[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The camera’s follow backstage, the room where Kaito once held his family Katana now dark and dreary. A few small cracks of light reveal what the darkness is hiding. It’s Kaito, and his Katana is in hand.]

“Watashi wa totemo fumeiyodatta. (I was so dishonorable.)”

[Be bows his head, ashamed of himself as he unsheathes the blade, watching it glint with the few strands of light showing on it.]

“Watashi wa okubyōmonodeshita. Watashi wa watashi ni haji o motarashita- (I was a coward. I have brought shame to my-)”

[Kaito is cut off as light is forced into the room, the lights forced on as a voice rolls over the room. Kaito turns from his spot, his solemn expression soon turned to anger. Standing in the doorway was the Elder, the behemoth Sala standing behind him.]

“Have I interrupted your bowing to Allah’s will? Shall I stay or should I allow you to finish spilling your infidel blood for us?”

[Kaito sneers as he stands up, his katana fully drawn and held towards the duo.]

“You two. You have come here to gloat, ne?” [Kaito’s eyes are stuck in an icy glare as he stares daggers through Salah and the Elder.] [The Elder chuckles, shaking his head.] “We simply wanted to thank you for doing Allah’s work. You helped us get our contract, and I decided I would pay a visit to the… I believe a puppet is what they called you, that did as I said.”

[Kaito’s face turns ever red as The Elder speaks. He grits his teeth, sizing up Salah as he holds the blade in hand.]

“So, I believe your name was Kaito, I suppose I should allow you to finish this little ceremony. One less infidel is one less obstacle in our way.”

[The Elder turns to leave, Kaito at his breaking point as he LEAPS AT THE ELDER WITH HIS SWORD IN HAND! SALAH GRABS THE BLADE, HE GRABS THE BLADE! The monster that is Maaz Azim Salah doesn’t even flinch when the blade slices him, he lunges forward and grabs Kaito by his throat, lifting him overhead and slamming him against a wall, dropping him to the floor in a heap. Kaito is quick to his feet, but the tables have turned as now Salah has the blade. The elder chuckles, moving towards Kaito, Salah acting as a wall between the two.]

“For a man who was so ready to end it not but a few moments ago, you’re so full of life. Put that fight to use and I might just find time to welcome you as a follower.” [The Elder chuckles again, walking away from the cornered Kaito.] “Salah, follow along, and bring the blade. I don’t think our friend has any use for it now.” [Kaito tries to stop Salah, but with the katana to his throat he can only watch as the behemoth backs away.] [The scene fades out with Kaito slumped against the wall, a trickle of blood on his neck from where the blade was held.] [Manson and Kaito have been at one another’s throats for weeks, and there seems to be no love lost between the two today. The same could be said for Mother and Maaz Azim Salah. He looks at her with disdain, likely believing a wrestling ring is no place for a woman, but this is no ordinary woman….] [Kaito stands across the ring from Salah who is getting a huge amount of heat from the crowd. He turns to them and starts screaming something in Arabic at them. Kaito takes advantage and sprints at the turned back of Salah, leaps, and gets nailed with a THROAT CHOP as Salah turned just in time. Kaito lands hard to the canvas holding his throat. Salh reaches down and pulls Kaito up by the hair. He throws him across to the ropes and follows, as Kaito rebounds… RUNNING BIG BOOT! Kaito is nearly beheaded! He stands with a foot across Kaito’s chest… One… Two… Thr…. Kickout! Salah rips Kaito back to his feet and tosses him into the corner. Salah goes to the far corner and runs towards Kaito…. FIDDAH!! Running Splash…… but Kaito moved! Salah slams chest first into the turnbuckle, stumbles quickly out and… KTFO!! Desperation kick to the head! Both men drop! The ref counts to 7 before both men make diving tags!] [Manson and Mother both rush into the ring and duck under running punches from one another, but Manson turns back and is nailed by a spinning back fist. He stumbles and Mother hits a SNAP SUPLEX! She runs to the top turnbuckle… MOONSAULT!! No one is home! She lands hard to her stomach as Manson rolls to his feet. He just as quickly drops back down and locks in an ANACONDA VISE!! Mother is in pain, but she doesn’t scream out. Instead she reaches out for the ropes, can’t get them, but Salah kicks Manson in the head breaking the hold. The ref pushes Salah back. Manson pulls Mother to her feet and … SHE SPRAYS BLACK MIST IN HIS EYES!] [Manson drops to his knees and… HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! One… Two… THREE….NO!! Kickout! Mother can’t believe it and stares a hole through the referee. She walks towards him forcing him to retreat, but as she passes, a blind tag from Salah! Salah enters the ring and waits for Manson to climb to his feet, he runs at Manson…. KATF! But Manson ducks! UNSPOKEN WORDS! Spike DDT! Mother enters to break it up, but the ref stops her. Manson covers, but Kaito pulls him to his feet… TODOME DA!! Kaito flips Salah over Manson. The ref finally turns around… One… Two… THREE!!] [Kaito strikes back! He costs his team a victory, but he doesn’t seem to care as Manson is laid out in the ring. Salah and Mother get the victory!]

“But boss….”

“Can it, will ya? I’ve had enough but from you today!”

[A door swings open, slamming against a wall and shattering glass! All the thirsty patrons inside look up to see the intruders….. before looking down.]

“Alright, who was it?”

[Silhouetted by the glow of streetlights, Marvolo, jr. and Rodrigo step into the dank dive and–

“Holy smokes! The big one’s naked!”

[A drunkard exclaims!]

“Easy, everyone. He’s harmless…”

[Junior points to himself.] [… but this is Big Trouble.] [The bar quiets; Junior stands strategically in front of his taller associate.]

“We’re just here lookin’ for my friend’s pants.”

[Rodrigo’s embarrassed.]

“Anyone see a man with a mohawk, muscles and really nice slacks!”

“…….. There.”

[Rodrigo hesitantly points to a gargantuan man seated at the bar. Guzzling his liquor, he’s ignored everything; Junior hops up next to him.]

“Hey, blue beard? Ya gotta name?”

[The man takes another swig.]


“Well Rex, Marvolo, jr. asks you this: Did you take his pants?”

[Rex doesn’t answer; staring away, he motions for another mug…… He drinks.]

“I needed clothes.”

[Rex turns to Big Trouble; the size difference is astounding.]

“Ya got a problem with that?”

[Junior nods.]

“……….. Actually yeah. Just where are the rest of his clothes?”

[Rex stands, dwarfing Junior.]

“Too small.”

[With that, Rex callously knocks Junior to the dirty floor! He eyes Rodrigo as he makes his leave.]

“……. Um, boss?”

[Junior pulls himself up.]

“Nuh uh! Marvolo, jr. ain’t doin’ this again! We’re Followin’ him!”

[Again, the bar quiets.]


[A female’s voice across a business phone intercom. There is a red light flashing on the panel. We spy an office. It’s richly decorated. Oceanside Vistas, waterfalls, and autumn landscapes grace the paintings on the wall. A rather comfortable looking leather sofa rests against one wall next to a sliding glass door. As we continue panning around the room, we spot a dark haired man with a beard sitting behind a desk. He is absent-mindedly playing with a small action figure. Is that… it’s a Marvolo figure! He seems a thousand miles away in his head. We see all this in a split second.]

“Mrs. Wolfson is on line one. She wants to schedule an emergency appointment. Something about her husband and the neighbor woman…”

[The doctor (we assume) doesn’t seem to have heard her. He kicks out one leg of “Marvolo” as though he is punting an opponent. No response for the secretary… oh, I forgot, we’re all P.C. now… the administrative assistant.]

“Doctor Panax? Did you hear me?”

[Nothing from the doctor. He drops the Marvolo figure, and gets a disgusted expression on his face.]

“Why did you have to go, number one? You were my favorite….”

[A deep sigh.]


[Still nothing. A few seconds pass, and the door opens. The secre….. assistant…. pokes her head in. She’s middle aged. Homely.]

“Spencer? Earth to Spencer?”

[The doctor finally looks up.]

“Huh? What’s up, Midge?”

[Midge looks quizzically at the doctor.]

“Mrs. Wolfson… she’s on the phone about her…”

“Oh, right. Her husband and the neighbor again. I’ll get it, just give me a minute.”

[She looks at him again. She walks out, looking worried, but before she closes the door, she turns back.]

“Are you okay, Spencer? You haven’t seemed yourself lately.”

[He seems to have slipped away again. Then he snaps back.]

“Yeah, yeah, Midge. I’m fine. Let me grab this call.”

“Okay, Doc.” [She seems doubtful.] “Okay.”

“Trust me; I’m fine. Now, let me get to Mrs. Wolfson before she thinks I’m sleeping with her husband.”

[He flashes a charming smile. She seems content and closes the door. He stares at the phone for a minute. He reaches out….and grabs the Marvolo figure. He stands up, and opens the sliding door, and walks out. Our view goes back to the phone…. the red light flashes. Poor Mrs. Wolfson.] [Rex plays to the crowd, flexing and flaunting as Evil Ash stews in the corner. The bell rings and Ash is off!] [Ash rushes out of the corner and catches the off guard Rex with a stiff boot to the back of the knee! Rex lands on one knee and Ash takes advantage of it, grabbing onto Rex and leaping forward with a headlock driver! Rex crashes face first into the canvas and Ash leaps on top of Rex and begins hitting harsh lefts and rights on the trapped waste-lander. Rex powers up, slowly but surely and he grabs hold of Ash who is still hammering away with blows. Rex drops in a BACKPACK STUNNER! Ash rolls off of Rex’s back his jaw hurting after that harsh blow.] [Rex taunts to the crowd again before grabbing a hold of Ash and lifting him overhead. He shows of his strength as he gorilla presses Ash before squatting with him! Ash doesn’t take kindly and he NAILS REX IN THE ELBOW WITH HIS OWN! The elbow buckles on Rex who drops Ash behind him. Ash hits a massive German suplex on Rex! Rex stumbles to his feet and Ash takes this time to show off his own power, pulling Rex into THE MALUM IRAE! The sitout crucifix poweromb nearly breaks Rex in half as Ash is not finished yet!] [This match is not going in Rex’s favor as Ash peels him off of the ground. Rex however seems done playing games as he shrugs off blow after blow from Ash! MASSIVE HEADBUTT FROM REX! Rex goes to town on Ash with boots, stopping only to peel Ash up and try for a suplex. Ash knees Rex in the forehead and stops him dead in his tracks! Another knee on the way down and Rex is dazed! Ash rushes the ropes spring boarding INTO THE HELL FIRE! Rex is laid out and Ash leaps on top, LOCKING IN THE DEADBITE! REX HAS TAKEN A BRUTAL BEATING AND HE CAN’T HOLD ON! HE TAPS! HE TAPS!] [Ash keeps hold of the Deadbite even after the bell has rung, taking pleasure in the pain he’s inflicting.] [With a giant grin on her face, Stephanie Rose marches down a hallway backstage. She has a big match ahead of her tonight, but for now she’s getting herself hyped up. At Damnation, she overcame Nevermore, and now the masked being is entirely out of the picture.] [Life is looking up for our bubbly redhead!] [Yet her day turns dark as a voice sings all around her.]

“It’s raining; it’s pouring.”

[Rose stops and looks around her, but the voice doesn’t appear to be emanating from anywhere specific. She brushes her hair back out of her face and sings back.]

“The old man is snoring.”

[She pauses into the silence, looking around. After a moment, she seems to be satisfied that she was just hearing things. Yet as she takes a step forward, something drips from the ceiling. The voice returns.]

“He went to bed and bumped his head, And didn’t wake up the next morning.”

[Gulping, Steph looks up to see what dripped down. She quickly gasps and steps back as she sees what is above her.]


[Her exclamation is warranted. For above her, nailed to the ceiling, is the ripped and shredded remains of Nevermore. His mask is obvious, and the eye holes are pure crimson, the blood dripping down to the concrete in front of Stephanie, who has her hand over her mouth. She takes a step back, turning to walk the other way.] [MOTHER!] [Stephanie backs away quickly, slipping in the puddle of blood as Mother advances towards her with a twisted grin.]

“My child, the darkness calls to you. Let Mother comfort your fears away.”

[Rose gets back to her feet with sudden movement, backing away blindly.]

“Well, umm…” [She stammers.] “I see, uhh… Mother? But I’ve got to get ready for my match right now. Maybe we can talk later. In the daylight?”

[Rose turns and walks away, holding it together as she turns the corner. Meanwhile, Mother grins as she watches her leave.] [This is not over.] [They say big things come in small packages; tonight, the World’s Most Interesting Midget tangles with the Savior of Wrestling himself! Will Marvolo, jr. prove to be Hero’s Kryptonite or will Chase run Junior’s chances straight into the ground?] [The bell rings and Marvolo, jr. immediately rushes Hero into a Schoolboy! One… NO! Chase kicks out; Junior with an Oklahoma Roll! One… NO! A Seatbelt Pin! One… Two… NO! Big Trouble busts out a La Magistral Cradle! One… Two… NO! Both rise; Chase looks for a Clothesline but it’s countered! Backsli– NO! Hero flips him over but gets caught with a Small Package! One… Two… NO! Junior rolls into a Jacknife but Hero floats onto his feet…. PILEDRIVER! He hooks the leg! One… Two… NO! The Real Number One just got the shoulder up!] [The crowd applauds both men as the Savior of Wrestling takes a more methodical pace….With Junior hanging against the ropes, Chase lights up the little guy’s chest with a SCINTILLATING CHOP! WOOO! That rocks the World’s Most Interesting Midget down to a knee…. Hero with a Running Knee Lift! SWINGING NECKBREAKER! He covers! One… Two… NO! Marvolo, jr. won’t stay down! Hero calls for the end! With his opponent struggling to stand, Chase measures him. Tension builds; the fans cheer anxiously….. Here it comes………. TALK TO THE– NO! Junior ducked! HERO GOT CROTCHED ON THE ROPES! Junior with a Springboard Arm Drag!] [Momentum quickly shifts as Junior unloads with Shin Kicks! FLYING HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! A Dropkick has Hero reeling…. JUNIOR WITH A ROPE-RUN TORNADO DDT! He covers him! One… Two… NO! Marvolo, jr. though quickly looks for the Ninth Wonder only to nearly take Hero’s Duty! He ‘Ranas Chase away, creating some distance. Junior then catches him coming with a Drop Toehold– BIG BULLDOG! Chase is staggered; Marvolo, jr. scrambles up the turnbuckles……. THE CRASHDOWN! HE’S GOT HIM! One…. Two…… NO! Junior’s stunned! He looks around for his next move and– TALK TO THE— NO! THE JUNIOR LOCK! Hero’s got nowhere to go…….. HE TAPS!] [After the match, Junior leaps to his feet only to quickly Face Bump back flat onto the mat! What an effort by Big Trouble! Hero’s braced against the corner, frustrated he tapped out…. The two opponents share an uncomfortable stare before both step forward; they shake hands.] [We once again find ourselves in the water logged underground of the Schoolyard. The lights of the main platform illuminate Evil Ash, the Deadite starring down into the water, the eerily clear liquid allowing him a crystal clear reflection as he reaches into the water, bringing it up and washing his eyes with it.]

“Damn holy water… I’m seeing things, aren’t I? I have to be.”

[As he says that, his reflection in the water ripples. In the ripple it changes, and staring back at Evil Ash is… Ashley Williams in all of his non Deadite glory. Evil Ash jolts back a bit, the reflection sneering at him.]

“I’m breaking out of this cage. I think you’re weak. I think Hero was right to think you couldn’t fight on your own. Especially if you’re letting the Asylum cage you up and control you!”

[Evil Ash shakes his head, opening his eyes to see the reflection still there.]

“Keep trying to hide from me, I’m still here. That holy water? It definitely opened your eyes because I’m on my way out!”

[Evil Ash sneers, not taking it anymore as he screams back at the water.] “You’re not me, you’re just a hallucination! I’m never going back to what you were! You were nothing!” [Evil Ash smacks the reflection, the water distorting and removing what he saw in the water. As he calms down, he hears water sloshing, turning around to be met by The Shark, the vicious man eater having stalked up to Ash.]

“Talking to yourself? This place echoes you know. Having a little… trouble with your thoughts?”

[Shark gets close to Evil Ash, looking over his shoulder at the water. Ash shakes his head.]

“It’s nothing. The holy water Lazarus threw is still messing with me I think. I should go scrub my eyes out more I think.”

[Ash stands up and vacates the area, leaving Shark to stare into the water. As soon as he hears Ash leave, Shark makes way to the far end of the underground, soon coming upon a small chest at the end. He opens it up to reveal The Necronomicon having been locked away, a note on top reading ‘In case of resurgence. Shark chuckles as he grabs it.]

“It will definitely be nothing when I get done fixing this… problem.”

[The scene fades out as Shark flips open the book, skimming over pages as he thumbs through it.] [After a bit of a break, VHS is back and we cut backstage to the catering area. A long table is laid out with a variety of foods. Most of the food on the table by now has been picked at and eaten and the table is beginning to get down the the last few morsels of food.] [It is here that we find Chase Hero, fresh off his match with Marvolo Jr. Still in his ring gear, he approaches the table and rubs his hands together, looking for something to refuel with in amongst the slim pickings. Shrugging his shoulders, he reaches out and takes a giant sized chicken drumstick from a giant sized plate in the centre of the table.

He holds the drumstick up, a frown forming on his face. Why would the entire spread be devoured down to the scraps but a drumstick that resembles a turkey leg? Shrugging his shoulders, Hero sinks his teeth in and tears off a rather large chunk. It is then that a shadow forms over him. A giant hand is placed on his shoulders, spinning Chase around.] [Hero’s eyes meet the man’s chest, then he cranes his neck to look up. The look of anger on Thunk’s face speaks a thousand words. It is enough to make the Savior swallow what remaining chicken he is chewing.]

“Thunk chicken…” [The big man states simply, though in his eyes one can tell he is mere seconds from exploding.] [There are only two passions that Thunk has in this world… Hunting and eating. Chase, having ruined Thunk’s pre-match feed, seems set to find out exactly what happens when you get between a giant and his food. Sheepishly, he holds the chicken up as a small peace offering, indicating that he wasn’t aware. With a frying pan-like hand, Thunk swats it across the room.]

“You eat Thunk chicken? Silly man…” [Thunk grabs Chase by the throat with both hands and lifts him up off the ground.] “THUNK SMASH!”

[The big man tosses Chase Hero into the air and through the catering table, watching as leftover sandwiches and grapes fly in all directions. The big man then calmly retrieves the chicken leg and stuffs it into Hero’s barely conscious mouth.]

“You finish chicken. Silly man.”

[Without his pre-match feed, Thunk trudges off down the hallway in the direction of the ring, ready for his upcoming match.] [Step right up boys and girls, and witness the wild man of the jungle clash with the circus’ own, Mr. Freakshow! Will Thunk smash or will Alistair Huxley have this beast leaping through a hoop of fire?] [The match starts with Thunk staring curiously at Huxley from across the ring. Still flanked by his traveling band of misfit malcontents, Alistair smiles like cat who just ate the canary. The man raised by wolves steps forward; Fluffy cuts him off. The two mastodons glare at one another, forcing the referee to separate them and– FALL OF THE ACROBAT! Huxley’s trying to steal it! One… Two… NO! Thunk powers out; Mr. Freakshow quickly hits LEFREAK! He hooks the leg! One… NO! The ringleader’s agog, eying Thunk excitedly….. The rest of the Greatest Show Unearthed scatter.] [With the ring emptied, Alistair’s careful about his next move. Thunk rises….. Huxley’s smile reaches ear to ear; he cackles to himself while his much larger and stronger opponent comes nearer…….. Wait! CIRQUE DU TOR–NO! Thunk doesn’t go down! Alistair tries to wrap around him like a Boa Constrictor but Thunk just cradles him like a crazed child…….. BIG ONE-ARM POWERBOMB! Huxley’s PLANTED into the mat! “DEAD PREEEYY!!” Thunk calls for it, quickly muscling Mr. Freakshow onto his back and……….. DEAD PREY! Thunk holds him against the canvas! One… Two… NO! Huxley gets the shoulder up! Thunk’s brow furrows….] [The King of the Jungle watches quietly as Alistair starts to pick himself up. Thunk goes to grab him with his mitts and– NO! Alistair contorts away; Thunk’s caught off guard! WHIP CRACK! But Thunk just pulls right back to his feet! The Missing Link gets a Big Boot! LARAIT! Alistair gets turned inside out! Thunk’s snarling……… “THUNK SMAAAAASSHH!!” The fans come alive as Thunk calls for the end and– WAIT! Fluffy hops onto the apron! NO! Thunk CLUBS him away….. DRAGON’S BREATH! Thunk’s blinded by the SEARING FLAMES! He drops to canvas– CLOWN CAR! HUXLEY’S GOT THE ROPES! One… Two…. THREE!] [The bell rings and Huxley flees to the floor! Thunk stands, smoke encircling his enraged face. He wipes the ash from his eyes as the freaks rejoice! The referee raises Alistair’s arm; the ringleader stole another one!] [The cameras begin rolling in the backstage area. The arena is near for the excited stirring of the crowd echoes from a distance.] [As we spin, taking in the open corridor just beyond the arena entrance we come rest upon the chiseled frame of the Skull Splitter.] [Viktor North stands in still silence; an intense glare covering his face as he stares down at the VHS championship belt which is held tight in his hands.] [Suddenly, “Skull Splitter” by Battlecry roars out from the loudspeakers and the crowd comes to life with a mixed response of cheers and jeers all of it prompting North to snap his head forward and proceed towards the curtain as he lets out a growl.]

“Tell me Viktor…”

[From the shadows of the arena entryway a muffled voice presents itself. Viktor North pauses; an irritated scowl escaping his depths.]

“Do the Norsemen legends allow for the blessing of divine intervention?”

[With that, none other than Lazarus steps out from the shadows with North still staring ahead; frustration spewing from his pores for the disruption to his current goal.]

“A Norsemen god does not give gifts to undeserving fools who hope to live forever!” [North scoffs.]

“But can they use unworthy flesh…” [Softly Lazarus speaks as he approaches North from the side.] “to do their will?”

[North slowly turns his head; his near lifeless stare falling upon Lazarus.]

“Your irrelevant god will not deliver me into your hands, Christian!”

[A smile slowly forms on the lips of Lazarus and he speaks in a somewhat condescending tone.]

“Let us hope not!”

[Viktor lets out a snort of resentment before finishing with his could be opposition and moving forward once again in an effort to get to his upcoming title contest, but before he can exit…]

“The VHS Championship; however, might be a different story.”

[The Skull Splitter halts again; this time trembling in anger with his chest heaving in deep breaths. His focus gets the best of him as he shakes his head with a grunt, purging the words of Lazarus from his mind before continuing on into the arena.] [We fade on the confident smile of The Phoenix.] [The Champions make their way to the ring, but Alistair Huxley has not gone anywhere as he grins from the sidelines. The Dead keeps a wary eye on him as he goes nose-to-nose with Viktor North.] [The bell sounds as the Rewind Champion is set to go one-on-one with the VHS Champion. The aforementioned strikes first as North doesn’t even flinch. He strikes with one of his own, but The Dead doesn’t even budge! The two look at each other curiously before engaging in a barrage of strikes! Rights are being exchanged as neither man is resisting. Finally, it appears that The Dead has gotten the advantage as North staggers backwards. The Dead circles before nailing a discus clothesline to take the VHS Champion to the mat. He leaps onto the Skull Splitter and begins working on doing just that to him.] [It’s then that he notices Alistair Huxley standing beside ring banging on the mat in support. The Dead takes his eyes off the ball just long enough as North manages to crawl out of the way. The Dead realizes this as he turns to see an STO taking him to the floor. The Skull Splitter lifts up Dead before hitting a body slam and climbing up to the top rope. He drags a thumb across his throat before leaping off for a double stomp right across the chest of The Dead. He yanks him to the center of the ring and goes for a pinfall. One…Two…KICKOUT!] [Viktor North pulls him to his feet, but The Dead hits a European uppercut to catch him off guard. He kicks North in the gut before whipping him into the ropes. He comes back and The Dead catches him right in the chest with a big boot! North staggers back, bounces off the top rope and comes back with a roaring elbow! The shot catches him right on the nose as he staggers backwards. Viktor North hits the ropes and leaps forward for GUNGNIR! The Dead is able to dodge to the side as the spear-like move misses. Viktor North gets to his feet but The Dead wraps up his arms. THE DEATH RATTLE! Viktor North slumps down to the mat as The Dead rolls him up. One…Two…THREE!] [The Dead wins as the referee hands him his Rewind Championship, but he darts out of the ring and nails Fluffy with the title. Alistair begins laughing as he walks backwards. The Dead begins the chase as they disappear into the backstage area.] [Starlight pierces the inky night, as two gloved-hands grip the handlebars of a roaring motorcycle.]

“Keep up, boys.”

[Rex‘s chopper blazes into the distance. He glances under his goggles at the rattling Pinto trailing him.]

“C’on, stay with him! How can a guy that big be so hard to follow?”

“But boss….”

Marvolo, jr. and Rodrigo argue until Rex parks. He dismounts his hog, staring into the desert’s diamond sky atop a sharp cliff.]

“You can stop now.”

[The pair leave their vehicle; Rex keeps his back to them. Thankfully, Rodrigo’s wearing clothes.]

“Ya knew, huh?” [Scoffs.] “Listen, when ya talk to Big Trouble, ya do it face-to-face!”

[A moment passes. Rex turns, stepping over to Junior. He strokes his turquoise beard with a hard sneer.]

“Big Trouble? You don’t know the half of it.” [Wind howls.] “Do ya think I picked him just ’cause we share shoe sizes? This is bigger than that.”

[Junior listens; Rex glares at him.]

“When you look into the sky, what do you see?” [He points to Polaris] “Well what I see is your past. I see your smug mug smirkin’ at us!” [He eyes Rodrigo.] “I see a little man who reached for the stars…….” [He balls his fists.]

“And cost us EVERYTHING!!”

[Suddenly Rex hurls Rodrigo over the bluff! Junior’s stunned! Mouth agape, he frantically scans the valley for his friend!”


[With that, Rex scorches far away into the night…..] [Our Main Event of VHS is right now!] [The bell sounds and all four competitors circle, Stephanie Rose looking very nervous. The Shark lunges at Lazarus, attacking him with a right hand. Jeckel meanwhile dives in too, kicking him to the mid-section. Rose rushes over, but Shark turns and stops her in her tracks. She steps backwards, gulping, only Lazarus fights back. He clobbers Shark across the back of the head with a right hand, delivering a left to Jack Jeckel for good measure.] [He comes out of the corner and into a Hip Toss by Rose, who catches him unawares. She turns to meet him again, but Jeckel is there, grabbing her by the hair and forcibly slamming her to the canvas. She bounces off and rolls away, Jack running at Lazarus but walking into a Leg Sweep. ‘The Phoenix’ rolls away, walking into a knee lift by The Shark. The action is faced paced as Shark runs him head first into the turnbuckle. He turns around, meeting Rose who catches him in a Jawbreaker.] [Stephanie gets back to her feet and is turned around by Jack. ‘The Juggalo’ slaps her brutally across the face, not once but twice, dragging her into a Snap Suplex. The fans boo as he gets back to his feet, kneeling just in time to be caught by a huge Shining Wizard! That gets a cheer from the crowd since Shark has delivered it. He covers… One…. Two…. Lazarus breaks up the near fall! Back and forth this one goes, Shark attacking Lazarus as he gets back to his feet. The brutality of his strikes sends The Phoenix stumbling backwards into the ropes. He sends him across the ring, leaping into the air. Hurricanranna! NO! Lazarus slams him down with a Powerbomb!] [He drops into the cover… One…. Two… Rose breaks up the near fall! They both get back to their feet, Stephanie whipping him into the ropes and leaping with a Forearm Smash that doesn’t quite take him off his feet. Jack Jeckel meanwhile is back up. He turns Lazarus around, kicks him low and… JACK IN THE BOX! NO! Lazarus moves, letting Jack stomp the canvas. Rose grabs him by the head quickly and runs him up the ropes… ACID DROP! FULL BLOOM! NO!! Jack launches her off into a Seated Senton taking down The Phoenix! She pops straight back up and FINISH HER! RUNNING SHARK HEADBUTT!] [‘The Great White’ turns around to see Jack Jeckel, who scoops him up and THE HATCHET! HE NAILS HIM! He quickly covers, looking to become number one contender…. One….. Two….. Three! NO! LAZARUS BREAKS IT UP! Boy, that was close. The Phoenix gets back to his feet along with The Juggalo. They trade right hands, only Rose is in behind on Jack and Shark, he rolls up Lazarus. DUEL COUNTS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! NO! DOUBLE KICK OUT! That was even closer! All four spring away from the near pinfall attempt, getting back to their feet. Stephanie ducks underneath a Clothesline by The Shark, grabbing him by the head and FULL BLOOM! ACID DROP TO THE GREAT WHITE! He slams face first into the canvas!] [In the meantime, Lazarus with a SUPERKICK! DARK WISH TO JACK JECKEL! He doesn’t cover, turning around to see Stephanie who snaps him with a DEEP ARM DRAG… ROLLING CRUCIFIX… THORN TO BE WILD! ONE…… TWO…… THREE!!! NO!!!! NO!! Lazarus somehow kicks out! They both roll away from the pinfall and get back to their feet, only The Phoenix is quicker off the mark, nailing her with a Dark Wish! He drops into the cover… One…… Two….. Three! Lazarus is going to Red Snow to face Viktor North for the VHS Championship!] [The sound of heavy panting is heard as The Dead is spotted emerging from the darkness. His eyes dart left and right until he moves around a corner.] [The darkness is instantly evaporated as flashing neon lights illuminate the area joined quickly by the sound of carnival music plays.] [His eyes peer through his facepaint with disgust and intrigue. He slowly walks through the carnival as he clutches at his head.] [These sights and sounds are not unfamiliar to him. As he crosses to the large rings in the center of the tent, the sound of a roar catches him off guard. Standing beside him is a large lion wearing a hat and a frilled neckpiece around his mane.]

“Hello, my little Painkiller! Don’t mind Leon, unless you’ve come back to feed him yourself?”

[The Dead turns to the source of the voice to find Alistair Huxley hanging upside down from the tight wire with his legs interlocked around the rope.]

“Come down here, Ali. You think I came here to play fucking games with you?”

[Alistair’s smile turns into a frown as he’s still hanging upside down.]

“You come to my circus, on the day of my lion’s birthday, and tell me to come down off the tight wire?”

[The Dead folds his arms to which Alistair just mimics this.]

“This is your home, Painkiller. I told you that much when we first met. You may feel angry with me for the damage I inflicted at Damnation, but did you really FEEL anything?”


“No, exactly. I only want them to see you for marvelous abilities, Painkiller. I want them to revere you for the FREAKSHOW you are.”

[As he says these words, Fluffy comes from the shadows wielding a large folding chair in his hand. The Dead manages to evade the shot as he kicks him into the lion. The lion leaps over Fluffy and charges for The Dead.] [THE FINAL BREATH… TO A LION?!] [The lion groans as he falls to the ground. The Dead walks over to Fluffy and places his boot upon the head of Fluffy.]


[Mr. Freakshow is quiet for a moment as he considers it.]


“Get down here or I will STOMP Fluffy’s head into nonexistence!”

“No, you won’t.”

[The Dead seems taken aback by this as he staggers backwards. He looks at his own hands in mystery.]

“Wha-what do you mean I won’t?!”

[An eerie grin crosses the face of Alistair Huxley.]

“You’re a good act, my little Painkiller, and I know you know better than to go against direct orders from your ringmaster.”

“You… what have you done to me?”

“Oh nothing, Painkiler. Next week, you will learn the benefits of our alignment as you follow my lead.”

[The silence is deafening.]

“Now, you have a choice. Get in your cage or GET OUT OF MY TENT!”

[The Dead staggers back as his confusion seems to be growing by the moment. A close up of Alistair is shown as he grins.]

“My little Painkiller, one step closer to my perfect act.”