[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom corner.] [In the shadows, there lurks a presence. As Betamax walks down the halls of the School Yard, dabbling with his phone and important business, he’s abruptly stopped by the voice of someone he doesn’t recognize.] [A voice that intrigues him.]

“We need to talk,” [says the voice.] “It is of the utmost importance,” [the person quickly follows up with. Their English accent is now clear.] “You had ought to follow me.”

[Betamax doesn’t know what to do at first but decides to join them in the shadows. Slowly they walk towards the exit, the cloak and dagger of the situation is somewhat amusing. They stop short, remaining in the shadows.]

“I knew your father,” [the voice says out loud.] “He was a good man. I know what you saw that day and how it has haunted you ever since. I’m the ghost of Christmas past,” [he says with a faint chuckle.] “And I want to take you on a journey.”

[Betamax doesn’t know what to say; so he just nods.]

“I must take you to Mexico at once. But you cannot be fired. You must be employed here at Old School Wrestling – that much is imperative. You do not know your father, Betamax. He was a great man.”

[In agreement, both men head towards the exit, the cloaked attire of the man in question kept his identity a secret as they left the arena.] [Chase Hero walks into the backstage locker room of the Schoolyard, sighing as he sits down to place his boots on. He looks up as the door opens, Ash Williams standing before him, a sneer scrawled across his face.] [Chase backs up, his back against the lockers, his hands held up defensively.] “Here to cause more havoc, Ash? Those people are in the hospital because of you.”

“They’re in it because of you, Chase.”

[Chase stands up, getting in Ash’s face, their noses almost touching.]

“You snapped, you left those fans bloodied on the ground, and you dare say it’s my fault? I stepped up to stop you, Ash. I saved one of them.”

[Ash twitches a bit, bawling up his boomstick fist.] “They were hurt because you pushed me to the brink, you wanted me to do that. You know you did, Chase. You made me a villain and didn’t stop me, their blood is on your hands, get used to it, Mr. Hero.”

[Ash backs away from Chase and walks to the door, pausing as Chase calls after him.]

“You gave up being the hero you wanted to be, Ash. You were weak, and I saw it when we fought at Tapeover. Too weak to even fight your urges. You don’t deserve to be called “The Chosen One.”

[Ash twitches again, bringing his metal hand down against the wall and chipping the concrete as he turns back to Chase.]

“Never call me weak, Chase. I’ll show you differently.”

[With that, Ash leaves, Chase watching as he trudges down the hall.] [Christian is already standing in the ring as Huxley enters, Fluffy holding the ropes apart for Ali to enter the ring, the bell ringing as he gets to his corner.] [The match starts and York tries to go on the offensive only for Huxley to duck under a clothesline, York turning around into a roundhouse kick from the waiting Huxley. York falls back to the ropes, Huxley taking the opportunity to bounce off the ropes on the far side of the ring, coming back to a backbody drop over the ropes, but Huxley lands on the apron! York turns around in time to see Ali has climbed onto the ropes and is walking on them, showing off to the crowd before leaping off with a huge dropkick to the confused York!] [Huxley has complete control over the match as he gets back to his feet, walking around the ring and taunting to the crowd, unaware of York getting to his feet behind him. Huxley turns around to a hard haymaker! York looks to whip Huxley, sending him bouncing off the ropes and back into a big boot- Huxley bends over backwards! Huxley gives the matrix a whole new meaning as he uses his contortionist skill to dodge the boot. York is baffled as Ali rises back up and SLAPS YORK IN THE FACE! YORK TURNS AROUND FOR THE WHIP CRACK! Huxley rolls to his feet following the big move.] [York gasps for breath, crawling to the ropes to help himself to his feet. Ali taps the referee on the shoulder, causing him to turn around as Fluffy nails York with a boot from ringside! Christian rolls backwards and Huxley follows up on the interference by bouncing off of the ropes, coming back with a leg drop to York. Huxley peels York from the ground, York headbutting Huxley and hitting a hard right before trying for a clothesline- Huxley ducks it! He gets his opponent in the backslide position and as he does Fluffy gets on the apron to distract the referee, FALL OF THE ACROBAT! The hard shot to the ground lets Huxley hit a hard backslide for the pin ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Huxley gets to his feet following a dominant debut, bowing to the crowd before exiting the ring] [Ash Williams seems to be on his way out of the Schoolyard following his interaction with Chase when he hears his name called from down an empty hall.]


[Confused, he walks towards it slightly, pausing as his name is said again.]


[His brow furrowing, he walks down the deserted hallway and into a large open room. The doors slam shut behind him and a dirty light bulb flicks on to reveal three robed men, two of them guarding the doors, one standing across from Ash just a few feet.]

“So, you say you aren’t weak, Ash…”

[Ash sneers.] “I’m not weak. I won’t listen to these insults from anyone, especially not some cloaked freaks like you.”

[He turns to leave, the two other hooded men blocking his way and making him turn back to the obvious leader.]

“Listen, Ash. I am not insulting you, I am being sincere. If you aren’t weak, then let us help your prove that. We have something we can offer you. Something that can… improve you.”

“I don’t need to be improved!”

[Ash moves towards the figure, pushing him back, the figure stumbling back slightly as the two men guarding the door restrain Ash, the figure bending down in front of him.]

“Oh Ash, you have so much fighting spirit. I like it. If you won’t take my offer now, then I guess I will give you a little while to mull over the idea. We’ll be watching you, Ash. And more importantly, I will be watching you.”

[The figure straightens himself before turning and walking away. Ash tries to fight the two men holding him only to be thrown into the door behind them. The light goes out, slowly flickering on to show the men gone, Ash left bewildered at what just happened.] [English moves to KJE and offers her a handshake,the likes of which is batted away by the Perfect Ten.] [HURICANRANA! Evans wasted no time, taking the act of sportsmanship and capitalizing on it. English rolls to a knee to catch a shining wizard as he tries to stand! KJE is pushing her advantage, bouncing off the ropes and going for a low dropkick- BUT GEORGE CATCHES HER FEET! English locks in an ankle lock on KJE, grape-vining her leg and working the hold. KJE yells in pain as she tries to kick English off of her leg, causing him to twist harder. Evans tries her best to crawl to the ropes, English pulling her back from them and losing his grapevine in the process.] [Kaylyn kicks back at George’s knee with the release of the grapvine, yanking her leg free and rolling to her feet, ducking an axe-handle from The Gentleman and rolling English up! one… two… English grabs her legs and rolls through into a Boston crab! Another strong submission by George, however this time KJE is able to grab the ropes, barley getting her hand on them as English applies pressure. He lets go of the hold and turns around, KJE already to her feet and pissed! She leaps at English with THE CRUSHER DDT! ENGLISH IS PLANTED HARD INTO THE GROUND!] [English is out of it following that hard DDT, KJE picking him up and looking to inflict even more damage. English Pushes KJE away and hits a dropkick! Another, and another! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN! Evans is taken by surprise by the assault, English dropping an elbow onto her before peeling her back to her feet. He hits a hard European uppercut, knocking her back to the ropes and allowing English to whip her off of them and going for the axe-handle- KJE SLIPS BEHIND HIM! The full-nelson is locked in ENLISH DRAGS HER OVER INTO THE GROUND AND ROLLS INTO THE FUJIWARA ARMBAR! KAYLYN HAS NOWHERE TO GO, SHE TAPS!] [‘Gentleman’ George English lets go of the hold as the bell is called, accepting the cheers as they come to him.] [We move to the backstage area where we find Pig marching his way down the hallway. Suddenly, he stops cold in his tracks. His eyes squint in intensity, but with a hint of curiosity.] [At the other end of the hall stands the most peculiar individual. His hair flowing long over the shoulders of a red showman’s jacket. A painted face hiding underneath the shadow of an Americana style top hat. A curled grin forms on his lips as the creepy sound of carnival music seeps into the corridor.] [It’s Alistair Huxley.]

“Hello there, little Piggy.” [Alistair snickers.] “It’s outstanding to finally get the chance to meet my newest freak.”

[Pig snarls at the comment, moving forward with a squeal. Charging Huxley, who awaits confidently in his path.] [CRUNCH.] [Just as Pig advances passed an open doorway a monster of a man steps out into the hall behind him and clobbers him with a metal chair; knocking Pig to the floor.] [The giant quickly disposes of the chair and hoists Pig into the air; holding him in place with his massive arms with Huxley slowly approaching.]

“I thought it necessary to stop by and clear up any misunderstandings I might have created with my invitation.” [Alistair utters in a displeased manner.] “I take it that you didn’t appreciate the offer all that much!”

[Huxley holds out his hand to produce a collection of ripped up pieces of paper.] [Pig shakes his head, both in anger and in an attempt to regain his composure.]

“I’m trying to build a family here Piggy. A support group for, you know, the freaks.”

[Alistair moves closer as his helper holds a struggling Pig in place.]

“But it’s more than that, you see. It’s… a show!! A freak show!”

[Huxley gazes into the air; his thoughts roaming to delusions of grandeur before slowly returning to the now steaming Pig. Without notice, Pig lunges forward, feigning a blow as he’s still wrapped in his captor’s clutch. Alistair flinches, stumbling backwards and letting off a frustrated breath before gathering himself.]

“I’ll give you some more time to think it over.” [Huxley submits as he walks down the hall] “You’d be excellent for my show!”

[The goliath releases Pig and steps away, positioning himself between the animal and fleeing Alistair who glances back around the massive size of his protector.]

“Every circus needs a Pig!”

[Huxley lets out a laugh as he continues down the hall with his counterpart following him close behind, leaving an angry Pig to contemplate.] [The sound of “Beethoven’s 5th” by Beethoven floats in the air as Steven Marion climbs between the ropes. He is awaited by the fierce figure of Kaito. Once inside, the bell rings and as “The Mozart of Wrestling” stretches on the ropes, “The Black Dragon” lets out a scream.]


[With that, Kaito charges the disturbed Marion, NAILING him with a running drop kick. Marion slumps against the ropes as Kaito hurries to his feet. An irish whip the other way and on the return WITH A SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE KICK! THAT’S THE “KTFO” AND STEVEN MARION MAY BE OUT COLD!! Kaito goes for the cover. ONE… TWO… THREHE DOESN’T GET IT!! Kaito may have just missed the spot with that kick, but it damn near did the trick. He pulls his opponent to his feet. FOREARM SMASH! AND ANOTHER! “The Black Dragon” is in complete control of this contest.] [Marion sent to the ropes for the second time and on the return it’s a back bo-NO! Kick to the midsection by “The Mozart of Wrestling” and now taking hold and REVERSE NECK BREAKER BY MARION! HE CALLS IT “LOVESTRUCK” and he’s right back to his feet, but what in the hell is he doing? Marion staggered, barely able to stand but he makes time to show off for the crowd? Unbelievable this guy. Kaito slowly works to his feet and Marion is there with a SCOOP slam. OH MY! HE JUST POKED KAITO RIGHT IN THE EYE!] [Kaito in agony as he rolls to a seated position. His hands over his eyes and now a rear chin lock applied by Marion. He buries that knee in the back of Kaito and PRIES back on his chin. Kaito in a world of hurt at this point in the contest after having the early momentum. The official is asking for a submission and you can tell Kaito is considering. Marion REALLY wrenching backwards on that chin AND KAITO GOES TO TAP! HE’S GOING TO TAP! NO! HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! INTO A ROLL UP! ONE… TWO… THREE! KAITO DID IT!!] [Following the three count, Steven Marion explodes from the pinfall, jumping to his feet and immediately screaming at the official while in the meantime, Kaito rolls to the outside with his hand raised in victory.] [Steven Marion rolls back to his feet, dusting himself off after that match tonight with Kaito. The fans boo, clearly taking a disliking to him. He storms over to the corner and demands a microphone, heading back to the centre of the ring.]

“Excuse me?” [he growls at them.] “You people should be applauding the kind of athleticism you just witnessed. That was art, you cretins.”

[The fans continue to let him have it. He pauses for a moment, then starts getting a little irate. With every step he paces, back and forth in a short space.]

“How dare you shower me with such hatred when I’ve just put on a display that would make Mozart proud. You people are disgusting. You have no idea what greatness is when it stands before you, do you?”

[‘Rule, Britannia’ suddenly bursts out onto the speakers and atop the steps stands none other than Gentleman George. He nods in appreciation of the reaction from these fans and hops down the steps. Once at the bottom, he walks up the ring steps, wipes his feet on the mat and enters the ring.] [Steven couldn’t look more pissed off as George reveals a microphone and offers him a handshake that ‘The Wrestling Mozart’ refuses to accept.]

“Excuse me squire, but I couldn’t help overhearing the way you were mistreating these good citizens,” [George says to a cheap pop.] “And that’s no way to be a good sport, is it?”

[Steven scoffs at him.]

“Are you serious?” [Steven says looking around the fans in absolute dismay.] “Who invited the Queen of England?”

[George smiles.]

“Are you calling me a lady, dear fellow? How about we settle this dispute like good gentleman right here tonight?”

[He puts the microphone down and rubs his wrists, awaiting a response.]

“Relax, I’m not trying to-“

[Marion cuts himself off by suddenly driving the microphone into the head of Gentleman George! He stumbles backwards, taken by surprise as ‘The Wrestling Mozart’ runs in and clobbers him with a Clothesline.] [The fans boo as Marion pretends to sniff a rose, waiting for George to get back to his feet. When he does, TAINTED LOVE! Swinging STO! Steven pops back to his feet when he’s done and dusts off his hands, grabbing his dropped microphone.] [After that shot to George, it doesn’t work. He drops it and grabs the other.]

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you my newest masterpiece; The Queen of England!”

[He throws the microphone down and smiles, the fans showering him with boo’s as he exits the ring and heads to the steps and then to the backstage. Poor George comes to, wondering what the hell just hit him in the middle of the ring.] [The sound of “Skillet” by Hero fills the arena as Chase Hero climbs between the ropes and looks over at his opponent for the night. On the other side Misfit awaits at ready; his fingers twitching and his eyes never leaving his target as he looks on with a sinister glare.] [The bell rings as “The Savior of Wrestling” and “The King of Hardcore Punk” converge in the center of the ring. IT’S A LOCK UP! A stalemate in the center of the ring as the size of the two competitors is near identical. KNEE LIFT from the Misfit and that’ll give him the upper hand. He immediately heads to the ropes and on the return LANDS a drop kick that sends the reeling Hero straight to the canvas. The Misfit moves in for a cover. ONE… but that’s all he gets with the early win attempt. Nevertheless, he’s quick to his feet.] [NO! Hero mounted now AND THE MISFIT DRIVES A SERIES OF FISTS INTO HIS OPPONENTS SKULL! The official handing out the verbal warning about the closed fist, but that won’t stop this man. A FLURRY OF BRUTALITY AND MY GAWD I THINK HERO IS BUSTED OPEN! He’s pulled to his feet; blood covering his forehead. Irish whip to the ropes AND NAILS THE MISFIT WITH A KNEE TO THE GUT!! Both men stagger backwards. SWINGING NECKBREAKER BY “THE SAVIOR OF WRESTLING” AND NOW HE GOES FOR THE WIN!! ONE… TWO… NO! Close, but “The King of Hardcore Punk” was able to kick out in time.] [Chase to his feet now and he brings the Misfit along with him. KNEE lift into the midsection that doubles his opponent over and Hero now setting him up FOR A PILEDRIVER!?!? MISFIT UP!!! AND HERO GOT IT!! Another pin attempt coming up. ONE… TWO… THREE!!! NO! NO! The official is calling it a two and the match will continue. Hero can’t believe it, but he’ll fight on; bringing the Misfit to his feet once again. Hero calls for a little “foot” dialog AND HE NAILS IT! “TALK TO THE BOOT”!! The Misfit goes down and Hero moves in. ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Chase Hero immediately rolls to his feet; his hands raised in the air victorious as the official moves in to grab his hand. Meanwhile, the Misfit rolls to the outside; caressing his jaw in agony after a hard fought debut in Old School Wrestling.] [We find Jared Beckett backstage, putting the final touches to a scene that looks not unlike something out of the Lady and the Tramp. A small, square table with a white tablecloth has been set backstage complete with napkins, wineglass and the finest silverware.] [Beckett finishes lighting the candle that makes up the centrepiece of the table when Stephanie Rose unknowingly walks around the corner and into view. She stops dead in her tracks, unsure what to make of it all. It is Beckett that speaks first with Rose stunned into silence.]

“Hey pretty lady. So glad you could join me. I was starting to think you weren’t coming.”

[Stephanie simply looks on with a bit of a puzzled look on her face. She doesn’t budge at all.]

“You know Stephanie… There isn’t a girl in town that wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. A date with yours truly… These are the tings that dreams are made of.”

“Date? Wait…” [She stops Jared, not wanting to be ruse as much as clarify things.] “Are you sure you have the right person, I never agreed to a date with you. Golly, I didn’t give you the wrong idea did I?”

[Jared Beckett simply holds out a chair and beckons for her to sit down, a wink buttering up the deal in his eyes.]

“Oh no, my little rose… You gave me all the right ideas. The wrong ideas come later on.”

[Stephanie runs her hands through her hair, trying to find a more polite way of saying what was really running through her mind. She remains standing despite Jared’s invitation.]

“Look… We’re both new here. I’m sure you’re nice and all but I just want to focus on this amazing opportunity that I have worked so hard to get. I’m sure you understand…

We can be friends?”

[It is one of those rare moments where Jared Beckett is found speechless, but not for long. Soon, the self-assured smile returns to his face, just as Stephanie turns and begins to walk away.]

“Hey… What about the amazing opportunity right here? You don’t even have to work for this one!”

[Stephanie keeps walking, leaving Beckett alone to give himself a pep-talk.]

“Come on, Jared… This is not a real date. One has to wine and dine the ladies. Step it up son.”

[We have a big debut match here on VHS as budding film star Dom Cruise makes his professional wrestling debut, but he has a huge task in front of him in the current VHS champion, the Shark. Can Cruise pull off a huge upset in his debut or will he be just another meal for the Predator?] [The bell rings as the Shark rushes forward, barely missing Cruise with a running knee as Cruise hangs onto the ropes, forcing the Shark to back off. The Shark turns around, as Cruise lets go of the ropes, running forward right into a hard right hand from the Shark. Dom staggers back as The Shark rushes forward, nailing Cruise with a big Dropkick. Dom barely hits the canvas before The Shark follows him, trying to lock in the Asylum Special but Cruise manages to fight him off, kicking the Shark away. Dom gets to one knee as the Shark tries to pull him up to his feet but gets grabbed and tossed throat first onto the ropes] [The shark gets to his feet, holding his throat in pain as he walks right into a massive discus clothesline, turning the champ inside out. Dom pulls up the prone Shark, lifting him up onto his shoulders in a firemans carry before spinning him around and drilling him into the canvas with a bulldog. Dom doesn’t cover, instead pulling the Shark up to his feet before delivering a beautiful looking Fisherman’s Suplex. Dom keeps the leg hooked for the cover, ONE…TWO…The Shark manages to get his shoulder up] [Dom gets up, backing off as he waits for the Shark to get to his feet, SUPERKIC…DUCKED UNDER! Dom Cruise turns around right as the Shark bounces off the ropes, SUSHI KICK! The Shark falls back into the cover, ONE…TWO…THR…Cruise just gets the shoulder up! The Shark pulls Dom up to his feet, ready to deliver the killer blow but gets a thumb to his eye for his troubles before Dom grabs Shark, delivering a sly knee to the groin, THE PRELUDE! The Shark doubles over as Cruise grabs him from behind, THE GRAND…DDT! The Shark wiggles out, drilling Dom with a lightning fast DDT. The Predator shakes out the cobwebs before dropping down and locking in the Asylum Special! Dom tries to fight out but the pain quickly forces him to tap out] [The crowd boo as The Shark gets to his feet, raising his hand in victory as a sadistic smile comes over his face. He rips his championship from the hands of the referee as he raises it over the hurting Dom Cruise before rolling out of the ring and heading up the stairs to the back] [The camera shows only red, zooming out to reveal a punching bag being pummeled in a hallway, the strong-style striker Kaito the one doing so. He seems to be letting off some steam when he stops, smelling smoke wafting in from behind him, turning back to see David Manson walking through the hallway to him.]

“Jingai! Omae o korosu! (Foreigner! I will kill you!)”

[Manson puts his hands up, a malicious smirk on his face as Kaito holds his fists up.]

“Calm down now. You wouldn’t want to cause a scene now would you? What’s got you on edge? Someone yanking on your strings, puppet?”

[He puffs his cigarette, blowing the smoke towards Kaito, The Black Dragon waving it out of his face before stomping towards Manson.]

“Anata wa kono yō ni watashi ni anata o keishi aete!? (You dare disrespect me you like this!?)”

“What was that? I’m afraid I don’t speak marionette.”

[Kaito, who has grown ever irritated with Manson’s poking and prodding rushes towards him.]


[Manson laughs, having gotten the rise he wanted, catches in the face with his cigarette, burning Kaito and stunning him long enough to hit the Unspoken Words DDT!] [Manson chuckles, pulling another cigarette from his back pocket, lighting it before leaning over Kaito.] “I knew you could speak English. And I also know you’re already defying the guidelines your culture set for you. That’s good. But you can do better.”

[Manson puffs on his cigarette and blows the smoke in Kaito’s face before standing up and turning to walk off.] “I’m looking forward to seeing you break free of the bonds of society, puppet. I’ll be there to snip those strings along the way.”

[Taking another puff from his cigarette, Manson walks off, Kaito stirring ever so slightly as the scene fades out.] [The DEAD looks confident in his return match as the rather cocky Beckett looks to prove himself here tonight.] [Beckett is quick to rush at DEAD with a harsh uppercut! DEAD doesn’t flinch, turning back to Jared and giving a stiff headbutt for his troubles! Beckett and DEAD trade blows, the unfeeling DEAD getting the early advantage and allowing him to take Beckett down with a snap suplex! He runs and bounces off of the ropes and drops a knee only for Beckett to roll out of the way. DEAD doesn’t even get a chance to stand when TRICYCLE FROM HELL! Beckett nails DEAD in the chest with a strong Bicycle kick and goes for the early pin! One… Two…] [DEAD KICKS OUT! Beckett’s quick attempt at ending almost payed off, but The DEAD is too resilient to be kept down. Beckett looks on in disbelief as he gets up, stomping on DEAD as he fights to stand up DEAD catches a leg! He pulls Beckett close into a hard DDT! Beckett is out of it as DEAD rolls on top and delivers a slew of punches onto his downed opponent. Beckett fights out slowly, forcing The DEAD off of him and rolling to his feet, running forward and catching DEAD with a huge knee lift! He stumbles back and Beckett goes on the attack.] [The Cruelest Animal delivers a few stiff elbows that forces DEAD into a corner, he whips him and runs towards him and right into a headbutt! DEAD climbs the turnbuckle, looking down on Beckett before hitting a hard senton! DEAD gets up quickly, peeling Beckett up as he does. DEAD tries to reassert control of the match, forcing Beckett to the turnbuckle and hitting an uppercut, a chop, uppercut, chop he backs up and runs headfirst DE LA MUERTE! Beckett jolts back hard from the massive headbutt and bounces off of the ropes RIGHT INTO THE FINAL BREATH! DEAD Drops into a pin! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [DEAD rises to his feet as Beckett lays on the ground at his feet. He rolls to ringside, grabbing his shovel before leaving] [In the backstage area we find Kaylyn James Evans walking the hall in a nonchalant manner. She sways from one side of the walkway to the other; a melancholy expression painting her face.] [Old School Wrestling staff members pass her to and fro, hesitating just enough to notice her somewhat odd behavior before moving on with their business.] [Kaylyn begins to round the corner when…] [THUD!] [Her momentum is halted by the sudden appearance of Dom Cruise. The two collide, knocking each back a step and sending a slew of papers into the air.] [Cruise gathers himself enough to look down at the startled vixen with anger. His hands grip tight to the papers still in his hands.]

“WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, WOMAN?” [“The Original” shouts in frustration] “You have just caused me to lose my place in the script!”

[“The Jezebel” looks up with hesitation before opening her mouth only to be cut off by the brash opposition.]

“Don’t you realize how important it is that I know this screenplay front and back before the audition?” [Cruise scolds as he steps forward in a taunting manner.] “I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time with you!”

[The actor turned wrestler lets off a scoff, tossing his arms in the air before moving to his knees to retrieve the papers on the floor.]

“What was the character’s motivation again?” [Cruise utters to himself after forgetting about the mere obstacle on his path.] “I’m not sure how this is going to work being surrounded by imbeciles. I…”

[But before “The Original” can finish the outspoken thought, he is interrupted by Evans, who looks down at her sudden rival with rage in her eyes.]


[Kaylyn screams before exploding forward, jumping on the back of Cruise. “The Original” is to his feet in a hurry, spinning around as Evans claws his face; holding tight.]

“HELP! HELP!” [Cruise screams] “GET THIS PYSCHO OFF OF ME!!!”

[Chaos ensues with members of the OSW staff quickly gathering around the two as Kaylyn refuses to allow Cruise to throw her from his back. We cut away as the staff moves in to separate the two.] [We have a huge debut as pure evil itself has come to VHS targeting the sinners of the company but a big obstacle stands in his way. Will Pig take down the devil itself or will he fall under the weight of his sins?] [The bell rings as Pig rushes forward with a clothesline that bounces right off Inferno, barely fazing the monster. Pig gets to his feet, confusion on his face before he rushes ahead again, laying into Inferno with a series of lefts and rights, putting everything he has into a combination of furious blows that ends with a massive uppercut that moves Inferno back a few feet. Pig leaps forward again with a massive right that lands right into the open palm of Inferno, who stares at Pig for a moment before powering him up into the air and tossing him to the canvas with a lightning quick Gorilla Press Slam] [Pig gets up to his feet, holding his chest in pain as Inferno rushes forward, grabbing Pig by the back of the head as he throws him across the ring into the turnbuckles with such force the ropes shake. Pig leans back in pain as Inferno rushes forward, Pig just getting out of the way of a massive corner splash as he bounces off the ropes, MARCH OF THE PIGS! Inferno staggers back, as Pig bounces off the ropes again, ducking under a right hand, MARCH OF THE PIGS TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE!!] [Inferno drops down to one knee as Pig sets up, rushing forward, The Great De…INFERNO CATCHES THE FOOT! Pig gets thrown away, rolling to his feet as he runs right into a hand to the throat, CHOKESLAM! That nearly drove Pig through the mat as Inferno lifts up the near lifeless Monster, placing him between his legs as he lifts him up high, DESCENT TO HELL! Pig’s limp body hits the canvas, as Inferno drops down, hooking the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [A hush falls over the audience as Inferno gets to his feet, celebrating over the destroyed body of Pig. The lights go out and as they come back on, Inferno has vanished, leaving the broken body of Pig behind him] [With Inferno standing tall in the middle of the ring after his match, a voice suddenly beckons from atop the steps.] [It’s The Dead.] [He’s dressed in a long jacket with a hood, his head bowed underneath it so that we can barely see the white of his makeup.]

“If Lucifer sent you forth,” [he asks calmly.] “Then who the hell sent me?”

[His head slowly lifts to cheers from the fans.]

“Because you see Inferno, I was born to feel no pain. I was born to walk right through the fires of hell and with the flesh dripping from my bones, feel.. no.. pain.”

[The fans roar again.]

“And yet here you are, claiming to take souls back to the fiery pit for Lucifer himself. I’m not one to discount you though, because everyone here saw that I beat you over the head with my shovel and you too, felt.. no… pain.”

[He begins to pace atop the stairs.]

“So let me ask you this, Inferno; when a man like myself and a monster like you step into the ring, both of which feel no pain, who’s going to win?”

[Inferno walks over the corner of the ring and grabs a microphone. He looks back towards the Dead, when a dark red glow filters across the arena. As we watch in near darkness, the glow fades away and returns us to normal; only Inferno isn’t there.] [He’s behind The Dead!] [The Dead turns around and is immediately kicked backwards down the stairs. He tumbles, falling sideways at first, rolling down each and every brutal concrete step until he hits the bottom. Inferno now stands, the fans hissing and booing around him.]

“You forget something. You are but a man, made by God, given the gift to feel no pain. I am a monster, a demon, hunting souls for Lucifer and we are not alike.”

[Inferno throws the microphone down the steps and storms off down the tunnel, leaving the camera to check on The Dead, who’s unconscious at the bottom of the stairs with referee’s tending to him.] [The young newcomer has her work cut out for her as she stands toe-to-toe with the #1 Contender!] [The bell sounds as Viktor North charges across the ring! Stephanie Rose backs into the corner with her hands over her face as North stops a few feet away with a wry smile. He beckons her on as she hesitantly comes out of the corner. North raises his hand as he seems to sigh at her timidness. She interlocks her fingers for a test of strength, but North just twists her fingers into a wrist lock before twisting her arm behind her back. He hits an elbow strike to the back of the head before releasing her.] [Her hand flies to her head as she rubs the blow. She turns around before seeing a roaring elbow and ducking underneath! She leaps off the second rope for a forearm smash! Viktor staggers backwards as Stephanie Rose tries to hide the surprise in her face. She climbs the turnbuckle. She leaps towards him for a cross body block! Both tumble to the ground, but Rose is back to her feet in a flash. North gets to his feet and it’s jawbreaker time! He clutches at his jaw but Stephanie rolls him up in schoolgirl fashion! One..Two…NO!] [Viktor North kicks out with anger as he slams the mat with his hands. Rose gets to her feet, but Viktor gets a handful of her hair before yelling into her face. North slaps her! The crowd instantly boos this but North throws her into the ropes. North charges her and DROPKICK! Right on the chin! North is staggered as blood flows from a cut on his lip! He touches the blood before his eyes showing rage! North charges at Rose for… GUNGNIR! The spear-like leap knocks Rose into the corner. The lights are on but no one is home. Viktor North pulls her close and… THE FALL OF UTGARD! He pins Rose’s shoulders to the mat as the referee counts. One…Two…THREE!] [Viktor North rises to his feet. One more victim on his long list as he seems determined for his eventual match with The Shark. Stephanie Rose isn’t stirring much as the referee checks on her.] [Mere moments away from defending his Rewind Championship in the main event, an agitated Jon Davenport paces back and forth in his locker room. Geared up for the task at hand, the veteran rolls his shoulders, chewing a mouthful of tobacco with fervour—]

“I wouldn’t trade my life for diamonds or jewels…” [Jon looks up with a furrowed brow as his opponent, Tyler Brooks, swaggers into the room.] “I never was one of them money hungry fools…” [Tyler smiles as he finishes his rendition of Jon’s theme song, Thank God I’m a Country Boy.] [The two competitors take a moment to size each other up, the tension palpable.]

“That was… beautiful.” [Jon says with a sneer.]

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Jonathan.” [Tyler admonishes his foe.]

“No, I meant it. It was very moving.” [Davenport smacks his gums, flashing a brown smile at Brooks.]

“I thought the lyrics were apt. You’re pacing around like a dog making its bed. For a guy who claims to be proud of his country-boy roots, you sure do seem a little sour about losing the crown to Nigel Royal at Ring King.” [That strikes a nerve as Jon squares up to Brooks.]

“Funny. I don’t see a pretty little tiara on top o’ yer head, neither.”

[Tyler’s smile fades. A stony silence follows.] [Jon snatches something off the bench with a slosh. He raises a bottle of Jack Daniels into frame.]

“Drink?” [He offers the amber nectar to Tyler.] […]

“Excuse me?” [Tyler hisses dangerously.] [A nonplussed Davenport shakes the bottle, sloshing its contents.] “I said drink. To the better man out there tonight.”

[Brooks’ eyes flash with fire.] “Do you know who I am!? I’m Tyler Brooks – the Straight-Edge Messiah! I don’t drink, I don’t chew tobacco, I don’t—”

“Good lord, son, do ya do anything fun!?” [Jon butts in as Tyler stares at him incredulously.] “Matter o’ fact, I have heard of you. You’re just another one of these millennial sissies who makes my generation shake their damn heads, wondering what the hell happened to real men! Men who drink, smoke, and like a good fight!” [Davenport swigs from the bottle and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.] “Aahh.”

[He puts the bottle down and picks up his ruby-red-strapped Rewind Championship, shouldering it.]

“What say you, Brooks? Do you like to fight, or are you scared you’ll break a nail?”

[Tyler looks at the title belt, its reflection gleaming in his eyes. He looks back at Jon.]

“I’ll fight you alright, Davenport. I fight every single day. Every day I just say no and turn these vices down—” [He nods at the bottle.] “Is another victory. I’m undefeated, Jon. I don’t need Dutch courage… I have real courage.”

[Jon smirks, and the two men share one final staredown before their impending bout…] [Who will walk away from tonight’s VHS with the Rewind Championship!? Stay tuned to find out!] [Both men are on their toes tonight as they battle over the Rewind Championship.] [Davenport goes on the early offensive, locking up with Brooks and getting the early upper-hand and pulling Brooks into a headlock, hitting a hard takedown and working the hold. He yanks on the hold and puts weight into it, choking Tyler. Tyler kicks at Davenport’s back, nailing him with a few hard knees and forcing him off! As Davenport stumbles forward he turns around into a stiff leaping knee strike! Davenport stumbles towards the turnbuckle and Brooks runs forward- BELLY TO BELLY INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Brooks lands awkwardly from the throw and keeping Davenport in firm control of the match.] [The Old Hunting Dog starts stomping a mud-hole in Brooks. He peels him off of the ground, whipping him off the ropes- Brooks with the float-over neckbreaker! Davenport gets to a knee and attempts to swing, Brooks catching the punch and pulling him into a triangle choke! Davenport fights the hold, trying to free himself. Brooks throws elbows as he holds Davenport tight. The Rewind Champ fights and lifts Brooks off the ground and throws him down INTO A POWERBOMB! Davenport lands on his knees and giving enough time for both men to get back to their feet, neither anywhere near done.] [Both men begin trading blows, Brooks being able to counter a punch and pull Davenport into an inverted DDT, dropping the current champ and allowing him to move to the corner, waiting for Davenport to get up before running forward EYE OF THE SAVIOR! Davenport is knocked to the ground by the massive strike and Brooks looks to capitalize, moving to the nearby turnbuckle he scales it, signaling for the end he leaps GUIDING LIGHT- DAVENPORT ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Brooks hits the ground hard, rolling to his butt and Davenport capitalizes THE GEORGIA CRAWFISH! BROOKS IS TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING, HE TAPS, HE TAPS!] [Davenport lets go of his hold as the bell ring, ripping his title from the official and holding smirking as he leaves the ring.] [After a commercial break, we return to the School Yard.] [In the center of the ring, there sits a wooden throne. Upon the seat of that throne sits a crown.] [The Reel King crown.] [The crowd inside the Schoolyard seems a bit put off as the four corners of the arena are flooded with Norsemen. Beards, cloaks, and hard weapons all identify these men as they parade down the stairs to surround the ring. The mead flows strongly among them as three of the biggest get in the ring. The largest warrior among them holds a hollowed out and filled in skull goblet. Jewels adorn its eye and nose holes, and the warrior treats it with reverence.]

“All hail!”

[The shouts of the warrior cause the lights to dim for a simple spotlight to take over one of the entrance ways into the arena. Some of the Scandinavians around the ring have large drums. They begin to beat on them in a rhythmic pattern while others chant in half-forgotten languages. The drums pick up in intensity as Viktor North himself appears in that spotlight. He holds his war ax up to the sky while roaring out his rage. In full battle garb, North walks down the stairs to part his welcoming party. He claps one of the warriors on the back before getting into the ring.] [Once in the ring, the three large warriors all kneel before him. The largest holds up the skull goblet, bringing a smile from the Skull Splitter as he downs it in one long gulp. North picks up the crown and places it upon his head as he sits down onto the throne, mead still dripping from his face. The drums die down, and all that is left is the new Reel King to speak.]

“Through fire, stone, water, and earth itself, I have risen to be crowned as King.” [North begins.] “My people are here to hear what I have to say, yet I do not come before you with a speech of past deeds!”

[A cheer raises up for that. No one likes a speech.]

“Nay, I come before you with a promise of future riches and glory.” [North raises his goblet up.] “For today begins the Odensjakt! By the power of Odin himself, there is a beast that must be hunted!”

[North stands off the throne, and is handed a long spear by one of his warriors. The long metal tip gleams under the lights, almost as much as the smile under the beard of Viktor North.]

“A great predator has taken hold of my land! The Shark has stolen gold that I will claim! From this day forward, I will not rest until the fin of this shark hangs from my furs.”

[The warriors around him cheer once more as North takes a knee. All kneel as he leads in this solemn prayer.]

“Hunter through the snows of Asgard, may I take the perfect target.”

[As the words are spoken, the lights suddenly go out with a force that suggests an unnatural cause.]

“Hunter through the fields of Vanaheim, guide my gift of flying death.”

[The lights briefly come on to show one of the warriors being sucked down into the ring itself, leaving a gaping hole. Darkness takes back over.]

“Hunter through the wood of Alfheim, drop them swift and sweetly gone.”

[Another flash of light. The canvas itself is ripped apart as another warrior is taken.]

“Hunter through the mountains of Jotunheim, may prey never scream and never suffer.”

[North pauses as the lights flash once more, the last warrior disappearing beneath the ring.]

“On second thought, may this prey suffer eternally.”

[North’s sudden ending to this prayer is emphasized by a single spotlight coming on, covering the ring. It has been ripped to shreds, with only the center remaining. North and his throne are all that remain, holes littering the outside perimeter of the ring. The spotlight begins to even falter as North hoists his spear and ax.] [Out of the corner of the ring, The Shark rises out of the broken wood and canvas. Blood covers his body, remnants of the warriors. The two lock eyes, and Shark grins, blood running down his chin in a mockery of the way mead ran out of North’s mouth earlier.] [Darkness.] [When the lights return, the Shark is gone.] [So is North.] [The hunt is on.]