[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► appears in the bottom corner.] [It’s been a week since we last joined Betamax on his journey and now he’s in London, England. Having been jet setting, he’s stood inside a large library, looking at the mass number of books that adorn the shelves.] [The man in the black mask enters, closing the door carefully behind him.]

“Welcome to my home,” [he says proudly.] “I want to thank you for indulging an old man on this journey. I know it can’t have been easy, digging into your fathers past.”

[Betamax nods, looking to his left, spotting a picture of the man in the black mask with someone he recognized.]

“You knew my Uncle, Thaddeus?” [Betamax questions, picking up the photograph.]

“I still do,” [he responded, walking to the nearest bookcase.] “We’ve been friends for many years. When your father died, it was I who alerted Thaddeus to your whereabouts. I needed you to be taken in and homed within this world.”

[The man nods at Betamax, motioning for him to pull on a piece of the fireplace. Betamax does as suggested, opening a large secret door. He nods at Betamax and heads inside, walking down into a staircase that leads to a hidden area of the house.] [Once inside, the man turns on the light, revealing a library of wrestling tapes, masks and memorabilia.]

“What do you want from me?” [Betamax asks with a gulp.]

“To fulfil your father’s legacy,” [the man admits immediately.] “To continue his work.”

“Which was what?”

[The man smiles, looking at Betamax who awaits his answer. It’s then that we fade to static, cutting off before were told anymore.] [The educated fists and feet of Katio try to cut down the mighty, debuting oak of the forest… Thunk! Will Kaito continue to impress or will the newcomer prove he’s truly king of the jungle?] [The Black Dragon kicks off the match fast and furious with a scintillating barrage of precision strikes! Thunk remains standing, absorbing several Shin Kicks, Mid Kicks, Open-Hand Palm Strikes, a Mongolian Chop and even a Rolling Koppu Kick! Kaito’s eyes tell the story when Thunk grips his whole head with his meaty mitt, chucking him away before barreling through him with a Running Shoulder Block. Kaito though quickly Nips Up, dusting off a Leaping Enziguri! Thunk catches a Spin Kick and looks to power Kaito to mat when he slips free… Step-Up Knee Strike on the chin!] [Thunk’s staggered back and Kaito nails a Dropsault! The man raised by wolves fights to stand– Flying Tornado DDT? NO! Thunk catches him, looking for a Running Powerbomb when the Sun Warrior counters into a ‘Rana, sending Thunk through the middle rope. Both rise and Kaito aims for a Flying Crossbody but Thunk catches him on the apron. Thunk holds him like a child, stepping over the top rope before methodically popping him onto his shoulders… DEAD PREY! Thunk covers with one hand! One… Two… NO! Kaito’s not giving up! Thunk peels him back off the canvas…] [Thunk now Beils Kaito across the ring. The Rising Son struggles to stand, pulling himself into the corner only to get flattened with a Running Body Avalanche! Thunk holds Kaito prone… NO! Katio with a desperation Pele Kick! Thunk’s taken to a knee but catches Katio’s shin off a Penalty Kick attempt! He then just tosses him away! THUNK….. SMASH!! He calls for the end as Katio rises…. Throat Thrust! HE BITES HIM AND– NO! Katio breaks free, shoving him into the corner! YAMIKAZE? NO! Tooth of the Tiger drills him! Thunk sits down into a cover! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Thunk rises and bellows at the top of his lungs victoriously. An impressive debut, Kaito never backed down and never looked weak.] [‘Gentleman’ George is feeling good with himself as he walks down the backstage halls, politely saying hello to those he passes. He gives every man a handshake and nods carefully at the ladies. George walks towards the door to his locker room and opens it, suddenly being blasted by red paint.] [The fans don’t quite know what’s going on as George stumbles backwards, being immediately attacked by Steven Marion. Marion nails him with right hands, backing him into the nearby wall where his paint soaked figure stains the white walls.] [Steven rolls him on the wall like a painter, dragging him off and throwing him into some nearby boxes.] [George though isn’t having any of it. He manages to use the boxes to wipe some of the paint from his eyes and lunges out at Marion, slamming him backwards into the wall. Both men tussle, George throwing him backwards into the paint spillage so that he falls over, slipping straight back into the locker room.] [The Gentleman follows, only Steven is quick to kick out and low, stopping him in his tracks. He quickly gets back to his feet, pain all over his legs and behind as he walks away from a furious George.] [Just then, Max Mann walks by, stopping to see both of them as they naturally separate.]

“You’ve got red on you,” [he says pointing to Steven who sneers and walks off.] “As do you,” [Mann says looking at George, who gets back to his feet in agony.] “Are you okay?”

“I bloody well will be at House of Horrors!”

[George tries to straighten himself out as the scene comes to a close.] [The would be Hollywood megastar Dom Cruise squares up with the resident Monster, The Pig.] [Dom Cruise wastes no time trying to get early shots in on Pig. Nailing Pig with three successive overhead Chops. The blank stare in Pigs eyes holds firm and he shows no pain from the chops. Dom Cruise slowly backs away, needing to rethink strategy against the Monster. Pig is in pursuit and Dom Cruise rolls to the outside. Dom begins to run around ringside with Pig in full chase. Dom rounds the ring corner to the far left and ducks out of view. Pig rounds the corner and is hit with a Superkick!] [Dom Cruise lifts and rolls a stunned Pig back into the ring. Wasting no time following up with his offense. Dom Cruise locks in a very painful looking STF but the Pig won’t give it up. Dom Cruise makes his way to the top rope and looks for the flying headbutt! No water in the pool on that one!! Pig moves out of the way and gets back to his feet. Pig grabs Dom Cruise by the hair and delivers a thunderous T-Bone Suplex!!] [Dom Cruise gets to a knee and begins to beg off from Pig. The Monster doesn’t seem to care and closes the distance between them. Pig gets within arms reach and Dom Cruise hit’s the Prelude!! Pig goes down in a heap!! Dom Cruise lured Pig into that one! Dom stands up and signals it’s time to end this. He has Pig in a reverse front chancery, THE GRAND FINA…NO!! Dom Cruise gets to a knee and begins to beg off from Pig. The Monster doesn’t seem to care and closes the distance between them. Pig gets within arms reach and Dom Cruise hit’s the Prelude!! Pig goes down in a heap!! Dom Cruise lured Pig into that one! Dom stands up and signals it’s time to end this. He has Pig in a reverse front chancery, THE GRAND FINA…NO!! The Pig escapes but Dom Cruise again goes with a low blow!! THE GRAND FINALE!! One…Two….Three!! Dom Cruise picks up the win!

[Dom Cruise with an impressive victory this evening over The Pig! He may be destined for bright lights and blockbuster stardom after all!] [Recorded Previously.] [The area is dark and barely lit, the moon being the only source of light as the camera pans out and reveals a lone cabin sitting out in the woods. The windows are smashed in, the wood rotting, and tree roots tangling around at its base.] [Flashlights appears on the side of the cabin as mumbling is heard. Mumbling soon turns to hushed whispers as four hooded men walk into frame. Two with flashlights and gas canisters, and one with a pair of bolt cutters as the apparent leader leads the way. The group round the cabin until they get to the side, a chained up set of metal doors leading to a basement in their way. The bolt cutters are used to clip the chain and the door is forced open.]

“Lead the way. Just in case we have any… trouble left in here.” [The leader points in, the one with bolt cutters following orders and walking first down the hall. He looks back and motions the others forward as he makes his way inside, soon coming to a stand with a book on it. The Necronomicon to be exact. The leader snatches it up and opens it, chuckling to himself before looking back to the men with flashlights and gas cans.]

“Torch the place. We don’t want anything coming back to haunt us.”

[The other two follow his orders to the tee, pouring gasoline around the cabin and leading up the steps out of the basement. Without another word a match is lit and the small cabin goes up in flames.] [Nothing is said as the men leave into the night, the cabin now a pile of ashes in the distance.] [Stephanie Rose is wearing her stripes as both men look ready to go. She motions for the bell!] [As the bell sounds, Jared Beckett can’t help himself but to look at the short shorts of the referee as she’s bent over. Flabbergasted and embarrassed, she turns away from him and straightens up. The New Horror watches this transaction with a sneer. The two lock up in the center of the ring but David gets the better of it as he pushes Jared into the corner with the tie up. Stephanie comes in to begin her count but both men ignore her. She gets in between them and pushes which opens up an opportunity for Manson to reach across her back and rakes Jared’s eyes.] [Jared’s hands move to his eye as he exclaims his disapproval to Rose. She shrugs claiming to have not seen it. Manson charges with a big boot to the face of Beckett who was still complaining which drops him to the mat. Manson pins his shoulders down. One…Two… Foot on the rope. Manson gives Rose a little glare before yanking Jared back to the center to lock in a sleeper hold. Jared is barely moving but suddenly is full of life! He begins fighting out of it with vicious elbows to the gut before breaking the hold. He hits the ropes and hits the TRICYCLE FROM HELL! The bicycle kick flattens Manson to the ground as he goes for the cover! One…Two…THR-NO! Just barely kicks out.] [Jared looks at her with anger in his eyes. “Count faster! That was three, beautiful!” he exclaims as she just shakes her head with two fingers held up. Jared turns around as Manson charges back again with a hard clothesline to… ROSE?! Jared ducked the shot but Rose was not so lucky! Her head bounces off of the second rope as she falls to the mat. LOCK JAW FROM JARED! Beckett doesn’t go for a cover. Instead he looks at his fallen infatuation with care before turning back to David Manson with rage in his eyes! He exits the ring and comes back with a steel chair! Manson gets to his knees and… CRACK! The chair collides with his face. ANOTHER SHOT! ANOTHER AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER! Stephanie Rose gets to her feet and sees the final shot with the chair. She motions for the bell!] [David Manson has just won by disqualification! Jared Beckett looks confused before turning to see her back on her feet. The two begin arguing back and forth as Stephanie walks over and raises the hand of the downed David Manson. Beckett is irate as he continues berating her all the way to the backstage area.] [We cut to the serious expression of Dom Cruise as he nods his head in agreement to a suited man directly in front of him. The two of them are seated somewhere in the backstage area of The School Yard.]

“Ya see, I need something different for this film Dom.” [The man in the suit declares as he holds a thick script up in his left hand.] “I’m looking for a different type of character, ya know?”

[Dom continues to nod his head. Confidence oozing from his mannerisms.]

“A character that is tough. A character that is aggressive. A character that…”

[Suddenly, the man stands to his feet in fearful response to something we don’t see and by the time Cruise is able to read his body language and take a look over his shoulder, it’s too late.] [BAM!] [A clobbering forearm quickly presents itself into the view, slamming against the head of Dom Cruise, literally knocking him over the back of the leather couch upon which he was sitting and out of our sight.] [The shot pans outward and standing there with steel chair in hand is the fierce figure of Thunk. He glances down at the fallen body of Dom Cruise.]

“It going to take more than ugly man who hit women to beat Thunk!” [Thunk taunts the unconscious actor in a similar fashion that he did yet another female victim only a week ago.]

“…you’re perfect!” [The man in the suit mouths in awe.] “What an audition!”

“Thunk no understand?” [The Giant growls, bringing the chair to a ready as he steps forward towards the man as if expecting further insults.]

“You! You are tough, aggressive, and perfect for the role,” [The man says excitedly.] “Do you, by chance, have any acting experience?”

“Well…” [Thunk shrugs humbly.] “Thunk know not of what you mean, but Thunk look good with steel chair wrapped around cowardly man’s face, yes?”

“THAT’S GREAT!” [The man celebrates, putting his arm on the back of Thunk and nudging him forward.] “Would you be interested in discussing a role? I think it would be PERFECT for you! It’s George of the Jungle meets Nanoc the Obliviator.”

[The two walk off camera as there is stirring heard in the background. Suddenly, a dazed and confused Dom Cruise pulls himself over the back of the couch; looking around and wondering what in the hell just happened.] [Starring: PIG MAN.] [Is our beginning as we pan out to a familiar sight. It’s Old School Wrestling’s Pig standing as a giant would over top of a circus tent surrounded by mini images of Alistair Huxley, his companion, Fluffy; and unknown conjoined twins.] [It’s the poster, Alistair Huxley, was seen mischievously hanging throughout The School Yard when we last saw him and now it appears as if we’re seeing it through the eyes of a very distraught individual.] [Heavy breathing begin in the foreground and rapid twitching controls the view as we look to the left down an empty corridor and then to the right and that’s when we see him.] [Alistair Huxley. A smug grin on his face as he strolls down the hallway towards us. Cautious, but confident all at the same time.]

“Hello there, my little freak.”

[SQUEAL.] [Is the non-hesitant response as suddenly we rush forward. Undoubtedly we have become the eyes of Pig, who rushes the Freak Show Director in RAGE; tackling him to the floor. Our vantage point giving us a clear view of fists being drove down into the upper body and head of Ali and then…] [Our vision is suddenly blurred as if something has been tossed over our head; or Pig’s head as it is. There is a lot of movement accompanied by the familiar squeal of Pig until the shot becomes more and more blurry and finally darkness sets in.] [Seconds later the darkness subsides. At first the vision is blurred and then slowly becomes more visible, as confusing as it is.] [We’re close to the floor; a floor composed of dirt and saw dust. Our eye level lowered to the minimum and at a distance we can see the feet and legs of random onlookers. They stand beyond a metal barricade, but for some reason we cannot make out the environment. We cannot look up from our position.] [And as quickly as we gained it, our perspective changes. Now we see the setting for what it is. The interior confines of a circus tent. A circular pen surrounded by “sight seekers”. Glancing in where a bare naked Pig clings to the dirty ground beneath him, but it is not by choice.] [A metal contraption clings to his neck and inches below to a massive steel ball that appears to be connected on a swivel. Pig thrashes about as the people look on; some in horror, some in disgust, and some being entertained. With all his might, Pig is only able to move the ball a few inches at a time; it’s weight obviously preventing him from his freedom. And then we hear it.]

“STEP RIGHT UP! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! BE AMAZED! BE AMAZED! It’s the greatest freak show on earth.”

[It’s the voice of Huxley who stands on a raised platform, Fluffy close by. He’s raising his hands in delight of the presentation.]

“Introducing to you ladies and gentlemen, the STAR of the show: PIG MAN!!!”

[Pig lets out another squeal, this one filled with more distress than rage, as he moves about the pen. Forced to do so by the device around his neck much like the way a real pig would and as we pan to darkness it’s the sinister snarl of Alistair Huxley we hear.]

“Ya see Pig, I ALWAYS get my freak!”

[The homeless hero clashes with the Straight Edge Messiah. Will Tyler Brooks’ shift in attitude continue here?] [The match starts with Jim finishing off a can baked beans. Brooks watches impatiently as the grimy grappler wipes his mouth before taking a right square to the jaw! Tyler immediately starts dishing out the punishment, beating Jim into the corner before the referee has to shove Brooks away. He pulls Jim up, whipping him down with a Swinging Neckbreaker. He gets a quick cover! One… Two… NO! The Hobo kicks out but takes a knee to the temple. Tyler then cinches in a nasty little Reverse Chin Lock before just kicking him right upside the head!] [Jim’s been overwhelmed from the bell, with the Straight Edge Messiah now lighting him up with Chops in the corner. Tyler tries an Irish Whip but gets launched into a Side Slam for his trouble! The Hobo drops an elbow before busting out a Senton! Brooks gets the wind knocked out of him, rising before getting planted with a BIG Over-The-Shoulder Powerslam! Tyler bails to the floor and the Hobo hits the ropes? NO! Brooks cuts him off before he can dive… Springboard Blockbuster! Jim staggers back up and EATS the EYE OF THE SAVIOR! Tyler covers! One… Two… NO!] [With Jim hurting, Brooks extends his arms in a Christ-like pose. The crowd lets him hear it; he calls for the end. The Hobo tries to stand as Tyler leaps… YOUR FORETOLD– NO! Jim ducks, leveling him with a desperation Lariat! Powerbomb to Brooks! The Hobo stacks him up! One… Two… NO! Tyler grabs the bottom rope and Jim can’t believe it. The Hobo then tries hoisting him up for Some Spare Change but Brooks slips free, looking for Eternal Salvation? NO! The Hobo counters but misses another Lariat… YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY! Jim’s humbled! Tyler covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, the referee raises Tyler’s arms in victory. Brooks stands tall over the groggy Hobo, soaking in the moment and looking to the heavens confidently…] [We cut to backstage, where we find Jared Beckett pacing back and forth – cellphone attached to his ear. Red faced with frustration, he appears to be trying to sort out some misunderstanding, albeit unsuccessfully.]

“No, no, no… You’ve got the wrong idea. That’s not what I requested at all.”

[He sighs in deep frustration, holding his head with his free hand. In his hand he holds an open envelope.]

“What do you mean your hands are tied? Do you have any idea what this will do to my chances with her?” [A short pause while Beckett listens to the unheard voice on the other end of the line.] “How is this not your problem? Are you saying you won’t fix this?”

[Another pause, a little longer than the last. Jared’s face reddens more as he listens.]

“Well thanks for nothing then.”

[He takes the phone off his ear and ends the call. Taking the letter out of the envelope, he looks it over. We cannot see what it says but it is clearly written on an official VHS letterhead.] [Stephanie Rose suddenly appears, walking around the corner. She’s wearing her referee top and looking less than pleased.]

“Hey pretty lady.” [Beckett begins before Steph can so much as utter a hello.]

“Hey pretty lady, is that all you have to say to me?” [There is a look of annoyance on her face, but the look in his eyes tells that she suspects something is up.]

“Look, I know I didn’t put my best foot forward out there tonight but I wasn’t trying to piss you off.”

[Steph folds her arms, sceptical. Jared swallows, knowing she hasn’t taken the bait.]

“So, I had an idea. I thought, what better way to show you exactly what kind of man I am than to team up with you. I tried to book us in a tag-team match… But with Betamax away in Mexico or wherever, I had to leave a message.”


[Steph still looks a bit unsure.]

“It seems my message got a little confused. Now, instead of us teaming up… They are booking a match against each other. Me… Versus… You.”

[It takes a while for the news to sink in but when it does, Steph does something unexpected. She simply smiles.]

“Good. I like that idea. After the way you treated me out there, I think it’s only fair we settle this in the ring.”

[Jared protests his innocence, but is cut off by Steph’s laughter.]

“Ha! I think it will be a bit of fun. But are you still going to want to take the gal who beat you out to dinner?”

[Jared opens his mouth to reply, but nothing comes out. He’s speechless. He continues stammering at the screen until Steph blows him a kiss and walks away.] [This isn’t exactly what he had in mind.] [Looking banged up following his match, Tyler Brooks limps along a corridor, grimacing. Lesser wrestlers might chew painkillers like candy, but the Straight-Edge Messiah soldiers through the pain as always.] [Just as he rounds a corner, however, two large arms shoot out from an open doorway and clutch him in a bearhug. The rest of Jon Davenport spills out to restrain a struggling Brooks, shoving a soaked cloth over his airways!] [Brooks fights it but quickly fades as Jon licks his lips, stitches visible in his blonde hair from last week’s bottling.]

“Shhh… that’s right, son. You think you can glass ole Jon-boy and get away with it? Naw… it’s time you paid the piper.”

[With that, Jon hauls Tyler onto his shoulders and sets off in the direction of the parking lot.] [Is Jon Davenport even going to show up for his match tonight!?] [The former Rewind Champion looks to cut the new Lucha sensation off at her heels! Will the old school take the new school to task? Or will Ursula Areano show Jon Davenport the old adage is true? It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that counts!] [The match starts with Areano bolting across the ring, sliding between Jon’s legs and hopping off the middle turnbuckle with a Tilt-a-Whirl Arm Drag! She hits a Dropkick; Davenport doesn’t go down– Leaping Enziguiri! Jon’s on spaghetti legs, as Ursula springboards off the middle rope… Flying Bulldo– NO! Jon counters into a textbook Atomic Drop! He levels her with a Lariat and covers! One… Two…NO! The Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog now drags Ursula by her hair over to the bottom rope. He drapes her across it throat-first, just sitting on her back. The referee counts and Davenport breaks before “5.”] [Jon then grabs a Side Headlock. With all the leverage in the world, he wrenches back on it. The referee checks on the Ursula but she doesn’t quit… Slowly, the Argentinean Scrapper begins to crawl her way up the ropes. She gets back to her feet, futility trying to elbow her way out before being hoisted up into an Airplane Spin! ‘Round and ’round and ’round they go, before Jon finally sets her down. Ursula stumbles a bit before narrowly dodging the Georgio Crawfish! She looks for a Backslide but Davenport counters– NO! Leaping DDT by Areano!] [Davenport staggers up; Ursula tries to catch her breath. She hits some Forearm Smashes before taking a knee to the gut. A Belly-to-Belly plants her! He covers! One… Two…NO! With Areano down, Jon climbs to the bottom rope before missing the Mud Flop. Ursula goes for a Standing Moonsault; Jon moves. He rises and Areano wants a ‘Rana but Davenport tosses her away– Wind-Up Punch? NO! Ursula dodges, looking for a Slice of Heaven only to get sent throat-first into the middle turnbuckle! Thumb to Eye by Davenport! He gets the Georgio Crawfish and she immediately taps out!] [After the match, Jon continues to squeeze Areano’s head like a small grape! The referee’s forced to pull him off, before Davenport demands to have his arm raised in victory! Ursula’s left lying on the mat in a heap… The Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog sure took a bite outta her!] [We are once again brought into a dark room, but this time we are dragged here. We are found here as the door to the room is kicked open and an enraged Ash Williams shouts into the darkness.]

“Come out here. Now! Where are you!?”

[The lights flicker, a shuffle of footsteps, and Ash once again finds himself surrounded by hooded men. He’s on guard but relents as they close in.]

“You’re getting in my head. You’re fuckin’ with me! And I don’t want you in my head anymore!”

[The hooded leader merely shakes his head, holding his hand up, forcing his other men back.]

“Tisk tisk, Ash. You must come to realize that we aren’t in your head. If we were, you would be listening to us like an obedient puppy. No, we are merely… breaking down the barrier in your head that lets you believe that false sense of pride.”


“Is it? Ash, we only want to help, and if you gave us a chance, you would be more powerful than you could ever dream. Just give in, accept the fate we wish to give you and see yourself rise from the ashes of your former life.”

[Ash balls up his fist, looking away for a second before looking back.]

“If I accept your help, it just proves I was weak.”

“No, it’ll prove you can grow stronger.”

[Ash takes a deep breath and extends his hand to the leader.]

“Fine, I’ll take your offer. I want to see this power you’re referring to. I don’t want to be stuck like this anymore.”

[The figure chuckles, reaching out when TALK TO THE BOOT!]

“Ash, what are you doing!?”

[Chase Hero has kicked the doors down and nailed on of the hooded men with a harsh superkick. He is grabbed by his two fellow men and dragged back into the darkness with the leader. Ash turns back to Chase, confused, infuriated, and annoyed.]

“Why Chase. Why do you care? Why do you, the man who made me into this… weak link, care about this? Just tell me why.”

[Chase shakes his head.]

“You don’t get it, do you? I realized I was wrong, I realized I was a bastard. And now that I want to help, you push away from not only me, but from the fans themselves. You’re willing to make deals with hooded figures but not to accept help from another man? You’ve changed, and I want to stop you before you end up hurting anyone else.”

[Ash twitches a bit, backing up from Chase.]

“I don’t care for your change of heart. I don’t care for anything you say. I just want you to be done with me, Chase. I want you to go.”

[Chase sighs, walking away from Ash and shaking his head.]

“I’m not giving up, Ash. Whether you like it or not, I won’t stop til I reverse what I’ve done.”

[Chase leaves the scene, the camera trained on Ash as it fades out.]

“Ugh… What the…”

[A pair of shoes slowly come into focus, wrapped around chair legs that sit on a gleaming polished wood floor.]

“My head…”

[Looking up, a dozen blurry faces swim into view, all sitting in a circle looking back at us.]

“Tyler? Are you with us, Tyler?”

[Tyler Brooks cradles his head in his hands, groaning. He looks around at his surroundings groggily.] “Where am I?”

“My, you really do need our help, don’t you?”

[Tyler frowns as his vision adjusts.] “Just tell me where I am!”

“You’re in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, of course.”

[The Straight-Edge Messiah looks dead ahead at an older, maternal-looking woman who presides over the meeting. She smiles at him warmly. Tyler scoffs.]

“An AA meeting!? Why the hell would I be in an—” [Brooks stops as he pieces things together in his mind, the cogs whirring.]

“You’re here for the same reason everyone else is, Mr. Brooks. You have a problem.”

[Tyler seethes as he glares at the weak-minded sitting all around him.] “I don’t have a problem, I’m better than all of you!”

“Come now, Tyler.” [The meeting leader soothes him.] “The first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem.”

“No, no, no…” [Tyler rises to his feet, snapshots of memories flooding back into his mind. Smashing that whisky bottle over Davenport’s head; his match with Ursula; what happened afterwards…] “It’s Jon Davenport who has a problem!”

[Tyler grabs his chair and throws it at a flipboard detailing the recovery program as his would-be peers duck and scream!] [Looking like a man possessed, he storms out of his involuntary intervention, hellbent on revenge!] [Trios matches are in action next as the team of Inferno, Ash Williams, and Alistair Huxley will step up against the team of The Dead, Chase Hero, and The Shark!] [The bell sounds as the two jumbled teams debate on who should start. Finally, the two teams decide to start it off with Alistair Huxley and Chase Hero. The two lock up in the center of the ring before Hero pushes him away. They go back to meet up but Hero connects with a big kick before wrapping his arm for a snap suplex! Alistair Huxley gets back to his feet but Hero whips him into his corner and tags in The Dead. Dead grabs him by the head for a snapmare before hitting the ropes and diving down for a headbutt to the sitting Alistair.] [The Dead pulls Huxley to his feet but Mr. Freakshow hits an uppercut before pulling The Dead in for… LEFREAK! Both men are down as they begin to crawl. Huxley leaps out and tags in Inferno as The Dead tags in The Shark! These two behemoths stand off against one another in the center of the ring with teeth bared. Shark throws the first punch, but Inferno quickly returns it. Punch after punch between these beasts! The Shark hits a stiff right hand before hitting the ropes and returning for a high knee strike! The fiery monster is staggered as The Shark hits the ropes again and goes for another to which Inferno staggers out of the way. He grabs by the neck as he turns around before spiking him into the mat with NEGLIGENCE! Inferno staggers over to his corner where Ash Williams slaps his shoulder to tag in.] [Ash Williams enters the ring before hooking his legs. One…Two…NO! The Shark kicks out. Ash Williams leaps on The Shark before plowing into his faces with a barrage of shots. Chase Hero enters the ring before nailing Ash Williams with a… TALK TO THE BOOT! The superkick is hit to perfection as Alistair Huxley enters before nailing Chase with a slap before hitting a backstabber… THE WHIP CRACK! Chase Hero rolls out of the ring as The Dead enters right behind Ali. THE FINAL BREATH nails Alistair as he hits the floor and rolls out. The Dead turns around and… THE HORN! The spear nails The Dead as he’s forced out of the ring. Inferno slaps his chest before turning back to see The Shark staggered to his feet. He charges him with… THE HORN WHICH HITS ASH WILLIAMS! His own partner falls to the ground as Inferno realizes his error and turns to The Shark who hits… SUSHI KICK! Inferno hits the ground before leaping onto Ash Williams for the pinfall! One…Two…THREE!] [The Shark gets to his feet as The Dead and Chase Hero get back to their feet in the ring. The referee raises their hands as the three men eye each other cautiously before going their separate ways.] [The Trios match having just finished up, we are met in the ring by none other than David Manson, microphone in hand as he leans nonchalantly against the ropes, a shit eating grin on his face. He looks up at the ramp before speaking.]

“So I decided to look into this culture you hold so dear, Puppet. And I found something interesting. You people thrive on honor. Love it, it’s the little master playing your strings. And you, the man who I have hounded on day in and day out broke that code last week. Sneaking up on me, strangling me with wire. Do you have no shame?”

[He keeps his eyes trained on the ramp, laughing when he gets no reaction.]

“I thought not. You’re a puppet with a broken string, I can see I’m already prying you free from the controls of your customs. And I think I deserve something. I think you should come out here, and you should thank me. Thank me for all that I’ve done for you in just two weeks. Honor me if you will. I’ll wait.”

[Once again, eyes trained on the ramp, and no reaction. Manson smirks, laughing to himself as he stands up straight and walks forward.]

“I thought so.”

“Anata wa nani no meiyo niataisuru arimasen! (You deserve no honor!)”

[Without warning Kaito makes his way to the ring from the crowd. Manson is able to turn around in time to catch a punch from Kaito and the two trade blows! Neither is giving an inch until LOW BLOW BY MANSON! The kick to the groin sends Kaito to his knees! Manson wastes no time, rolling Kaito out of the ring as he smirks down at him.]

“I guess honor really isn’t a thing for either of us, is it? Better luck next time, Puppet. Maybe with less strings attached you’ll do better.”

[The crowd boos Manson relentlessly as he exits the ring, walking over Kaito on his way up the ramp.] [Not long after their trio’s match, Inferno is shown walking through the backstage area. He heads towards the exit, about to leave, when a raging wall of fire erupts across the ground in a giant line.] [He looks up to see The Dead stood there, a pack of matches in his hand, blocking the exit.]

“Have you ever heard the expression, fight fire with fire?” [he muses, pacing back and forth outside the two now open exit doors.] “Well last week, I showed you that I’m not afraid. But what about you, Inferno?”

[Inferno tilts his head.]

“Aren’t you afraid? You spent years in hell, playing twister with Satan himself, so how do you feel in the kitchen when it gets hot?”

[The lights suddenly change to a darkened red. The ground shakes, dust falling from the ceiling as Dead backs away, wondering what the hell is going on. Inferno suddenly steps forward, walking through the fire carelessly and stepping out the other side. He grabs Dead by the neck, bearing his teeth.]

“The fire of hell itself still burns within me, Dead. I can feel it licking against my tortured soul almost every minute of every single day. I’m here, but my soul is not. My soul is in hell with Lucifer and he sent me forth to reclaim it by taking yours.”

[Inferno throws him backwards, sending him sliding across the floor and back first into a car tire. He rolls almost immediately back to his feet, only Inferno is gone. Dead looks around, the flames licking up higher than they were before.] [It’s now he realizes that he too is dealing with a monster.] [As we return from the darkness of break, “Skull Splitter” by Battlecry fills up the Schoolyard. Viktor North marches down the stairs to the ring, wearing his full armament with his weapon by his side. Under the spotlight, his Reel King crown shines and reflects on all who are near him. North keeps his eyes alert and moving as he scans the crowd and surrounding area for his prey. When he finally gets in the ring, he requests a microphone and turns in a slow circle to look around the arena.]

“Foul beast awake, your end is nigh!” [He roars.] “Shark, you attack from behind and refuse to face your end.”

[His teeth show themselves behind his beard as he nods.]

“Run all that you want, I will never stop coming for you.”

[His chest piece repeatedly clangs under the force of his axehead hitting it.]


[His battle cries continue for a moment until he spies something he has overlooked.] [The Throne.] [At some point, the Throne for the Game of Thrones match has been set up in the ring and sits idle.]

“The royal hunt will see the King felling the beast. We will dine on shark in these halls.”

[North runs his hand over the wooden throne before turning to take his seat.]

“Wait just a bloody minute!”

[The crowd pops as Nigel Royal appears from behind the curtain. He marches down the stairs with purpose as North eyeballs him.]

“A crown doesn’t make you a King, lad. Anybody can get their hands on one of those.”

[Nigel gets in the ring, and the two King’s go face to face before Royal breaks the silence.]

“I see your crown, North, and I know what you did to earn it. I even know all about your hunt.” [Royal chuckles before continuing.] “That’s the thing though. One doesn’t need to go crawling in dungeons to find your shark.”

[North nods at that, absentmindedly pulling off his extra gear and crown.]

“The biggest shark in the whole Ocean is right in bloody front of you. And the Dungeons of London will come right to you!”

[Standing over his excess gear, Viktor North is now ready for battle.]

“Even the biggest shark dies when it gets in the wrong type of water, hraumi.” [North boasts.] “And I’m afraid the only shadows you’ll be exposing are the ones in the pits of Hel.”

[Royal sneers, preparing to respond.]

“Big tal…”

[SMACK!] [Viktor North smacked Nigel Royal across the face.] [SMACK!] [Return shot from Royal!] [The two descend into a brawl in the center of the ring, and this main event is on!] [The second ever Game of Thrones match is about to get underway as both Kings exchange heavy rights and lefts in the middle of the ring, neither man letting up until North drops Royal with a hard rolling elbow as the referee quickly rings for the bell] [The bell sounds as North pounces, pounding down on Royal with hard rights and lefts before throwing him across the ring as Royal rebounds right into a jawbreaking Lariat. The Ring King gets up reeling in pain as North grabs him by the back of the head, trying to launch him into the throne.Royal manages to elbow his way out before switching behind and German Suplexing North right into the throne! North slowly gets to his feet, a small pool of blood on the mat as the back of his head is busted wide open, slowly dripping down his back] [Royal grabs North who’s swinging wildly, trying to fight back but Royal kicks North hard in the back of his right knee, sending the Reel King down to the mat in pain as Royal drops down with him, hooking on a painful looking full nelson/leglock combination, trying to damage North’s greatest weapons. North crawls to the ropes, hooking it with his left leg but there’s no breaks in this match as Royal uses the leverage to increase the pain radiating through North] [North screams in pain as Royal lets go of the hold, trying to transition into the Dungeons of London but North manages to throw him off. Royal gets to his feet, walking right into a series of hard knees and elbows, North backing up before rushing forward with a Yakuza Kick but Royal ducks under before rolling out of the ring. Viktor follows as he spears Nigel into the apron, sending Royal down to the floor in pain. Viktor backs up, crossing his arms as Nigel pulls himself up with a chair at ringside. GUNGI…STEEL CHAIR TO THE HEAD! Viktor ran right into that massive chair shot as he slowly sits up, a bloodied mess] [Nigel rolls him into the ring, grabbing him from behind as he delivers a Belly to Back Suplex. Royal holds on, delivering a second, then a third before spiking Viktor on the back of his neck with the fourth, completing the Royal Flush! Nigel climbs onto the throne, sitting down as he motions for Viktor to kneel. North looks up at him, spitting blood into Royal’s face before getting a hard boot to the chin. Royal gets off the throne, laying into Viktor with a hard kick to the ribs before rolling out of the ring as he grabs the steel chair.] [Royal rolls in, slamming the chair onto the canvas as he begs Viktor to get to his feet. North does, barely standing on his feet as Nigel rushes forward with the chair, ROLLING ELBOW OUTTA NOWHERE! The elbow sends the chair bouncing back into the face of Royal, busting him open with a sickening crack as Viktor bounces off the ropes, GUNGIR! Nigel gets almost broken in half but it took a lot out of North as well as both men collapse to the canvas] [The crowd roar as both men, bleeding and hurt crawl towards one another, pulling eachother up to their knees as they begin pounding away with hard lefts and rights, each blow causing blood to fly out into the air but neither man gives an inch, fighting to their feet as blows are still exchanged until Nigel kicks Viktor low, screaming at him]


[Royal backs up, ducking under a wild Lariat before leaping up with a massive Spinning Heel Kick, knocking Viktor into the throne. Royal lays him across it, slowly climbing up to the top rope, SPITFIRE MISSES! Royal gets up, holding his chest in pain as Viktor grabs him from behind, FALL OF UTGARD RIGHT ON THE THRONE! ROYAL HAS TO BE DEAD! Viktor tosses Royal down to the mat below as he sits down on his throne, patiently waiting as the Ring King slowly comes to. Royal tries to stand up but he falls to one knee, all his energy drained as he nods his head. ROYAL HAS KNELT DOWN TO THE REEL KING! NORTH WINS!] [The War for the Throne over, both Nigel Royal and Viktor North seem prepared to resume fighting. Their war of words earlier brought this contest to be more than just a spirited competition.] [Darkness.] [North roars into the pitch black, ready to fight. Nigel Royal calls out for his nemesis Shadow to show himself.]

“Were you looking for me?”

[The lights slap back on, and it’s not Shadow before us. Instead the ring has been ripped to shreds, and The Shark stands halfway out of the remains of the canvas. There is a grin on his face as he twists his head to look at Viktor North.]

“Here I am.”

[Royal throws a glance at North and immediately vacates ringside, leaving a smiling North. The Skull Splitter leaps at Shark, who grabs him, controlling the leap.] [And down we go!] [Twisting and turning down a labyrinth of dark tunnels, North and Shark slide their way under the Schoolyard to wherever it is that Shark comes from. A rhythmic panting comes from Shark, almost a twisted version of a laugh as he scratches and claws at the Skull Splitter. For his part, North yells battle curses and continues to try to fight his way out.] [With a thump, the two men are ejected from the tunnels to land on hard rock.]

“Welcome back.” [Shark mutters.] [They are in the same outcropping North discovered last week. The door looms beside them. The area has been illuminated by torches in opposition to its sheer darkness last week. The Shark was planning this.]

“You hunt me relentlessly.” [Shark growls as he crawls around the head of Viktor North, who is regaining his bearings.] “Yet you only see me as a beast to conquer. Never once did it cross your mind that the beast would conquer you.”

[North throws an elbow to Shark, rattling his cage. The two men quickly get to their feet grappling for position. North gets it quickly, and grabs Shark around the neck.]

“I will drink the finest mead from your skull, Shark.”

[Shark grabs North’s arm, digging in with his fingernails. Skins begins to rip and tear as it becomes a battle of wills.]

“I will carve my dinner with your sharpened bones.”

[Blood runs down the arm of North as Shark smiles. Finally North releases Shark, who backs away against the door and laughs boldly.]

“You may kill me, but you won’t do it until you take what you really want.”

[Shark nods in the direction behind North. As the Skull Splitter cautiously turns his head to look, the glint of gold catches his eye.] [The VHS Championship.]

“The thrill of the hunt is one thing, but Viktor, you want the glory. The trophy to put on your wall.”

[North spits in the direction of Shark.]

“I want your blood on my hands, beast!”

[Standing to his full height, Shark smiles.]

“Come and get it.”

[With a roar, North charges!] [At the last second, Shark moves aside, opening the door. North goes flying into the door, and quickly finds himself falling.] [With another thud, he finds himself on a cold hard ground, this time with no illumination. The only light is from outside the deep pit. The light gets interrupted as The Shark steps into the light to look down.]

“I’m no mindless beast, Viktor, but I will enjoy tearing you limb from limb. Just as I did your countrymen. They also sat in this pit, and their pleas still fill my ears with joy. But you, North, you will not plea. I only implore you to think about what it is you enjoyed most in life. From your mead, your raping, and your pillaging to whatever else it is you do.”

[With a creak, the Shark shuts the door, leaving North with barely any light, surrounded by the bones of those who witnessed his greatest triumph. Shark offers one final comment, that seems to echo in the pit.]

“In a week, I will feast on your flesh.”

[With Shark gone, North stands alone. In one week, the hunt will end. One way or another.] [Darkness reigns for the Reel King.]