[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► appears in the bottom corner.]

“It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark. Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart. You try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it. You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes. You’re paralyzed.”

[The sight of a moonlit night sky is at first the only thing we see.] [We pan downwards towards the ground, where Betamax is stood eye to eye with someone we’ve never seen before. His black mask is somewhat like Beta’s, only dark and glistening against the moonlight.] [His voice is low, British and at a growl.]

“This will be the first and last time you see me until the job is done. Do you understand me?”

[Betamax nods, still paralyzed.]

“There is no time to waste, Betamax. You have been chosen to take your fathers mantle. El Rojo is dead but Betamax lives in his place. Heed this warning though, you need your position in Old School Wrestling – it is everything.”

“Everything?” [Betamax questions.]

“Everything. All roads lead back to Old School Wrestling; do you understand me? At the very foundation of everything we seek, OSW is it.”

[Betamax gulps, nodding enthusiastically.] [The scene fades to black.] [Pitch Black.] [We fade in slowly to an old house, sat alone in the middle of no-where. The night’s sky is dark, without a single star in sight. We approach the house, a hand reaching out to knock the door.] [It swings open ominously.] [We step inside, when the sound of a bird flapping its wings draws our attention to the right.] [A voice then booms in the darkness, as wind gushes through the broken window, catching the remainder of a net.]

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore- While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping as someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.”

[As he finishes, an eerie silence falls over us.]

“Who dare knocks at my chamber door? Who dare knocks, Nevermore?”

[Suddenly the once flapping Raven becomes clear, bursting towards us at an alarming rate. The camera manages to duck out of the way, barely in time.]

“On this Hallowed night, I have been disturbed from my precious slumber and awakened once again.”

[The door slams shut behind us. When we turn to see it, there’s nothing there. When we turn back, he’s waiting for us.]

“For I am the darkness and this night has summoned me forth to invade unlike any before. Is that why you gently rapped, rapped at my chamber door?”

[He walks towards us, the ridges of his mask striking fear into our hearts.]

“Do you dare to awaken the darkness and expect to peer in without consequence? The darkness will consume you, it will wrap itself around you and eat you alive. I am your misery, your pain, your sacrifice and frustration. I am the macabre and I will feast upon your evil.”

[The Raven suddenly flies in through the open window and appears upon his shoulder, making a throaty caw sound as it does.]

“Quote Nevermore.”

[Then he lunges at us, the camera dropping to the ground during the scuffle. His voice echoes one last time.]


[After an impressive debut, Gentleman George English looks to take Steven Marion back to obedience school tonight!] [The match starts with English ready for anything. Marion’s wasting time in the corner, sniffing a rose before eventually addressing his opponent. The Extraordinary Gentlemen quickly shoots for a Double-Leg but Steven dodges it. George shoots again; Marion keeps backing away until finally getting caught in a Waist Lock. English brings him down to the mat and quickly grabs a Front-Facelock! Both men then steadily ease their way back up. Marion unravels from English’s grasp, looking for a Hiptoss only to get countered into one himself! English sprints into the ropes… GGOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!! Steven hugs his throbbing chest– Hammerlock Suplex!] [Marion gets sent packing to the floor. He tries to buy himself some time; his chest has turn beat red! English soon joins his opponent, grabbing another Hammerlock and RAMMING Marion shoulder-first into the ring post! Steven’s tossed back in… The Extraordinary Gentleman meets him on the mat, bending back the already injured arm, wedging it onto the canvas… GEORGE STOMPS RIGHT ON HIS ELBOW! Marion cries out in pain, stumbling to his feet only to get caught with a Dropkick! And then another! And then a third! Steven’s on spaghetti; George wraps around him tight into a Guillotine Choke!] [Both drop to the mat as Gentleman George cranks down on Marion’s neck! It looks like he’s about to tap when English grabs Marion’s hand, torquing it around into another Hammerlock! English shifts his body around, doing a handstand before bridging back into the hold. He punishes Marion for a bit, eventually floating around and allowing Steven to stagger back to his feet. English never loses his grasp, suddenly yanking Marion back into a Short-Arm Headbutt! Blood quickly drips from Steven’s forehead– WHIPPING Arm Wringer Takedown! Fujiwara Armbar! A Gentleman Never Tells! HE’S GONNA RIP HIS FINGERS OFF! MARION TAPS!] [After the match, George rises with fists pumping. What a dominate victory; Marion’s a bloody mess! He’s wearing a liquid red mask as English saunters out of the ring confidently. A gentleman never tells and the wounds sustained by Steven tonight may never heal…] [After seeing George English make quick work of Steven Marion we move to the backstage area where we see Thunk standing beside the would be director we were introduced to last week.]

“So what do you think Thunk?” [The man looks up inquisitively at the monster.] “Are you feeling good about the script?”

[Thunk lets off a disgruntled shrug.]

“Lots of words. Thunk has hard time remembering.”

“Right.” [The man replies as he nods in understanding.] “Well, I’ll see what we can do about that. Maybe even reduce your number of lines.”

“Thunk likes less lines.” [Another shrug; this time with much less frustration.] “And fresh meat.”

[Thunk lifts a finger of exclamation into the air; his statement catching the director a bit off guard when suddenly, Dom Cruise steps into the view. The director lifts both hands in protest.]

“We don’t want any trouble Dom.” [Shaking his head.] “The decision has been made. The role is going to Thunk.”

“I’m not here to do any ACTING.” [Cruise snaps back at the man.] “Tonight, the Grand Finale will happen inside the squared circle.”

[Thunk brushes the director aside, moving forward to press his massive chest in the direction of Cruise.]

“What’s wrong movie star?” [Dom accepts the physical presence of Thunk, confidently glaring upward into his eyes.] “Not ready for the big stage?”

“Tonight, Thunk no act either.” [The behemoth presses a finger into the chest of Cruise.] “THUNK SMASH!”

“Good!” [Dom nods, a bit taken back now by the physical threat that is the man in front of him.] “Because I’m ready for my close up!”

[With that, Cruise steps to the side and walks away leaving Thunk and the Director following him with their eyes.] [After weeks of berating and beating on those smaller than him, tonight Dom Cruise goes nose-to-chest with the Missing Link himself, Thunk!] [The match starts with Dom dusting off his boots, insisting the referee fetch him some hand sanitizer. Thunk stares curiously at his opponent; Cruise is combing his coif now. Finally ready, the Hollywood A-lister approaches the man raised by wolves and– OPEN-HAND CHOP RIGHT TO THE CHEST! Dom immediately bails to the floor, heading for the back! The crowd BOOS! Cruise is already fed up! Suddenly the meaty mitt of Thunk pulls Dom by his trousers, HURLING him through the ropes! Thunk follows, absorbing a Baseball Side before taking a Superkick while climbing over the top rope… Complete Shot by Dom!] [Thunk quickly starts picking himself back up. He takes some Forearm Smashes before Cruise kicks him right in the jaw! Dom grabs a Full-Nelson, really wrenching in the move……… to zero effect. Thunk casually walks with the Original hugging his back before SLAMMING him down into a modified Samoan Drop! Dom’s offense is gone with the wind; Thunk calls for the end! “THUNK SMASH!” Cruise clutches the ropes for dear life, taking a Throat Thrust but dogging the gnarled teeth of the Missing Link! Thunk chomps around the ring before taking an Eye Poke– NO! He blocks the Low Blow!] [Dom wins the Oscar for “Best Pants-Wetting in a Wrestling Match;” Gutwrench Suplex turns him inside out! Thunks covers! One… Two… NO! Thunk now grabs Dom’s entire face, pulling him and– NO! DOM BITES THUNKS FINGERS! Dom nails a Rope-Run Tornado DDT and hooks him tight! One… Two… NO! Thunk tosses him off, getting quickly Stomped rotten! Cruise looks for a Dragon Sleeper before nearly being turned into Dead Prey! Another Eye-Poke attempt gets caught; they knock into the referee… LOW BLOW! Grand Finale? NO! Thunk just DRILLS HIM with a Falling Facecrusher! THUNK SMASH! He covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Thunk rises with a stoic stare. Cruise is doubled over on the canvas… The man raised by wolves continues to impress as he quietly leaves the Schoolyard, once again king of the jungle.] [We cut to the backstage area where we join an obviously frustrated Alistair Huxley who moves down the hallway on a mission; his trusted companion, Fluffy, in tow.] [Huxley lifts an envelope into the air; an expression of disgust on his face.]

“What Betamax doesn’t understand is that Pig is right where he belongs.” [Alistair growls as he waves the envelope.] “All he needed was a little time in his pen before he realized that he is perfect for my freak show.”

[Huxley extends the envelope back towards Fluffy who submissively receives it with a pinch of his finger and thumb.]

“Unbelievable.” [Alistair lifts his hands into the air.] “For Betamax to think Pig would actually climb into the ring against me… after all I’ve done for him?!?”

[Fluffy shakes his head in agreement with the disagreement.]

“People really need to start trusting me. I said it and I meant it. Every circus needs a…”

[Alistair pushes his way through a set of double doors; a glowing red exit sign hanging above his head. However, when the doors fly open the face of Huxley is illuminated in a red shade; magnifying the sheer horror covering his face as he finishes his sentence.]


[With that, our view shifts and we see it. The circus tent where Pig was once confined to the pen within now stands in flames. The canvas material making up it’s exterior melting away from its frame as men, women, and children hurry away in fear.] [And then there is Pig. Stepping out from behind a wall of flames; sweat glistening on his naked body in the fiery glow of the blaze.] [Pig stands still, glaring up at Huxley and Fluffy with a vengeful stare.] [Trembling, Alistair steps back into the girth of his friend. The collision does not stop him from pushing through Fluffy’s position as he retreats back to the safety of The School Yard.] [After weeks of psychological torment, will Katio’s pent up furry finally be unleashed? Or will David Manson just play more Punch and Judy with his favorite puppet?] [The match starts with Kaito exploding out of the corner with Shoot Jabs and Karate Kicks! He pummels Manson before taking an Eye Rake. That staggers the Rising Son, with Mason charging and– KTFO! JUST LIKE THAT! Katio’s quick to cover! One… Two… NO! The Bad Seeds powers out, rising and looking for a Lariat but takes a Leaping Knee Strike to the nose! Manson’s rocked through the ropes and the Black Dragon soars… FLYING METEORA OVER THE TOP ROPE! He tosses Manon back into the ring; covers! One… Two… NO! The crowd is electric! Kaito wants it… “TODOME DA!“] [Katio quickly hoists the New Horror onto his back; Manson clubs his way free… UNSPOKEN WORDS! Kaito gets spiked! Manson again stands, wiping blood from under his nose with a grin. He hammers away at Kaito, begging him to fight! The fans BOO! and Manson soaks it all in, folding the Sun Warrior up with a HALF-NELSON SUPLEX! Katio lies in a heap… He struggles to rise, pulling himself up by the ropes before EATING a Big Boot! That causes Kaito to get tied up in the ropes, like a marionette tangled in his own strings! Manson chuckles sadistically] [The Street Rat violently chokes Kaito. He gets right in his face, taunting him again and– NO! KATIO SPITS AT HIM! Manson cackles, charging back and taking a kick to the heart! Katio slings over to the apron… SPRINGBOARD SLINGBLADE! He looks to cover but immediately gets caught in a Gogoplata! HE’S GOT HIM! The Cannibal cinches in the hold but Kaito’s battling through it! He manages a Jacknife! One… Two… NO! Both rise and Manson wants the Reign of Terror; Kaito counters. Final Hit? NO! COQUINA CLUTCH! Manson chokes him out! Kaito’s limp; the referee calls for the bell!] [After the match, Manson is still squeezing the life out of Kaito! The referee forces him off, with Manson laughing heartily. He shoots a knowing nod to his fallen foe, finally leaving…] [The match may be over, but Kaito’s blood still boils as he is quick to rush towards Manson, blindsiding him with a harsh roundhouse kick! The Street Rat hits the ground and Kaito unloads on him with right hand after right hand! He only stops once he hears the laughter coming from Manson. Kaito shakes him, yelling at him.]

“Naze waratte iru!? (Why are you laughing!?)”

[The reasoning is soon shown as Kaito is forced off of Manson by none other than HAtE! Kaito is caught by surprise and is unable to stop the larger man from nailing him with a hard reverse STO! Manson rises to his feet, saying something to HAtE before grabbing Kaito, both men working together and tossing The Black Dragon through the ropes, twisting him in them so that he hangs above the apron by only his arms!] [Manson rolls under to the outside as HAtE searches under the ring. Manson chuckles again before reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a cigarette to light.]

“So, looks like you’re really… strung up, huh?”

[Kaito lifts his head, his jaw already bruising from the STO.] “Kutabare! (Fuck you!)” [The ever resilient Black Dragon spitting blood into the face of Manson.]

“You need to stop speaking in your precious language if you’re gonna talk, puppet. But I will wake you up, even if it takes a history lesson.”

[Kaito watches as HAtE pulls from under the ring… a Flag with the Rising Sun on it? HAtE stands next to Manson and holds it up for the crowd to see.]

“Do you know what this flag stands for, man? It was a flag used by your precious empire of Japan in the nineteenth century. What does it stand for? Rape and Racism. [The crowd gasps, Kaito yelling in objection.]

“You think I’m wrong? This flag was flown by your empire years ago and they used it to symbolize their racial superiority. They wanted to take over everything. They even waved it overhead when they raped and massacred countless Chinese women and children. I didn’t lie when I said neither of us had honor.”

[Kaito finally yells in English.] “It no longer stands for that!”

[Manson merely shakes his head.] “Don’t lie, Kaito. You called me American scum when I first talked to you. I’m cutting your strings, I’m opening your eyes. Don’t fight it. You’re just working to further their ideals like any government mule. Wake up.”

[Kaito struggles against the ropes as Manson takes his cigarette AND SETS THE FLAG ON FIRE! Kaito is going haywire as HAtE drops the flag on the ground, him and Manson walking away as Kaito tries to free himself and put out the fire on the flag in front of him.] [The uncomfortable situation of love comes to a head as Jared Beckett looks remorsefully across the ring at the apple of his eye, Stephanie Rose!] [The bell rings as Stephanie gives Jared a whimsical smile as if to encourage him to give it a go. Jared seems uncomfortable but he follows her to the center of the ring where they interlock fingers for a test of strength. Stephanie Rose quickly overpowers Jared as she begins forcing him to the ground. She releases her hands and throws her hands up in anger. He gets back to his feet and she pushes him hard to the floor! “Are you scared?!” she yells at him, frustrated with his lack of trying.] [This seems to work as he gets to his feet and shoves her with full strength knocking her to the floor. The crowd responds negatively which only further frustrates him. She gets to her feet and the two lock-up. Jared quickly gets the better as he pushes her into the corner. The referee gets in-between these two much like last week only Jared doesn’t take advantage with an eye-rake. Rather he strokes her hair as she gives him an uncomfortable look. The crowd boos him for the creepy motion before the referee moves. She charges him for a forearm smash, but Jared ducks underneath and hits her with a cobra clutch slam!] [He pins her shoulders to the mat. One…Two…Kickout! The crowd cheers wildly for this to which only furthers Jared’s agony. She tries to get up, but he hooks her legs around his midsection for an unusual-looking wheelbarrow suplex! Rose is getting thrown around now. He doesn’t relent as he quickly lifts her up for a delayed vertical suplex. The crowd is in an uproar! Jared’s eyes are full of rage as he seems to be taking out his month’s worth of frustration out on her. He allows her to get up before charging her with a running boot to the gut followed by a quick kneelift into a gorilla press slam as she collides with the mat harshly!] [The Cruelest Animal walks to the ropes as he extends his arms to bathe in the hatred of the crowd. Before he can turn around, he’s rolled up by Stephanie Rose with a schoolgirl! One…Two…NO! He kicks out! He gets back to his feet, but Rose is quicker as she rushes him from behind and hooks his head for a running bulldog! He comes up slow, but she grabs his arm for a Japanese armdrag. She pulls him up by his hair, wraps his head, and… FULL BLO-NO! Jared Beckett holds her up halfway and deposits her outside as she crashes to the cement floor! The crowd boos him harshly as he falls to his knees with his head resting on the second rope.] [He pulls himself back up and realizes this is his opportunity. He climbs the turnbuckle and walks along the tightline of the top rope before… leaping for a splash! THE KING KONG SPLASH TO THE FLOOR! Jared snaps off holding his elbow which seemed to hit the floor hard. He rolls to his feet using his good arm as the referee begins his count over. He gets to five before Stephanie even moves. Jared is urging the referee to hurry. Eight, her hand is on the apron. Nine, she’s to her feet. The referee is about to throw up the final hand when she makes the count! Jared has his head buried in his hands.] [He quickly rushes over and begins stomping on Rose, not allowing her even the slightest of moments to breathe. He allows her to get to her feet before charging for a… TRICYCLE FROM HELL! Rose’s head bounces off of his knee as he hooks a leg. One…Two…TH-FOOT ON THE ROPE! The referee almost called it but spotted the foot after hitting the mat for the third count. Beckett looks at the referee in dismay before hooking the legs for another try. One….Two…TH-NO! Rose gets a shoulder up. Jared gets off of her and slams a fist into the mat in frustration. He climbs the turnbuckle with his back to her for some sort of moonsault.] [ENZUIGIRI! Rose nails him before he can take a leap as she collides down with the mat. Jared is suspended on the top rope. She gets back to her feet and grabs both of his arms before pulling him down for… crucifix bomb on top of his injured arm! Jared cries out in pain as he rolls away. Both are slow to their feet, but Rose climbs to the top nearest to him for a diving moon stomp onto the arm! He cries out in pain once more before Rose wraps his shoulder into a crucifix roll-up! One…Two…NO! He kicks out as he gets some distance between them.] [She approaches him but he grabs her trunks and pulls her face-first into the second turnbuckle! The crowd pelts him with boos as he gets to his feet behind her. He grabs her arms for The Straight Jacket, but she wiggles out only for him to hit an uppercut! She staggers before he pulls her close for a Samoan drop! He climbs the turnbuckle and… LOCK JAW! The diving elbow hits her right in the mouth as blood begins to dribble from her nose! He pulls her to her feet but she hits a forearm smash to his shoulder! He cries out before she hits one to his nose. She grabs his head, runs to the ropes and hits… FULL BLOOM! She isn’t finished as she wraps up the arms of him, flips over into… PETAL TO THE METAL! The Last Chancery is working over the chest, shoulders, and arms as Jared is crying out in pain. Finally, after a few moments of fighting, he asks the referee to call the match!] [Rose releases the hold as she staggers to her feet, holding her nose with one hand. Jared rolls to his knees, holding his arm as Rose walks over. The two share a moment for a second before Rose extends her hand. He contemplates it for a minute before slapping it away to the disgust of the audience.] [Stephanie Rose has done it. She has once again overcome the odds and reached a victory – but tonight it is in the most bizarre of circumstances. Sure, she showed Jared Beckett that she is no pushover, but what on Earth does that mean for them now? Will Beckett still pursue her knowing that she bested him?

Looking over at Beckett, Stephanie can see the embarrassment on his face. The look of a child who has just gotten into trouble. He avoids her eye contact, keeps his head bowed and waits for the Earth to swallow him up. Stephanie is ready to move on, when Jared’s voice calls out to her.]

“Steph… Wait.” [Jared begins, for the first time seeming vulnerable and without bravado.] “I didn’t want this. I just wanted you to see what I am capable of.”

[Beckett stands to his feet, microphone now in hand. If he cannot win her over in the ring, it will have to be with his silver tongue.]

“You’re impressive Stephanie Rose, a gentleman always lets the lady win. This whole thing has not quite gone how I planned but imagine just how much more beautiful we could be together. In me, you have yourself a winner. What do you say?”

[Stephanie politely takes the microphone from Beckett’s hands.]

“Honestly Jared, I am just trying to get my head back on straight right now. This is all just a bit too much. Out here, in front of all of these people, after the match we just had… Golly… Are you sure this is the right time to be asking me out?”

[Becket simply smiles his Cheshire smile in reply. With a wink and an obviously pre-arranged hand gesture to the production van the lights around the arena dim a little, edged with a passionate red and with soft spotlights focused on the pair in the ring.

On cue, Seal’s ‘Kiss from a Rose’ begins to play. Jared takes advantage of the entire scene catching Rose off guard and swoops in. He leans Steph back into his arms and… PLANTS A GIANT KISS!

The pair lock lips and the crowd rises into a frenzy!]


[SLAP!!] [“YEAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!” cheer the fans as Stephanie Rose lets Beckett have it. She backs away, sliding to the outside and heading to the backstage area. These two are done right here tonight.] [We have a hellacious feud match as Alistair Huxley welcomes Pig to his carnival. Can the Pig secure his freedom or will Huxley have his freak?] [Entry of the Gladiators plays as Huxley steps onto the rings edge, his arms outstretched, not noticing Pig sneaking up on him from behind. Huxley turns around right into a massive right hand that staggers Ali before he’s thrown onto the hard sand with a massive Powerbomb. Pig drops down, mounting Huxley as he rains down hard lefts and rights, Ali barely covering up before Pig is grabbed by the back of the head and pulled off by Fluffy] [Pig turns around, delivering a massive right that barely fazes the giant as Ali uses the distraction to grab Pig from behind, drilling him into the sand with a Dragon Suplex. Fluffy hands Ali his whip as a massive grin creeps onto Mr Freakshow as he winds it around his fist but as he cracks it forward, Pig catches it in his right hand pulling Ali forward into a massive Lariat that turns Mr Freakshow inside out] [Pig pulls Huxley up, lifting him high as he tries for the end but as he spins him around, a large medicine ball is thrown into his gut as Pig collapses to the ground. Ali slowly gets up, holding his neck as he motions for Fluffy to pull Pig up to his feet. Fluffy pulls up Pig, grabbing him in a Full Nelson as Ali takes out a spoonful of suger, pulling out a lighter as he rubs it between his fingers, DRAGONS BREATH…HITS FLUFFY! Pig decks Ali with a massive Haymaker before turning to Fluffy, backing up, THE GREAT DESTROYER!] [Fluffy is knocked out as Pig goes to pull Ali to his feet but gets a boot to the groin, LEFREAK! Pig’s head bounces into the sand as Huxley goes to pick up his fallen whip, not noticing Pig bounce to his feet behind him, fury in his eyes. Ali turns around right as Pig rushes him but Ali quickly cracks the whip, hitting the Monster just above the eye, stunning Pig enough for Ali to escape as he rushes towards the ladder, climbing his way up to the tight wire] [Pig quickly follows behind, trying to pull Ali down but Ali kicks him above the bad eye, as Mr Freakshow gets to the top. Ali begins to climb onto the wire as Pig reaches the top, Ali beckoning Pig to follow but Pig just shakes his head, backing up before leaping off the side, MID-AIR MARCH OF THE PIGS! Both men crash down to the netting below, Huxley looking like he’s out cold as Pig rolls him out onto the sand, signalling for the end] [Pig pulls Ali up, trying to end it but Ali knees Pig low once more before leaping up, trying to lock in the Cirque De Torment. Ali nearly has the hold locked in but Pig powers him up, slamming him down with a massive Powerbomb into the sand. Pig holds on, lifting Ali up high once more, THE DAY THE WORLD…CHOKESLAM! Fluffy saves Ali as he pulls up his Ringmaster, handing the whip to Ali who wraps it around the throat of Pig before locking in the Cirque De Torment! Pig tries to fight out but he can barely breathe and eventually, passes out, giving Ali the victory!] [Ali lets go of the hold, collapsing to one knee as Fluffy lifts him up, carrying him across the floor. Huxley goes to leave the Carnival but before he does, he turns back to the invisible crowd, delivering a low bow before tipping his hat.] [Before Pig can even react, a cage is wheeled out and rolled down towards the ring. Huxley and Fluffy stand further away, near the tent exit, supervising as men with cattle prods enter the ring and starts zapping Pig.] [SQUEAL!] [SQUEAL!] [They roll him towards the edge and drop him off and into the cage, podding him one more time until he flies back into it, slamming against the back. They close the door and put a padlock on it, wheeling it towards Huxley, who laughs sadistically.]

“Don’t worry little Piggy, people will come from far and wide to watch you perform in my cirus. You won’t have to worry about looking after yourself, because we’ll do that for you. You’ll be an attraction for the world to behold – only, you won’t be the Main attraction.”

[Pig squeals, lunging forward at the cage, only to be prodded backwards with the electric sting of the cattle prod.]

“Relax, my pet. Relax. You’ve not been able to cope since you turned your back on Luther. You’re not used to being able to think for yourself. I’m going to help you and at the same time, turn you into a star.”

[Fluffy puts Alistair down, who kneels in front of the cage.]

“But in the meantime, you’ll be travelling with us. Welcome to the circus, Pig-Man.”

[He taps the cage, watching as it’s rolled out of the tent. Huxley turns to Fluffy and smiles.]

“Now, let’s go get our Main Event.”

[Drip.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [Viktor North watches as water slowly drips down into the pit into which he finds himself trapped. Despite the low level of light, he knows every time Shark lurks outside the door. In fact, such a time is about to occur. The light slightly flashes and the water splashes instead of dripping.]

“Viktor?” [Shark warbles.] “You still with me?”

[North doesn’t answer, instead standing to his feet. The cracking of his neck is all that Shark needs to bring a smile.]

“There you are, old friend.” [Shark peers into the small openings in the door to feast his eyes on North.] “I would hate for you to miss out on the House of Horrors.”

[North looks up and a small grin flashes across his unwashed face and teeth.]

“I hear the pulse of the people inside the Schoolyard, beast. Their energies flow through to even this pit you have made my prison.”

[Shark just laughs before North continues.]

“You will never break me in the way you broke the others. I have never faced a hunt like this one, but I will not lapse before the end. I will enter the House of Horrors, and I will walk out with your fin draped across my brow, your meat in my belly, and your blood dripping from my mouth.”

[The laughing ceases as Shark considers the Skull Splitter’s words.]

“Did you read my mind?” [Shark joyfully replies.] “Because I was about to say the same thing to you. There’s nothing like a man who wants to kill you, is there?”

[Viktor spits out a meager amount of saliva in response.]

“I will not kill you, Shark. Instead, I will rip your body apart, and as I stand on your still beating heart, I will rip away the VHS Championship you covet. Because killing the Shark will never be enough. But when you go back into the deep waters covered in blood, those you surround yourself with will feast on your weakness. They will feel it with their every fiber, and you will be no more.”

[Shark moves away from the door as something rattles behind it. He is muttering incomprehensibly to himself as he does so.]

“And as your lungs breath their last breath, then I will appear with my mighty ax and remove your head from the rest of your body. Then, and only then, will the matter be settled between us. The debt will not be repaid until I hold your skull in my hand and sit upon a throne of your bones.”

[The door swings open, causing North to shield his face at the sudden rush of light. The Shark stands at the top with a cruel smile on his face.]

“I don’t think that’s quite how it will happen, old friend.” [Shark growls as North begins to adjust.] “Have you ever heard of the golden rule?”

[The question seems to befuddle North, who is already looking at how he is going to get out of the pit, which is not as imposing in the light as it may have appeared in the darkness.]

“Do unto others as they would do unto you.” [Shark finishes.] “I don’t know much about using an ax, but I’ll figure it out.”

[As North’s finger tips reach the lip of the pit, Shark turns around and begins to walk to the outcropping.]

“I’ll see you in the House of Horrors.”

[With a splash, Shark dives under the water as North pulls himself up and over the edge into the caves he first found several weeks ago. North looks horrible, but his eyes show that his resolve is still unbroken.]

“Tonight, the hunt ends.”

[North hops off the ledge to walk away, knee deep in the dark muck underneath the Schoolyard. As he disappears around a corner, the Shark slowly rises from the water on the other side of the outcropping.]

“But who hunts who, Viktor North?”

[The Shark lowers back into the water, disappearing from our sight.] [The man created by flames meets the man unharmed by its touch. Who will light the other ablaze in this Inferno match?!] [The bell sounds as the two men lock up in the center of the ring. A bar surrounds the ring with low flames shooting up from it in places. Inferno gets the better of the exchange as he powers Dead into a headlock. The Dead pushes Inferno into the ropes to which Inferno just squeezes the lock on firmer. Inferno slams Dead to the mat with his weight atop of him, still locking in the headlock. The flames shoot up high with that slam! Inferno grins as the flames seem to be growing with each slam.] [Dead quickly pushes the larger man to his feet before worming his way out of the hold! He hits the ropes and connects with a shoulderblock taking The Demon down. He springs back up and The Dead spins for a discus clothesline which Inferno ducks underneath. He hits the ropes and comes back with THE HORN! The spear takes Dead off his feet and to the mat as the flames rise again. Inferno doesn’t hesitate as he quickly yanks Dead back up and throws him into the corner. He stalks his prey before nailing an uppercut followed by a chop by the same arm then switches arms for the same and follows with a nasty headbutt! DE LA MUERTE!? The brutal move is The Dead’s, but Inferno used it against him!] [Inferno laughs to himself as he drags The Dead to the center of the ring and locks in… VORACITY! The hell’s gate submission is choking the life out of The Dead, but Dead isn’t letting this stop him. He gets an arm in and begins tagging the head of Inferno with some vicious blows! Shot after shot until finally, Inferno is forced to resign from the move. Both men lay there breathing for a moment before finally rolling to the ropes. Both men get to their feet but Inferno charges for a clothesline to which The Dead catches for an armdrag! The big man rolls back up to his feet in the corner and The Dead follows that up with… DE LA MUERTE!] [Inferno is planted in the bottom corner after that vicious headbutt. The Dead begins trying to roll him through the bottom and second rope to no avail. He’s simply too big. He drags his dead weight out to the center of the ring. The Dead gets to his knees and begins to roll Inferno towards the ropes but… PUNIC FAITH! Inferno seemed to be faking as he rolls The Dead up and locks in a crucifix armbar! The Dead is trapped. His face shows no expression other than annoyance by being trapped. Inferno yanks back on the arms forcing some serious damage to his arms, you’d have to imagine.] [Finally, Inferno releases the hold as Dead tries to get back to his feet, but his feet seem to not be wanting to work with him. Inferno leaps into the air for NEGLIGENCE! The air cutter floors him for good as Inferno begins rolling him towards the licking flames. The fire on the outside is now almost to 80% of their max height. Inferno stops at the ropes and lifts The Dead up before locking him in the ropes! He latches onto the neck of The Dead before blood begins flowing from the bite! HARVESTING THE SOUL! He grins before jamming his fingers into the eyes of The Dead as The Dead begins to just grin upwards at him. He jams them seemingly further in as The Dead just shakes his head.] [Inferno can’t believe what he’s seeing, blood is pouring from the eyes of The Dead and he’s not saying a word. He releases his hold as he looks at him curiously. The Dead releases himself as he falls to the mat in a seated lump. Inferno shakes his head. The Dead begins to rise, but Inferno climbs up to the top rope. He leaps off just as The Dead gets to his feet. He leaps off for a dive that turns Dead around into a DDT! DISSIDENCE! He smiles as he begins to approach The Dead, but he rolls back to his feet shaking his head. Inferno is shocked! EIGHT of his NINE circles of hell have proved ineffective on this man.] [Inferno headbutts the turnbuckle as he waits for The Dead to get back up to his feet. As he does, he charges over and grabs him around the neck in preparation for the ninth move. The Dead swats his arms away before hitting a lunging headbutt! Inferno is staggered as The Dead wraps his arms around his and delivers HEADBUTT AFTER HEADBUTT until Inferno falls to the ground. THE DEATH RATTLE! Blood is now pouring from the neck and head of The Dead as he glares at him. He tries to push Inferno towards the flames, but his mass makes it difficult. Finally he gets close and… INFERNO GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT! The Dead slaps his hands away before… THE FINAL BREATH! The bull hammer blow to the throat sends Inferno through the ropes and into the flames! The referee calls for the bell!] [The paramedics come to put it out but a piercing scream is heard as Inferno disappears in a plume of fire! The Dead is laid out in the ring, barely moving as he can’t believe he caught a demon on fire.] [The Dead watches the flames slowly die down, looking from left to right for Inferno who appears to have vanished. He stands up, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, who quickly turn to boo’s when they realize that a spotlight has appeared atop the steps.]

“Roll up, roll up, welcome to the Carnival!”

[The crowd boo and hiss at him.]

“Can you hear that? These people love you, Mr. Dead. You’d be excellent for my show! In fact, you’d be so perfect that I’d love for you to be my Main Event. I’m putting together a spectacle of enormous proportions and after capturing my Pig-Man, I realize that my circus needs a someone like you.”

[The Dead looks up at him, arms folded.]

“You can’t feel pain, can you my friend? That’s a valuable commodity in my line of work. People would part with their hard-earned money, just like these good folks here tonight, to see the man who can feel no pain. I will call you Painkiller and you will join my circus.“

[Instead of remaining silent, The Dead grabs a microphone.]

“What the hell did you just say to me?” [He asks, exhausted. The fans cheer.] “I’ve met some freaks in my time but you, you’re a different ilk, aren’t you? The Dead feels no pain, but unlike Inferno, I know that you do. Come after me and I’ll make sure you know exactly how much that is.”

“Oh my little Painkiller, it’s too late,” [Huxley says pointing to behind him.] “But I’m sure you’ll come around.”

[The Dead turns around to see Fluffy stood there. Fluffy nails him with a big slap around the throat, lifts him high into the air and CHOKESLAM!! He rocks the entire ring with such force that The Dead bounces. Huxley sinisterly laughs atop the steps, watching as The Dead lays unconscious.] [Chase Hero stalks the backstage, lurking behind corners and moving swiftly between cover as he slowly and silently walks up towards an empty part of the backstage. Words are heard from down the dark corridor as Hero walks forwards into the darkness.]

“You have accepted us, yes?”

“I don’t know. I just… don’t.”

“You do not wish to take the power we offer?”

“If I do, will I become the monster that Chase- the crowd says I am?”

[Hero exits on the other side of the darkness, the voices leading him there. And in that dimly lit room on the other end? The four hooded men, the man in the center? Ashley Williams.]

“You won’t be a monster to us, Ash. You will be… complete. Let us show you the power we hold.”

[The leader motions to one of the other men, the member receding into the shadows and returning with a book in hand. Upon handing it to the leader, he turns it and reveals the Necronomicon Ex Mortus. Ash gasps at what he sees and tries to lunge for it, two of the men holding him back.]

“You- you found the book!? It has to be destroyed!”

[The leader shakes his head, tisking at Ash.]

“No, it simply needs to be used to better you. You almost accepted us before. And you’re growing more unhinged by the second. Let us make you whole, let us improve you.”

[Ash shakes violently, his facial expression a contorted mixture of anger, fear, and acceptance. He lowers his head, as thought accepting what he agreed to.]

“You’re stronger than that, Ash.”

[The hooded men stay on guard as Chase Hero reveals himself. He frowns at the men before him as he walks around the room.]

“I may not be the purest soul here, but I know for a fact that Ash is stronger than anything that book can turn him into. Ash, you just need to step out and see the light. You don’t need this.”

[The leader chuckles, opening the book and mumbling a few phrases, Ash recoiling in fear only to see nothing having happened.]

“I guess you’re right.” [The leader snickers again.] “Maybe he is above all of this. Or maybe he’s just a ticking time bomb. I guess I’ll leave that for you to decide. Let him go.”

[Ash is let go by the men as they retreat into the darkness. Chase helps the still shaking Ash to his feet, the Chosen One’s head still lowered.]

“Ash, listen to me now or don’t. You’re the Chosen One and I’m horrible for what I’ve done to you. But now I’m here to help you, I don’t just want to. I need to. You’re stronger than this. You’re stronger.”

[Ash looks at Chase before walking out of the room towards the ring for their match, his voice echoing from the darkness.]

“I don’t think I am…”

[The final showdown between Ash Williams and Chase Hero takes place tonight. Will Hero prevail and save Ash, or will Williams become the monster be believes himself to be?] [Ash leans in his corner, almost sulking as he looks up to Chase, Hero begging him to come at him. “Come on, you’re not gonna just stand there!” Hero rushes Ash who barely puts up a fight as he is hit with a hard clothesline in the corner! It’s almost pitiful as Hero drags him from the corner, pushing Ash and trying to force a test of strength. Hero easily over powers the barely trying Ash, causing him to let him go, shaking his head as he walks back and forth in the ring, staring down Ash who doesn’t even attempt to attack.] [Chase grabs Ash by the shoulders and shakes him. “Don’t give in. Show me you have some fight left in you!” Ash stumbles as Chase pushes him away once more. THEN HE SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE! Williams holds the ropes as he begins to shake, almost trembling. “Fight back, Ash. Don’t let them win!” Hero tries grabbing Ash once more- BUT ASH GRABS HERO’S ARM AND HITS HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT! Hero is sent back, landing on his knee before rising and smirking, calling for Ash to do more. The two men trade blows in the middle of the ring, Chase begging Ash to keep fighting.] [Ash continues his violent shaking as he gets the upperhand on Hero, forcing him into a corner before pulling him out and hitting a huge spine buster! Chase is dazed but rolls away from an attempted elbow drop, Ash getting up into a flapjack onto the ropes! Hero is dumbfounded as Ash stayed standing, rearing back and TALK TO THE BOOT! ASH GOES OVER THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE! Hero is quick to capitalize, heading to the top turnbuckle as Ash steadies himself with the apron, leaping off PUCKER UP! The big boot hits hard, busting Chase open! Both men collapse on the outside!] [The referee slowly counts them out. One… two… three…. four… They’re stirring! five… Ash is up first and Hero it right behind him, Ash getting only slightly up on the apron before Hero slams him face first into it! He rolls Williams in and follows after! Ash’s shaking calms down as Hero tries to catch his breath. He reaches down and peels Ash up, forcing him to a corner, backing up and hitting a massive big boot! Ash falls forwards and Hero hoists him up into the burning hammer. Ash begins to shake again! He rolls off of hero’s back and blindsides him with a massive combination of strikes BOOMFINITY RUSH!] [Ash lands that final uppercut and HERO STILL STANDS! Ash stands dumbfounded, still fighting his shaking as he tries to grab Chase who lands the small package! ONE! TWO! – KICKOUT! Ash rolls to his feet with Hero and both hit the ropes, coming back into a clothesline from each other! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Each man stirs slowly, getting to their feet from the massive impact. Ash is up first and his violent shakes reach terrifying levels as he sneers down at Chase, hitting the ropes for the BOOM- CHASE DUCKS IT! HE PULLS ASH INTO THE HERO’S DUTY! ASH HAS TO BE BROKEN IN HALF! HE COVERS! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Both men lay broken in the ring, neither man standing tall following this devastating match!] [The match has ended, and both men lay in the ring absolutely devastated from their match. Ash rolls to the ropes and shakily pulls himself to his feet, stumbling a bit as he goes to the ringside. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a duffel bag, placing it in the ring with him before opening it, eyeing Hero as HE PULLS OUT HIS SHOTGUN!]


[The crowd gasps in disbelief as Ash looms over Hero, shotgun in hand. He shakes violently, cocking the trigger back AND HE HANDS IT TO CHASE! Hero stands up in disbelief as Ash falls to his knees.]


[Chase hesitates as his finger lays on the trigger, begging Ash for another way. The lights go out and the crowd yells, wanting to know more.] [BANG!] [The crowd goes silent, the ring solemn feeling of the arena soon interrupted as words are spoken from out in the darkness.]

“Et ita ad imaginem assurgeret malum. Percutiet qui fuerunt ante eum et ipse faciet finem dierum.”

[The lights come back on and the shotgun is seen across the ring, smoke still lingering from the barrel and a chunk taken out of the ring mat, and in the center of the ring. Ash rises. Chase looks down at him, terrified, and Ash’s face is revealed. His skin grayed, his teeth yellow, and his eyes devoid of feeling. Hero backs up, stopped in his tracks by three of the hooded men who have stormed the ring from behind, grabbing onto him and holding him in place.]

“Like I said, a ticking time bomb. At least when the right verse is read.”

[The eerie voice of the hooded leader rings through the arena, soon it is followed by his maniacal laughter. As he makes way down the steps and into the ring, the crowd stays silent. Hero stays helpless, frozen in fear.]

“Who are you. Why did you do this to him? WHY!?”

[The leader chuckles again and nods to his cohorts. He tosses his cloak off in one swift motion- IT’S HYSTERIA! HYSTERIA WAS UNDER THE HOOD! The other men pull their hoods down. SMILEY, DOUBT, SHARK! THE ASYLUM HAS BEEN BEHIND THIS ALL ALONG! The crowd gasps in shock, soon booing them as Hysteria speaks once more.]

“I did this because Ash was in despair, Chase. He needed help, help only our care could give him. You broke him, we simply fixed him, Chase. And I can guarantee you, Ash likes his newfound form.” [Hysteria looks to Ash.] “Don’t you?”

“Yes. I do.” [Ash smiles, his grin terrifying as he looks over to Hysteria who nods towards him.]

“Destroy him.”

[Without warning, Ash leaps towards Hero, hitting him with multiple strikes, the Savior unable to get away as he is held back! Bloodied and bruised from the beating, they set up the end. Doubt and Shark help heave Chase onto Ash’s shoulders as Smiley grabs Hero’s shoulders, all four men coming down WITH A FOUR MAN ASSISTED POWERBOMB! CHASE HERO IS BROKEN IN HALF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!]

“Let this be a reminder to everyone. The Asylum can help you, improve you. And if you think otherwise? Well… don’t be a Hero.”

[The crowd boos their heads off as the Asylum leave Chase broken in the ring, paramedics rushing down to help him.] [We have a war for the ages here as two hated rivals go head to head to finally put their hatred to bed. Can the Savior prove he’s right about Davenport or is there still fight in the ol’ hunting dog?] [The bell rings as both men rush out of their respective corners, beating the hell out of eachother with heavy rights and lefts as Brooks gets the advantage with a hard knee to the gut before he leaps into the air with a Muay Thai Knee. Davenport ducks under, grabbing Brooks from behind as he tries for a Back Suplex. Brooks rolls onto his feet as he barely grabs Davenport around the waist before throwing him across the ring with a lightning fast German Suplex as Jon lands right on the back of his head!] [Davenport slowly gets to his feet as Brooks sizes him up before sprinting forward, EYE OF THE SAVIOR! That hit right on the chin as this could allready be over, Brooks dropping down as he hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…FOOT ON THE ROPES! Davenport just saved himself as he rolls out of the ring, trying to give himself some breathing room as Brooks backs up, pushing the referee aside as he dives over the ropes right as Davenport turns around, ASAI SHOOTING STAR PRESS…ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!] [Davenport just moved as Brooks wipes himself out, Jon rolling into the ring as he tells the referee to count Brooks out. The referee reluctantly starts as Brooks is barely moving. ONE…TWO…THREE…Brooks is starting to sir, FOUR…FIVE…Brooks is up to one knee…SIX..SEVEN…Brooks is on his feet…EIGHT…NINE…Brooks just barely leaps into the ring, breaking the count as he’s met with a series of hard stomps to the back and chest before Davenport pulls him up to his feet, lifting him up into a Bear Hug] [Brooks screams out in pain as Davenport wrenches back, putting every bit of his strength as he squeezes Brook’s back. Brooks snaps forward with a headbutt that breaks the Bear Hug but the damage has been done as the Savior doubles over in pain. Davenport lifts Brooks up, holding him high in the air before driving him down with a back cracking Suplex, muscling the in pain Brooks down for the cover, ONE..TWO…Brooks manages the shoulder up. Davenport muscles him down again, ONE…TWO…THR…The Savior just gets the shoulder up but he’s in a real bad way] [Davenport kicks Brooks down to the canvas as he pulls him over to the corner, climbing up to the middle rope but a Mud Splash attempt misses. Both men slowly get back to their feet as Brooks begins to fight back with hard right hands before ducking a right from Davenport and sending him to the mat with a Russian Legsweep. Davenport gets up right into a massive Superman Punch that leaves him out on his feet but as Tyler leaps up for the finish, his back gives out as he stumbles into a Belly to Back Suplex] [Brooks is down and out on the mat as Davenport climbs up to the bottom rope once more, MUD SPLASH CONNECTS! Brooks rolls on the canvas in pain as Davenport calls for the end, lifting Brooks up before he locks in the Georgia Crawfish! Brooks tries to muscle his way out as he gets to one knee but the pain is too much as he’s forced down to the canvas, eventually, begrudgingly tapping out] [Davenport rises to his feet admist heavy boos from the Schoolyard, as he looks down on the broken and destroyed Brooks, a satisifed grin comes over the face of the ol’ hunting dog. Davenport raises his hand in victory before rolling out of the ring, celebrating his victory up the stairs to the back] [The match may be over, but no bell is going to stop these two from tearing each other apart! Brooks and Davenport clamber to their knees, where they each grab a fistful of the other’s hair and pound away at each other! The referee intervenes and tries to pry them apart like scrapping dogs, to no avail. Tyler takes control and mounts Jon on the mat, hammering away at him. The veteran covers up as more referees rush the ring.] [Brooks climbs to his feet and runs them off aggressively before rolling under the ropes. At least one of these men has the sense to walk away from—oh, he’s searching under the apron. He pulls out a crate of Jack Daniel’s!] [Rolling back in, he tears a bottle out of the packaging and walks over to the downed Huntin’ Hound Dog. Looking at the crowd like a stern parent, Brooks proceeds to tip the whiskey right onto Davenport’s face! The fans boo the Straight-Edge Messiah’s drain-pouring routine… but their boos soon turn to cheers. Tyler frowns and looks down to see Jon Davenport eagerly lapping the whiskey up and running it through his hair!] [Brooks screams and swings for Davenport, who ducks. Tyler smashes the bottle against the steel ring post but keeps hold of it. Jon, meanwhile, has snatched up his own bottle and cracks it against his corner post! Both men stare each other down, jagged bottles in hand…]

“Hold it, hold it right there!” [What the… Tyler and Jon tentatively look up at the stone bleachers, keeping at least one eye on each other.] “I will not have a double-homicide happen in my ring!”
[Errol Flint looks out over The School Yard! The Chairman raises a mic to his mouth.]

“You two—Brooks, Davenport—you’ve been tearing chunks out of each other for weeks on VHS. It ends now.”

[He casts an eagle-eyed glare at both competitors, who drop their improvised weapons. Errol raises his eyebrows.]

“Oh, not that. You can rip each other’s heads off for all I care – just not on VHS…”

[Brooks and Davenport both look over at Flint as the backup referees hastily remove all glass from the ring.]

“Jon, you old dog, the hunt is still on. Brooks, there are still lost souls to be saved. But from now on, you’ll both be doing it on Monday Night Showcase!”

[The crowd cheer as both men look shocked at the news of their brand switch, their eyes wide and jaws on the canvas. They catch eyes and look to go right back at it, but the swarm of referees keep them separated.] [With two of VHS’s premier talents migrating to Showcase, how will Monday nights look now, and what new matchups might we see!?] [And now, our main event of the evening, for the VHS Championship, Viktor North looks to knock off the Shark. Can the Reel King become the second VHS Champion or will the hunt finally end in favor of the Predator?] [North is coming down to the ring, clad in his full armament, his trademark Axe in hand as The Shark rushes up behind him, bouncing the VHS Championship off the back of his skull. The bell quickly rings as The Shark smashes it down onto the exposed face of North, busting the Reel King open before covering as the referee rolls out of the ring into position. ONE…TWO…North gets the shoulder up as The Shark begins biting the wound, opening it up more as North screams, trying to knock The Predator away. The Shark gets up, blood dripping down his mouth as he pulls North up to his feet, tossing the Reel King crown away as he snaps Viktor to the floor with a Suplex] [The crowd boo as The Shark licks his lips, waiting for Viktor to get to his feet but gets met by a massive elbow to the jaw that sends the Predator staggering into the back wall. North follows, ducking under a right before tossing the Shark into the wall with a massive Belly to Belly! The Shark bounces off, collapsing to the floor in pain as North takes off his armor, picking up his axe as he waits for the Shark to get to his feet, NORTH SWINGS THE AXE AT THE SHARK! The Shark ducks under on pure instinct as the weapon gets embedded in the wall, but gets smacked with the handle before finding himself driven into the concrete with a massive Brainbuster.] [North doesn’t cover, grabbing his abandoned crown before using the points to carve against the Shark’s skin, opening up the champion before the Shark gets pulled up, North dragging him up the stairs as they head to the back. The camera switches as North throws The Shark head first into a door before dragging him towards a catering table. A massive knee doubles The Shark over before he’s lifted up as Viktor tries for a Powerbomb. North lifts him up but the Shark manages to wiggle out as he wraps his arms around North from behind, swinging him around, GERMAN THROUGH THE TABLE! The Shark keeps the bridge as the referee counts] [ONE…TWO…THR…North just rolls the shoulder. The Reel King slowly gets to his feet but gets destroyed with a massive Sushi Kick. That should be it but The Shark doesn’t cover, looking over at a door to the right as a sadistic smile crosses his face. He pulls the groggy North up to his feet as he drags him over, kicking open the door as all we see is darkness with the faint hint of torches in the distance. The Shark gets ready to throw North into the abyss but North fights back with rights and lefts before a massive headbutt staggers the Shark. North backs up, GUNGIR INTO THE DARKNESS!] [A massive splash is heard as the camera tries to peer down but we can’t see either wrestler. Sounds of a massive struggle is heard before silence, as a calloused hand grips the edge of the door, North peering over, water having washed away his blood as he pulls up an unconscious Shark. North tosses Shark onto the concrete as he climbs over, teasing the cover but shaking his head as he pulls the limp Shark to his feet, both men heading back to the ring] [The camera switches over as both competitors appear at the top of the stage, North nailing the Shark with a massive headbutt as the Predator wobbles on top of the stairs, GUNGIR! North lands another Spear as The Shark tumbles down the stairs! Finally The Shark stops as a pool of blood appears around here, the champion looking almost dead as North casually walks down the stairs, muscling the Shark over as he gets to the bottom for the cover. ONE…TWO…THRE…THE SHARK KICKS OUT! HOW IN THE HELL! North can’t believe it as he backs up, patiently waiting for The Shark to get to his feet as he calls for the end] [The Shark slowly stumbles to his feet, Viktor rushing forward with a massive rib crunching Gungir that flips the Shark in mid-air, sending him crashing down to the concrete below. North signals for the end, the crowd on their feet as they know something special’s coming, North pulls The Shark up from behind, lifting him up into the air, FALL OF UTGARD! The Shark collapses to the mat as North covers,hooking both legs, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [The crowd explodes as North gets, letting out a roar of victory as the referee hands him the VHS Championship. North grabs his fallen crown, raising both the crown and the title high in the air as the King has become the second VHS Champion] [The sound of classic 80’s action music fills the entire arena, as Betamax walks out onto the steps to a huge cheer with a microphone. “I’m The Best, Around!” shortly follows, blaring out. He stands there for a moment and soaks in the cheers before hopping down the steps and rolling into the ring. North looks at him strangely for interrupting his celebration, but stands tall.]

“I’m sorry to interrupt your celebrations North, but I’m afraid that we need to talk. My absence has been noted from proceedings around here for far too long and it’s time that all changed,” [He says to another cheer.] “And I’m afraid that starts with the competition.”

[Betamax starts to pace.]

“Errol Flint wants to come onto MY show and take MY talent? Well two can play at that game. As of the 100th edition Special, Jack Jeckel and Lazarus will be joining VHS!”

[The fans roar at that.]

“And because of that, next week on VHS, I will be crowning a new number one contender for that title, North!”

[Viktor looks at him and nods.]

“In a VHS-wide Battle Royal! The winner will face you the week after at the 100th Edition Special!”

[The crowd roar.]

“Whilst Monday Night Showcase have their ‘Goldrush’, we’re having a special event of our own; called Damnation. At Damnation, Alistair Huxley will face The Dead and there will be a rematch between you Viktor North and whoever your Battle Royal winning opponent is!”

[Betamax smiles, his lips curling underneath his mask.]

“You had all better get ready, because the 100th edition special is upon us and there’s no chance in HELL that VHS will play second fiddle to Monday Night Showcase.”

[He throws the microphone down as the fans cheer, watching as he walks away and exits the ring.] [VHS goes off the air, Viktor North stood idle in the ring, knowing that next week he’ll find out who’ll be his next nemesis. Could it be The Shark?]