[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The scene fades in from black, the first thing revealed to the crowd being that of Evil Ash, the Asylum member having been chained down to a table in the middle of a large room. A mirror is held up above him. He looks into the mirror to see the reflection of the real Ash staring back at him.]

“What’s the matter? You just gonna let them keep you chained up? Pathetic.”

“You are the pathetic one. You’re the one who’s trapped-”

“Shut it!” [Ash yells at the Deadite.] “I’m the one in control aren’t I? You’re listening, and there’s nothing that’s gonna stop me from taking back over.”

[The Deadite struggles against the chains, frantically attempting to escape his bonds when footsteps stop him in his tracks. He looks over to the side to see the Shark entering the room.] [In his hands? The Necronomicon… and a blade.]

“Shark, what are you doing? Let me go!”

[Shark shushes Ash, moving close and opening the book, mumbling a few phrases from it which makes Evil Ash violently lurch and tug against his restraints before calming down, his eyes now glowing slightly.]

“Oh Ash… you couldn’t hide anything from me you know. I’ve been watching you and I could smell the insubordination off of you. I could even taste the fear as you lied to my face about being okay. I’ve been instructed to make sure that this fear I taste doesn’t happen again.”

[Ash fights tries fighting against his bonds once more, this time much less aggressively and with much less will power than before. Shark opens the Necronomicon, the book opening to a page with an intricate symbol placed on it.]

“Allow me to drain this fear from you.”

[Shark PLUNGES THE KNIFE INTO ASH’S ARM! ASH’S ARM IS BLEEDING PROFUSELY! The discolored blood drips onto the page, the symbol glowing as it makes contact and forcing Ash’s eyes to glow more. As he stares into the mirror the reflection of the real Ash distorts until it forms into the twisted visage of Evil Ash. Evil Ash himself shaking and convulsing, coming to a rest with his eyes no longer glowing, his wound somehow gone as fast as it was made. Shark chuckles as he watches the blood fill the pages of the book.]

“Now be a good little inmate and repeat after me: I am a destroyer, I am a weapon, I will do as I am told.”

“I am a destroyer, I am a weapon, I will do as I am told.” [Ash repeats it back, being almost out of body as he does so. Shark removes his shackles and lower’s the mirror, allowing it to sit parallel to a wall as he allows Ash to leave.]

“Go and end Lazarus. Do it now.”

[Shark follows Evil Ash as he stomps from the room, the Deadite seemingly having no self control as he makes his way from the room.] [A hero walks into battle once more to fight the evil’s of this world, but he’ll soon learn some evil’s aren’t as clear as they seen, as OSW looks to reintroduce the slimy Frank Harrison into the world of professional wrestling. Can Harrison begin his success all over again or will the Hero we Deserve stop him before he can even start?] [The bell sounds as Chase is distracted by one of the secret service on the outside, turning right into a massive right hand by Harrison who ties Chase up in the ropes, running to the opposite side before delivering a massive knee lift that causes Hero to double over. Harrison pulls Chase up, dragging his face over the ropes as the referee warns him before Frank lifts Chase up into the air, dropping him to the canvas with a Vertical Suplex] [Chase gets to his feet, holding his back in pain but he blocks a right haymaker, delivering one of his own that staggers Harrison. Harrison rushes forward, but a clothesline is ducked under as Chase delivers a big Bicycle Knee as Harrison turns around. Frank is out on his feet as Chase lifts him up, delivering a massive Piledriver that spikes Frank right onto his neck. Chase covers but the referee is disracted as one of the secret service jumps up onto the apron] [Chase goes to complain when he notices the other agent rushing into the ring. He tries for a clothesline but Chase ducks under, grabbing the agent from behind and snapping him down to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker. Hero gets up, LOW BLOW FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! Harrison nails Chase as he gets to his feet, backing up as he motions for the agent to get down, before motioning Chase to get to his feet. STAMP OF APPROVAL! Chase gets his lights dimmed with that shot as Harrison covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Harrison gets to his feet, that grin on his face as the secret service kick Chase out of the ring, allowing Harrison to celebrate before escorting him out, a victor in his debut] [There is little time for the dust to settle post match, as the sounds of ‘Jungle Music’ cut through the celebrations. The hulking figure of Thunk soon appears at the top of the steps and makes his way toward the ring, bounding down the large steps with ease.

Not wanting any part of this, Harrison makes himself scarce and leaves Thunk’s primary target alone in the ring with the Wildman approaching fast. Chase Hero doesn’t run, he doesn’t hide. He arms himself with a microphone and starts swinging his verbal jabbing as soon as Thunk steps over that top rope.]

“Hold up there big guy.” [Hero holds out his hand to stop Thunk, pressing it to the oversized chest of the Jungle King.] “Okay, so I took your damned chicken. I get it, never get between Tarzan and his food. Do you really think coming down here to finish the uncalled-for assault you started last week is necessary?”

[Thunk turns his head sideways, listening and trying to process what Hero is saying. His head lowers to his chest like a schoolboy being told off by his mother.]

“Thunk come here to say… Thunk sorry.”

[This wasn’t quite the reaction that Chase was expecting. He opens his mouth to speak but no retort finds its voice. Thunk fills the silence.]

“Silly little Hero Man eat Thunk chicken, Thunk get mad and break table with silly little Hero Man’s skull. Thunk bad? Little Hero Man accept Thunk sorry?”

[Chase finally finds his voice, with a shake of his head.]

“Your apology is… NOT accepted.” [There is fire in his voice.] “You can’t go round throwing people through tables and expecting them to simply forgive and forget…”

[Thunk interjects.]

“Why not? Thunk not kill Little Hero Man… Just hurt little bit.”

[Again, Chase shakes his head.]

“You’re a danger to all of us… You and your uncontrolled animalistic rage. This is what happens when management has a wonderful idea to increase our ratings by hiring savages. It makes the true wrestlers unsafe.

So… I’ve decided that I’m not going to stand for it. Chase Hero is the Savior of Wrestling, and I am personally going to make sure that you, you uncivilised neanderthal, learn some damned manners. I am going to be the Savior to the Uncivilised and show you how to behave yourself. Then, maybe you will be able to walk around here without accidentally killing anybody.”

[Thunk still looks at Chase a little sideways, a slightly puzzled look on Hero’s face.]

“Little Hero Man teach Thunk? What if Thunk not want learn?”

[Chase simply smiles.]

“Then I will personally see to it that 2017 becomes a Thunk-free year and you are send on the first flight back to wherever the hell you came from. Thunk understand?”

[Thunk nods, only once, but enough to know that he caught the gist of what his new teacher was saying. How Chase Hero planned on teaching Thunk culture and manners, is anybody’s guess.] [The demise of his brother still in the back of his mind, despite defending himself against the Gods a few weeks ago, Jack finds himself being looked into once more, this time by a much more psychological mind. Will Jack refuse the treatment or for the Boogieman, is the Good Doctor In?] [The bell sounds as both men come out swinging, Jack getting the earlier advantage with his power as he punishes Panax with a series of rights and lefts, finishing with a punishing European Uppercut that sends Panax down to one knee as Jake backs up before nearly taking the good doctor’s head off with a massive Big Boot. Jeckel pulls Panax up to his feet, flipping him over with an underhook suplex but Panax manages to land on his feet and as Jack turns around, nearly takes his head off with a massive spinning wheel kick] [Jack stumbles to his feet right into a leaping knee to the jaw that stuns him as Panax lifts him up high before spiking him into the mat with a Brainbuster. Panax doesn’t cover, instead turning Jack over as he begins to rain down knees upon his unprotected head but he barely gets a few shots in before Jack swings forward with a wild right hook that puts Panax on his ass, allowing Jack to get free] [Jack gets to his feet, walking right into the ANTI-ALIGNMENT! CROSS ARMBREAKER! Jack struggles on the mat, Panax pulling back with all his might to try and force him to tap out but Jack manages to get to his feet, lifting Panax up high who still has the armbreaker on, MODIFIED BOOGEYMAN BOMB! Panax goes down hard as Jack backs up, JACK IN…ANOTHER LEAPING KNEE! Jack’s on his knees completely dazed as Panax backs up, EUTHANASIA! That running knee knocks the Boogieman out cold as Panax covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Boogieman’s luck goes from bad to worse as he falls victim to the Good Doctor in his very first match, Jeckel put up a great fight but Panax was too slick for him in the end] [The doors suddenly burst open.] [The first thing we witness is two suited bodyguards storm the locker room, hands on ear pieces as they search the entire place. Seated on a bench is Cody Greer, looking rather ticked off by their presence.]

“It’s all clear, send in the Congressman.”

[The other guard quickly taps him on the shoulder.] “Charles, don’t forget the music.”

[He fumbles around in his pocket for his cell phone, pulling it out in a hurry. Before Harrison can enter the room, ‘The Grand Old Flag’ plays.] [It isn’t long before The Congressman steps into the locker room, a big smile on his face. He stands between his guards, flashing that trademark Politician Smile.]

“Mr. Greer, I presume?” [he asks.]

“Stand when you’re addressed by the Congressman,” [Benson says, demanding his attention.] [Cody stays right where he is.]

“It’s fine Benson, it’s fine. Mr. Greer, I understand that this evening, you fight to keep America safe – one hoodlum at a time,” [Harrison says proudly, giving him a big thumbs up.] “And believe me when I say, you’re doing this country a great service. In fact, I would like to commission you to help me make this country great again.”

“What’s in it for me?” [Greer asks sternly.] [Charles kicks him.] “You address him as Sir.”

[That finally gets a rise out of Greer, who stands straight up, ready to fight. Harrison is quick to interrupt.]

“Please Gentlemen, let’s remain calm. Mr. Greer, if you were to work for me, there would be enormous benefits. There would be financial gain, plenty of nefarious terrorists of the United States to defeat and all the opportunities you could ever wish for. All you have to do is one tiny thing, okay?”

[Greer looks at him.] [Harrison closes in, his face suddenly darkening as he becomes more sinister.]

“Curbstomp that nigger back to the slave-age.”

[The lighting suddenly returns to normal, Harrison straightening out his tie.] [Cough.] “Give that young man a beating of a lifetime. Make it so that when you’re done, he contemplates seeing the error of his ways.”

[Frank offers a handshake, Benson and Charles leaning in to make sure they keep him safe as Greer contemplates it. Finally, he reaches out, shaking The Congressman’s hand.]

“If there’s one thing I’m in the business of, it’s breaking necks and cashing cheques. You had better get your chequebook out, Mr. Congressman, because business is going to be good.”

[Both men smile as the scene comes to a close.] [Marvolo, jr. waits impatiently in the ring as Rex lumbers into the Schoolyard. The mohawked marauder from another time steps– WAIT! TOPE CON HILO FROM BIG TROUBLE! THIS FIGHT IS ON!] [Junior unloads on Rex! THE BELL HASN’T EVEN RUNG YET! The little guy beats Rex down with everything he has, scurrying up the apron…. Diving Hurricanerana! He then hammers his enemy more, looking for an Irish Whip– NO! Rex launches him onto his shoulders, pressing him up and heaving Junior over the top! Rex enters the ring, the bell sounds and Big Trouble dishes out the Shin Kicks! He chops Rex down to a knee…. BASEMENT DROPKICK TO THE FACE! He covers! One… NO! Rex powers out; Junior’s right back on him! HE’S LOOKIN’ FOR THE JUNIOR LOCK!] [Rex however stands his ground, swatting Marvolo, jr. away! BIG LARI– NO! Junior catches Rex’s arm, slinging around into a Cradle! One… NO! Rex kicks out and catches a Flying Crossbody into a POWERSLAM! He covers! One…. Two…… NO! Junior stays alive! The fans chant for the Real Number One when Rex yanks his opponent up into a Torture Rack! THE REXISTENTIAL CRISIS! He cranks down on Big Trouble’s entire body; the referee checks on little Luchador……. Rex’s got all the leverage! WILL HE TAP? Rex DEMANDS the referee ask him and — NO! Junior counters with a Swinging DDT!] [Rex works to rise as Big Trouble stands…………. and then Face Bumps! The fans chuckle as the turquoise-tinged titan MUSCLES Marvolo, jr. into the corner. He aims to take his head off; Junior ducks! He fires away with shots before getting shoved back. Big Trouble side-steps him– SPRINGBOARD BLOCKBUSTER! He scrambles to the top………. THE CRASHDO— NO! Rex catches him! He props him onto his shoulders….. Wait! Is that Rodrigo limbing to the ring? Rex’s attention is diverted, dumping Junior to the mat. Rodrigo climbs onto the apron; Rex grabs him and– NO! JUNIOR WITH THE NINTH WONDER! He covers! One… Two… THREE!] [The bell rings and Marvolo, jr. rises victoriously! He embraces his portly friend; both happily kicking Rex out of the ring. THE REAL NUMBER ONE DID IT!] [Backstage, Marvolo, jr. and Rodrigo are celebrating Big Trouble’s victory, hollering and spraying champagne all over each other!]

“What did Marvolo, jr. tell ya, buddy? That time-traveling Tithead didn’t stand a chance! He ain’t the Number One Contender! He ain’t The Real Number One! Why, he–”


[Off screen, a man clears his throat. Junior peers over his shoulder; the man smiles.]

“Sorry to interrupt your, uh….. party, gentleman. I just couldn’t help overhearing you. I’m Dr. Spencer Panax. How do you do? Here’s my card.”

“Pleased to me ya. [Hands the card to Rodrigo] Waddya want?”

“Well actually, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I think you need help, and I want to help. [Junior squints.] “Ya see, I happen to know for certain you’re not The Real Number One. That was what you said, right?”

“The Real Number One doesn’t stutter!”

“See? Right there; there’s your problem! And it’s not your fault. Mental illness is insidious….. Ya only see it too late.” [Stares into the distance] “Believe me, I wish you were him, but you’re not. [Light glints off his sunglasses] You couldn’t be. Delusions of grandeur are dangerous, sir. Let me help you.”

“Why you–”

“You have my card. [Goes to turn; stops] Oh, but please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t take appointments…. I make them.” [Leans in] “Next week, the doctor will see you.” [Snaps back] “But until then, enjoy your party, gents! Remember, I’m here to help!”

[The Good Doctor then politely waves as he makes his exit; Big Trouble is fuming. Junior takes a swig of champagne, snatching the card from Rodrigo!]

“Well, we’ll just see about that! [Reads] Dr. Feel Good? The Real Number One doesn’t like the sound of that…”

[VHS rookies Trayvon Steele and Cody Greer make their debut tonight! The Super Predator’s already in the ring when Cody steps into the School Yard, flanked my Harrison’s righthand men.] [The match starts Greer powering into a Collar-Elbow Tieup as the Agents watch from ringside. Steele gets a Waist-Lock and Heel Trip; Cody wrestles to his feet. He gets a few shots in, Irish Whipping Trayvon before the Super Predator rebounds with an Arching Boot! Greer swings for a Clothesline; Steele side-steps and– HEY! On the floor, Benson grabbed Trayvon’s ankle! Cody takes advantage, battering his opponent into the corner! He charges but Steele dodges! Reverse Chokeslam? NO! Cody elbows out… Powerbomb? NO! Steele slips into a Sunset Flip! One.. Two… NO! Both rise; Greer blindsides him!] [Cody Greer is NOT happy! He violently stomps the piss out of Trayvon; the referee’s forced to pull him off! HEY! Charles is Choking Steele against the bottom rope! The fans BOO! Cody now whips the Super Predator HARD across the hypotenuse of the ring! Trayvon crashes into the turnbuckle– GREER WITH A LARIAT! He covers! One… Two…. NO! Steele gets the shoulder up. The Agents carefully watch as Cody grinds his elbow across Trayvon’s nose! The Super Predator works to his feet, getting a Knee Lift and desperation Suplex! HE GETS A SAMOAN DROP! Greer’s left hanging over the bottom rope!] [OOOOOOOOooooooooohhhhh! DRIVE BY! Steele scrambles into a cover! One… Two… NO! Cody powers out! With Greer reeling, Trayvon calls for the end! Cody steadily rises into a kick, setting him up for…….. THE BARETTA! Steele rolls him into a cover! One… Two…. WAIT! Where’s the referee? The Agents have the official distracted! The Super Predator can’t believe it! He yanks Cody to his feet, hooking him up for– NO! Cody slips free, ROLLING INTO A SCHOOLBOY WITH TIGHTS! One… Two… NO! Trayvon rises– DITCH DIGGER! Greer steps back, readying himself. The Agents wait………………. PARA— NO! Steele catches him into SMALL PACKAGE! One… Two… THREE!] [The bell rings and both men bust out of the Cradle! The Agents stand idle; Cody’s SHOCKED! Trayvon staggers to his feet proudly as the referee raises his hand. What a debut!] [As both men slowly peel themselves from the canvas, Cody Greer is suddenly blindsided by The Super Predator. Benson and Charles quickly slide into the ring, but as they do, men wearing hoodies, balaclava’s and do-rags start rushing down the steps of the arena.] [Before you know it, Benson, Charles and Greer are being full on assaulted by numerous unidentified men as Steele directs traffic. He demands a microphone and starts spewing abuse at them.]

“Did you think I ain’t gonna come prepared, nigga?” [he screams, spitting everywhere with rage.] “Did you think I wasn’t gonna make a statement?”

[He slams his boot down on the head of Benson.]

“Where you at, Harrison?” [He yells to the back.] “Ain’t you gonna come and save America, nigga?”


“That’s what I thought, you little bitch. Now let the Super Predator make one thing clear to you; I ain’t no-bodies bitch. I’m here to do one thing and one thing only, that’s beat the fuck outta anyone who tries to hold me back or oppress me.”

[He points to Greer, Benson and then Charles.]

“At Red Snow, if you mother fuckers want a piece of me, then you can have it. I’ll take on Greer and Harrison in a fuckin’ handicap match with your boys and mine at Ringside, Lumberjack style.”

[The fans cheer.]

“Cause you might have secret service and a hitman, boy, but I got hood niggas.”

[Steele throws the microphone down and celebrates with his boys, watching as Cody, Benson and Charles stir painfully beneath their feet.] [The Elder and Maaz Azim Salah are seated in an area in the backstage, the Elder admiring the Katana he had taken from Kaito not but a week before. He holds it up and chuckles, tossing it unceremoniously to the floor.]

“Such a silly weapon. It’s unsurprising that an infidel would let such a silly thing as pride dictate his life. I can bet that he will show up on my doorstep any moment looking for his precious weapon. However, the only blade he shall receive is the Sword of Allah. Is that understood?”

[Maaz nods his head, showing his devotion to the elder as he kneels to him. The Elder stands up and looks back at the blade he had just thrown to the ground.]

“And grab the blade will you? As silly as it is, we wouldn’t want that little source of Pride in the hands of it’s worthless owner now would we?”

[Maaz does as told, grabbing the blade and turning back to join The Elder. As the two look to leave the room, the door at the end of the hall opens, and the man who enters? None other than Kaito. Salah stands at the ready, but The Elder calls him off. Kaito looks different as he walks in, he almost looks defeated. The Black Dragon kneels to The Elder, almost shocking him as he looks down upon Kaito.]

“I thought about what you told me, ne? I realized I was wrong. I should not have tried to oppose you.”

[The room goes silent, the entire arena does as their is shock to Kaito’s words. He nods his head and looks up to The Elder.]

“I was an infidel, but I wish for you to help me. I will join you.”

[The Elder chuckles, shocked himself as he leans down to give a hand to Kaito.]

“I am surprised to see you give in so soon. But Allah will of course take another servant.”

[CHOP TO THE THROAT! THE ELDER CAN’T BREATHE AFTER THAT BLOW! KAITO WAS WAITING FOR THE PERFECT MOMENT TO STRIKE! The Black Dragon leaps at Maaz with a massive knee, staggering the giant and grabbing the blade. Both men enter a tug of war, Kaito getting slung around until he is tossed by the much larger man. However… Kaito was able to get the blade. With the offense on his side, Kaito looks to strike, but The Elder has already fled, Maaz carrying him away quickly as The Elder shouts orders in between gasps for breath. Kaito is left behind in the room, his blade in its rightful place by his side.]

“Watashi wa ato no koto to shite atsukawa remasen. Watashi wa itsumo tatakau tsumoridesu. (I will not be treated as an afterthought, I will always fight back.)”

[The scene comes to a close as Kaito holds his katana in hand, contemplating his next move.] [Lazarus circles in the ring while Evil Ash stands in the corner grinning like a ghoul. The bell rings and The Phoenix shoots in towards Ash who is prepared…] [Ash lifts a high knee to the face of Lazarus who tumbles to the mat. Evil Ash grabs the top ropes and begins to stomp a mudhole in Lazarus’ chest, though it seems slow… almost robotic.. Ash stops stomping and methodically pulls Lazarus up by the mask and shoves him into the corner. He hammers Lazarus with a flurry of hard strikes capped off by a leaping uppercut! SOUL RUSH!! Lazarus stumbles from the corner and falls to one knee. Running Big Boot! APOCALYPSE CRUSH!! Lazarus is down and Ash makes the quick cover. One… Two… Thre…. Kickout!! Evil Ash doesn’t seem to respond at all to the kickout but climbs to his feet! He yanks Lazarus up again and… JUMPING ENZIGURI!! Counter by the Phoenix!] [Ash drops and both men are down. Lazarus begins climbing to his feet first and grabs Ash. He whips him into the rope, and as Evil Ash returns Lazarus leaps… FRANKENSTEINER! He grabs Ash’s legs… One… Two… Th… Kickout! Lazarus gets up quickly and Evil Ash begins to rise as well but is met with DARKWISH!! Ash is leveled! One… Two… Three! NO! Last second kickout! Lazarus sits up and sighs. He stands and backs to the corner waiting for Ash to stand. Ash slowly begins to get up, face expressionless. Lazarus runs at him, but Ash is ready and catches him… Brainbuster to the knee! DESOLATION! One… Two… THREE!!] [NO! KICKOUT!! Ash, as stoic as ever in this match gets to his feet and grabs Lazarus. SNAP SUPLEX!! He quickly grabs Lazarus up again and CHICKENWING SUPLEX!! He is going to tear Lazarus apart! Evil Ash stomps over to Lazarus, whips him across the ring and when he returns….LARIAT BY LAZARUS! Ash is turned inside out! Lazarus gets to his feet, slightly wobbly, and as Evil Ash limbs to his feet…. LAZARUS CHAMBER!!! Ash goes down!! It’s all over! Ash taps out!] [Lazarus pulls off the victory and rides his hot streak straight into Red Snow!! Evil Ash lies rolling in the ring grabbing his throat.] [With the crowd stirring, Lazarus stumbles into the corner; a hard fought match completed. Evil Ash has found his way to the outside and begins to saunter up the arena steps when suddenly…] [THUNDER!] [LIGHTNING!] [The School Yard crowd is silenced in surprise and uncertainty while Lazarus perks up; bringing himself to the center of the ring in preparation for what might be coming.] [Suddenly, figures appear at the top of the steps. The entrances circling the perimeter of the arena filled with men. Massive men. Bearded. Shrouded in in wool tunics and leather boots. Their heads adorned with iron spangenhelm.] [VIKINGS!] [Lazarus sees the men and displays no more amount of certainty than before and with a heartbeat that certainty plummets. The Vikings charge the steps; descending towards the ring. Lazarus does his best to prepare himself but it is obvious that he is outnumbered.] [The hoard of human monsters surround the ring. Ten to fifteen mammoths of men pausing as they glare up into the confines of the squared circle; watching their prey.] [The crowd is at a hush as Lazarus spins in place; trying to keep an eye on the entire opposition and then…] [THEY STORM THE RING! Lazarus does his best to protect himself. Landing a punch to the first Viking that comes his way and a kick to the next, but the brutes are just too much in mass and number. They begin to pummel “The Phoenix”; ultimately knocking him to the canvas. Kicking. Punching. Ax hammering. Lazarus simply lies in the center of the ring in a heap as Viktor North appears at the entrance.]

“Lazarus…” [North sneers as the beating continues in the ring.] “You have volunteered your hand in a battle against Odin’s chosen warrior. Now! You will sacrifice it to him!”

[The crowd is stunned with the words heard. What is Viktor saying? That he expects Lazarus to willingly sacrifice his hand?!?]

“Take him!” [Viktor commands.] “And leave him as I have requested.”

[With those words, the crowd surrounding Lazarus lifts him into the air; holding him in place above their heads as they systematically exit the ring and make their way out of the main show area.] [It’s the Black Dragon vs. The Great White! Two animals in the ring set to lock up; will Kaito kick in The Shark’s tooth or will the Man-Eater live up to his name?] [The match starts with The Shark trying repeatedly to close the gap on Kaito. The Sun Warrior keeps fending him off with kicks…. The Shark eventually breaks through, violently trying to wrestle with Kaito. The Black Dragon though fights free. He unloads with Forearm Smashes! He beats the former VHS Champion into the ropes, looking for an Irish Whip; he’s blocked. The Shark hits a Knife Edge Chop and a Snap Suplex! Kaito kicks out of a cover before the count. The Shark looks for a Dropkick; the Rising Sun evades! A Shin Kick! A Mid-Kick! AND A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!] [The Shark’s stunned; Kaito with a Snapmare……. PENALTY KICK! He covers! One… Two… NO! As The Shark stands, he’s met with more kicks. Kaito hits a Mongolian Chop! A Rolling Koppu Kick is dodged; SHARK WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! But Kaito’s Fighting Spirit wills him up! DRAGON SUP– NO! The Shark counters into a Victory Roll! One… Two… NO! He rushes Kaito into a Schoolboy! One…Two….. NO! Both rise; the Asylum’s Predator ducks a Leaping Enziguri! DDT! He hooks the legs! One…. Two…. NO! ASYLUM SPECIAL! He’s trying to lock it in! The Black Dragon’s trying to squirm free!] [Eventually both get tied up into the ropes. The Shark snarls, licking his lips as he pulls his opponent up, Clothesli– NO! Kaito Kips Up into a Flash Kick! The Shark drops to a mat….. SHINNING WIZARD? NO! Kaito with a Back Kick! He looks for TODOME DA! But Shark wriggles free; a Wait Lock’s countered! DRAGON SUPLEX! Kaito holds the bridge! One… Two….. NO! The Shark kicks out but Kaito’s ready for him…….. Wait, NO! THE SHARK CATCHES KTFO INTO A BACKSLIDE! One… Two…… NO! SUSHI KICK! The Shark climbs the ropes……………. SHARK DIVE! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, The Shark rises and looks hungry. He eyes Kaito like dinner but the referee blocks his path. The Black Dragon’s still trying to stand…..] [Record.] [12/06/16. 10:31 am] [Stephanie’s shoes clack against a title floor as she’s led down the hall. The man escorting her opens a door, seeing her to a row of carols. She sits down, picking up a corded-phone. The grizzled face of Errol Flint is waiting for her, phone in-hand.]

“Hiya! [She waves; Flint glares] ….. Um, I mean, hello, sir. How are you doing?”

“I’m sat behind plexiglass talking to a woman I hired only a mere few months ago; a free woman I might add.” [His eyes are sunken and heavy] “How do you think I’m doing? I’m an innocent man in prison scrubs whilst that asshole Lance Norman is running my company.”

“….. Right. Dumb question. I make those. Sorry. [Smiles sheepishly; Flint’s stare is cold] Anyway, thank you for this time.”

“I have plenty of it. The truth is, I need to tell the world the truth. Everyone thinks that I’m guilty, but I’m not.”

[Halts her notes; unsure to what say] “….. Um, am I allowed to publish that?”

“I’m being held on the murder of Jake Jeckel. I’m being held without bail because a judge thinks the government have sufficient evidence to hold me. What’s the worst they can do now? Imprison me? Done that. Arrest me? Done that.”

[Tightly grips the phone] “……… Golly.” [Clears throat] Mr. Flint, please, tell me your side of the story. What do you know?

“I think I’ve been set up.” [He leans in] “Jake Jeckel left on bad terms; everyone knows that. But when I went to his apartment complex, I went because I received an anonymous call that asked me to go. I went to meet Jake, who I thought wanted to scheme. I’m not going to pretend that I wouldn’t have listened to whatever offer he had, I would’ve. The man was dangerous, too dangerous to ignore. [His words rattle out like bullets] Whoever made that call brought me to that complex to set me up! Lance Norman vanished not long after that, and ignored every phone call I made. Those voicemails didn’t get into the hands of the police by accident. Therefore, if you ask me, Lance Norman set me up. He set this whole thing in motion and Ethan Bird? That scumbag is right alongside him too!”

[Hearing this, Stephanie’s heart races. She stares her employer in the eyes, swallowing back apprehension before glancing down at her notes. Flint’s wrinkled hand shakes in a tight, desperate fist atop the linoleum counter.] [She sighs; pen poised.]

“Ok. One at time…..”

[It’s the Mother of all Creation standing up against Allah’s Assassin with The Elder standing outside with anticipation in his eyes.] [The bell sounds as the two interesting persona meet in the center of the ring. Maaz Azim Salah gives her a look of disappointment before shoving her. She recoils before striking with a roundhouse kick! Maaz staggers momentarily before she hooks his leg, kicks off the top rope and hits a swinging DDT! She covers him but he kicks out at one. The Elder eyes him curiously from the sidelines. She gets to her feet as she watches Maaz get to his. She charges at him and tries for another roundhouse, but Salah catches her foot as she falls to the mat. He clasps his hands around her waist before lifting her up and hitting a gutwrench suplex.] [The large man from Afghanistan saunters over to his corner where The Elder climbs up onto the apron and begins whispering into his ear. Mother is slowly getting to her feet where she’s sent across the ring by a big boot! She tries to get back up but the large man isn’t allowing it as he nails a running shouldertackle. She slides out of the ring but Salah is standing tall in the ring with his arms outstretched to both sides. The crowd is pelting him with boos. He walks over to the side where she landed, but she’s GONE! He looks down there confused as The Elder tells him to check the other side. He does, but as he does that, Mother slides into the ring from a different side.] [He turns around just in time to receive a spinning heel hook that rocks the large soldier of Allah! He’s staggered but still up. She hits the ropes before… bicycle kick that finally takes him back down! She moves to the opposite side of the ring and begins to do a crab walk! Maaz is coming back to his senses as The Elder is freaking out at ringside. She begins quickly scurrying to him before flipping up for a back kick! THE CRAB KICK! Maaz looks like he’s out as the kick catches him right on the back of his head! She hooks both legs with her back pushing down on his chest. One…Two…THREE!] [Mother slides away before slinking back to her feet. The referee doesn’t try to hold her hand up as he just points at her. The Elder is not happy as he gets into the ring, not giving Salah any sort of attention as he spews angered words at Mother who is leaving.] [Backstage.] [On a rickety old monitor, Stephanie Rose stands in her locker room twiddling her thumbs. Her lip is curled up under her teeth as she has just finished watching the match between Mother and Maaz. After the events of last week, she felt like she needed to find out more about the creature known as Mother.]


[Rose almost jumps out of her boots as she turns to see several eerie children behind her. They are all styled in the manner of Mother herself, and they have the creepiest of smiles on their faces. Their black teeth creep out from behind pale lips to incite a gulp from their quarry.]

“Mother said you could come play with us.” [One of the children says, beckoning to Steph.] “You could teach us how to swim.”

[Inching towards the door, Rose keeps her hands on the walls behind her.]

“It’s a bit too cold for a swim, don’t ya think?”

[The children only move closer to her. They aren’t threatening in their movement, but Rose is nevertheless freaked out.]

“The water’s fine.” [The nearest child whispers.] “Mother wants you to play with us.”

[Her hands slips around the door knob, and Rose opens it. She keeps a smile on her face as she backs through the frame.] [Right into Mother herself.]

“Don’t you want to play, my darling?” [Mother asks.] “Or do you need a hug?”

[Rose’s eyes blow up as big as saucers for a moment, before she quickly darts past Mother. Remembering her politeness, she turns back around to face Mother, the children crawling out of the doorway.]

“Golly, I would love to, but I need to get ready for my match.”

[She waves at them with a shaky hand before walking back down the hallway.]

“Mother, why didn’t she want to play?” [A child asks.] [The ghastly creature embraces the nearest child.]

“Soon, she’ll come home to her Mother.”

[It’s tag team action as the odd tag team of The Dead and Alistair Huxley are set to be aligned against The Awakening!] [The Ringmaster takes a bow as he steps out of the ring. The Dead eyes him carefully as he turns away to face off with HAtE who is starting things off for The Awakening. The two tie up in the center of the ring before The Dead manages to get the better of the exchange as he locks in a side headlock. HAtE moves to the ropes before pushing The Dead off. The Dead bounces off the ropes and leaps, leading with his head for a vicious headbutt! HAtE hits the mat and The Dead quickly locks on a legbar. HAtE is clutching at his legs in pain as he drags himself closer to his partner and tags in David Manson.] [The Dead tries goes to release the hold, but HAtE is holding his legs! Manson scales the turnbuckle before leaping off with a diving knee that nails Dead! Huxley is grinning as the knee smashed upon his face. HAtE releases Dead as he rolls to the apron. Manson hits the ropes and leaps up for another big knee slam to the face! The Dead’s nose is busted open to which brings a large smile to the face of Mr. Freakshow. David Manson pulls Dead to his feet. He wraps an arm around his head and… UNSPOKEN WO- but The Dead managed to hook the top rope with his arm. Manson slams into the mat and Dead has his opportunity! Huxley has his arm outstretched as Dead lunges forward as the crowd is on their feet!] [TAG… NO! Huxley withdraws his hand and smiles down at The Dead. He steps off the apron as Fluffy stands behind him with his arms crossed over his chest. The Dead is slowly piecing it together inside of the ring as Huxley gets a microphone. “This is your opportunity to SHINE, my little Painkiller!” As he says that, The Dead turns around and sees that HAtE has tagged himself into the match. HAtE charges but is caught with an armdrag! He comes back up as The Dead charges him in the corner with DE LA MUERTE! HAtE is falling down after the barrage of blows but David Manson comes over to help. The Dead nails him with a lunging headbutt! He pulls HAtE to the center of the ring before… THE DEATH RATTLE! Between each and every headbutt, he glares up at Huxley until HAtE slumps to the mat. The Dead places a boot upon his chest as the referee counts. One…Two…THREE!] [The Dead doesn’t even stop to appreciate the moment as he walks over to the ropes and glare outwards. Huxley grins wickedly as he pulls the microphone to his mouth.] [The match is over, but Alistair Huxley is standing outside of the ring with a microphone to his lips.]

“Miraculous. I must say that no matter the result of the match, you are a nearly my perfect creation. The feature attraction to The Huxley FREAKSHOW!”

[The Dead got a microphone as he talked.]

“If you don’t shut your damn mouth, I’m going to put my fist through it. I’ve told you this time after time. I. Am. Not. Your. ACT! My name is The Dead, and I’m sick and fucking tired of you calling me-“

“…Painkiller? Why do you continue to persist to be called The DEAD? It’s a habit that I will have to break you of. Last week, I offered you a choice and you chose poorly. With Red Snow quickly on the horizon, I have another ultimatum.”

“I tire quickly of these games, Ali. I’ll have you know that I-“

[CRACK!] [The whip’s crack halts the speech of The Dead as he looks at it with confusion and a small amount of… fear?]

“YOU WILL SPEAK WHEN ORDERED! Now, at Red Snow, you will be commissioned into a match with yours truly within the center ring as the season finale of our little show. If you manage to defeat me, you shall be set free with no strings attached, and I will set off to find another attraction worthier of my time. However, if I win, The Dead is no more as The Painkiller shall quickly take his place.”

[The Dead grins at this as he begins to nod his head.]

“You’re on.”

[Alistair Huxley is about to leave when he stops.]

“Oh, and one more thing. Our final confrontation shall happen in a submission match. After all, if you’re going to be my feature attraction, it’s time you learned how to bark properly as your master commands.”

“You’re going to learn at Red Snow that my bark is not nearly as bad as my bite, asshole!”

[With that, The Dead throws his microphone at Huxley. The Ringmaster is grinning as everything seems to be going according to his plan.] [It’s main event time as Viktor North and Stephanie Rose are set to square off in their second fight.] [The bell sounds as the previously victorious Viktor North takes advantage with a stiff kick to the gut. He whips her into the corner and begins lighting up her chest with some vicious chops. He rushes back to the opposite corner and charges forward for a Yakuza kick, trying to end this match early! Luckily for Rose, she manages to dodge to the side just in time as North’s leg is trapped atop the top rope. She quickly bounces off the first rope and hits a high kick right to his quad as he groans. She sneaks behind him and rolls him up utilizing all of her body on top of his legs as he’s rolled up! One…Two…] [NO! The Skull Splitter manages to kick out at the very last second. Both get to their feet, but Rose is just a little quicker. She hits the ropes and rushes him with her head lowered as it strikes North right in the midsection. He staggers backwards, hits the ropes, and bounces back with a rolling elbow that catches her right on the head. Stephanie stalls for just a moment before trying for another charging move. Unfortunately for her, Viktor North leaps into the air and connects with a dropkick. He yanks her up to her feet by her hair quickly before pulling her in for a Michinoku driver! He hooks both legs. One…Two…NO!] [Stephanie manages to get a shoulder up, but North does not seem halted. He allows her to get herself up before scooping her up quickly for a body slam, but Rose slips out the backside. He turns around and is welcomed by a forearm smash to his chin. She rears back and nails another as the bearded Viking is staggering in place. She bounces off the ropes to go for another but STO drops her! The crowd is not happy as they thought that Rose was about to get the upper hand there. North seems to revel in their displeasure as he moves around the ring.] [He smiles out at the crowd before wrapping up the head of Stephanie Rose and lifting her high up in the air before driving her, headfirst, into the mat with a beautiful brainbuster! He quickly covers her as she is barely able to move. One…Two…NO! She manages to get a shoulder up. North looks at her with his smile seemingly about to fade. He gets two handfuls of her hair as the referee admonishes him. He rushes towards the ropes and just flings her over the rope and to the hard floor below! The crowd is incensed by this as Stephanie hits the cement floor with a sickening thud. He stands back and lets the referee count.] [One…Two…Three…Four…Five… Rose is moving… Six… She’s up!… Seven! She rolls back into the ring. Viktor North seems irate at this! “You want more punishment?!” He grins. “THEN SO BE IT!” He grabs her by the hair and FLINGS her over the top rope and to the floor again! He raises his hands as the crowd is pouring in the hatred now. He hits the mat and rolls outside where he pulls her to her feet again. THE FALL OF UTGARD ON THE FLOOR! Rose hits with a sickening sound as Viktor North rolls back into the ring.] [The referee begins the count again. He manages to get up to seven this time and Stephanie still has yet to move. EIGHT… she is stirring!… NINE… she has her hand on the apron… TE- NO! Stephanie Rose STILL has fight in her broken bones! Viktor North is irate. He rushes over and just begins stomping viciously on her as the crowd is pissed off. He yanks her to her feet and hits the ropes before leaping for… GUNGNIR! The spear-like move just obliterates Rose as she ragdolls into the ropes. He grabs a hold on her foot and drags her seemingly-lifeless body back to the center of the ring. He cockily leans his shoulders back on her. One…Two… ROLLUP!] [Rose is all-but dead as she hooks both arms of North and brings him into a crucifix rollup! ONE…TWO…NO! North kicks out again. He is back to his feet faster than Rose, but as he lifts her up, she nails a jawbreaker! He holds his jaw momentarily before charging her but… arm drag into another crucifix pinning position! THORN TO BE WILD! One…Two…NO! North kicks out again as the crowd is seemingly disappointed by each close call. The Skull Splitter is being caught off guard by this sudden flurry of offense! Rose is back to her feet as she springs off the second rope and hits a crossbody block!] [She hooks both legs! One..Two…THR-NO! Viktor North just BARELY kicks out of that one! Stephanie Rose gets to her feet as she’s feeling the energy in the air! She beckons for Viktor North to get to his feet and as he does, she grabs his head. FULL BLOOM! Except North catches her and holds her straight up in the air above his shoulders. He spins her into a POWERBOMB! He places a hand on her stomach to pin. One…Two…TH-NO! Viktor North just lays back as he’s seemingly a combination of angered and exhausted.] [Both combatants stagger to their feet as the match has worn on them. Viktor North grabs a handful of her hair, but she retaliates with a stiff chop across the throat! North releases her hair as she springs off the second rope for a moonsault that transitions into a reverse DDT! The Viking goes down as Stephanie Rose climbs up to the top rope. She looks down as she exhales. Diving Double Foot Stomp! Viktor North takes the brunt of it as he slowly rolls up to his feet while coughing profusely. Rose grabs onto his head, kicks up the ropes, and… THE FULL BLOOM! North is down as she frantically goes for a cover. One…Two…THREE!] [Stephanie Rose gets a big win tonight as she jumps to her feet in celebration. Viktor North rolls out of the ring as he holds his title closely, eyeing Rose with disdain.] [Viktor North rolls to the outside, snatching his VHS Championship belt along the way. He does not appear concerned with anything that just happened in the ring and immediately heads to an exit as he clears the cobwebs from the match.] [We follow him through the exit and beyond. Minutes of filming with North leading the way. Through backstage doors. Down staircases. Passing “no authorization” signs along the way. All the while we ascend into the depths of The School Yard basement.] [At each turn. At each directional decision, North takes a quick glance around as if to make sure nobody is following. Eventually, he finds his destination.] [An empty room of sorts. Composed of concrete floors and walls. It looks to be nothing more than a storage area, but there is definitely something much more ominous planned for there in the center of the room lies a beaten and bloodied Lazarus.] [He is exhausted. Barely able to move. His face distorted in agony as spit and blood drips from his mouth. You can see bruising around his eyes through his mask and his upper body is marked with red, swollen welts. The Phoenix has been put through the ringer and left for near dead and now before him stands an angry Viktor North.]

“You should not have crossed me, Lazarus!” [North declares.] “Now it is time to pay.”

[Viktor glances to our right in a menacing fashion; our perspective following his eyes to the corner of the room where what looks to be a massive chain and shackle is seen along with a simple hacksaw.] [North moves to the chain, lifting it from the ground. It’s weight apparent by the way he controls it. Approaching Lazarus now who can only look up helplessly.]

“Odin demands a sacrifice for your crimes of war.” [Viktor spouts as he loops the chain through a massive iron eyehole on the wall.] “Being the merciful King that I am, I will provide you with a choice.”

[North moves now to Lazarus. Hoisting his upper body up from the concrete floor. Lazarus peering through his swollen eye lids with blood shot eyes.]

“You can stay chained in this pit until your demise…” [Viktor ruthlessly snarls.] “Or you can cut yourself free.”

“Your life… or your hand.” [North growls.] “But there is no shame in not having the guts to live on Lazarus; after all, only fools hope to live forever!”

[With that, North releases his hold on Lazarus and moves to the shackle, but Lazarus is not willing to accept his fate without a fight. A struggle ensues. North being the bigger, stronger, and healthier individual not showing much urgency while Lazarus literally struggles for his laugh seemingly to no avail. The struggle seems fruitless while lingering and finally there is silent stillness.] [Both Lazarus and North slowly look to each other. Their stare meeting. And suddenly, fate has changed. Viktor stands to his feet as does Lazarus, but it is North that finds himself shackled to the wall. Frantically he pulls at the chain as Lazarus retreats, albeit slowly to the front of the room.]

“It appears my God did indeed deliver you into my hands, Viktor.”

“YOU WILL SUFFER FOR THIS!” [Viktor screams; his confidence shrinking.] [Lazarus stumbles to the corner of the room; his injuries apparent though possibly not quite as much as what he was initially letting on. “The Phoenix” retrieves the hacksaw from the floor along with Viktor Norths VHS Championship and swiftly tosses them both in “The Skull Splitters” direction. Before exiting the room.] [We fade with a shot of Lazarus making his way up the long corridor away from the room with Viktor North’s voice echoing from within.]


[The scene once again finds itself in the dark dungeon-like area that brought us the start of the show. The rather docile Evil Ash is pacing the room, almost as if placed on autopilot. His robotic movements are brought to a standstill as he walks in front of the mirror that had been placed next to a wall. Evil Ash stares into the mirror, and his reflection begins to distort, tearing into pieces and reforming into the likes of The true Ash. And he’s pissed.]

“More tricks with the book? Does Shark think this is my first time dealing with bastards like you? I’m never going away. He’s just giving me more of a reason to break free.”

[Evil Ash yells in anger at the mirror, his scream being guttural and primal. He is enraged as he rears back to smash the mirror, the voice of the real Ash stopping him in his tracks.]

“What are you going to do? Delay seeing me again? I’m in your head. I AM you. Try and stop me, I’ll just come back stronger.”

[Evil Ash leans into the mirror, glaring at it as he tries to shake his head and clear it of the image of the real Ash. Finally, Evil Ash is able to yell a reply to the mirror.]


[Shatter.] [Glass shards fly in every direction as the camera pans out from the mirror and reveals the cause. Shark walked in, and he brought a quick end to Ash’s shouting match. The Shark leans down next to the now lacerated and bloodied Evil Ash, even going so far as to lick up the blood dripping from his forehead.]

“I see I have to take this into my own hands and do it my way. At Red Snow I will force you to be cooperative… one way or another.”

[Shark stands up, grabbing Ash and pulling him along as he leaves the room, a trail of blood and glass following him as the scene fades to black.]