[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom corner.] [It’s uncomfortably hot. In the baking heat of Mexico City, Betamax’s mask sticks to his face like glue. He’s taking deep breaths, fanning himself with a rolled up newspaper. It’s unusual to see him out of his red suit, instead sporting red shorts and a rest vest top.] [He’s stood inside a dirty bar, a man in a black Luchador mask stood next to him. You can tell this man is older, his hands wrinkled and skin pulled tightly around his arms.]

“You didn’t fly me out here in a private jet to have a drink in some Mexican dive bar,” [Betamax says, causing the Bartender to stop what he’s doing and look up.] “Sorry ‘esse’, but you’ve more liquor on your bar than behind it.”

[The bartender tuts and storms off.]

“I told you that your father was a great man. Here in Mexico, El Rojo was a name to be feared and respected,” [he says looking at the Bartender, who’s face turns as white as a sheet at the mention.] “As his son, this mantle should be yours.”

[The previously angered Bartender grabs a towel and begins wiping down the bar where Betamax now rests his arms.]

“But that was taken from him in a battle that he should have never have lost. You must understand that the man and legacy you turned your back on was stolen from you. Hector, may I have the box?”

[Hector – the bartender, reaches under the bar and pulls out a wooden box. Carved into the lid are the words ‘Rojo’. He passes it to the elder, who places it front of Betamax.]

“This is all that’s left of your legacy,” [the old man softly whispers to him. He stands up and puts a hand on his back.] “And its time you understood just exactly who El Rojo was.”

[Betamax slowly opens the lid, a small puff of dust pluming into the air as he does. His eyes widen, his heart races and our scene fades to black.] [Four young talents engaged in a brutal tag team match. Who will prove their worth tonight?] [The bell sounds as Gentleman George will be starting this match off against the young and brash Jared Beckett. The two meet in the center of the ring to which George extends his hand. Beckett considers this before taking it for a quick gesture. The two tie up before George gets a firm grasp of the wrist of Beckett and bends it behind his back. Beckett tries to maneuver downwards to decrease the angle, but George is quick to pull him back up by his arm across his throat in chicken wing crossface fashion. Beckett instead swings wildly to connect with an elbow shot. The shot forces George to relinquish the hold. The young man turns around and connects with a wicked uppercut knocking George into his own partner who slaps himself into the match.] [Steve Marion looks primed and ready to drop bombs. He locks up with Beckett as the sheer power game is on display. He forces Beckett to the mat with a throw. He flexes momentarily before Beckett grabs him by the tights and rolls him up! One…Two…Close! Marion gets back to his feet but Beckett lights up his chest with a chop. He whips him into his own corner before tagging in his partner, Dom Cruise. Mr. Cruise enters the ring with some elegance before hitting an overhead chop that lights up the chest of Marion. Marion is in bad shape as The Original hits a discus clothesline that flattens him to the mat.] [Steve Marion is crawling for his corner but Dom isn’t allowing him to. The Dom locks in an STF in the center of the ring as Marion is desperate to get to his own partner. He crawls and crawls until he finally reaches the ropes. Dom doesn’t want to relinquish his hold, but the referee grabs him and pulls him away to his dismay. He comes back for Marion but Marion gets a boot to the face. Enough of a strike to leap for a tag! HE DOESN’T GET IT! Beckett is on the outside and yanks George from the apron allowing his nose to break the fall on the apron! Marion gets to his feet as he’s furious. He turns around and THE PRELUDE! The referee didn’t see the blatant eye poke and low blow as he was distracted by the action outside. Dom Cruise gives a whimsical wave of his hand before… THE GRAND FINALE! He hooks both legs. One… Two…. THREE!] [Dom Cruise gets to his feet with a smile and a bow. Jared Beckett gets into the ring and celebrates as well despite Cruise giving him a disgusted look. Gentleman George is just now getting to his feet on the outside with some blood dripping from his nose.] [PIG.] [We’re presented with black bold letters surrounded by a gold star as the view slowly pans out.] [It’s a doorway. Obviously that which leads to the dressing room of Old School Wrestling’s, Pig. And on the outside stand the menacing figures of Alistair Huxley and his monster of a man bodyguard, Fluffy.] [Fluffy has a large satchel tossed over his shoulder; holding what appears to be a vast collection of long, hollow cylinders. Alistair; on the other hand, looks on at the dressing room door with a mischievous grin.]

“This is where it all begins, Fluffy.” [Huxley declares as he glances over at his confidant] “Let’s do some decorating, shall we?”

[Alistair reaches into the satchel and retrieves a cylinder only to proceed to unroll it and slide it against the door, concealing Pig’s name plate. With a little assistance from Fluffy, Huxley attaches a poster and steps back to admire his work.] [It’s a picture of Pig, enlarged and towering over a circus tent. Smaller images of Huxley, Fluffy, and what appears to be conjoined twins circle the bottom half of the image while the words “Come See The Greatest Freak Show On Earth” and in lesser printer “Starring: PIG MAN”.]

“Well, what do you think?” [Huxley inquires of his acquaintance who merely nods in silent appreciation of the artwork at hand.] “You know he’s not going to appreciate this right?”

[Fluffy nods again, this time shrugging a bit in agreement with the thought.]

“But it’ll be like leading a pig to slaughter.” [Alistair chuckles.] “You stay close, because at some point tonight he’s going to find one of these posters and after following them throughout The School Yard our little piggy isn’t going to be happy. I’m sure he’ll be ready to pounce.”

[Huxley turns to point a finger into the chest of Fluffy.]

“And that’s where you come in. Don’t worry about protecting me so much, just make sure you let the Desflurane do its job.”

[Alistair lets out a hearty laugh.]

“We just have to convince him that he’d be excellent for my show!”

[Huxley looks over at Fluffy and shrugs.]

“Every circus needs a pig!”

[Another laugh, this time a little more sinister as Alistair motions his bodyguard forward leaving us to ponder what in the world is being planned for Pig.] [The two newcomers face each other here tonight, Evans obviously wanting to make up for her loss last week.] [The two women lock up, KJE having the early advantage in strength as she overwhelms Ursula, pulling her into a stiff elbow shot, then another, and another! She whip Areano who slides under Evans’ legs, Evans turns around INTO A FRAKENSTEINER! Ursula gets to her feet and bounces off the ropes, coming back with a swinging neckbreaker to KJE as she gets to her feet. Ursula goes for the quick pin but KJE forces her off at one. Areano tries to grab KJE only to be caught with a stiff kick! She doubles over and KJE hauls her up INTO A POWERBOMB!] [KJE showcases some power as she stomps on the downed Ursula. She rushes to the ropes with a Springboard Moonsault! She pins for a two count before Ursula is able to get a shoulder up and roll away. Kaylyn runs at her opponent, Ursula hits the armdrag! Evans stands up only to be knocked down by a hard dropkick! Areano presses her advantage, peeling Kaylyn up and whipping her into the ropes. SHE GOES FOR THE ARGENTINA TRAIN! Kaylyn Moves and SENDS HER INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Ursula turns around into a massive spinebuster by the Perfect Ten and both are down!] [Both women stir as the referee begins the count, Kaylyn up first and grabbing Areano, pulling her close and lifting her up into a wheelbarrow suplex! Kaylyn tries for another- Areano lands on her feet! Evans turns around into a snap DDT! Ursula goes to the turnbuckle, scaling it and going for the moonsault! KAYLYN ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Areano is dazed as Kaylyn grabs her from behind and pulls her to her feet. She hits a forearm to the back before pulling Areano to the full nelson- ELBOW! Areano grabs KJE’s head and runs up a nearby turnbuckle SLICE OF HEAVEN! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Ursula rolls away from the pin, standing up and looking strong in her debut here tonight!] [Chase Hero walks backstage, constantly checking to see if he’s being followed as looks around, looking as thought he’s trying to find someone.] [Then, he peaks his head into a slightly ajar door to see Ash Williams himself trashing an uninhabited locker room. Tables are broken and strewn across the room, locker doors are pulled off their hinges, desks turned over. He mumbles to himself.]

“Offer me power? I’m not weak. I don’t need hand outs.”

[Chase backs up slightly, taken back by what he sees, the door creaks slightly as he does, Ash turning to Chase, his eyes wide and twitchy.]

“What do you want, Chase!”

[He stomps towards Hero, grabbing him and yanking him into the room. Chase bats Ash’s hand off of him and sneers.]

“I should be asking you why you’re so strung out, Ash.”

“If you’re here to insult me again, I can promise you it’s a smarter idea to just leave, Chase.”

[Hero shakes his head.]

“I’m here to stop you before you go haywire, Ash. Look at this room, look at yourself. I may have gone too far, but you’re becoming a monster, Ash.”


[Ash leaps to attack Chase, but Hero is prepared, ducking a wild right hand that dents the metal door behind them before moving behind Ash and pushing him back towards the glass windows of the room.]

“Look at what you’re doing. You’re losing it, Ash!”


[Ash slams his hand against the glass, shattering it before diving at Hero, knocking him to the ground and mounting him for punches.]


[Ash freezes, fist still in the air as he sneers as Chase, looking to his fist, he gets up and leaves, Hero sitting up, clutching his head as he watches Ash storm out.] [It’s the debut of Hobo Jim, taking on the face-painted punk, The Misfit. Who goes home packing?] [The match starts with the Misfit kicking Jim right in the gut before delivering some clubbing shots to the back. He beats him into the corner, scraping his elbow across the Hobo’s nose. The Misfit sneers, looking to Irish Whip his opponent but Jim counters, planting the Hardcore King of Punk with a Side Slam! Jim gets a couple of Elbow Drops, but misses a Leg Drop. Both rise and the Misfit decks Jim in the chin. The Hobo absorbs the blow, looking for a Scoop Slam. The Misfit slips off his shoulders and charges Jim chest-first into the turnbuckle!] [The Misfit now scales the turnbuckle from the outside of the ring. He tries setting up for a Superplex to floor when Jim starts battling back with rights. He gets a Headbutt, staggering the Misfit to the apron. The Hobo then drops down, nailing a Big Boot before practically Stun-Gunning the Misfit over the top rope, sending him to the concrete! The Misfit though quickly rises, only to get flatted with a Diving Clothesline. Jim powers back up, readying himself before charging and– NO! The Misfit with a Drop-Toehold into the ring post! Jim’s head bounces off the steel!] [The Hobo’s seeing stars; the Misfit regroups. He chucks his opponent into the ring, covering him! One… Two… NO! Jim gets a shoulder up but the Misfit’s already laying the boots to him, slapping on a nasty Dragon Sleeper. The Misfit orders the referee to ask Jim if he gives up but the Hobo just won’t quit! He starts to rise… The Misfit now really wrenches in the hold but Jim keeps fighting! He starts hammering him with Back Elbows before somehow popping the Misfit onto his shoulders… HAVE SOME SPARE CHANGE! Outta nowhere! He covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the upset, the debuting Hobo quietly rolls out of the ring and accepts a free sandwich from a fan. The Misfit starts to turn over, trying to piece together what just happened. Jim then leaves the Schoolyard with his meal.] [Flowers. To some, simply pretty little plants that smell sweetly but to others, they can really brighten one’s day. When one receives flowers, they react in one of two ways – a false smile and a laboured ‘thankyou’… or the way Stephanie Rose would react.] [Imagine Rose’s excitement when she had popped over to the catering area for a bite to eat; energy to recharge the battery before the biggest match of her life. Imagine her surprise when a stagehand would address her by name, almost hidden behind an almost comically oversized bunch of roses – the kind that costs a fortune. Imagine her surprise when the stagehand informed her that the roses were for her, directing her toward the small card hidden in amongst the thorns.]

“From an ‘Admirer’? These are for me? Really?”

[The pitch in her voice raised almost an octave as each question blurted out of her lips. One could see her face flushing with excitement. Stephanie Rose was one of those who liked getting flowers.]

“Nawwwww. They really are beautiful.”

[But imagine her surprise when her ‘not-so-secret admirer’ revealed himself – Jared Beckett.]

“A rose for a Rose. Poetic, isn’t it. Thought of that one myself. You see, I am a romantic after all. The ladies love that about me, wouldn’t you say… my beautiful little Rose.”

[This time, the flushing on Steph’s cheeks was more out of embarrassment than excitement.]

“My, you’re persistent aren’t you Jared. I thought that we were going to be friends.”

[Jared gave her a wink in reply.]

“Sure… ‘Friends’…” [Making air quotation marks with his fingers.] “I was thinking we could be… a whole lot more than just friends. You would be the luckiest Rose in the world – any girl would jump at the chance to be mine.”

[Imagine Steph’s turmoil – such a pretty gift, but was this really what she wanted? What would she say?]

“Golly…” [All she could muster. It definitely wasn’t a yes; but it definitely wasn’t a no. As far as Beckett was concerned, Steph merely needed something to seal the deal.]

“Playing hard to get, okay… I can play along. What you need, Steph, is a chance to witness all of this…” [Pointing thumbs to himself] “In action close-up. You need the best seat in the house, in my corner. At my side.”

[Jared puts his hand to his chin in a thinking pose.]

“I think I have a plan… Enjoy the flowers. There’s plenty more where they came from if you say yes.”

[Beckett whistles himself a tune as he trots off down the hallway, leaving Stephanie with the giant bunch of her namesake.]


[We have a unique contest here on VHS tonight as Kaito faces off against Chase Hero in a Strong Style Match. Will the Hero survive or will the Black Dragon have his head?] [The bell rings as Kaito rushes forward, laying into Chase with stiff kicks to the ribs and legs, causing the Hero to back away in pain. Chase tries a right hand but it’s ducked under as Kaito snaps off a pair of chops to Chase’s chest before flipping up with a Dropsault that puts Chase down to one knee. Kaito wastes no time, rushing to the ropes before bouncing off with a hard kick to the midsection that sounds like it cracked ribs. Chase staggers to his feet as Kaito goes behind, driving Chase to the canvas neck first with a snap German] [Chase slowly gets to his feet, holding his neck in pain as he dodges a Koppo Kick, before delivering a Lungblower to Kaito. Chase doesn’t let Kaito hit the canvas as he lifts him up into the air, delivering a sickening Brainbuster onto his knee. Kaito is dazed on the mat as Chase drops down, trying to lock in a Camel Clutch but Kaito manages to wiggle out before delivering a hard forearm to the jaw. Chase stumbles back as Kaito koppo kicks him into the corner] [Chase is slumped in the corner as Kaito rushes to the other side of the ring, running forward and delivering a crushing Big Boot. Kaito rushes forward for a second but Chase tosses him away. Kaito rushes forward once more, TALK TO THE BOOT! Kaito walked right into that boot as he’s out on his feet, Chase pulling him up over his shoulders, HERO’S DUTY! Kaito is out cold as the referee calls for the bell] [The crowd is mixed in their reaction as Chase raises his hand in victory, celebrating a very hard fought victory. Chase holds his ribs in pain, nodding his appreciation for the hard fight Kaito put up before he rolls out of the ring, heading to the back.] [Steve Marion is backstage, checking out his appearance in the mirror. He seems to be extremely impressed with what he’s seeing. After a tut of delight, he walks back towards his canvas painting, taking a look. On the canvas in front of him is a picture of George English laid out from last week and he’s painting it.]

“A little dab here, a little dab there and it’s perfect,” [Marion comments with confidence. He adds to the painting and turns his nose up.] “I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem to capture the look on his face after that Tainted Love.”

[Suddenly, he turns to the side to see Gentleman George looking at it. With hands on hips, he moves his head from side to side, taking in the sight.]

“I don’t know squire; I think you’ve done a bloody fantastic job of capturing the look of absolute bemusement on my face.”

[Marion is quickly shocked.]

“What are you doing here? Can’t you see I’m trying to pain the Queen of England?” [He barks with a sinister smirk.]

“I think I underestimated you, good sir,” [George admits.] “And that’s something I won’t do again. I’d like to apologize for that, shake your hand and buy this painting.”

[‘The Wrestling Mozart’ looks at him again in surprise. George offers a handshake for the second time in two weeks that Marion ignores.]

“You couldn’t afford this painting,” [he scoffs at him, turning his back on the Gentleman.] “Now if you don’t mind, I’m busy preparing my next masterpiece.”

[George shrugs, grabbing the painting and lifting it off its stand to take one last look. Marion turns around and before a word can escape his lips, English crashes the canvas straight down over his head! The fans cheer, watching as Marion falls over and fumbles to the floor.]

“Don’t worry about your little mishap with the painting there sonny, a Gentleman never tells.”

[English dusts his hands off and walks away, leaving Steven Marion absolutely furious.] [Deep within the bowels of the Schoolyard, even beneath the foundations of stone and concrete that give it its power, there lies a series of caves and damp, dark places. In one of these places stands Viktor North.] [His body drips with liquid, hopefully water, as he treads through what appears to be a crude sewer, the dark liquid up to his knees. He carries his weapons, a torch before him, and a smile persists on his face. This is what the Skull Splitter wanted from the Great Hunt.]

“In the war between man and beast, the man shall prevail.” [North begins.] “For the man has the brain. The beast only operates on instinct”

[Whether telling this to himself or to his prey, it is unclear, but North trods onward until he stops and a teeth-baring grin forms under his beard.]


[Before North is a small raised platform, naturally eroded into the stone. Water flows beneath it, but the platform appears to have hosted someone recently. Bones litter the stone, and the foul stench of decaying meat fills the air. Viktor hops up onto the landing, and runs his hand over some of the shredded cloth littering the rock. He bows his head and utters a wordless prayer.]

“The Shark wouldn’t even offer a proper burial.”

[North shakes his head and surveys his surroundings. The remains of his allies from last week are scattered around him, yet something catches his eye. A small breeze grazes across his skin and as he comes to his feet, he sees its origination point.] [A door. An old wooden door that has been built into the side of this cave. It appears to be attached to a tunnel judging by the breeze.]

“The beast shows the man’s lingering spirit.”

[Just as North places his hand on the door’s knob, a flash of blue appears from nowhere.] [CRUNCH!] [Viktor North finds himself attacked from behind by the quickly moving form of The Shark! The beast bashes North’s head into the rock below before using a large bone to knock his weapons away.]

“One mustn’t go in the door.” [Shark growls as he seems to inhale the very essence of North.] [North begins to muster some strength before Shark levels him with another shot from a bone. The Shark takes the unconscious North and throws his body back into the muck, this time on the other side of the small overhang. The Skull Splitter luckily lands on his back, and floats to the surface. His lifeless form floats with the water away from Shark, who kneels down to pick up the torch North had been carrying.]

“A beast with brains, is a dangerous thing, isn’t it Viktor?”

[With malicious intent, he lowers the flame of the torch into the water, extinguishing it and plunging us into darkness.] [Yet we can still hear the arrhythmic breathing of The Shark.] [We have a hellacious match as Jack Jeckel meets David Manson in a House of Horrors match. Will the Boogieman claim another victim or will the unhinged psychopathic rage of the New Horror be too much for him?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, laying into eachother with stiff hands, Jack getting the better of the exchange as he grabs Manson by the neck, tossing him over the top rope to the floor. Jack sizes Manson up, and as David gets to his feet, Jack leaps through the ropes, spearing Manson to the floor below. Jack pulls Manson up to his feet, staggering him with a massive headbutt before grabbing him by the back of the head as he tries to throw him into the ring post, Manson counters at the last second, throwing him full first into the steel post with a sickening thud as a small cut opens up on the forehead of Jeckel] [Manson pulls Jack up to his feet, lifting him up off the floor with a massive knee to the gut before driving him to the concrete floor with a Belly to Belly Slam, as Jeckel cries out in pain. Manson looks under the ring, pulling out a nasty looking barbed wire bat but as he tries to drive it into the back of Jack, he gets a low blow as Jack picks up the bat himself, slamming it over the back of Manson before he begins raking the barbed wire over the forehead of Manson, drawing blood before delivering a modified STO, driving it into his throat] [Manson goes down, fighting for breath as Jack pulls him up by his hair, dragging him into the crowd as he throws him into a nearby wall. Manson bounces off as Jack tosses him into the air, BOOGEYBOMB! Manson drops to the floor in pain as Jack drops down for the first cover of the contest, ONE…TWO…Manson gets the shoulder up! Manson is still down as Jack climbs up to a higher level, pushing a fan away as he leaps off, CAR CRASH…MISSES! Jack turns around, UNSPOKEN WORDS! SPIKE DDT!] [Manson grabs a beer from a fan, taking a deep swig as Jack stumbles to his feet, trickles of blood pooling down his forehead as Manson spits the beer in Jack’s face before cracking it over his head. Jack’s out on his feet as Manson thrusts his head between his legs, underhooking his arms but before he can lift him up, Jack backdrops him over his head to the hard concrete. Manson gets up right into a massive Big Boot that turns him almost inside out] [Jack pulls Manson up, driving a vicious knee into his midsection before he lifts him up into the air, HATCHET 2.0! Manson looks to be done but Jack isn’t as he grabs a nearby tv monitor, throwing it to the floor as he positions Manson’s head onto it, backing up, JACK IN THE BOX THROUGH THE MONITOR! Manson could be dead as he convulses on the ground, Jack hooking the leg as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The referee raises Jack’s hand in victory as the Boogieman celebrates over the destroyed body of David Manson. The fans boo as off, paramedics seeing to the broken David Manson as Jack walks away, confident in another victory] [David Manson is laughing to himself as he stalks the backstage halls, the lights seemingly dimmer in this area than others. He whistles into the darkness mockingly.]

“I know you’re here, puppet. I saw you walk back here, no need to hide from me, I’m just here to… wake you up a bit.”

[He looks around more before smirking and lighting his cigarette, shrugging as he takes a puff.]

“Scared of the big bad truth then? Typical of people like you. Someone dishonors you and you run away with your tail between your legs instead of facing the truth like a man.”

[More silence, Manson shakes his head, almost as if he were pitying Kaito before turning to walk from the hall.]

“Watashi wa ishi no mojiretsu anata o! (I will string you up!)

[Manson is caught off gaurd as Kaito comes from seemingly out of nowhere, The Black Dragon wrapping puppet strings around Manson’s throat and pulling back tight, blood already seeping from the thin wire on his throat.]

“What the-!” [Manson throws an elbow, but Kaito has him caught and is pulling tighter. With nothing else to do, Manson once again buries his cigarette into Kaito’s forehead, forcing him off and allowing David to stumble away, turning back to Kaito who has already run back to the darkness.]

“A puppet using his strings, huh?” [Manson’s voice is hoarse, the Awakening member rubbing his throat as he stares into the empty hallway.]

“Don’t think I’m stopping here, I’m going to cut your strings, man. I’m gonna wake you up.”

[As Manson heads back down the hall, he hears from somewhere in the darkness.]

“Watashi wa omachi shite orimasu. (I will be waiting.)”

[The Carnival match is on as The Shark swims his way into the center ring. He looks around before finding the smiling Alistair Huxley standing just outside of the ring.] [A stereotypical circus theme song plays on in the background as Huxley steps onto the ring’s edge with is arms outstretched. The Shark charges him but he leaps off before hooking his head to snap him to the sand for a DDT! The Shark shakes his head as he gets back to his feet. The beast takes Alistair to the dirt with a dropkick before leaping on him with vicious rights and lefts. He raises his head as he’s about to sink in his teeth when a huge ball knocks him flying into the side of the central ring.] [The Shark gets to his feet to see Ferdinand Velacruz (Fluffy) standing with a disgruntled look upon his face. Mr. Freakshow gets to his feet and slaps his man on the back as if to dismiss him. The lumbering giant leaves out of the spotlight to his place amongst the dark corners. The Shark approaches but he’s met by a crack of a whip! The licking chop catches him right on the cheek as he howls in anger. His fins move away from his face as a punch knocks him to his back. Ali grabs his legs and turns him into a contorting Boston crab. He reaches out, but there is no reprieve in this match.] [As he tries to reposition him, The Shark sinks his teeth into the ankle of Alistair. He gasps before hitting three pummeling strikes to The Shark before hobbling off. He turns around and realizes his whip is gone! The Shark smiles wickedly before cracking the whip! The first try misses off mark. Ali smiles a little realizing The Shark has no idea how to properly utilize it. The Shark shakes it a few times before it cracks Huxley right on the eye! He howls out in pain before taking off towards the ladder. The Shark drops the whip and pursues him.] [The two scamper up to the top of the tight wire. Huxley begins his way halfway across as he smiles, daring The Shark to follow. The Shark doesn’t show an ounce of fear as he charges out onto the wire. The abrupt movement nearly forces Huxley to lose his balance but he manages to keep his balance. The Shark isn’t so lucky. He falls but grabs the high wire with his fingers. Huxley walks over and raises a foot to stomp on them. As he does, The Shark shakes the wire! Huxley loses his balance and begins to fall! The Shark lets him fall before jumping down with him while spinning in air! SHARK DIVE as they both land on the netting below the high wire. Huxley isn’t moving after having the entire weight of The Shark falling upon him. The Shark bites the ropes allowing both men to fall to the dirt with Shark on top. With no sign of movement, The Shark is declared the winner!] [The Shark gets to his feet, shakily. Fluffy tries to come into the picture, but The Shark snaps at him before leaving the carnival for good.] [We cut away to find Dom Cruise walking through one of the many backstage corridors.] [His head is tilted and his eyes positioned in the upper corner of the hallway; not paying much mind to his surroundings as he strolls along.]

“NO! It’s your last ride, Kendrick!” [A calm and collected expression covering his face as he seemingly speaks to himself.] “No, it’s YOUR last ride, Kendrick! NO! IT’S YOUR LAST RIDE… Kendrick!”

[Cruise modifying the tone of his voice with each repeated statement, taking turns emphasizing different parts of the sentence before finally beginning to nod his head with a satisfied smile.]

“Yea, that’s it! NO! IT’S YOUR LAST RIDE… Kendrick! Yep. That’s how you perfect that line!”

[Impressed with himself, Cruise continues to smile as he adjusts his attention to the hallway ahead and it is then that he stops dead in his tracks.] [Several feet away having just turned a corner is Ursula Areano. Both individuals stand frozen, glaring at each other.]

“Oh great, another bimbo groupie. Look love, Dom Cruise is just trying to compete here in OSW. I don’t need your kind constantly harassing me every week. Give me your card and if I’m feeling generous, I’ll give you a call.”

[Suddenly, Areano lets out a laugh and rushes towards “The Original” who does not hesitate to turn away and sprint down the hall.]

“Come back,” [she yells.] “I thought you liked insulting women.”

[It’s a foot race, with Ursula gaining on Cruise with each step. Dom turns a corner and Areano is close behind when…] [BOOM!] [Cruise catches an unprepared Areano with a massive clothesline just as she turns to the corner. Her body falls to the floor; her head hitting the concrete with a THUD!]

“That’s what you get you psycho!” [Cruise taunts as he points down at an unconscious Areano.] [Dom lets off a chuckle as his eye catche something off screen.]

“Oh look darling, it’s makeup. They’re here to primp you before your next showing!”

[With that, Cruise steps to the wall where an open face cabinet filled with painting supplies is seen. Grabbing a pale and struggling to force it open before pouring it all over the downed Ursula.] [Black paint covers her head and upper body, essentially concealing her persona.] [Dom tosses the now empty bucket to the side along with its lid and kneels beside his new rival.]

“Matches your personality, but still just an ugly BITCH!” [Cruise hisses before letting off a hearty laugh.] [With that, Dom moves to his feet and continues on his way, leaving an absolute mess of an unconscious Areano.] [This is two weeks and two different brawls with women. What the hell is Cruises problem?] [Ash walks down the hallway, ready for his match when he hears a familiar voice calling him. He stops and listens, obviously thinking he’s hearing things.]

“Ash… Come here Ash. We have more to talk about…”

[Ash sneers, looking through the doors down the hallway and seeing no source for the voice.]

“Quit playing tricks with me! I don’t need your offer!”

[As he turns in circles to find where the voice is coming from, he is grabbed by two of the hooded men and pulled into a empty room. Ash finds himself forced to kneel by two of the hooded figures, a third coming from behind and forcing a foot on Ash’s back to keep him down at the apparent leader walks into view from the shadows.]

“Don’t be like that, Ash. You could so easily just accept our offer and be done with it. We could have you feeling stronger than ever by dawn if you would just listen to us.”

[Ash struggles against the grip of the robed figures, fighting a bit before conceding as they overpower him.]

“I only want to offer you power. Not just any power though, the power over your mind and your body. We want you to… become whole again.”

“I don’t want anything that you have to offer, I’m not weak!”

[The figure chuckles.] “I never said you were. I simply said I could improve you. You have so much potential, and you want to throw it away on something as silly as false pride?”

[Ash stays quiet for a second before finally answering.]

“My pride isn’t false. I won’t take your deal.”

[The hooded figure merely shakes his head and turns away.]

“Oh you will Ash, you will. Let him go, he has a match to attend to now doesn’t he?”

[The men let him go, following the leader into the darkness as Ash stands up, opting to go to his match rather than chase after them.] [The two men stand across from each other, Ash himself looking off, twitching slightly as he stares down his opponent.] [Ash circles around the much larger opponent, looking for an opening and running in for a chopblock, Inferno turning and catching Ash with a huge boot! He deadlifts Ash, tossing him across the ring and into the turnbuckle, following up with a huge turnbuckle clothesline! Ash looks dazed as he stumbles from the ropes, Inferno lifting Ash overhead in a gorilla press- ASH DROPS INTO AN INVERTED DDT! Inferno is caught off-guard, dazed from the huge move as Ash gets his bearings. However, Inferno rises, grabbing Ash- NEGLIGENCE! The cutter nearly break’s Ash’s neck with the massive air it gets, Inferno standing over his foe as he rises once more.] [Inferno laughs over Ash, kicking him away. He bends down, picking Ash up and holding him high before tossing him away. Ash gets on all fours, Inferno draws near when BOOMFINITY RUSH! ASH LAYS INTO INFERNO WITH EVERYTHING HE’S GOT! The Uppercut drops Inferno to a knee and Ash runs to the ropes, coming back with a huge boot. PUCKER UP! Ash looks like a man possessed as he stomps on Inferno. The demon catches a boot from Ash! He gets to his feet and pulls Ash into a harsh clothesline! Ash rolls to his feet, obviously not ready to stay down.] [Ash and Inferno trade blows, The Chosen One looking like he’s snapped as hits a huge right hand. Inferno catches a fist and nails a hard heabutt! Ash is stunned as Inferno picks him up and hits a massive gutbuster! Ash elbows Inferno and rolls away from the big man. As Inferno regains his bearings he moves towards Ash who has placed his metal hand in the fire! BOOMSTICK! The hot metal leaves a searing mark on Inferno who stumbles to the ropes, Ash tries again- INFERNO CATCHES HIM! ASH IS LIFTED OVERHEAD! DESCENT TO HELL INTO THE FIRE AT RINGSIDE!] [The bell rings as Inferno stands tall in the ring, the team at ringside rushing to put Ash out.] [With the fire still raging, Inferno stands in the centre of the ring, his arms raised. He’s completely at home amongst the flames. Suddenly, The Dead appears atop the steps. Both of them lock eyes, Inferno tilting his head.]

“Last week, you dismissed me as just a man,” [The DEAD says he walks down the steps and ends up at Ringside, watching as Ash gets taken away.] “Him? He’s just a man. He burns and feels pain like everyone else.”

[The DEAD steps closer to the raging inferno, placing one of his hands out to feel the heat.]

“But yours truly, well that’s a different story. You see Inferno, you’re convinced that I’m just a man and that I can’t stand the heat. The truth is? Whilst you were burning in hell for your sins, I was allowing myself to be tortured here for mine.”

[The fans murmur, not quite understanding.]

“Because for years, I’ve been on the operating table of life without any anaesthetic and I’ve never felt one single incision. Not one.”

[The crowd cheer.]

“And at House of Horrors, I challenge you to be the first person to make me feel something; anything. If you want to take me down to hell, burn my body and torture my soul, you’re going to have to kill me first.”

[ A “Dead” chant quickly begins.]

“And as I’m about to show you; that might not be as easy as you might think.”

[The DEAD suddenly thrusts his free hand into the flames, setting himself on fire. Inferno watches on, almost stoic, as EMT’s rush over to The Dead and beg him to let them put the fire out. Both men stare at each other, intense as the day is long, before Dead nods at the EMT’s and the fire gets put out.] [He didn’t even wince.] [The fans cheer as Dead and Inferno continue to stare each other out, the flames roaring between them.] [The first ever Elimination Chamber has been set and these six wrestlers are locked in pods, each ready to be selected. Viktor North’s pod opens first and out he steps, looking wet and dishevelled. It’s then Pig who meets him across the ring. Meanwhile, The DEAD’s hand has been bandaged after his fiery display prior to this match.] [The bell sounds and Pig storms at North, getting taken out with a vicious Clothesline. North is furious and as ‘The Animal’ gets back to his feet, he throws him through the ropes to the metal outside. The pods will open every two minutes here and North doesn’t waste any time stomping away at Pig on the metal bridge. He pulls him back up but Pig rakes the eyes, slamming him head first into the chainmail fence. That stumbles The Viking and Pig takes his opportunity, planting him with a DDT right there.] [Pig rolls under the bottom rope and drags North with him, pulling him back up and whipping him into the ropes – MARCH OF THE PIGS!! RUNNING HEADBUTT SPEAR! He drops into the cover…. One… Two… Kick out! The Animal pulls him back up and throws him into the corner, running at him with a Shoulder Barge. Another. Squeal. Another. Squeal. Another! The fans roar as he walks away and comes back in for one big final barge – ONLY NORTH GETS A GIANT BOOT UP AND STOPS HIM WHERE HE STANDS! The buzzer suddenly goes off and Tyler Brooks’ pod opens!] [Brooks runs into the ring with catches Pig with a Spinning Heel Kick as he turns around. North storms out and looks for a Giant Boot on Brooks as he kneels on the canvas, only the Straight Edge Savior wisely leans back, escaping the blow. He pulls North down with a roll up! ONE…. TWO…. KICK OUT! Both men spring away from the cover and get back to their feet, North bellows at him, scooping him up and down into a MICHINOKU DRIVER! BOOM! Pig though is back up and as North tries to cover, he leaps over the back of him, folding him up with a Blockbuster.] [The Animal is straight back up as the buzzer sounds, watching as Jon Davenport enters the structure. The vicious old Champion doesn’t waste even a second, grabbing Pig and THROWING HIM FACE FIRST INTO HIS OPEN POD! HOLY FUCK! PIG SMASHES AGAINST THE PLEXIGLASS INSIDE! Davenport turns to see North back to his feet and kicks him low, scooping him up and slamming him back down with a Body Slam. The Rewind Champion is taking names here tonight. He walks over to the pod that belongs to Stephanie Rose and blows her a mocking kiss, turning around to Tyler Brooks who CLEANS HIS CLOCK WITH A YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY! HOLY SHIT!! He’s about to cover when he gets a better idea!] [He looks up at the pod that contains rose and climbs straight to the top rope, leaping up onto it and pulling himself up. Holy shit Tyler, don’t even think about this. He nods to the crowd, but wait a minute, Pig has stumbled out of the pod with a bloodied forehead and North is there, GUNGNIR!! HOLY FUCK WHAT A UNIQUE SPEAR! NORTH CATCHES PIG AND ONE…… TWO….. THREE!! Pig has been eliminated! North gets back up, looking for someone to fight and there’s Brooks, leaping from the top of the pod… CROSSBODY BLOCK! CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP! HE CATCHES HIM! OH MY GOD! NORTH CATCHES HIM!! HE SPINS HIM AROUND INTO THE OMEGA DRIVER! FALL OF UTGARD!! STRAIGHT INTO THE COVER… ONE…. TWO…. THREE!! JON DAVENPORT KICKS HIM SQUARE IN THE JAW!!] [WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!? The buzzer sounds as Davenport steals the cover of Brooks… ONE….. TWO…. THREE!! Tyler Brooks has been eliminated! In comes The DEAD now who catches a furious Viktor as he gets back to his feet, locking up his arms! HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! HEADBUTT! THE DEATH RATTLE! North stumbles backwards and THE FINAL BREATH!! THE DEAD JUST FUCKING NAILED HIM WITH THAT BULLHAMMER TO THE THROAT! NORTH IS OUT… HE COVERS…. ONE….. TWO….. THREE! VIKTOR NORTH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!! The fans can’t believe it as The Dead and Jon Davenport stand now, looking at each other. Stephanie Rose is still inside the final pod, due to be let out any minute now as Davenport and Dead lock up in the middle of the ring. Jon takes him into a Side Headlock and punches him square in the face, running off into the ropes and nailing him with a Shoulder Block on the return.] [Dead gets back to his feet and ducks under a Clothesline attempt, connecting with a Neckbreaker just as the buzzer sounds and in comes Stephanie Rose. This poor rookie has just entered the carnage and mayhem. She meekly steps out of the pod as Davenport and Dead get back to their feet. The Rewind Champion dispatches Dead over the top rope to the metal bridge, turning his attention to poor Stephanie. She puts her hands up and tries to calm him down but he grabs her by the hair, tossing her into the ring. The fans boo as Davenport storms away in a circle and comes back, looking for a boot, only Rose rolls away to the opposite metal bridge, getting back to her feet. Jon walks over and reaches for her hair again, only she hangs him up throat first on the top rope! The Champion stumbles backwards into THE DEAD! THE FINAL BREATH!! HE NAILED HIM!] [But wait a minute, Rose is back into the ring. She runs at The Dead, connecting with a Cross Body Block! What did she do that for? That was a rookie mistake, folks. Dead was about to eliminate Davenport. Rose pulls Dead back to his feet and drops him with a Jawbreaker, turning her attention to the Rewind Champion. She turns around and rolls over him.. THE LAST CHANCERY!! PETAL TO THE METAL!! DAVENPORT SCREAMS IN AGONY! ROSE IS ABOUT TO ELIMINATE THE REWIND CHAMPION! HE’S ABOUT TO TAP…. HIS HAND IS COMING DOWN…. DROPKICK TO THE FACE BY THE DEAD!! WHAT THE FUCK!? Cavalera is pissed that she stopped him and returned the favour. He pulls her back to her feet, but she manages to roll around him with a roll up! ONE….. TWO…. THREE!! NO!! NO!! THE DEAD KICKED OUT!! Rose gets back to her feet, not realizing that Davenport is there from behind! THE GEORGIA CLAWFISH!! THE IRON CLAW!! SHE SCREAMS IN AGONY AND TAPS OUT QUICKLY! ROSE TAPS OUT!! The Old Hunting Dog releases the hold and THE FINAL BREATH! OUT OF NO-WHERE CAME THE DEAD!! BULLHAMMER!! HE COVERS…. ONE…… TWO……. THREE!! HE DID IT! THE DEAD BEAT JON DAVENPORT FOR THE REWIND CHAMPIONSHIP!] [The fans roar in approval as The Dead gets back to his feet and is handed the Rewind Championship by the referee. He raises the belt above his head, looking down at Davenport for just a moment before smirking.] [What a victory for The Dead here tonight. What a victory.] [The DEAD, Pig, Stephanie Rose and Viktor North all slowly recover just enough to be able to walk away from this car wreck of a match we’ve witnessed, having spilt their blood for the crimson-strapped Rewind Championship. The fans applaud the efforts of each warrior, no matter their alignment, in a show of respect. The bodies gradually filter through the Chamber door, leaving only a prone Davenport and Brooks behind…] [Tyler gets to his feet unsteadily and staggers over to the ropes, beaten and bruised. Referees and EMTs try to assist him but he shrugs them all off, determined to leave under his own power. He steps through onto the steel grating and reaches for the chain-link door—] [CLATTER!] [What the hell!? Brooks just slammed the Chamber door shut! He yanks the open padlock and chain so that it’s on the inside of the structure, then clicks it shut. “Don’t be a hero”, he advises the official on the opposite side of the door, who backs off.] [Turning back to an exhausted Davenport, Brooks lifts one of the steel panels which make up the Chamber floor. He retrieves something from the hollow… it’s a bottle of Jack Daniel’s! The fans actually pop for the whiskey brand as Tyler, the Straight-Edge Messiah, shoots them an icy stare and shakes his head.] [Jon clambers to his feet, none the wiser as to Brooks’ presence. The Ole Huntin’ Hound Dog is aching head-to-toe after his career-defining performance tonight. He slowly turns around, punchdrunk…] [TYLER… offers him a drink!? Jon frowns through a probable concussion as his unlikely new drinking buddy produces two tumblers from the same place he hid the whiskey. Tyler pours them both a drink and extends an olive branch to Davenport.] [“To real men”, he toasts, referring to Jon’s questioning of Tyler’s masculinity for not drinking last week.] [The lights are on in Davenport’s head but there’s nobody home as he shakily accepts the drink from Brooks. He chucks it back as Tyler pours his onto the mat. Jon sees this through the bottom of his tumbler and lowers it – YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY! Brooks nails him with that leaping roundhouse kick in the blink of an eye! “Booo!” The crowd grill Brooks for his underhandedness, attacking a man even worse for wear than himself.] [Brooks smiles as he stands over Davenport’s body and raises his arms at his sides, evoking the same imagery as the real Messiah. He sinks to his knees and grabs a fistful of Jon’s blonde hair. He mops Davenport’s face in the whisky-soaked mat! “Drink it up, Jonathan!” Tyler screams as the fans kick up a heatwave.] [Brooks lets go of Davenport and gets to his feet and raises his arms once more. Content with the message he has sent to Jon, he turns to leave… “That it, boy?” Brooks looks back incredulously – Jon is asking for more! The grizzled veteran is on all-fours, sweating, bleeding, face soaked with whiskey. He looks up at Tyler with fire in his eyes. “You kick like a damn cripple!” The fans can’t help but cheer Jon’s un-PC dig as Brooks stares daggers at him! The self-proclaimed Messiah thunders back over and grabs Davenport’s head again. Jon is too weakened to fight back. Wait a minute… Tyler grabs the whiskey bottle – SMASH! “OOOHHH!” HE JUST SMASHED THE BOTTLE OVER JON’S SKULL! Glass covers the canvas as whiskey mixes with blood in a macabre puddle around the lifeless Davenport.] [Brooks holds his arms up once more, drinking up the liquid scorn directed at him by the fans. He smiles serenely in the chaos. It’s for their own good… they’ll thank me.] [Referees and EMTs finally break in and intervene as the OSW copyright notice is displayed.] [Click.] [Static once again fills the screen as a Stop ■ symbol flashes in the corner, before the screen goes black.]