[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom corner.] [Grainy footage rolls of old news footage, with Mexican being spoken in the background, covered by subtitles.]

“El luchador conocido como El Rojo fue encontrado muerto hoy..”

[“The Luchador known as El Rojo was found dead today.”]

“Famoso luchador El Rojo ha sido encontrado muerto..”

[“Famous wrestler El Rojo has been found dead.”]

“Su cuero apareció colgado en el vestuario en un evento de lucha libre..”

[“His body found hanging in the locker room at a wrestling event.”]

“Sus familiares, un muchacho joven, no pudo ser localizado .”

[“His next of kin, a young boy, could not be located.”]

“Se dijo que la pérdida de su máscara de vergüenza a su familia!”

[“It was said that losing his mask shamed his family.”] [The television flicks off abruptly, the young boy sat in front of it. He isn’t upset, he isn’t sad, he hasn’t even shed a tear.] [Instead, the young boy hops down off the motel bed and reaches towards the floor, picking up a black mask with a red faded skull like outline on it.]

“I’ll honour my own legacy.”

[The boy smiles as he puts the mask on his head, turning around to meet the camera.] [Betamax.] [We cut backstage to a brawl already in progress! A group of security and backstage staff attempt to break things up, and it’s not until they pull these two men apart that we can see that it’s Shane McGovern and Tyler Brooks.]

“You stupid son-of-a-bitch!”

[McGovern shouts as he attempts to break free of the four men holding him back.]

“I know what you did Brooks, you stupid son-of-a-bitch! You’re going to pay!”

[Tyler fights against his restrainers just as viciously as Shane.] “Are you sure you want to go there, McGovern!?!”

[Tyler shouts back.] “You don’t have your precious pharmacy to go home to!”

[A crowd has already begun to gather but they part like the Red Sea as a man in red walks into view.] “What in the world is going on here!?!” [Betamax shouts.] “Are you two kids trying to tare down my arena!?!”

“That bastard stole my prescription!”

[Shane points at Tyler with distain as the men holding Brooks and McGovern back release them on their own recognizance.]

“All week I’ve been in pain and I don’t have another refill for a’ month!”

[Betamax turns to Tyler, a disappointed look on his face.] “Is this true, Savior?”

“Shane doesn’t need those pills!” [Tyler balks.]

“What do you know!?!” [McGovern shouts.]

“I know what happens when you substance abuse!” [Tyler steps in on Shane and McGovern doesn’t back down.]

“I know you’ll NEVER be as good as me! Not as long as you’re using! Heck, I’ll beat you down right here to prove it!”

“Oh you’re so full of yourself, Brooks! Come down to Southie and say that shit to me!”

“Alright, enough!” [Betamax cuts them off as he steps in between both men.] “No one’s going to Southie, and you’re not fighting back here, you have a match, tonight! Out there…”[Betamax points in the direction of the arena and you can hear the roar of the crowd responding.] “…in the ring! So get your butts out there and take it out on each other where I can profit off it!”

[Both men seem put off, neither of them turning away.]

“Let’s go!” [Betamax claps his hands.] “Move it, move it, move it!” [Tyler Brooks saunters off with a smirk. Shane shakes his head and begrudgingly makes off in the opposite direction. This thing between these two men has gotten very personal, very quickly.] [The back and forth exchanges between Viktor North and Nyx are finally over. Will Viktor North continue his winning ways or will Nyx get back in the hunt for the VHS championship.] [The bell sounds and Viktor North wastes no time charging in at Nyx. However, Nyx with his uncanny senses is able to detect the Skull Splitter coming and leapfrogs over him, sending Viktor North into the corner. Viktor stands in the corner for a moment, admiring Nyx’s ability to compensate for his lack of of sight. Viktor steps in face to face and the men engage in a collar and elbow tie up. Nyx gets the better of North in a chain wrestling exchange and North rolls out of the ring visibly frustrated.] [Nyx realizing he is alone in the ring makes it to the ropes and begins to walk around the ring trying to detect any sign of Viktor North. As Nyx rounds the corner of the ring holding on to the ring post, Viktor North charges in and hits a huge lariat! Viktor raises Nyx off the floor and rolls him back into the ring. Viktor North climbs onto the apron and ascends to the top turnbuckle. With Nyx prone, Viktor takes flight and lands a Double Stomp!!] [Viktor North is a man possessed as he lifts Nyx to his feet and launches him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Viktor creates some distance and begins to signal for something big, Nyx slowly rises to his feet as Viktor charges GUNGNIR! Viktor North with a lateral press, one…..two….three NOOO!!! Viktor raises Nyx’s head off the mat! Viktor lifts a lifeless Nyx into a modified firemans carry and begins to position him awkwardly on the ropes. Viktor North takes a few steps back and admires his work before hitting VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE!! Nyx falls lifeless to the mat!! One…Two…..Three!! Viktor North has defeated Nyx!] [Viktor North has prehaps shattered the orbital bone of Nyx with the Valfather’s Sacrifice but more importantly defeated Nyx and retained his honor as well as continuing his winning ways.] [The neon lights of the VHS logo. The bulky frame of Jon Davenport stands in front of the VHS backdrop with the man of the Mann report, Max Mann, smiling alongside him. Max raises the microphone in his hands to his lips.]

“I’m Max Mann of the Mann report, and I am joined by none other than the Rewind Champion… Jon Davenport. Jon, you have been impressive in recent weeks. You and Brent Kersh are involved in somewhat of a Twitter war. How do you feel heading into Ring King?

[Jon pats his waist, where the Rewind Championship is securely fastened.] “It was only a matter of time until I found my way to the top. The Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog has picked up the scent of gold. Tonight, the Dog will hunt…”

[The Rewind Champion is interrupted by a fair amount of loud rustling from off camera. The sounds of cans being tossed about, followed by a short yelp of delight. The camera pans across to catch sight of The Hobo, leaning over a backstage trashcan, elbows deep in the contents. Hobo smiles as he pulls a discarded KFC bucket from within the bin.]

“Lookey here! Somebody threw out a perfectly good bucket of chicken. Finders keepers.”

[Davenport steps forward, interrupting the treasure hunt.] “Hey! What the hell are you doing? Get out of here, you worthless bum!”

[The Hobo simply smiles, not in the least surprised by the reaction from Davenport.] “Oh… Mr Champion. I think I found something of yours in here.”

[Davenport is about to open his mouth and retort when The Hobo pulls a gym bag from the trashcan – a gym bag that is clearly named ‘Jon Davenport’. Davenport looks enraged.]

“What the hell are you playing at?” [He steps forward and snatches the bag off Hobo, but holds his nose as soon as he draws near him.] “Boy… You smell like shit! You need a shower.”

[The Hobo chuckles to himself.] “I think perhaps the smell is coming from your bag there, Champ. Smells pretty fresh. Perhaps somebody thought that they would get back after you treated them like shit. After all, you get what you give…”

[Davenport unzips the gym bag, then promptly drops it in disgust. Indeed, the bag is filled to the brim with manure. The Hobo cackles with laughter, practically skipping off down the hallway as Davenport attempts to pick his jaw up off the ground. Before he knows it, the Hobo has gone – he yells out after him.]

“You’re a dead man, Hobo!”

[The Irish IT Factor stands in the ring doing a few squats in preparation for his fight with The Straight Edge Tyler Brooks!] [The bell sounds as the two tie up in the center of the ring. Shane McGovern gets the better with a slightly larger size before twisting Brooks’ wrist in a tight wrist lock. Brooks pulls at his arm trying to disengage the hold before turning in time to hit a step-up enzuigiri! McGovern staggers only for Brooks to pop back to his feet to hit a back cracker! Shane grabs at his jaw but Tyler Brooks pins him down. One…Two…NO! Shane kicks out but grabs the arm of Brooks before wrapping his legs around it for an armbar!] [Brooks keeps finding himself in these submissions but his determination allows him to continue scooting to the ropes and place his boot on the nearest one. The referee gets involved and begins to count but Shane rolls off of him quickly. Brooks gets to his feet but his left arm seems to be in jeopardy. Shane sees this and hones in before charging for a clothesline, but Brooks falls down to pull down the rope as Shane goes tumbling outside. The Straight Edge Brooks takes this moment to regroup. Shane climbs to the apron before coming in through the ropes. Brooks cuts him off with before nailing him with a superman punch!] [He lifts McGovern up by his arm before leaping into the air before rotating for… YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY! Shane moves out of the way but grabs Brooks by the waist after he landed before… German suplex! Another! Another! Brooks is exhausted as is Shane. Both men get to their feet Shane throws a punch, but Brooks captures it and pulls him into an… ETERNAL SALVATION! The crossface is locked in, but Shane begins banging on the injured arm! Brooks relinquishes the hold as Shane rolls away. Tyler is slow to his feet, but Shane lifts him up in an electric chair position as the fear is on Brooks’ face. BUT Tyler rolls him up! One…Two…NO! Shane kicks out of the rollup! Brooks hits the ropes and… EYE OF THE SAVIOR! The running roaring elbow nails Shane on the temple! Shane hits the mat like a sack of potatoes! One…Two…THREE!] [Tyler Brooks leaps to his feet holding his injured shoulder. Shane rolls to the outside holding his jaw as he looks to the ring with disgust.] [A familiar blue-suited man with Harry Potter glasses and a cheap haircut stands in front of a VHS backdrop, microphone in hand. He looks a little stiff after his run-in with Ash last week.]

“This is Max Mann, the only reporter you can trust, reporting live from backstage here at Rebellion! Standing to my left at this time is your VHS Champion, The Shark!”

[A blue mohawk pops into frame and circles Max, who stands very still as sweat builds on his forehead. The Shark jumps up—belt around his waist—and sniffs the air, then Max. The slimy reporter is usually very comfortable among the rogues of OSW, but The Shark is too much for him.] “S-so, Shark, t-tonight you defend your VHS Championship against Pig after weeks of mindgam—”

“Do I frighten you, Max?” [Shark asks through gritted fangs.] “Ye—I mean no—I mean… Yes?” [Max dabs at his forehead exasperatedly.]

“That’s right. You’re scared of me just like these weaklings—” [The fans in the arena boo The Shark.] “—are scared of me… just like you’re all afraid of Pig, too!”

“Are you afraid of Pig?” [The speak-first think-later reporter immediately regrets his question, squeezing his eyes shut and biting his lip.]

“Am I afraid of Pig?” [Shark reiterates. He takes a long whiff of Max, who quivers.] “No. You see, you’re right when you say Pig and I have played mindgames with each other for weeks on end, but you know what? This past week on VHS, I had an epiphany!”

[Max tentatively opens one eye. Checking that all his limbs are accounted for, he tries to appease The Maneater.] “You mean… W-when Pig retaliated against your educational abbatoir video with that sickening finning footage?”

“Precisely, Max… Retaliation. Pig and I aren’t so different. I may be at the top of the food chain but every animal plays its part in the circle of life. After all, without prey, there’s no predator.” [The Shark strokes his VHS Championship.] “Pig, we shouldn’t be fighting. We both know I’d kill you.” [“Booooo!”] “It wasn’t sharks leading those pigs to the slaughter in my video, and it wasn’t pigs finning sharks in yours – it was people!”

[The Shark looks Max dead in the eyes accusingly.] “I’m a vegan, sir!” [Max blurts out desperately.]

“All we’re doing is giving these people the bloodbath they tune into National Geographic to see! They don’t care about me and they damn sure don’t care about you. These are the same people who shot Harambe for trying to help!” [Small pop for the late gorilla.]

“I hate zoos!” [Max chips in, currying favour.]

“So instead of retaliation, how about a Rebellion? A rebellion of the animal kingdom against homo sapiens! I’ve arranged for a very special gift for you tonight, Pig. Consider it a peace offering. I know you’ll see sense and forfeit your title opportunity against me!”

[The Shark dives into the depths once more as his blue mohawk weaves out of frame. Max watches to make sure he disappears before signing off.] “So this is why they say never work with animals…”

[The Riveting Rich Edwards throws his locks around as Christian strokes his beard with a smile on his knowing smile on his face. Two debuts on Rebellion!] [The bell sounds and Christian tries to lock up but Rich steps back before running his fingers through his hair. Christian just smiles. This time Rich offers his own hand up for a test of strength to which Christian engages him. The Savior offers his other hand up to match, but Rich slaps him hard right across the face! Christian staggers backwards but still has a smile across his face. The Riveting One looks at him as if he’s a freak before wrapping his arms around his waist before wrapping his arms for a Russian Leg Sweep!] [Rich quickly puts a sleeper hold on as he smiles largely. Christian begins to fight back up, but Rich quickly throws him to the mat before raising his arms in the air seductively before wiggling his hips. Christian gets to his knees before extending his arms to his sides in a mocking fashion as well! Rich sees this and charges for a knee strike, only Christian ducks underneath and rolls him up for a pinfall! One…Two…NO! Rich kicks out with fervor only The Savior hits a knee strike to the gut followed by one to the temple!] [Rich staggers to his feet but Christian locks in… SUCCUMB TO THE LORD! The rear naked choke has Rich frantically trying to escape but in this he elbows the referee right to the dome causing him to fall to the mat. Rich manages to get a leg between them and low blow to Christian! The Savior winces as he holds himself as he falls to the corner. Rich Edwards charges for a shoulder charge before pulling Christian to the mat in the center of the ring. He climbs the top with a little showboating before… Christian pulls him off the top before he could do anything! Rich hits the ground hard on his back before coming to see Christian with his belt removed! CRACK! The belt cracks across the toned back of The Riveting One! CRACK CRACK CRACK! Christian throws the belt out before pulling him up for… DRIVEN BY FAITH! The piledriver connects as he hooks both legs. The referee comes to just in time to make the count. One…Two…THREE!] [Christian wins! He holds his right arm up while holding onto his pants with his other one. Rich Edwards looks pissed on the outside of the ring but Christian is still beaming from his victory.] [Red.] [That’s all we see as the cameras open on a large red mass. As the camera pans out, we see the eyes of what appears to be a mask, revealing itself to be that of Betamax. He’s checking himself out in a mirror when the sound of someone clearing their throat can be heard.] [Betamax turns around.] “Gentlemen, how great it is to see you.” [Stood before him are none other than Brent Kersh and Nigel Royal.] “When I lobbied to have some Ring King round of 16 matches on VHS, little did I know that I’d get the legend that is Nigel Royal and some other guy. Boy, you’re a handsome fellow.”

[Nigel immediately shakes his hand.] “You’re too kind, old chap.”

[Brent just folds his arms.]

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to have you here, Nigel. Before tonight, I understand some people were concerned we may be the same person. That’s very flattering indeed.”

[Nigel grins.] “We clearly share a similar taste in suits,” [he admits, wearing a blue version of the red suit Betamax wears.] “And of course, we’re obviously extremely intelligent men.”

“Could someone pass me a bucket?” [Kersh interrupts.] “We get it, you guys love each other. It’s cute but I’ve had my fill of homosexuality for one life time. You called us in here, so what do you want?”

[Betamax shares a wink with Nigel Royal.] “No-one likes a bitter old coot, Bertie.”

[Kersh steps forward, looking rather menacing. Betamax backs away, sure not to continue offending the Enforcer.]

“I just wanted to thank you for being here at Rebellion tonight and taking part in those inaugural round of 16 matches of Ring King. I’d like to wish you both the best of luck, though not too much luck, eh? I’d love to see a round of 8 match or two on VHS next week as well.”

[Nigel offers a handshake once more.] “I’m afraid one can’t promise you that, squire. I can’t speak for him – although one might suggest there’s high potential of him breaking a hip tonight.”

[Both men chuckle to themselves and exit the area, leaving Brent Kersh with a face full of rage and two folded arms, his body language reading that he’s one pissed off man here tonight.] [A scourge of the seas and the debut of a most Glorious acquisition, Randy Edwards!] [The bell sounds as the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Edwards gets the advantage by wrapping the head of Captain Jack in a side headlock. He hooks the head of Jack before snapping him down into a reverse chinlock. Captain Jack stretches out and manages to get his hand on the rope forcing The Glorious One to break the hold. Edwards throws a quick kick to the spine before stepping back as the referee warns him. He walks back up to the Jack, but Jack claws his eyes as Edwards steps backwards.] [Captain Jack gets to his feet before kicking him in the gut. He throws Edwards into the corner before charging him with a clothesline before pulling him out into a swinging neckbreaker! Captain Jack hooks a leg but it’s only for a quick one count as Edwards kicks out. Jack pulls Randy to his feet before locking in a headlock. Randy elbows him strongly in the gut once, twice, three times to break the hold! He throws Jack into the ropes before catching the rebound with an elbow strike! He waits for Jack to get to his feet before hitting a handspring cutter! THAT’S AMAZING!] [He hooks both legs! One…Two…Th-NO! Jack manages to kick out. Edwards throws him back down for another one, but Jack kicks out at two! Edwards runs his fingers through his hair before beckoning him to get to his feet. Edwards grabs Jack as he gets to his feet, but Jack begins nailing him with elbows! SEVEN vicious elbows followed by a spike DDT! THE SEVEN SEAS! Jack goes to the corner as he begins setting up for another move. Randy stands up and turns around before getting blasted by a European uppercut! The Pirate pulls him close before leaping up for… THE WALK THE PLANK! Edwards is down as Jack hooks his legs. One…Two…THREE!] [Captain Jack raises to his feet as he kicks Edwards out of the ring as the referee raises his hand up into the air.] [In the parking lot of the Schoolyard, one can find many different things happening. Usually some sort of violence for that matter. But tonight, we are witness to a protest. New roster member Christian and his wife Faith stand outside of the entrance holding signs to show their faith in God. They are protesting the Godlessness of the OSW roster.]

“Submit to God!” [Faith calls out to no one in particular.] “Be born again!” [Christian and Faith stop marching around as a man approaches.]

“What god am I submitting to?” [Viktor North asks, eyeballing the couple with hungry eyes.] “Why must I be born again?” [Apparently not familiar with the Skull Splitter, Faith takes the opportunity to preach.]

“There is only one God!” [She says, looking up.] “The creator of the heavens and the earth. He who sent his only son to die for our sins!”

[North nods at that, looking them over with a smirk behind his beard. Then he turns serious.] “You know one god, but I know many.” [He starts, shocking both of them as he approaches.] “My gods observe all nine worlds from their halls, always seeking knowledge.”

[Christian quickly jumps in.] “Seeking knowledge?” [He snorts.] “Your false gods are no match for the one true God, for He is the source of all knowledge. There is nothing He cannot see or that He does not know. Isn’t that right, honey bunny?”

[Faith nods, approaching North with her finger wagging.] “Evil magick and witchcraft are all that your false idols bring.” [She looks at North with angry eyes.] “Bow down and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior!”

[North looks past Faith to Christian with a knowing glance, filled with a silent threat.] “I bow to no man.” [With theatrical aplomb, North spits on the ground in front of Faith, causing Christian to step up beside her.] “I spit on your god.”

[North turns and walks away with little care for the two behind him. Faith’s eyes flash with fire as she holds out her arm to keep Christian from going after North. This issue isn’t over.] [Tonight, we witness a first round Ring King match, where one half of the OSW tag teams champions Nigel Royal battles against the rising VHS star, The Hobo. Can Royal advance in his second straight Ring King tournament or will the Hobo brawl his way to another victory?] [The bell rings as Royal circles around the Hobo, being very cautious about the heavy hitter, not wanting to get in-range of his powerful hands. Hobo rushes forward, right into an armdrag from Royal who tries to lock in an armbar but gets punched away with a right hook. Nigel staggers back, holding his jaw as the Hobo advances on him, Nigel ducking outside of the ropes as the referee forces The Hobo back. Nigel gets back in the ring, running forward right into a very sloppy armdrag from the Hobo] [Nigel rolls to his feet as the Hobo delivers something approximate to an irish whip into the corner but as he tries for a clothesline, Nigel moves out of the way before grabbing him from behind and throwing him across the ring with a German Suplex. The Hobo lands hard on the back of his neck as Royal quickly takes advantage, dropping down as he locks in a grounded full nelson, viciously wrenching back on the neck as the Hobo desperately tries to get to his feet] [Nigel breaks the hold, pulling the Hobo up to his feet, lifting him up off the air with a massive knee to the stomach before lifting him up into the air with a suplex, holding him up high, letting the blood flee from the Hobo’s head before finally drilling him into the mat with a massive brainbuster. The Hobo is spiked into the mat as Nigel drops down, hooking the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Hobo just gets his shoulder up. Royal pulls Hobo up to his feet, drilling him in the face with a stiff forearm before flipping Hobo around as he delivers a Belly to Back Suplex] [Nigel holds on, delivering a second, and then a third but as he tries for the fourth to complete the Royal Flush, The Hobo delivers a sharp elbow to the side of the head that staggers Nigel before a massive right hand puts Nigel on his ass. Nigel gets up holding his jaw but a wild clothesline is ducked under as the Hobo locks in a sleeper hold. Royal flails around, trying to break out but The Hobo has it locked in tight. Nigel begins to fade slightly before dropping down to his knees with a jawbreaker like move that breaks the Sleeper. The Hobo staggers, holding his jaw as he stumbles into a spinning heel kick] [The Hobo staggers back, bouncing off the ropes as Nigel leaps up, taking The Hobo down to the mat with a hurricanrana. Nigel climbs up to the top rope, sizing the Hobo up before leaping off, SPITFIRE…HITS KNEES! Nigel staggers up to his feet, holding his gut in pain right into a running hook by the Hobo. Royal slumps to the canvas as the Hobo hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THR…Nigel just gets the shoulder up] [Royal slowly gets to his feet as the Hobo starts pounding away, delivering hard rights and lefts to the face and the gut, before swinging wildly with a crisp uppercut. Royal manages to dodge it, grabbing the arm as he drags The Hobo to the mat, trying to lock in the Dungeons of London. Nigel pulls in the arm as he locks in the hold fully, wrenching back with everything he has as the Hobo is eventually forced to tap out] [Royal gets to his feet, a wide cocky grin on his face as he allows the referee to hold his hand up in victory before he celebrates to the back, the Bloodline advancing to the quarter finals of the Ring King tournament for the second year in a row] [Blackbeard enters the ring, prior to his match. The screen on the entrance ramp comes to life showing rough waters as the lights in the arena dim. Lightning cracks along the screen before flashing to show a close-up view of a ship. Words are scribbled across the side of it as it comes into view.]

“Queen Anne’s Revenge.” [Blackbeard is yelling obscenities in the ring as the picture pans up to show Captain Jack standing on his bow of the ship with a mischievous grin.]

“Aye matey. I warnt Cories of steppin’ on my vessel. Now a Captain Jack imposter steps foot on the bow of my vessel?!”

[Captain Jack laughs as a gaggle of pirates steps up behind him. Blackbeard is frozen in place within the ring.]

“Yooooho, yooooho. A pirate’s life for me!”

[The pirates scatter and begin throwing things overboard. Men dressed similar to Blackbeard are thrown into the raging water as their screams are only drown out by Jack’s fellow men’s bellows of cheering and the thunder across the sky. Barrels are thrown aboard before two men climb down beside the written letters and begin dragging knives across the wording, changing it completely! Blackbeard is livid within the ring as the angle closes back in to Captain Jack.]

“The waters of the sea shall swallow ye whole, Teach.”

[The lights come back on full force as Blackbeard is seething within the ring.] [In a special attraction match arranged and promoted via Twitter—which you wouldn’t expect a pirate to use—the terrifying Blackbeard looks to plunder OSW as he duels your former World Champion, Jake Jeckel!] [Both men immediately get stuck in; Jake looking to redeem his loss to the rookie Iver, Blackbeard wanting only to destroy! Rights, lefts, headbutts – even biting! Blackbeard takes control with an eye gouge, then raaakes the eye across the rope. He pummels Jake in the corner before tossing him into the ropes—he ducks a clothesline—flying knee to the Juggalo! One… Kickout early on. The Dread Pirate pulls Jake to the apron… guillotine leg drop but Jake dodges! “Yeeaarrgghh!” Blackbeard howls as he jars his tailbone into the apron. He slowly gets up – 3-point stance CHARGE through the ropes! “YEEAAHH!” Big pop for the daring move as both men lay on the floor.] [Jake gets him up and hurls him into the stairs! 1… 2… He bounces Blackbeard’s head off the announce table. 3… German suplex on the floor! 3… 4… Jake resets it. 1… He gets him up but Blackbeard gores him into the timekeeper’s area! They lie in a heap of chairs and cables. 2… 3… They stir. 4… 5… Both crawl to the ring, trading kicks and punches! 6… 7… Blackbeard rolls in! 8… Jake follows – Blackbeard scoops him up for a TOMBSTONE! Jake wriggles free – German suplex… suplex… suplex! CLOWN POSSE-PLEX! Jake goes up high… FAYGO SPLASH! One—that has to be it—Two—come on, Jake—Kickout by Blackbeard!] [Jake slides his thumb across his throat – Hatchet time! “YEEAAHH!” The fans hate his stinking guts but the Juggalo is representing OSW tonight. He gets Blackbeard up – FIREBALL IN THE FACE! “OOOHHH!” Jake staggers around blindly and gets TOMBSTONED! One… Two—can Blackbeard beat the Champion—Twopointnine! Blackbeard curses and pulls him up. Both men choke the life out of each other, eyes bulging in their sockets in a struggle to hit their signature moves… “CHOKE HIM OUT JE-CKEL, CHOKE HIM OUT!” The Stockholmed fans rally behind their Champion… Jake puts the PONY DOWN with the chokeslam backbreaker! One—stay down, Blackbeard—Two—stay down!—Three! The OSW Juggalo has held the legendary pirate at bay!] [Jake snatches his arm away from the referee and mounts the turnbuckle, slapping it and trash talking Blackbeard as the fans chant “O-S-DUB, O-S-DUB!”.] [Up next, VHS Rewind Champion Jon Davenport takes on Showcase star Brent Kersh to advance in Ring King 2016, in what should be a purist’s match!] [The two old war horses step up to each other. Brent offers his hand, which Davenport slaps cockily. They circle aaand lock horns! It’s a display of Dad Strength™ as Brent forces Jon down, but the Champ bridges on his neck and powers back up, surprisingly limber! Deep arm drag on Brent and Jon slaps an armbar on, targeting the Enforcer’s old football injury. Brent soldiers to his feet and sends Jon into the ropes but he eats a shoulder tackle! One… kickout by Kersh early on. Jon stomps that creaky shoulder and pulls him up for a slam!] [Jon traps the arm in a belly-to-back suplex, then drags Brent to the ropes to crack it off the apron! One… Two—Brent is forced to get his shoulder up, further aggravating it. Jon gets him to his knees, “You’re in my yard, Showcase scum!”. Brent catches the GEORGIA CRAWFISH—the move that beat the VHS Champion—and fooorces it back. “Yeeaaahh!” The fans spur Kersh on—he shoves Jon into the ropes—double-A spinebuster! One… Two—Brent is going to Ring King—two-count! Jon counters a whip and Brent slams into the corner but comes charging back with a stiff lariat! He nurses his shoulder. One… Two… shoulder up by Davenport!] [Brent mounts him in the corner and the crowd chant along with a ten-count punch. He sends him into the opposite corner and hits a big splash, then scoops him up for the SOUTHERN DIS—he drops him! His shoulder gives out and Jon rolls him up. One… not like this… Two… Davenport to Ring King!?… Threkickout! They race to their feet aaand double-leg takedown into the figure four LONE STAR! Brent compensating for his shoulder, but will Davenport tap!? The lights flicker! SQUAWK! “YEEAAHH!” Is he here!? Brent is ready for The Scarecrow… but he’s nowhere to be seen! ROLL-UP! One… Two… Three!] [“BOOO!” Davenport collects his Rewind Championship and hurries to the back. He advances in the Ring King brackets! Brent is on his feet and he is pissed at such a cheap result. “Where are you, Scarecrow!?”] [Brent Kersh is absolutely beside himself. Whatever just happened just cost him his spot in the Ring King competition.] [The lights go off.] [CAW.] [When the lights return, stood toe to toe with ‘The Enforcer’ is none other than The Scarecrow! Kersh swings with a right hand but ‘Crow blocks it, delivering an uppercut, another, another and finally, down goes Brent Kersh!]


[The fans are booing as Scarecrow scoops him back up to his feet and lifts him straight up into the air into the Crucifix.] [BYE BYE BIRDIE!] [NO! The lights go off once again. Brent Kersh was just perched in the middle of the ring when the lights went off.] [The crowd murmur.] [What’s going on?] [It feels like an absolute age goes by and when the lights return, both of them are gone.] [But the ring isn’t empty. Oh my God.] [Scrawled into the canvas, with what looks like blood, is the phrase ‘Say Goodbye to your Heroes’.] [The camera closes in on the writing, studying the blood stained canvas as it does. Is that Brent Kersh’ blood? What the hell has happened to ‘The Enforcer’? Where has The Scarecrow taken him and what’s the meaning of this?] [We fade to commercial] [Chase Hero makes a big deal of arriving, as per usual. He enters the backstage with a flair about him, pumped up for his match later tonight when he hears his name called from behind.]

“Chase. Chase!” [Hero turns around to see none other than Max Mann, the backstage reporter’s neck stuck in a brace as he frantically limps towards a very confused Chase Hero.]

“Max? You’re supposed to be in the hospital, why are you here?”

[Max stops when he reaches Chase, leaning down to put his hands on his knees as he catches his breath before looking up at Hero.] “I don’t think I should be there. I think we really pissed off Ash last week, and I’m not just talking annoyed him. Like really pissed him off. He put me in a neckbrace, Chase.”

[Chase smirks and shrugs, brushing off the fact.] “You’ll be fine. Ash won’t be a big deal for me, he just got the jump on us last week, like a coward. Now if you excuse me, I have a match to attend to, or maybe at this point I should call it a funeral.”

[Chase laughs to himself as he walks away from the still frantic Max. As Max realizes he can’t catch up with Chase he turns around to limp away, he soon stops, looking in terror at a man off camera.]

“Well, Max. You got that right, I am a little bit pissed. But I’m not gonna hurt ya. My boomstick on the other hand just might.”

[The scene cuts to black as Max Mann is left scared stiff on camera.] [Chase Hero leans against the turnbuckle, watching intently as Ash Williams slides into the ring, twisting his metal hand into place before heading to his corner, both men bursting forward as the match starts.] [Ash is the first to get his offense off, swinging wildly at Hero with strong rights, forcing Hero against the ropes, Hero gets Irish Whipped and comes back face first into a jumping high knee! Hero hits the ground and Ash grabs him by the hair, pulling him up, he goes for a short arm clothesline but Hero ducks it and hits a massive lung blower on Ash! Back on the offensive, Hero rolls onto Ash and locks in a camel clutch! Ash struggles against the clutch as much as he can crawling to the ropes… rope break! Hero holds to a four count before getting off of Ash.] [Hero nails Ash with a kick to the gut before peeling him off of the mat. He whips Williams into a turnbuckle and rushes forward with a clothesline- Ash ducks it! Hero hits the turnbuckle hard and Ash capitalizes with MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX! Hero gets tossed half-way across the ring from the powerful move, stumbling to a knee and Ash hits Hero with a running boot! Ash grabs Hero by the hair again, really yanking on it as he gets Hero to his feet. He moves Hero to a turnbuckle and tries to move him up but Hero hits a series of elbows picks up Ash and SNAKE EYES TO THE TURNBUCKLE, REVERSE BULLDOG! Chase lays Ash out with a devastating combo and goes for a pin. One… Two… KICKOUT!] [Hero looks at Ash in disbelief after that near fall, his disbelief soon turning to anger as he stomps on the still prone Ash. He ends his assault with a knee drop before covering again for not even a one count. Hero drags Ash to his feet and whips him across the ring Ash comes back with a clothesline! Hero hits the ground and Ash drops an elbow for good measure. Ash forces Hero to his feet and BOOMSTICK- NO! CHASE DUCKS IT AND TALK TO THE BOOT- NO! ASH DUCKS AS WELL! BOOT TO THE GUT HAIL TO THE KING! Ash plants Hero into the ground and covers. One… Two… Three!] [Ash rolls to his feet, getting up and looking down at the fallen Chase, Smirking as he does.] [Both men are out of it after their match, but Hero still finds room to call for a microphone, looking down Ash with anger in his eyes.]

“I don’t get why you feel the need to walk into this ring day after day and challenge me, Ash. You’re a has-been, a nobody! You’ve been clinging onto my coat tails since we met. It’s pathetic.”

[Hero’s rant is stopped short by Ash’s chuckling, The Chosen One calling for a mic as he shakes his head.] “Day in and day out it’s the same thing with you, man. I’m a nobody, I’m a has-been. I took a chance on you, Chase. And I can tell it was a mistake letting taking you under my wing. At this point, it’s just funny, you won’t give up on your idea that you’re so superior.”


[Ash shrugs, looking at Chase with what seems like pity.] “You really wanna keep going with this little idea that you’re the savior here? Because I’ll keep playing you’re little backwards game. I never claimed to be a Hero for you to look up to, Chase. I’m a human who did what was best when I needed to. If you want a Villain, well then I showed you last week I can be the anti-hero to your little fantasy. And that means taking out people I see as villains the only way I know how… Brutally.”

[Ash drops his mic and lunges at Chase, the two men brawling it out in the ring. Just as it seems Ash is closing in on ending Chase, LOW BLOW! Hero nails Ash between the legs and lifts him up in the HERO’S DUTY! Ash hits the ground hard as Chase rises to his feet, hatred in his eyes as he continues to rain down boots onto the fallen Ash, security soon swarming the ring to pull the men apart.] [The crowd in the arena pop as the unmistakeable eyes of Pig fill the shot; dark and empty at first glance but there is a twinkling light of consciousness behind their glassy blackness. What must be running through the mind of the challenger tonight?] [Knock knock. Surely not…? Pig rises from his seat in silence and stalks over to his locker room door. He tears it open…]

“Delivery, sir. Sign here—” [Needless to say, it isn’t Knock Knock. A diminutive courier in beige uniform extends a docket to Pig. The mute Monster glares at the man, who quickly steps aside to reveal the delivery. This must be the peace offering Shark was talking about!] [Fresh meat. White polystyrene boxes stacked chin-high—chest-high for the massive Pig—on a red trolly, with slaughterhouse branding stamped on the containers. Talk about bad gifts…] [The fans boo the rope-a-dope move by Shark. Pig exhales forcefully but this comparatively tame mindgame doesn’t seem to faze him as the others have. He shakes his head and turns back to his locker room to prepare… but stops.]

“Sir?” [Squeaks the courier. Pig looks back at the containers… no, at the logo stamped onto them.] [Hewitt & Sons Meat and Abattoir.] [The courier slaps his docket into Pig’s chest. The Monster slowly runs his hands through his greasy black hair, slaughterhouse logo reflected in his eyes. His breathing grows rapid and sweat beads down the pulsating vein in his temple. Flecks of spit leave his cracked lips… he wants to say something—anything—he wants to scream and to curse The Shark into oblivion!] [The courier steps back. Pig snaps his head in his direction at the sound of the footsteps!] “No, pleas—” [Pig grabs the man by his lapels and HURLS him headfirst into the trolly! It tips over and the white containers spill their contents onto the floor, cuts of meat rolling away in streaks of blood.] [Pig lifts him back up and squuueeeaaals in his face then THROWS HIM THROUGH A PLATE-GLASS WINDOW! “HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT!” The crowd chant as the courier lies motionless, covered in broken glass.] [Pig’s breathing steadies as he grabs his hair. What the hell is the significance of Hewitt & Sons to elicit this reaction, and is Pig’s head still in the game for his match up next!?] [The monster has finally been unleashed, but can he destroy his way to the championship or will the Shark’s feeding frenzy commence?] [The bell rings as Pig rushes forward, taking the Shark by surprise with a double leg takedown before beginning to rain down rights and lefts to the Shark’s unprotected head. A hard right hook stuns the Shark as Pig flips him over, trying to lock in a crossface but Shark scrambles for the ropes, quickly breaking up the hold. Pig gets to his feet as he tries to pull Shark back up but gets a lightning fast headbutt for his troubles. Pig staggers back, holding his head as Shark grabs him from behind, trying for a German Suplex but Pig powers out before throwing Shark halfway across with a massive Belly to Belly Suplex ] [The Shark gets up holding his back in pain right into a running knee to the stomach before he’s lifted up into the air and nearly driven through the canvas with a massive Powerbomb. Pig isn’t done, pulling a groggy Shark up to his feet before power whipping him into the nearby turnbuckles, the whiplash sending waves of pain down the Shark’s back. Pig sets Shark up, rushing forward, MARCH OF THE PIGS…MISSES! The Shark just moves out of the way as Pig hits the turnbuckles shoulder first. The Monster staggers out of the corner, holding his right arm in pain as he walks right into a baseball slide like kick that drops Pig to the mat before Shark floats over, locking in an hammerlock on the injured arm] [Pig yells out in pain as Shark wrenches back on the hammerlock as much as he can, as the Monster begins to power up to his feet. Shark quickly breaks the hold, stomping down on the right arm before locking in an armbar in the middle of the ring. The Monster screams in pain as the Shark pulls back, screaming at Pig to tap out, even biting down on the arm of Pig as the referee warns the champ. Pig tries to crawl his way to the ropes but the Shark pulls him back into the middle of the ring, Pig looks like he’s about to tap out but with a guttural scream, he powers up to his feet, the Shark clinging onto Pig’s injured arm before Pig slams down with a modified powerbomb, finally breaking the hold but the damage has been done] [Both men get to their feet, Pig’s right arm completely limp by his side as he tries to trade blows with The Shark but the Predator quickly gets the upper hand, stunning Pig with a right hook before backing up, SUSHI KICK! Pig was slightly busted open by that as The Shark moves in for the kill, biting down on the exposed cut of Pig opening it even more. The Shark licks his lips, tasting the blood of the Monster as he calls for the end, climbing up to the top rope, SHARK DIVE…HITS KNEES! The Shark gets up, holding his back in pain right into a massive clothesline from Pig. The Shark gets up into a kick to the gut before a big DDT drills the champ into the canvas] [The Monster calls for the end, pulling The Shark up as he places him in between his legs but as he tries to pull him up to his feet, his right arm gives out as he drops The Shark to the canvas as the predator drills him into the canvas with a DDT of his own. Shark licks his lips, dropping down as he locks in the Asylum Special! Pig tries to fight out but the pain in his right arm is too much as Shark has the hold locked in tight, Pig eventually forced to tap out] [The crowd boo viciously as The Shark gets to his feet, a sadistic grin on his face as he gets handed the VHS championship. The Shark soaks in the boos from the crowd, before rolling out of the ring and heading to the back]


[Those famous red shoes are slapping across the concrete one more time as Betamax gives us a little spin. He’s in good spirits tonight, heading towards the locker room area when he’s suddenly clobbered over the back of the head.] [Darkness immediately ensues.] [When we return, poor Betamax is no longer singing to himself. He’s down in the basement of The School Yard, tied to a large wooden table.] [Click.] [A voice fills the room.] “Betamax, you have been chosen.”

[His eyes dart from left to right in fear.]

“Do not struggle against your restraints. They are binds that cannot be broken. Unlike your relationship with your father, who you turned your back on. Why did you do that, Betamax?”

[Betamax struggles.] “That’s none of your business!”

“Today, I have made it my business,” [says the distorted voice.] “Because you’re a liar, Betamax. That smile, those shoes, that whole façade, it’s all lies, isn’t it? Today, I’m going to test your resolve.”

[He panics.] “What do you mean; my resolve?”

“Your resolve to be a fraud. How important is your fake smile to you? How important is your façade? Today, I’m going to give you a choice. Today, I’m going to make an honest man out of you.”

[The panic really sets in now. He struggles against his restraints again but can’t break them; they’re too tough. The door opens and someone steps into the room, wielding a sharp knife that glints in the light. They walk towards Betamax and put the knife to his mask.]

“How important is your smile, Betamax?” [says the distorted voice, not coming from the potential attacker.] “You have a choice. Admit that you’re a fraud, that you’re a liar, that your smile is nothing but a façade, or my associate here will give you a permanent smile. Truth or dare.”

[The associate presses the knife down into the mask of Betamax, who panics.]

“TRUTH! TRUTH! I’m a fraud,” [he admits desperately.] “It’s all façade, okay?” [he sobs.] “Just please, don’t rip my mask; it’s all I have left.”

[The associate backs away.]

“Congratulations Betamax, you are free to go.”

[The lights flash back to darkness and when they return, Betamax finds himself unbound and free. He searches the room with his eyes for the associate, finding no trace of him or her.] [The look in his eyes says it all.] [VHS slowly fades to a close.]