirea and a shopping trolley full of what seems like junk that one would donate to the Salvation Army.]

“You son of a bitch…” [Davenport snarls at The Hobo, kicking him to the ground. Hobo falls to all fours, sucking in air as best he can.] “You thought it would be funny, didn’t you. I’m sick of people shitting in my property. And I’m sick of no-hope talentless bums like you stinking up the halls of VHS.”

[He moves away from The Hobo slightly, face glowing from the bonfire, wheeling the trolley back over to his victim.]

“So, what does the ‘Ol Huntin’ Hound Dog do when he picks up the scent of crap? Dog will hunt! This dog managed to hunt down some of your possessions… Let’s see how you like it.”

[Davenport kicks over the trolley. A collection of keepsakes, old blankets, makeshift cardboard shelter, canned food and grotty clothing spills to the ground. The Hobo crawls forward to try and gather up his possessions.]

“That’s everything I own! All my worldly possessions. You can foot the bill for a new gym bag, champ… This is my life!”

[Davenport’s grin doesn’t so much as fade from his face as he begins tossing the items into the fire. Try as he might to stop the Rewind Champion, The Hobo is simply too exhausted and is soon beaten back down again for his troubles. The blankets, the warm jacket, the clothes, Hobo’s home… They are all unceremoniously tossed into the flames.] [The scene ends with Davenport mockingly dusting his hands off and walking away, while Hobo frantically scrambles to put out the flames that have engulfed his favorite blanket.] [Meanwhile, back in the ring.] [Without warning, the rage-filled vocals of The Greenery’s Black Shark almost blow the speakers! The fans boo as pounding drums and melting guitars play The Shark out onto the stage – what the hell!?] [Stagehands wheel the VHS Champion out in a cage! The Shark gnashes his teeth and chews on the metal bars menacingly. Pig looks up at his caged foe with a furrowed brow. This bitter feud is almost mirroring itself with the roles reversed.] [The music dies and The Shark raises a microphone to his bloody mouth as he sniffs the air.]

“You know, I haven’t eaten since Rebellion. I’m starving but I wouldn’t take a bite out of any of you people if my life depended on it!” [“Booooo!” The Shark strokes his Championship around his waist as Pig leans on the ropes.] “Speaking of Rebellion, I owe you an apology, Pig…”

[Pig paces back and forth, pulling at his hair and fervently shaking his head. The Shark continues.]

“My gift to you wasn’t as well-received as I’d hoped. It was a bloody awful yet honest mistake.” [That’s a little hard to swallow…] “You can’t really blame me. After all, I know that Hewitt & Sons Meat and Abattoir holds a special place in your heart. Not just yours… Andrea’s, too.”

[The fans look in fear at a seething Pig, whose estranged mother has been dragged into things. The Maneater addresses the rapt audience.]

“What a gut-wrenching story that was: a travelling stranger pays to stay the night at the Walsh farmhouse, only to rape 12 year-old Andrea in her own bed. Of course, 9 months later, she squeezed a piglet out!”

[“Ooohhh!” Pig shoots through the ropes to a pop and stalks his way up the ramp!]

“But how many travelling strangers do you really get out in the sticks, Pig? Like most stories of a sensitive nature, certain facts were changed or omitted to protect the victims. You see, Andrea’s parents—Pig’s grandparents—worked at Hewitt & Sons.” [Pig runs up to the cage with an urgency we’ve never seen from him before.] “Her father packed meat and her mother kept the books. Farmer Hewitt liked her—”

[Pig stuffs his arms between the bars but Shark retreats to the corner, cackling.]

“—but she rejected him one too many times! He threatened to fire both of them unless they could come to an agreement—” [Pig wraps his hands around the bars and shakes them violently. Shark laughs in his face, milking his torment for every last drop.] “You know, they build these cages to keep the sharks out, but I figure they work just as well the other way!”

[It’s a diving cage! No way can Pig break into that! The Shark cackles maliciously.]

“Unfortunately for Andrea, Momma Walsh was off the menu. Hewitt decided to get her back for all the rejections and insisted on having the girl instead.”

[Pig puuulls at the bars with all his might but it’s no good! He squuueeeaaals in distress and the fans, despite their morbid curiosity, grill Shark for this mental torture. The Great White leers at Pig, untouchable.]

“Well, they couldn’t give up their jobs and lose the house, could they? They agreed. You thought Momma and Papa Walsh sold Andrea’s innocence, Piglet? No… they gave it away!”

[Pig sinks to his knees, head in his hands. He looks to have abandoned all hope… before peering at the edge of the stage. The Shark follows his gaze.]

“Pig!?” [The Champion suddenly sounds very concerned for his future health!] “P-Pig, listen to me—” [Pig grips the trolley under the cage! He pauses, tilting his head at the fans. They scream for him to “Do it!”… He pushes it across the stage!]

“PIIIIIIIIG!” [Shark screams, holding on for dear life…] [PIG SENDS THE CAGE CRASHING TO THE FLOOR! “YEEAAAHHHHHH!” The cage bends with a metallic screech, falling fifteen feet onto concrete!] [Pig clambers down onto the wreckage, camerman bobbing along behind him. The Monster reaches inside the twisted prison to find… NOTHING!? THE SHARK HAS ESCAPED! The fans groan and boo but pick up as March of the Pigs hits the speakers and Pig marches to the back.] [Two promising rookies look to kickstart their OSW careers after less then promising starts as the Boston Wrestling Machine Shane McGovern fights it out with the Pirate Lord himself Blackbeard] [The bell rings as both men rush at one another, the pirate getting the better of the exchange as he delivers punishing blows, a large right hook staggering McGovern as the Pirate leaps forward right into a massive belly to back suplex. Blackbeard gets to his feet as Shane throws him to the mat with a modified wristlock before transitioning into an angular armbar, looking like he’s trying to rip the arm right off the pirate. Blackbeard manages to kick McGovern away as he struggles to his feet but a wild right is countered into another wristlock before Shane spins him around, nearly taking the pirate’s head off with a massive clothesline] [Blackbeard gets up dizzy as McGovern rushes forward with another clothesline. Blackbeard just manages to duck under, nailing a running knee to the jaw that puts Shane down down before he begins to climb up to the top rope. Guillotine Legdrop…misses as Shane sweeps him onto the mat, locking in the armbar again. Blackbeard screams in pain as Shane torques back with as much force as he can muster but the pirate just manages to grab onto the bottom rope, breaking the hold] [McGovern pulls Blackbeard up to his feet, FIREBALL OUTTA NOWHERE! McGovern stumbles around, blinded from the cheap tactic as Blackbeard tries to grab him but Shane manages to duck under, CELTIC KICK. Blackbeard is out on his feet as McGovern spins him around, Dragon Suplex! Tiger Suplex! Straight Jacket Suplex! BOSTON MASSACRE! Blackbeard is unconscious on the mat but McGovern isn’t done as he pulls the limp pirate to his feet, lifting him up high in the electric chair position, IRISH CAR BOMB! McGovern absolutely annihilated Blackbeard with that as he covers for the sure win, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [McGovern gets to his feet, celebrating his victory as he heads to the back while Blackbeard slowly gets to his feet, furious over his loss] [In a dark recess of the Schoolyard, Viktor North slowly dresses for war. Tonight, he tackles Jon Davenport in the main event, and he is ready to split the skull of the Hound Dog. With every tug on his armaments, North becomes more and more the Viking warrior of old. Reckoning is coming for Davenport.]

“Tonight,” [North begins as he takes a swig of mead.] “I add gold to my stores.”

[Viktor pauses mid-drink, however, as Faith walks up to him with something in her arms.]

“Have you come to profess your undying need for me?” [North asks, the mead running down his chin.] “You would not be the first.”

[Faith curls her nose in response.]

“I would never commit adultery, sinner.”

[Another drink for North.]

“You’re not my type anyway. You probably don’t know the first thing about Freyja’s gifts.”

[Faith has no clue what North is speaking of, but she holds out the object she has brought here regardless.]

“Despite the ways of the world, I feel that you may need this. I can read it to you, if you’d like?”

[North slowly turns over what appears to be a stone tablet to see some inscriptions on it. His throat begins to gargle as he recognizes the wording.]

“I already told you what I think of your god.”

[SMASH!] [Christian appears out of nowhere to nail North from behind! He places his knee in his back to force North to stay down and his head to stay on the tablet.]

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” [Faith begins, reading the tablet to North.] “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God.”

[Christian stands up to his feet and begins to raise his leg up over the head of North. Faith quickly stops him with a kind word.]

“Thou shalt not kill, cuddly buddily.”

[Christian laughs in response and turns the rest of North’s mead over to drench the head of the Skull Splitter. The duo then walk away, their point having been made. As they do, North slowly rises up to his knees with a twisted smirk on his face.]

“Fear the reckoning.”

[That reckoning will come another night, for later on tonight North will take on Jon Davenport for the Rewind Championship!] [Monday Night Showcase may have the monopoly on Ring King.] [But VHS has the Reel King.] [Ash Williams, Chase Hero, Randy Edwards, Rich Edwards, Tyler Brooks, Shane McGovern, Viktor North and Captain Jack will all fight in the first round of the Reel King tournament. The prize? A future shot at the VHS Championship.] [And a one on one Main Event match with the Ring King on Monday Night Showcase.] [Starts next week, live on VHS #6] [After the break, the captain of the seven seas takes on an opponent of the seven deadly sins, when Captain Jack battles Christian!] [Jack steps up eagerly, spoiling for a fight. Christian holds his hands up and calls for his wife, Faith, who climbs on the apron. The sickly sweet couple hold hands and share an Eskimo kiss. “Boooo!” They look at the crowd disappointingly as Christian turns around into a headbutt which almost sends him into Faith! She jumps down in fear as Jack lays into Christian, leathering him with strikes even uglier than he is. He gets him up – snap suplex… leaping elbow! One… Kickout. Jack sends him packing into the corner aaand hits a big splash! One… T—another kickout.] [Faith hammers the mat, willing Christian on as Jack peels him off the mat. Hard into the corner—Christian stumbles out—Jack throws a spinning lariat with extra mustard but Christian ducks it… a discus elbow clocks Jack! Faith claps as Christian takes control. German suplex… another German… Jack eats the mat with a bulldog! One… Two—kickout. Christian takes his belt off and blows a kiss to Faith, who catches it. Ugh… He raises it above his head but the referee grabs it, warning him “I will disqualify you, Christian!”. Christian instead slaps a camel clutch on Jack, trapping the leg too – PRAY FOR FORGIVENESS!] [Jack screams in pain with a pronounced “Yeeaargh!” and claws for the ropes. Faith gets in his face, telling him to “Pray to the Lord, repent!” as the crowd boo. Jack reaches the ropes! Christian holds it—1… 2… 3… 4… Fi—breaking in the nick of time. He hooks him by the leg he trapped. One… Two… Thshoulder up! Christian pulls him up but Jack shoves the referee away – eye poke! Christian stumbles blindly as Faith climbs the apron in protest. Jack rounds on her… the salty dog shoves his tongue down her throat! “Yeeaah!” The fans cheer as Faith flails her arms in disgust! Jack reels his tongue back in and turns around— Christian slams on the brakes as Jack ducks—SCALLYWAG powerbomb! One… Two… Three!] [Jack’s craggy face splits into a gappy brown smile as the referee raises his hand in victory. Christian kicks the ring stairs in fury at the disrespect shown to his honey-bunny!] [After the commercial break.] [Dice rolls across the screen before revealing a double threes shown atop them as several pirates cheer while the others grumble underneath their breath. It opens up to show the rest of the locker room which has been taken over by the pirates. Captain Jack sits in the corner surrounded by three men as they look over a map.]

“Ayy mateys. If we travel to Pelegosto, we shall find the booty we’ve been lookin’ fer.”

[The door slams open as a platoon of pirates flood into the room with swords drawn as they point them at everyone. Captain Jack gets to his feet and takes a step forward with his hands raised. It’s then that a clanking noise reverberates through the room. The pirates part like the red sea as the swinging beard of Blackbeard makes its way into the room. The dreaded pirate smiles displaying his grotesque grin before walking up to Captain Jack himself.]

“Yoohoo, ay? You think yerself a pirate do ye? You think ye can plunder my vessel and get off easy? Let me tell ye one ting matey. This VHS ship? There’s a new captain on board. Consider this a warning, matey. There’s only room fer one pirate aboard this ship.”

[Captain Jack smiles to himself before walking up to stand toe-to-toe with Blackbeard.]

“Arghhhh. This pirate be thinkin’ it’s time for ye to WALK THE PLANK!”

[Captain Jack pulls out Blackbeard’s sword and swings at him, but Blackbeard is able to duck out of the way and slide out of the room. The room erupts with Jack’s men swinging steel with Blackbeard’s. Captain Jack goes to pursue but one of Blackbeard’s men gets in the way for a momentary distraction. Jack makes short work of him before headbutting him out of the way. He enters the halls and looks both ways but can’t see any signs of the dreaded pirate Blackbeard. He throws the sword to the ground in frustration as Polly squawks.]

“Coward! SQUAWK!”

[A massive match-up with possible future implications as the Savior of Professional Wrestling Tyler Brooks takes on the sadistic VHS Champion The Shark in non-title action] [The bell rings as both men rush forward, rights and lefts firing from both competitors as The Shark takes control with a sharp headbutt that staggers Brooks back. The Shark rushes forward, trying for a dropkick but Tyler manages to sidestep it before nearly breaking the Shark’s jaw with a leaping Muay Thai knee. The Shark stumbles back as he’s grabbed by Brooks and driven down to the canvas with a Snap Suplex. The Shark gets up groggy as Tyler rushes forward but the predator rolls out of the ring before Brooks can capitalize] [The Shark regroups on the outside as Brooks sizes him up, rushing forward as he dives over the top rope right into a DDT! The Shark grabbed Brooks in mid-air, spiking him into the unforgiving concrete as he muscles Brooks up to his feet, throwing him into the ring before covering. ONE…TWO…Brooks somehow gets the shoulder up but he’s worst for wear, a trickle of blood oozing from his forehead which The Shark latches onto, biting hard as he opens the cut up more] [The Shark pulls Brooks up to his feet but gets pushed away before getting drilled with another leaping knee as Brooks leaps over The Shark, dropping him to the mat with a neckbreaker. Tyler wipes away the blood as he heads to the top rope, GUIDING LIGHT…THE SHARK MOVES! Brooks gets up to his feet, SUSHI KICK! Brooks is down as The Shark climbs up to the top rope himself, FIN-ISH HIM! Right on the busted forehead as The Shark covers, ONE…TWO…THR…Brooks gets the shoulder up! The Shark can’t believe it as he bites down on the busted open wound before pulling Brooks up to his knees, bouncing off the ropes, SUSHI KIC…YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY! Brooks drilled him out of nowhere but that took everything out of Tyler as both men slump to the mat, Brooks just getting a hand over The Shark as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The bell rings as Brooks rolls out of the ring, holding his head in pain as he staggers back, barely able to stand. The Shark gets up, furious as Tyler celebrates his extremely hard fought victory over the VHS Champion] [Record Previously] [Chase Hero stands in his rather posh home, the walls covered in pictures of himself, expensive clothing and furniture lining his home, giving it an appearance akin to a superhero’s lair, albeit more flashy than any most people would see in this lifetime. Hero sits down in a nearby chair, grumbling as he pours himself a drink.]

“I don’t get it.”

[Hero takes a sip, then in a fit of rage throws the glass against the far wall, smashing it in anger.]


[Hero smashes his hand into the chair, getting up and pacing the room in anger.]

“I am better than him. I am better than him in every conceivable way, yet he beat me. What does he have that I don’t?”

[Hero paces the room more, soon stopping as he hears a banging on one of his windows. Hero frowns, heading to the window in question and peering out, seeing nothing.]

“Damn fans… always wanting to get my attention yet-” [SMASH] [Chase ducks, a brick sailing through the air barely missing him as it smashed his window, the shattered glass covering Hero in small lacerations and cuts. He stands up, enraged more than before as he vaults over the window into the yard, yelling at anything and everything nearby, trying to find whoever through the brick.]

“Come out, coward! You afraid of talking to my boot!?”

[Hero sneers as he looks around the area, soon looking down and realizing a message spray painted onto his lawn. He backs up, reading it, his fists balled up as desperately wishes for something to hit. The words read…] [“HERO OR DEADITE?“] [The recording cuts.] [The Belgium Roots are here in one of their first tag team matches against the duo of Ash Williams and Chase Hero!] [Ash Williams is going to start as Chase Hero is still nursing his hurt ribs which have a bit of tape on them. Randy Edwards is going to start for the Roots. Edwards and Williams tie up, but Ash pulls him into a side headlock. Ash punches him in the side of his head a few times before disengaging with him. Edwards uses his body to push Ash into the ropes before whipping him across the ring. Ash goes for a clothesine, but Randy ducks under before wrapping around the waist of Ash for a belly to back suplex!] [Ash gets back to his feet but Randy nails two elbow strikes before lifting The Chosen One up onto his shoulders before flinging him back towards Rich who entered the ring to drive his face into his knees! BELGIUM STRONG! Randy tags in Rich who comes in and lifts up Ash onto his shoulders as Randy climbs the turnbuckle for… AIR BELGIUM! The referee quickly grabs Randy and pulls him out of the ring as Rich has a cover. One…Two…NO! Ash still has that fire burning!] [Ash Williams leaps to his feet as Rich tries to attack him with a dropkick, but Ash pushes his feet away. Williams nails him with a stiff left hand that flattens him. Rich gets to his knees as Ash hits the ropes for… PUCKER UP! Rich is laid out as Chase Hero tries to tag himself in! Ash dodges his hand and gives him a weird look. Randy Edwards enters the ring but Ash leaps to the second rope and nails him with a BOOMSTICK! Randy hits the ground in a slump. The referee tries to move him out of the ring as Chase Hero enters the ring. Ash sees this but… CRACK! A steel chair shot to the dome crashes Ash to the ground! Rich Edwards sees this and leaps over for a pin. The referee turns around and counts! One…Two…THREE!] [The Belgium Roots get a win tonight as Ash is holding his head in the corner while Chase Hero smiles from atop the tron. The Roots continue to celebrate their win.] [Records previously.] [Hero stands in front of the ruined front yard, still foaming at the mouth as he looks around, searching for the obvious suspect.]


“Nah, I think you can come in here and face me!”

[Chase turns back towards his house, the front door now swinging wide open, having been kicked in. Hero rushes towards his home, running in and immediately checking his living room only to find that most of it’s furniture has been turned upside down, as well as clothing ripped and lamps smashed.]

“You think this is funny? You think destroying the property of the only true hero left in this world is funny?”

[Hero looks ready to kill at this point, disoriented and confused by the vandalism, he takes to kicking in closet doors, smashing through to his kitchen and turning it upside down in an attempt to find Ash.]

“I’ll find you and when I do-”

“Stop with the threats. I think the redecorating job is pretty groovy.”

[Hero’s eyes bulge as he turns, Ash standing in the middle of a hallway, smirking as he leans next to a sizable hole. Hero rushes forward, Ash stopping him dead in his tracks, throwing a vase that Hero shields his face from. As Chase lowers his arms BOOMSTICK Hero gets laid out on the floor by a massive shot from Williams! Ash leans over Hero, smirking.]

“Look, I’m no villain, but I know damn sure you’re no hero. You’re a Deadite to me, Chase, and I won’t treat you any other way.”

[Ash shakes his head, walking out of the now destroyed bottom floor of the house and into the street.] [The recording cuts.] [We cut to the parking garage where Shane McGovern, bag in hand, searches for his car. He’s still feeling the effects from his match with Blackbeard here tonight; most noticeably with a limp that we assume has a lot to do with his old ACL injury.]

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” [Shane growls upon finding Tyler Brooks leaned up against his vehicle.]

“How’s the knee, McGovern?” [Tyler asks with a smile.]

“You’re a heartless chowder-head Tyler, you know that!?!”

“Heartless!?!” [Brooks looks appalled.] “I’m trying to help you, Shane. The only reason I may appear to be happy that your knee hurts, is because that means you haven’t scored more pills from a new doctor or some mixed up kid on the streets.”

“That’s because I’m not an addict!” [Shane steps in on Tyler.] “Get it through your head, Brooks! I don’t need your ‘help’!”

“Well, Shane…” [Tyler steps in on McGovern; that cocky smile still plastered across his face.] “…my straight edge lifestyle affords me only two options when it comes to dealing with people like you.” [He looks Shane up and down.] “I can either help you…” [Tyler’s smile disappears.] “…or I can destroy you. Either way, that knee’s going to be in pain. But hey, what’s a little pain, right? Life, is pain.”

“A’ little pain? A’ Little Pain!?!”

[Shane snaps, catching Tyler by surprise with a left hook and following up with a barrage of vicious elbows and clubbing blows! Brooks starts to fight back but Shane responds… by slamming Tyler into his car with such force that the trunk pops open!]

“You want to know how it feels, Tyler!?!” [Shane reaches into his trunk and pulls out A TIRE IRON!] “You want to know why I have to take those pills!?!”

[MY GOD! Shane McGovern drives that tire iron into Tyler Brooks knee! Again and again and again, over and over!]

“It’s just a little pain, Tyler!” [Shane shouts as he continues to assault Tyler’s knee.] “It’s just a little pain!”

[Security swarms the scene and wrestles Shane away from Tyler. McGovern shoves them aside and jumps in his car. Tires screeching, he pulls out of his spot, nearly hitting Tyler and security in the process… leaving Brooks laid out in the parking lot holding his knee in pain…] [Apparently, Rebellion wasn’t the end for these two…] [Viktor North has the fire in his eyes as all that stands between he and his first OSW championship is a on fire Jon Davenport.] [Viktor North races out the block, seemingly not concerned with the thirty minutes on the clock in his iron man match. His eyes on the prize, he takes it to the Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog. Getting on top of Davenport he keeps up the pressure with elbows and fists, landing on every body part of Davenport imaginable. Throwing Jon off the ropes, North greets him with a huge dropkick and quickly covers his opponent, looking to take an early advantage. It’s a quick kick out at the one mark, You don’t put someone like Davenport away that easily.] [Staying on top of his opponent, Viktor sweeps Davenport off his feet and puts him back down on the mat with a huge bodyslam. Heading up top, his full weight comes crashing down on Jon’s torso with a DOUBLE STOMP. Not satisfied with the damage he’s caused though, he’s not finished here. He allows Davenport to shakily get back to his feet, showing some hunting skills of his own….. FALL OF UTGARD! BIG SHOW OF STRENGTH FROM NORTH. Making the cover, one….two…. THREE! Viktor North takes the first pinfall in this Rewind championship match. ONE-NIL VIKTOR NORTH.] [With the taste of gold strong within Viktor North, he carries on his assault. Mounting him he unleashes headbutt after headbutt onto the Rewind Champion. The viciousness shows in North’s eyes. He looks like a man possessed. Grabbing the arms and pulling Davenport back to a standing position, he tosses him off the ropes and delivers a big neckbreaker. Davenports title reign looks in real danger. Dragging him to the corner he positions Jon so he is standing on the middle rope, looking out to the crowd. Davenport looks totally gone, slumping over.] [VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE!! VIKTOR NORTH DOMINANT HERE. A SECOND COVER. ONE…TWO….THREE!!! VIKTOR NORTH IS RUNNING AWAY WITH THIS HERE. The Skull splitter celebrates his TWO-NIL lead, thinking the job is as good as done, although we still have just over more than half of this thirty minute match left. LOW-BLOW!! LOW-BLOW FROM DAVENPORT TO NORTH. THAT FEELS FAMILIAR. DAVENPORT SHOWING YOU NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON A HUNTING DOG!! Viktor is feeling the effects and if ever Davenport has a chance to get back in this match, IT IS NOW.] [Back to his feet, but still quite Shaky. Davenport looks and laughs at North. Hoisting his man high up into the air, he spikes his head back onto the mat with a big brainbuster, looking to even up the score he makes the pin himself. The previously dominant North kicks out at two though. That took some of the wind out of North’s sails though. A couple of elbow drops keep Viktor downed, and windless. Heading over to the closest corner, Davenport climbs up onto the first turnbuckle. MUD FLOP! If Viktor North had any wind left he certainly doesn’t now.] [DAVENPORT COVERS. ONE…TWO…. THREE!! ITS TWO-ONE, DAVENPORT IS BACK IN THIS NOW. Despite the cover Davenport climbs again. A SECOND MUD FLOP. THAT IS WHY HE IS THE HUNTING DOG, HE DOESN’T RELENT IN HIS PURSUIT OF HIS PRAY. ANOTHER COVER. ONE….TWO…. THREE!!!! JUST LIKE THAT IT’S TWO-TWO!! DAVENPORT SHOWS WHY HE IS CHAMPION HERE. SURELY NOT?!?!?! DAVENPORT CLIMBS THE ROPES AGAIN? A THIRD MUD FLOP? VIKTOR NORTH ROLLS OUT THE WAY AND IT MISSES!! DAVENPORT FELT LIKE HE COULD DO THAT ALL NIGHT. Both men are down, we have a little less than TWO minutes left on the clock.] [Both men begin to stir at the same time, grabbing at anything and everything to try and claw their way to a standing position. Jon Davenport seems to be making more headway than Viktor North at the moment, although he isn’t far behind. Finally both men are, about as vertical as they could hope to be after this contest, opposite turnbuckles propping them up. Viktor North charges at Davenport, looks like he’s looking for a leaping rolling elbow, DAVENPORT SIDE STEPS… BEAR HUG!! The life is draining from North!! …FOUR SECONDS LEFT The Referee raises North’s Arm… IT DROPS… THREE SECONDS… Raises it again…IT DROPS… TWO SECONDS LEFT…A THIRD TIME! IT DROPS!!! THREE-TWO TO DAVENPORT… ONE SECOND…. IT’S OVER!!] [Davenport retains in the craziest of circumstances here, Viktor North looked brave as hell, showing that viking spirit early doors, but it’s the Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog who retains.] [Darkness.] [The ever present cellar of torture awaits. The last we saw; Smiley was being mutilated in this very place. Now, only moments after the Main Event, we return to the basement, where The Shark finds himself tied to the same table.] [There’s blood everywhere; Smiley’s blood.] [Click.]

“Thank you for joining me here, Shark,” [the distorted voice says.] “And it’s no coincidence that I’ve chosen you. I’ve met with your friends and they are, to say the least, very interesting.”

[Shark struggles against his restraints.]

“There’s no use in struggling, didn’t they tell you? I suppose not. No-body has seen Betamax since I captured him and forced him to look inward. Your friends, they have more resolve.”

“What do you want?” [The VHS Champion hisses.]

“I want you to give Hysteria a message. I want you to tell him that at Fastlane, I’ll no longer be playing with his puppets.”

[The Shark giggles to himself.]

“And me?”

[The voice sighs.] “I’ll be seeing you down the road, I’m certain of it. Will you pass along my regards?”

[The Shark thinks about it.]

“Gladly.” [he responds.] [Slowly the scene comes to a close, a look at Shark’s grinning face.] [Whoever is doing this will reveal himself at Fastlane.] [And Hysteria is next.]