[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [Bang! Bang! Bang!] [Gunfire erupts. The sound of bullets whisping past your face make you feel like you’re in a movie. People are screaming. They’re ducking and diving; running for their lives. One man and a gun, that’s all it takes. He’s Muslim, his eyes filled with white hot rage as he unloads magazine after magazine, spraying the walls with bullet holes.] [Security rush him.] [He drops his weapon, blocking a right-handed strike. He unsheathes his knife instantaneously, slashing it across the man’s inner thigh. The second guard grabs him, but he’s too strong and too well trained. He wraps his arms around his attackers, lifting up and snapping his in one quick motion.] [There’s carnage everywhere. An elderly man follows him in, walking closely behind him as he walks towards the office of Betamax. The door is almost kicked off its hinges. He walks in, gun pointed, meeting the head of VHS’ Commissioner.] [The elder grimaces.]


[Betamax doesn’t know where to look, or what to do. The man with the gun points to the chair, telling him he must take a seat. He does.]

“Damnation. اللعن. Tell me young man, where is your Western God now?” [The Elder says as his rather large friend pulls up a chair for him to rest his weary bones.] “Do you think he’ll save you from damnation?”


“But, boss…”

“Enough with that! Marvolo, jr. always knows what he’s doing! Remember that time in Peru with the Bengal Tigers?”

[Junior’s associate doesn’t answer; the two walk backstage, looking around. Marvolo, jr. spies a door with a star.]

“That’s gotta be Stanis-suckski’s private dressing room. C’mere!”

[The two enter; Dom Cruise is getting a pepticure and he does not look happy.]

“What a Devil? OH, NO! Not you again!”

[Cruise’s livid; kicking away the tired woman tending to his feet without an ounce of empathy.]

“NO….. You just march your Oompa Loompa self back out! We’ll settle this in the ri–”

[Dom’s momentarily silenced by Rodrigo’s presence.]

“Never mind him. Look, Marvolo, jr. ain’t someone to hold a grudge. You pushed me; I pushed you.”

[Dom’s almost interested enough to listen.]

“Waddya say tonight, we be bigger men about this?”

“Ppppppfffffttt! BWAHAHA!! Do you know what you just said?!?”

[Cruise guffaws!]

“Oh, how droll! Do you want another take with that line?”

[Junior stares at Cruise.]

“Marvolo, jr.’s not joking here. Tonight, it’s Big Trouble in lil’ Hollywood. Win or lose, the Real Number One promises to shake your hand; show you respect.”

[He pulls Cruise in close.]

“Will you do the same?”

[The Original doesn’t answer, snapping back and adjusting his finely tailored attire before expelling an exaggerated sigh.]

“Is that all? FEH! Whatever. BE GONE! I’m quite finished this!”

[Junior just shakes his head, motioning Rodrigo to leave. Cruise shoots a hard, cold glare as they exit…..] [Stephanie Rose and Nevermore will collide as the writing has been on the wall to foresee this inevitable conclusion!] [The bell rings as Nevermore slowly approaches Stephanie in the center of the ring. He extends his hand as if to show respect. Rose looks at his gloved hand and seems apprehensive to shake it. After a moment of encouragement from the audience, she takes the hand. SLAP! Nevermore backhands her with the other before snapmaring her to the ground and locking in a hold from behind, driving his knee into her back while applying a chin lock with his hands. She grunts out in anger and frustration as she slowly moves to a side and rolls him up! One…Two…NO!] [The masked mystique leaps back up to his feet as he grabs the hair of Rose and yanks her into the corner. Two stiff clotheslines are hit before he takes a few steps back and comes charging for a third. She steps out of the corner and springs off the second rope for a dropkick that floors him! She climbs up to the top rope and leaps off for a diving foot stomp right onto the chest of Nevermore! She hooks a leg. One….Two…Powerful kickout by Nevermore! He charges at her and lifts her up for a spear before ramming her into the corner.] [She coughs at the contact before he yanks her to the center of the ring and lifts her up onto his shoulders in a crucifix before bringing her down in a powerbomb. THE RAVEN’S WINGS! He pins both of her shoulders to the mat. One…Two…ROSE kicks out! Nevermore is pissed off as he quickly yanks her up by her hair. The referee admonishes him for grabbing the hair, but the dark figure doesn’t seem threatened by the threats. The masked figure throws Rose into the ropes where she hangs on. He charges only for her to kick him in the chin and use the momentum to flip onto the apron.] [Nevermore finds his bearings only to turn to see a foot being placed right on his chin from a springboard dropkick! He’s staggered, but that’s stopped when he sees Stephanie Rose. He charges, but she grabs his arm and nails an armdrag! She rolls perfectly into a crucifix pin! THORN TO BE WILD! One…TWO…TH-NO! Nevermore manages to get out at the last second. She gets to her feet as she begins to feel confident in the match. She pumps her fist one time as she smiles out at the audience. She grabs the head of Nevermore and runs towards the ropes but… Nevermore flips it into THE MIDNIGHT DREARY! The tombstone hits hard as Rose’s head is spiked with ferocity! He pins both of her arms to the mat. One…Two…] [KICKOUT! Nevermore is seething at this. He grabs Rose up by the hair and just headbutts her! He throws her into the ropes and begins to choke her out utilizing the ropes! She manages to get away as the referee pulls Nevermore away from her after a four count. He’s on the verge of being disqualified, but Nevermore charges back for a spear in the corner. Rose pulls herself over it! She’s on the top rope as Nevermore’s shoulder spikes into the post! He slowly staggers outwards as Rose gives him a small wave before… diving crossbody! She comes back up with a cheer from the crowd!] [She is getting fired up now as she’s pumping her fists. Nevermore gets back to his feet only to receive a running jawbreaker that staggers him. She runs off the ropes and springs off for a headscissors that goes around for a few times before coming down in a DDT! Stephanie is to her feet with a grin as Nevermore is struggling to keep up with the pace. She claps her hands to start the claps from the audience before she nails a forearm smash that dazes him. She hits a snapmare before hitting the ropes and BLASTING him with a front dropkick! She flips him over and locks his arms for… PETAL TO THE METAL!] [The submission hold is applied expertly as he’s trying to squirm out, but Stephanie Rose isn’t allowing that to happen. He manages to slide his body far enough to get to the bottom rope with his boot. The referee gets to a count of four before Rose releases the hold. She is throwing everything at Nevermore and he keeps coming back for more. She gets to her feet and allows him to do the same. She charges at him, but… THE CHAMBER DOOR! The spinebuster is hit flawlessly as Nevermore quickly lunges over into a pinning predicament. One…Two…NO! He doesn’t hesitate as he pulls her up to her feet for… THE LOST LENORE! The Jacknife Powerbomb is hit with perfection as he goes for another pinfall. One…Two…THR-NO! She barely kicked out there!] [He pulls her back up to her feet, but she’s panicking! She nails a high kick to his head before wrapping his arms and legs up in the bottom rope as she’s wrenching back on SHE LOVES ME KNOT! The referee is trying to shake his arms to stop the move, but Rose isn’t relenting as fear is shown in her eyes. The referee finally gets to a four-count and she releases the hold. She’s exhausted but Nevermore is still getting back to his feet! She screams out at him! She grabs his head, runs towards the corner, and kicks off for… THE FULL BLOOM! She motions that it’s over as she hooks both legs of Nevermore. One…Two…THREE!] [The bell sounds as Stephanie Rose is finally finished with Nevermore. The monster took a ton of abuse in this bout, but Rose was the one who came out with the victory here.] [There’s so much fear. Betamax doesn’t respond, he just stares. The larger man pokes him with his gun.]

“I don’t believe in God,” [he bravely says.] “But look, I’m open to conversation.”

[The Elder sneers.]

“You people are so weak. You have no conviction. Do you know who this man is? He is Maaz Azim Salah and if I were to request it, he would kill you in the name of Allah.”


“What do you want?” [A panic Betamax demands to know.]

“Maaz has suffered because of men like you. Americans. Infidels.”

[Betamax raises a meek hand.] “I’m British.”

[Thwack. Salah slams the butt of his gun straight into Betamax’ skull.]

“He has suffered. But I am training him. I have turned him into a weapon of destruction and you will facilitate the final measure of Allah’s will.”

“I don’t understand,” [Beta says holding his head.] “You want a contract? You want me to employ… him? You’re terrorists!”

[The Elder smiles.]

“An American word for an American fear. No-one except your security was harmed tonight. Your civilians, your infidel American citizens were spared because Allah deemed it necessary. If you fulfil our demands, no-one else will have to be harmed tonight.”

[Betamax thinks about it.]

“No. I don’t negotiate with terrorists!”

“Very well.”

[The Elder nods to Salah, who smiles sadistically and exits the locker room.] [Tonight Dom Cruise and Marvolo, jr. finally clash; the real measure of man to be fully tested. Will the Hollywood hothead stand tall or will Junior prove size doesn’t always matter?] [The match starts with Dom insisting the referee fetch him some hand sanitizer. Marvolo, jr shoots Rodrigo a sideways eye-roll as the Real Number One’s associate lumbers to the back. Cruise thoroughly wrings his hands dry; the two opponents share a hard stare. The Original’s smugness oozes from his pores as he finally steps over to Junior….. The height difference is almost laughable. Dom mockingly offers a Roman Knuckle Lock, reaching well above his opponent’s head. Marvolo, jr. almost chuckles at the gesture, stepping back to the turnbuckles, inching up them and offering his hand! Dom is not amused!] [The fans chuckle at Junior’s moxie and– NO! Dom with a cheap shot to the stomach! BOOS rain down as Cruise turns proudly, taking a moment to primp his perfectly-coifed hair. Wait! DIVING VICTORY ROLL ‘RANA! Marvolo, jr. boxes him up! One… Two… NO! Cruise is irate, rising only for Junior to side-step him… Springboard Arm Drag! He then gets a trio of the Japanese variety, Backfliping through the third into a Seated Armbar! Dom though quickly rises, WHIPPING the Real Number One down to the mat! He stomps the ever-loving crap out of him before blatantly Choking him! Come on!] [The official pries Cruise off but the man is incensed! He quickly laces his fingers into a Full-Nelson before planting his five-foot foe with an Atomic Drop! He covers! One… Two… NO! WAIT! HE’S GOIN’ FOR THE MASK! The referee again forces Dom away; the fans start chanting “MAAAaaaaake OVER!” at the Original! The Hollywood hothead just glares into the camera, eventually turning back and– NO! Shin Kick! Junior unloads with shots to Cruise’s pasty legs…. chopping him down to a knee. Running Blockbust– NO! Cruise catches Big Trouble in mid-move, rising and dropping him over the top rope!] [With Junior reeling, Cruise muscles him up into a BIG Suplex! He hold him there! The crowd counts along as Dom suspends his opponent upside down….. before PLANTING him onto the canvas! He hooks the leg! One… Two… NO! Dom covers again! One… Two… NO! He covers again! One… NO! Junior will not stay down! DOM IS PISSED! He argues with the referee, corning him and threatening to sue him for defamation!“How DARE you try to upstage me! You insignificant speck of FECULENT SCUM! I’ll have you know, in my contract I–“] [WAIT! JUNIOR WITH A SPRINGBOARD SUNSET FLIP! NO! Cruise stands! Countering; yanking him one up and down with a Michinoku Driver! HE’S GOT HIM! One… Two….. NO! What’s it gonna take? Cruise suddenly auditions for “Scream,” ranting and writhing on the mat before just RIPPING Junior to his feet! He lifts him into a Gorilla Press, aiming to send Marvolo, jr. into the third row! HERE HE GO– NO! Big Trouble counters into a ‘Rana! Dom sails over the top as the little Luchador bolts into the ropes…….. TOPE CON HILO! HOLY SHIT! He tosses Cruise back inside!] [Junior scrambles up to the top rope, measuring his opponent as Dom stumbles back to his feet….. THE CRASHDOWN! HE’S GOT HIM! One…. Two… NO! But he immediately clamps on the JUNIOR LOCK! Cruise is hollowing in pain! Marvolo, jr.’s trying to tear Dom’s kneecap off! THE FANS LOVE IT! The referee’s asking if Cruise wants give up! DOM’S CRAWLING TO THE ROPES! Junior’s putting all his weight into the move! Dom’s inches away….. Marvolo, jr’s got it on TIGHT…….. Will Dom tap? Cruise is in agony…….. He’s fingertips away! He– NO! CRUISE TAPS! CRUISE TAPS! JUNIOR’S DONE IT!] [After the match, Marvolo, jr. leaps to feet celebrating! The referee raises his hand as the fans cheer; Dom’s pride might be hurt more than his legs.]

“Are you kidding me!?”

[The screeching voice of an infuriated Dom Cruise echo’s throughout the arena as he sits on the canvas, having just been beaten by Marvolo Junior. Number One offers him a handshake that is abruptly ignored, letting Marvolo know that it’s time to exit. Dom slams his hands down angrily on the mat, until the lights go out.] [His tantrum can still be heard in the darkness, but a soothing voice takes over.]

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Mother’s going to buy you a mockingbird,” [eerie sings a voice from the pitch black.] “And if that Mockingbird don’t sing, Mother’s going to buy you a diamond ring.”

[The lights suddenly come back on and in the corner, her head lowered to the canvas, is none other than Mother herself. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen her and boy she looks different. In one hand she holds a teddy bear and in the other, a large cleaver.] [Cruise understandbly scoots back towards the ropes, his eyes wide with fear.]

“Come here, my darling child,” [she says from underneath a deranged mop of black hair that covers her terrifying face.] “Let Mother make it all better.”

[Dom gets back to his feet and looks set to make a run for it, but the lights shut off once more. His harrowing screams paint an image of desperation, but when the lights return, he’s unconscious on the canvas, bleeding profusely from a wound on his forehead.] [And Mother? She coddling him, stroking his blood soaked hair as she rocks back and forth.]

“Hush little baby, hush. Mother’s home.”

[The scene comes to an errie close with Mother holding Cruise in the middle of the ring.] [David Manson’s arms are still bandaged following his assault last week at the hands of Kaito, his chest nice and bruised as a reminder of the pain of the Kendo stick. He’s less cocky than ever before as he makes his way down the stairs, the cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth smoked to a butt, only ash still lingering as he heads down to the ring. The crowd boos him relentlessly, he turns to mock them, backing into a trip wire…] [SNAP!] [… Nothing. Manson turns around quickly, ready for a brawl when he looks down to see the useless wire. He looks up, ready to brawl- CRACK! KAITO FROM BEHIND WITH A KENDO STICK! Manson tumbles down the stairs, almost colliding with the ring. Kaito advances, launching a massive dropkick that is narrowly avoided by Manson, David rolling into the ring and moving to his corner, Kaito following suit, stopping only when Manson has called for a mic. Manson’s face has gone from anger to a sense of cockiness as he finally has the ability to get a word in.]

“So you think you’ve won because you can toss out a surprise attack like the rest of your cowardly ancestors? You make me laugh, puppet.”

[Kaito stands his ground, his icy glare piercing into Manson, the street rat merely smirking back.]

“Hard to talk when they’re hand isn’t shoved up your back? I promised you I was going to cut your strings, and I’m here to make good on my word to wake you up.”

[The crowd boos Manson immensely, The Cannibal soaking it up as Kaito moves forward, taking the mic from Manson and quieting the crowd.]

“If I am a puppet then follow my lead. Stop talking, take action.”

[Kaito tosses the microphone to the side and SLAPS DAVID MANSON! The referee forces both men to the corners, restoring order before the match gets underway.] [Brand a man a slave, even for a moment and he will fight back with hells fury to regain his freedom. The New Horror has tormented Kaito for months but he may have woken up a sleeping Dragon in the process. Can Kaito gain retribution against Manson’s war against him or will Manson prove Kaito needs to ‘wake up’?] [The bell rings as Kaito rushes forward, kicking the absolute crap out of Manson who tries desperately to cover up from the relentless assault. A leaping knee stuns Manson as a stiff kick to the midsection drops Manson to one knee. Kaito lets out a warcry before bouncing off the ropes, PENALTY KICK! Kaito covers, ONE…TWO…Manson gets the shoulder up. Kaito pulls Manson up to his feet, but gets an eye rake for his trouble as Manson rolls out of the ring, trying to get a breather. Kaito sizes Manson up, running to the ropes as he bounces off, TOPE SUICI…SPINNING ELBOW!] [ Manson saw it coming, decking Kaito as he flew through the air, the Dragon collapsing to the floor in pain. Manson pulls him up to his feet, throwing him head first into the ring posts, opening up a cut on his forehead before throwing him back into the ring. Kaito slowly sits up as Manson grips him from behind, locking in a modified sleeper hold with one arm as he rains down heavy elbows on the open wound. Blood begins oozing down the face of Kaito but he’s trying to fight back, slowly getting to his feet as he delivers elbows to the midsection of Manson but before he can fully rise, Manson grabs him by the hair, slamming him back down onto the mat] [Manson lifts Kaito up to his feet, hoisting him high up into the air before slamming him down over his knee with a huge backbreaker. Kaito screams out in pain as Manson locks in a modified Full Nelson, grinding Kaito down on the mat as he tries to force a submission. Kaito refuses, fighting through the pain as he struggles to stand, barely getting up to one knee before Manson tosses him through the air and to the mat with a Half-Nelson Suplex. Kaito stumbles to his feet, barely able to stand as he walks right into a kick to the gut, UNSPOKEN WORDS! Kaito flops down onto the mat, his bell completely rung as Manson covers again] [ONE…TWO…THR…KAITO KICKS OUT! Almost out of instinct but Manson can’t believe it as he backs up, waiting for the Dragon to get to his feet, SPINNING LAR…KTFO! Kaito ducks under, nailing Manson with the roundhouse but that took a lot out of him as both men are down. They slowly get up, Manson getting to his feet first as he lifts Kaito up, nailing him in the face with a hard right that Kaito delivers right back. Manson nails him with another that barely affects Kaito as he strikes back twice as hard, Manson finally delivers a hard elbow that seems to only fire Kaito up] [Kaito lays into Manson with hard kicks before delivering a hard dropkick that sends Manson flying into the corner. Kaito doesn’t let up, rushing forward as he delivers a pair of Big Boots that send Manson slumping down into the bottom turnbuckle. Kaito backs up, BASEMENT DROPKICK, YAMIKAZE! Manson collapses to the mat as Kaito signals for the end, pulling Manson up but he gets kicked low as the New Horror backs up, nearly taking Kaito’s head off with a massive spinning lariat. Manson spits down on Kaito, pulling him up again, placing him between his legs, REIGN OF…KAITO REVERSES, placing him over his back, TODOME HAI! Manson is planted as Kaito quickly covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Kaito has finally done it, overcome with emotion as the crowd cheers. The Black Dragon celebrates his victory after months of torment at the hands of Manson as he heads up the stairs, celebrating with the fans] [The searing neon lights of Vegas twinkle on the horizon like distant stars. A bitter wind kicks up funnels of sand in the barren desert outskirts. Jagged rocks, red-hot when baking under the sun during the day, now appear cool and blue in the dusk. A scorpion creeps along the ridge of a sand dune, hardened and evolved to survive in such a hostile environment.] [Removed from the glitz and glamour of the city, the desert feels like another world; another reality…] [Zap! Crackle! Fizz!] [What the-!? Some kind of electrical interference—a storm—manifests in the air. The wind picks up and sand swirls around with erratic blue and white bolts of electric.] [As abruptly as it began, the storm ends. As the sands settle, they reveal a man kneeling on the ground. He slowly stands up and surveys his surroundings.] [A shock of blue hair sprouts from his big head. Blood vessels pop in his meaty physique, his tattooed skin taut over bulging muscles in places where normal people don’t even have places. Oh, right – he’s also completely stark-bollock naked.] [The muscled stranger—alien?—turns to see the beacon of neon lights in the distance. Smelling the air, he nods to himself. He sets off barefoot across the sand, everything flapping in the cold desert winds.] [Click.] [Outside the arena, police officers have arrived in droves. SWAT teams, special forces, they’ve all began accumulating outside the building. They have a hostage situation on their hands and they’re debating the best way to make entry.] [Just then, backstage, the office door flies open and in walks Salah. This time, he has Kaito held at knifepoint. He marches them into the room, stopping in front of the Elder and Betamax.]

“How far are you willing to go, Betamax?” [The Elder questions.] “Do you think you’re protecting these people from Maaz? I will have him march employee after employee in here and slit their throat in front of you.”

[Salah cuts gently on the throat of Kaito, drawing blood. Betamax doesn’t hesitate.]

“What do you expect me to do? I could give you a contract but there’s probably police outside waiting. I can’t stop you from getting arrested,” [He admits.] “So this is futile.”

[The Elder shakes his head.] “We want a contract.”

“Okay, okay,” [He pleads.] “Just let him go.”

[Betamax raises his hands and stands up, opening his desk. He pulls out a VHS contract and slaps it on the table. The Elder grabs it, reading it through. He whispers something o Maaz who releases the hostage, allowing him to exit. Betamax sighs with relief.]

“Do we have a deal? Is this over?”

[The Elder shakes his head.] “Not quite yet.”

[Click.] [Evil Ash and the Shark have already taken up presence in the ring, both men primed for the hunt as they await their opponents, rather prey, here tonight. They stare up at the stone steps, Shark actively licking his lips when Hero by Skillet hits, Chase Hero making his way down the steps by himself, stepping into the ring, mic in hand as he stares down the two monsters in the ring. The crowd is silent as he speaks.]

“You know, these past few weeks I’ve been asking myself… am I really a Hero if I allowed a monster like you to to fruition? And I realized, if you were weak enough that you turned to the dark, then I can say that in my eyes, I’m still worthy of calling myself a hero.”

[The crowd cheers Hero who shakes his head towards Ash and Shark. Shark smirks and motions for a mic.]

“So you think you should grab the spotlight again and ditch poor Lazarus? Shame, I quite liked the taste of lamb of God.”

[Evil Ash grabs the mic for himself.]

“If you want the spotlight, I can give it to you. Rather, I can show you the light at the end of the tunnel, best friend.”

[Ash mockingly spits those words at Chase, chuckling as Hero looks away in disgust.]

“You know Ash, you want me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, well I guess that means you believe in a little light. On behalf of both myself and Lazarus, I hope you see it.”

[Ash looks puzzled when a gasp from the crowd makes him turn around AND LAZARUS HAS APPEARED FROM UNDER THE RING! HE SPLASHES HOLY WATER IN THE EYES OF ASH! Shark jumps for Lazarus but he rolls out of the way, joining Chase on their side of the ring. Hero smirks as Ash’s skin burns with the water, rubbing it out of his eyes in anger as he is forced to his corner, Hero and Lazarus having the last laugh before their match.] [We have explosive tag team action tonight as two would be heroes in Chase and Lazarus try to repel the evil that is the Asylum. Can the light prevail or will the Asylum have their fill?] [The bell rings as Chase and The Shark start off for their teams, The Shark rushing forward with a big time dropkick that staggers Chase, allowing Shark to tee off with a series of vicious kicks and punches to the face and gut of Hero. Shark tries for a DDT but Hero manages to slip out of it, delivering a hard knee to the gut before planting The Shark to the canvas with a lightning fast swinging neckbreaker. Chase tags out to Lazarus who tries to pull Shark up but gets a hard headbutt before being spiked down to the mat with a sickening DDT] [The Shark pulls Lazarus up, dragging him over to his corner as he tags in Evil Ash, as the pair lift Lazarus high up into the air, before driving him into the mat with a double team Brainbuster! Lazarus’s head almost bounces off the mat as Evil Ash backs up before driving a hard knee into his face, roughly covering him for the pinfall. ONE…TWO…Lazarus gets the shoulder up. Lazarus gets pulled up to his feet, a series of hard knees to the midsection driving the wind out of the Phoenix before he gets lifted up into the air, DESOLATION!] [Evil Ash doesn’t cover, instead tagging out to the Shark as the duo stalk Lazarus, waiting for him to get up to one knee, Ash running at his back and Shark running at his front, SUSHI CRUSH! A massive Big Boot/Shining Wizard combination and Lazarus looks to be done, The Shark covering, ONE…TWO…THR…CHASE BREAKS UP THE PIN! Chase tries to pull his partner up but gets blindsided by Ash who batters him with a series of hard lefts and rights before clotheslining him over the top rope. Ash climbs back onto the apron as The Shark tags him back in] [Evil Ash rushes in as Lazarus is climbing up to his feet, drilling him with a vicious knee to the side of the head, sending the Phoenix crumbling to the mat but Ash barely lets him hit the canvas before powering him up high, MALUM IRAE! A massive crucifix powerbomb that crushes Lazarus but Evil Ash doesn’t cover, watching as Lazarus tries to crawl over to his corner, almost allowing him to tag out before rushing forward and Booting Chase off to the floor below. Lazarus turns right into a big kick to the face, downing the Phoenix once more as Evil Ash calls for the end] [Hells Prophet slowly waits for Lazarus to slowly get to his feet as he rushes to the ropes, springboarding off the ropes but Lazarus ducks under the double knees as Ash turns around, DARK WISH! Evil Ash is out but Lazarus can barely stand as he crawls to his corner, Chase begging him to make the tag. Ash is up as he dives at Lazarus but he’s too late as Chase is tagged in! Chase nails Ash with a big Bicycle Knee, before rushing over, knocking The Shark to the floor below with a hard elbow to the face. Ash spins Chase around but Chase slips out of a suplex attempt, TALK TO THE BOOT!] [Chase goes for the cover, ONE…TWO…Shark breaks up the pin, but gets nailed by a flying dropkick from Lazarus as all four men start going at it in the middle of the ring. The Shark tries for a suplex on Lazarus but Lazarus lands on his feet, kicking Shark in the gut, DAWN! The Shark rolls out of the ring as Lazarus turns around right into a massive Yakuza Kick that nearly breaks the Phoenix’s jaw. Evil Ash turns, TALK TO THE BOO…Ash catches it, spinning Chase around before pummeling him with a flurry of kicks and elbows before leaping up with a jaw breaking uppercut. Chase is stunned on one knee as Ash rushes to the ropes, springboarding once more, CHASE CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR! HERO’S DUTY OUTTA NOWHERE! Evil Ash is down as Chase covers, the crowd going wild, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The crowd goes wild as Chase Hero gets to his feet, pulling Lazarus up as the two raise their hands in victory. Shark pulls Evil Ash out of the ring as the Asylum heads up the stairs, fury in their eyes as they came within inches of beating the heroes, but it just wasn’t enough] [Cut scene to Stephanie Rose who is exiting the arena following her victory earlier tonight.] [She’s dressed in street clothes and wearing a smile as she proudly hastens into the parking lot just outside The Schoolyard.] [The shadows of the night sky are separated by the downward beams of the street lamps that permeate the area. As she approaches a specific vehicle among the many; slightly shrouded in a veil of darkness a familiar occurrence ensues.] [BZZZT! BZZZT!] [Rose stops dead in her tracks; the look of jubilance on her face quickly transforming into fear as she glances up at the street lamps surrounding the immediate area of her car. The lights flicker with the buzzing sound of mechanical failure and Stephanie slowly begins to shake her head in disbelief.]

“You have to be kidding!” [Rose utters as her panic grows.] “NO!”

[With that, the lights are fully extinguished and we, with her, are left in complete darkness.] [Within seconds, the lights return and everything is as it was before. Stephanie Rose stands at the trunk of her automobile with her head on a swivel; ready and willing for a surprise attack. Her eyes scan the area fruitlessly before finally coming rest on something beyond the parking lot.]

“YOU!” [Stephanie screams in a mixture of fear and anger.] “I BEAT YOU!”

[The camera shifts in the direction of her distraction only to find Nevermore standing ominously in the distance, on the other side of street. Moderate traffic crosses between the two OSW superstars as a silent stare down plays out. Finally, Nevermore steps forward in Stephanie’s direction.]

“LEAVE ME ALONE YOU BASTARD!” [Rose points in the direction of her stalker.] “I’M NOT…”

[Nevermore enters the street and in the flash of an eye is DESTROYED by an oncoming tractor trailer. The act cuts Stephanie off immediately as literally shreds of clothing, mangled body parts, and blood explode around the front grill of the semi as its driver lays on the horn, far too late.] [The activity on the city street draws to standstill as the drivers and pedestrians alike realize what has transpired; still yet, a shocked Stephanie Rose stands in agitated silence until…]

“Golly…” [An expression of relief covers her face as she lets off a small shrug.] “I guess he wasn’t that scary after all.”

[And we fade to black as people cautiously surround the semi involved in the “accident”.] [“The Eagle Has Landed” by Avatar plays as Alistair Huxley walks out onto the top of the stairs. He smiles mischievously over the crowd as a chorus of boos welcomes him into The Schoolyard. His large friend, Fluffy, steps out to join him at the top of the stairs. He pulls a microphone to his mouth.]

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to The Huxley FREAKSHOW! I am your ringleader, Alistair Huxley, as I’m joined by my largest and strongest man in the world, Fluffffyyyyy!”

[He beckons towards the giant who steps forward and flexes to show off his robust chest and shoulders. The crowd continues to boo as Huxley just grins through it. He walks down the steps until he gets to the bottom of the large stairs where a cage is shrouded by a cloak. A loud bang is heard on the cage’s walls.]

“Here I have one of my strangest and most intriguing acts. I give to you… THE PIG MAN!”

[The curtain falls to the floor as Pig is shown being held in place by chains connecting to his neck, his wrists, and ankles. He shakes the chains as Alistair just smiles at his trophy.]


[The Animal doesn’t budge as he bites down on his lip. Huxley smiles as he makes a motion with his hand.] [ZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP!]


[A cattle prod strikes him right in the ribs as he falls down, only being held up by his chains as he takes on the appearance of a puppet being suspended by the strings.]

“That’s a good Pig man. You see, tonight is the night that you’ve all been waiting for. Tonight is the night that you all will witness the breaking in of my newest attraction… THE PAINKILLER!”

[The grin turns as Alistair enters the ring, awaiting his foe.] [Mr. Freakshow is in the ring but he awaits his foe, The Dead, as the battle between ringmaster and attraction begins for the Rewind Championship!] [The Dead makes his way down the stairs as his eyes are narrowed in on Alistair Huxley who is standing in the ring. He comes down the stairs and FLUFFY RUSHES HIM! The gargantuan man tries for a large lariat, but The Dead was too quick. He dodges underneath the lariat before nailing him with the Rewind Championship. He turns around and… PESCADO! Alistair seemed to come out of nowhere with that pescado drop as he falls atop of him. The leader of the Freakshow yanks him to his feet before throwing him back first into the cage of Pig!] [He yanks him to his feet and rolls him into the ring. He slides in and referee finally rings the bell to start this match-up. He grabs his hair as the referee warns him of it. Alistair just laughs him off before Dead nails him with an uppercut! He grabs him by his shit and pulls him in for a headbutt which rocks Alistair. Dead doesn’t even seem to feel the impact as he whips Huxley into the ropes. He catches his rebound for a sidewalk slam before hooking a leg. One…Two…NO! Huxley powers out. The Dead looks down at him before rolling out of the ring.] [Fluffy is back to his feet and stands his ground in front of The Dead on the outside of the ring. The Dead just looks up at him and KICKS HIM RIGHT IN THE BALLS! His face becomes contorted in agony as he falls to his knees. It’s then that he grabs something from the pocket of Fluffy. A KEY?! He walks over to the cage and unlocks it. The door opens as he quickly unlocks all of the locks holding Pig in place. The Animal shakes off his chains as the two stare at each other for a moment. The Animal walks towards the ring and slides in. He charges Alistair for… MARCH OF THE PIGS! But Huxley moves as he nails the referee!] [The referee is down as Alistair reaches into his coat for… DRAGON’S BREATH! The fireball lights up the face of The Animal as a high-pitched squeal is heard! Huxley smirks before turning right into a big boot by The Dead! Mr. Freakshow hits the mat as The Dead leaps on him. Lefts and rights are thrown into the face of the challenger. The Dead raises a right hand up and Fluffy grabs it! He turns around but is nailed by a right hand that flattens him. The Animal finally contains himself and takes both he and Fluffy out as they fall over the ropes and to the floor!] [Alistair Huxley rolls out of the ring and looks underneath the ring. The Dead gets back to his feet as he’s approaching the side of the ring. Singapore cane shot to the head! The Dead staggers back just because of the impact as Huxley slides into the ring. On the outside, The Animal has broken free and is running up the stairs as he tries to escape. Fluffy slowly pursues with his cattle prod in hand. Ali swings with his Singapore cane and connects with the cheek of Dead! As the ‘Painkiller’ is staggered, Huxley breaks the Singapore cane in half over his knee. He rips it apart and throws one piece away. He grabs Dead by the back of his head and… JAMS HIM DOWN ONTO THE JAGGED EDGE OF THE CANE INTO THE MAT!] [The Dead falls to the ground as the splintered wood has sliced open the wound! The referee is finally beginning to get his bearings as Huxley gets rid of the evidence in a hurry. He turns around as The Dead is staggering back to his feet. THE WHIP CRACK! The hard slap into a backstabber as Ali hooks both legs. The referee slides into position. One…Two…TH-NO! The Dead manages to get a shoulder up as Alistair begins to show some desperation as he pulls at the end of his hair. Alistair pulls Dead up to his feet, but The Dead wraps his arms around those of Huxley. THE DEATH RATTLE! Vicious headbutts stagger the challenger as The Dead manages to knock him to the mat with one final blow. The Dead hooks a leg. One… Two… THREE!] [NO! Alistair just kicks out at the last second! He yanks him up to his feet, but Alistair hits a European uppercut before Dead can respond! Alistair lunges at The Dead and begins BITING onto his forehead! Blood is now gushing down the chin of Huxley as well as down the face of Dead! His facepaint is a mixture of black and red gore! Huxley charges for a running spear, but Dead kicks him right in the face, popping him right up for… THE FINAL BREATH! Huxley is laid out as The Dead just slumps on top of him. One…Two…TH-NO! FOOT ON THE ROPE!] [The Dead is spent. He gets to his feet, but the sheer amount of blood loss is blurrying his vision and staggering him. He turns around and sees Fluffy coming back down the stairs, dragging the arm of Pig as he does. He walks towards the ringside just enough to distract Dead. Fluffy throws Pig back into the cage. He turns around and… CIRQUE DU TORMENT! The leaping triangle choke is applied as The Dead is trying desperately to get to the bottom rope. The referee is checking on him, but he begins to fade out. The blood loss is taking its affect. The referee raises his hand once… twice… DEAD IS FIRING BACK! He gets out of the hold with a slam. He gets to his feet as he’s barely standing. Huxley fires back but… THE FINAL BREATH! Well maybe not as Huxley bounces off the ropes for… THE REAL FINAL BREATH! TWO STRAIGHT SHOTS! Dead pins him down to the mat. One…Two…THREE!] [The Dead successfully defends his championship as he falls to the mat with blood everywhere from the match. Huxley is barely breathing as is the successful champion.] [The final bell has sounded but both men are exhausted. They use the ropes to pull themselves back up to their feet as the crowd is buzzing. Will these two continue to battle after the bell?] [The Dead rushes towards Alistair Huxley, but he falls to the ground in a heap. He tries to push himself up but his strength is sapped. The blood pouring from his head has drained him fully. He pushes up, but he’s frozen in that position.] [CRRRRRACCKKKK!] [The sound of the whip licking into the skin of The Dead echoes through the arena. Alistair Huxley is barely able to stand, but he cracks the whip again… and again… and AGAIN! The Dead is showing no effect from the whip’s blows as the welts begin to bubble up on his skin. Alistair stops as he pulls a microphone to his mouth.]

“Yes! What marvelous ability! It is true, ladies and gentlemen! The Painkiller lives! He defies the normal bodily functions of man as his body repels the sensation of pain! The Man Without Pain is the newest member of The Huxley FREAKSHOW!”

[With that, The Dead pushes himself up to his knees as the crimson mask of The Dead is revealed. The Dead looks in the direction of Huxley and shakes his head.]

“What’s that, little Painkiller? You’re ready to go home?”

[The Dead shakes his head again before… SPITTING into the face of Huxley as the blood gets in his eyes. He furiously wipes at his eyes before turning to The Dead with a cynical smile.]

“I didn’t want to have to do this, my little Painkiller, but you leave me no choice! Behold!”

[He reaches inside of his coat and pulls out a small…] [PAIR OF SPIKED BRASS KNUCKLES?!] [Alistair charges The Dead and begins smashing into his face with vicious shots! The Dead is helpless as his strength is completely sapped! Right hand after right hand as the blood is flowing freely from the shredded forehead of The Dead.] [He slumps to the mat as Alistair Huxley yanks him up by his hair.]

“I offered to help you, Painkiller! I offered you a place in MY show where you could be appreciated for all of your life. I promised that I wouldn’t let you fall off of that tightrope like my brother. Yet you refuse my help and refuse my offer. And for those who refuse The Huxley Freakshow…”

[Huxley throws Dead down to the ground as he stands over him, breathing heavily into the mic.]

“You’ll make an excellent addition to my show, whether you’re stuffed or dismembered.”

[A haunting cackle is heard as he drops the microphone, leaving The Dead as referees flood into the ring to tend to him lying in a pool of blood.] [Under the driving sounds of Battlecry’s “Skull Splitter,” the VHS Champion makes his way down the long staircase to the ring. His side has bandaging on it, over the wound caused one week ago by the very spear that Viktor North himself gave to his opponent for tonight, Thunk. North is favoring the side, but his demeanor is anything but downtrodden. In fact, he seems ecstatic. Even more strange, he is carrying the spear itself with him. Thunk left in on the Schoolyard floor after the events of last week.] [With some effort, North gets himself into the ring, asking for a microphone. It is time for explanations, and the Skull Splitter does not intend to disappoint.]

“An ash I know there stands, Yggdrasill is its name.” [North begins, reciting from memory a famous stanza.] “A tall tree, showered with shining loam.”

[As he speaks, the crowd turns around to witness a confused Thunk walking down the stairs. The giant seems ready for their match, but North is not done.]

“Yggdrasill shivers, the ash, as it stands.” [North half-sings, his voice growing with power.] “The old tree groans, and the giant slips free.”

[With that emphasized word, North watches Thunk enter the ring. Thunk seems to be the giant. If so, what is Viktor North?] [Almost as if in answer, the VHS Champion hoists the spear in the air in defiance of Thunk, who has his head cocked to study his nemesis.]

“I know that I hung on a windy tree, seven long nights, wounded with a spear!, dedicated to Odin!” [North yells, throwing the spear towards Thunk, who catches it instinctively.]

“I took up the runes, screaming I took them.” [North bellows this time, his voice almost blowing back the hair of Thunk.] “Then I fell back from there.”

[North runs his fingers over the VHS Championship, especially the lettering.] [Lettering.] [Runes.] [Viktor North sacrificed himself in the vein of Odin on Yggdrasill to ensure he kept his VHS Championship! He engineered the entire spear ordeal to trick Thunk into piercing him with it, performing the sacrifice.]

“Tonight, giant,” [North begins, menacingly.] “you will suffer more agony than any man will ever know at my hand.”

[Thunk is not conventionally smart in the ways of modern society. But he know how to understand mood if nothing else. As Thunk looks around the Schoolyard, he understands that North wanted to be stabbed. The man is smiling after being hurt.]

“Thunk no like trick.”

[North sneers in the face of that remark.]

“Thunk no like North.”

[The Skull Splitter prepares himself for war as Thunk grows angrier and angrier.]

“Thunk no like spear.”

[CRACK!] [Thunk has snapped the spear over his knee, throwing the two pieces out of the ring. North looks on with appreciation, and pops his neck, ready to fight.]


[Almost in perfect harmony, his next word meets with his moving body.]


[With brutal force, Thunk nails North in the face with a shot, knocking him backwards.] [The official calls for the bell, and all of the games are over. No more mice. No more spears. No more sacrifices. No more trees.] [Just two men battling for the richest prize in VHS.] [This title match is ON!] [Thunk swings again, but The Skull Splitter ducks. Viktor North shoves Thunk as hard as he can, and Thunk barely budges. He returns the favor, shoving North who flies across the ring! He tumbles into the corner and grabs his bandages. Thunk stalks him into the corner and lifts North. He puts him across the turnbuckle and repeatedly nails him with a KNEE LIFT TO THE MIDSECTION!! He grabs North by the beard and pulls him off the the ropes. His legs land hard, but Thunk pulls him to the middle of the ring by the beard and lifts him up. ELBOW STRIKE TO THE MIDSECTION!! AGAIN! AGAIN! North falls to one knee and Thunk grabs him around the waist… CLUBBING FOREARM TO THE BACK! He drives North into the corner. He lifts him up and RUNNING POWER BOMB!!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [NO! The champion somehow kicks out after that assault!! Thunk looks confused. He looks at the ref for clarification. He looks back and North, pulls him to his feet once again, and locks him in a huge BEARHUG!!! North seems to be fading! Thunk is really cranking down on that injured midsection, as well as cutting off his airflow….HEADBUTT! Another! ANOTHER! Thunk drops North and stumbles away. North sprints at Thunk and nails him with a huge YAKUZA KICK! THUNK TUMBLES OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!! North takes a moment to compose himself… then climbs to the top turnbuckle…. He waits and as Thunk gains his feet… FLIPPING CANNONBALL! Both men are down!!] [The ref starts counting them out. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… North is stirring… 6… 7… North slides in… 8… 9… Thunk barely rolls in! North pounces in with a series of swift kicks to the head! Thunk tries to gain his feet through it, but he is nailed with a DROPKICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!! The Champion pins… One… two.. Thr….Thunk grabs the ropes! North stands up and reaches down and pulls him to his feet by the hair. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Somehow North muscled the behemoth over his head, and he crashes to the canvas! North allows falls to the ground! He grabs his side! The exertion must have hurt his injury. He rolls on the mat in pain! The ref counts again, reaching six before Thunk gains his feet. He won’t let North get counted out, since it will forfeit his title shot. He runs over and yanks North up by the hair at 9. He throws Viktor to the ropes and screams “DEAD PREY!” SAMOAN DROP!! He hooks a leg… One… Two… Thre… Kickout!] [Thunk screams out in frustration! He climbs to his feet and begins to stomp the fallen champion repeatedly. Finally, North is able to grab the bottom rope. The referee pulls Thunk away, and pushes him to the corner. He checks on North, asking if he wants to quit. North doesn’t and climbs gingerly to his feet. Once again, Thunk begins to stalk his prey. He yanks him up be the hair and throws him into the far ropes. As he returns, Thunk prepares but…… GUNGNIR!! Modified spear drives North’s forearms deep into the gut of Thunk. He doubles over with his wind knocked out. North bounces himself off the rope and ROLLING ELBOW!! Thunk is dropped! North is gaining momentum as he climbs to the top BIG SPLASH!! He hooks a leg… One… Two… Thr….kickout! North quickly get to his feet, grabs his side, and then pushes through. He pulls Thunk to his knees, grabs his head and NECKBREAKER!!! He grabs Thunk, pulls his massive body together and HEEL HOOK!! Thunk releases a guttural howl! He strains as North cranks down on the larger man. Finally, somehow, Thunk powers out, sending North sprawling across the ring. Thunk slowly gains his feet, turns, and is met with a huge LARIAT!! North falls into pin. One… Two… Thr..Kick out! ] [North sits up, frustrated, and considered what he has to do here. He get to his feet and pulls Thunk to his feet. What!? He is trying to POWERBOMB Thunk…. but instead can’t lift him and gets thrown out of the ring via BACK BODY DROP!!!! North goes down hard to the floor outside! No! NO WAY!! Thunk is climbing to the top!! He launches to the outside!! DIVING HEADBUTT!!! But the champion rolls away!! Thunk belly flops directly to the floor! He lies there, holding his gut and kicking his feet in pain. North somehow makes it to his feet, and we see that blood has begun to soak the bandage around his midsection. He rolls into the ring, and immediately back out, resetting the count out clock. He marches over to the Missing Link and stomps his head off of the floor repeatedly! He rolls in and restarts the clock again! Right back out and he pulls Thunk to his feet, and is met by a clubbing blow to the midsection for his trouble! Thunk is taking full advantage of the injury! He grabs North and holds him in a cross body position and RUNS HIM GUT FIRST INTO THE RING POST!! North screams!] [Thunk transitions North into a Gorilla Press and tosses him into the ring from the outside! He marches up the steps and steps over the ropes. He marches to North, pulls him to his feet and screams out “FROG FACE!” He drives North’s face into the canvas and covers quickly… One… Two… THRE….KICKOUT!! Thunk can’t believe it!”]

“This is awesome!” the crowd chants. “This is awesome!”

[Thunk climbs to his feet and pulls North to his feet. CLUBBING BLOW AFTER CLUBBING BLOW TO NORTH’S BACK!! He whips North to the corner, where he rests against the turnbuckles. Thunk screams and beats on his chest like Tarzan. He runs at Viktor and SPEAR IN THE CORNER!!! BUT NORTH MOVED!! THUNK GOES SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST!! North takes quick advantage to the cornered Thunk and as he stumbles from the corner… FALL OF UTGARD!! He grabs a leg… One… Two… THREE!!!] [Viktor North retains! He is still the VHS Champion as blood now streams down his side. He doesn’t seem to notice as he retrieves the belt and lifts it high in the air in celebration! Thunk lies in the ring, defeated.] [Damnation has nearly come to an end.] [The fans inside the arena have no idea what’s happened. Outside in the parking lot, the cops are about to breach when the exit door swings open.] [Their guns are immediately raised.] [But it’s just Betamax.]

“Please don’t shoot,” [he pleads.] “Please don’t shoot!”

[The guns are carefully lowered as Betamax approaches with Kaito]

“The men you want are inside my office! They’re bound and gagged. We managed to get the jump on them and take them down.”

[The officers and SWAT team rush into the building with their weapons raised. They run through the halls, heading into the office of Betamax, where two men are kneeling, their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths gagged.] [The camera spins around them.] [Wait a minute.] [That’s not The Elder.] [That’s not Maaz Azim Salah.] [That’s the two security guards from earlier!] [The officers remove the gags, allowing them to speak.]

“It isn’t us,” [one of them pleads.] “It isn’t!”

[They pull them to their feet, dragging them out of the arena. They pass Betamax and Kaito who can’t look them in the eye. They’re ashamed.] [But it’s over; for now.] [Damnation goes off the air with the security guards being loaded into the back of a SWAT van.] [And that eerie voice of The Elder.]