[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [A single flame licks up against the camera, as pitch black invades the space behind it. We can’t see anything but the fire as Tapeover opens here tonight. Soon, a figure rises within it, a figure that we can’t quite make out.] [His voice is deep, crackling and terrifying.]

“Lucifer set me forth to deliver those who sin unto him.”

[The fires continue to rage.]

“Tonight, the final seal has been broken and my arrival is imminent. Lucifer demands souls and I am here only to serve him.”

[The fire lowers, showing the disgusting visage of Inferno – darkened, barely visible.]

“There’s no-where you can run, no-where you can hide and nothing you can do to stop me. Heed my warning. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, if Lucifer has requested your soul, I will be the one delivering it to him.”

[His mouth opens, showing sharpened teeth.]

“In the fires of hell you shall languish for all eternity. I have a list of names, a list that Lucifer has demanded the presence of and tonight, I will cross names off of it.”

[A laughter fills the air, a sadistic, horrible, terrifying laughter.] [Then it stops. Abruptly. Coldly.] [Silence.]

“Welcome to hell.”

[Static.] [Ash sits a locker room, the Chosen One is seen staring at pictures in what appears to be an old photo album, the pages lined with pictures of now deceased friends. He runs his left hand over them for a minute before closing the book. He takes a deep breath and puts it into his locker, turning around just in time to see Chase Hero clapping at the door. Ash sneers as Hero walks in, the Savior of Wrestling circling around his would be opponent.]

“Well well well, Mr. Unbreakable here is looking at his precious memories. Isn’t that sweet? Tell me, will the PTSD kick in now or later?”

[Ash bares his teeth.] “I don’t know, are you in an early grave yet?”

[Chase laughs at Ash.] “I wouldn’t go around insulting me like that. The police are under my thumb, and I wouldn’t be adverse to pushing for assault charges on that.”

“You haven’t even seen assault yet, punk. You wanna throw down, then I’ll throw down. Just TRY and piss me off, Chase.”

[Ash moves up to Chase, fists raised. Chase backs up, chuckling a bit, hands in the air.]

“Easy there, gramps. I know you think hitting me would be ‘groovy’ or whatever. But save it for the ring. I look forward to beating you down out there. Good luck, you’ll need it.”

[Chase laughs at Ash again before turning and leaving. Ash sighs before going back to his locker and grabbing the photo album. He opens it up and looks at it, his hands shaking a bit.]

“He deserves what’s about to come to him. He deserves it more than any deadite ever would.”

[Ash places the book back before closing the locker. He heads out of the room, the camera remaining on the locker after.] [The debuting Jared Beckett is in action against the ominous and foreboding Silver Shroud!] [The bell sounds as The Silver Shroud approaches the center of the ring before taking Jared to the corner with a charged move. He begins hitting vicious blows into the ribs of Jared before Beckett reaches down and bites the ear of Shroud! The referee gets in between as Shroud is pulled back. He clutches his ear in anger before the referee moves. Beckett charges out of the corner with a kneelift that rocks Shroud before hitting the ropes and coming back with a vicious kick straight to the chest that blasts the masked man backwards.] [Jared is on top of him with ruthless right hands. The referee allows it for a second before getting between them. Beckett smiles as he backs away with his arms raised up. The Cruelest Animal has found his way into the chicken coop of VHS. Shroud gets to his feet but Beckett nails him with another strike that forces him into the ropes where he catches himself. TRICYCLE FROM HELL! The bicycle kick catches Shroud right on the chin as he slumps to the mat. The Cruelest Animal drags his prey to the center of the ring. He teases going for a pinfall before shaking his finger.] [Beckett ascends the top rope before walking on the top rope as the crowd is mesmerized. He leaps! KING KONG SPLASH! Jared Beckett hooks a leg! One…Two…NO! Shroud actually manages to get a shoulder up! Beckett looks surprised before complaining to the referee a bit as Shroud gets back to his feet very slowly. Jared Beckett hasn’t let this go unnoticed as he leaps to the second rope before springing off for… LOCK JAW! The elbow strike catches him off guard as Shroud is stunned in place! Beckett can see he’s out on his feet as he grabs him in a full nelson before… STRAIGHT JACKET! It’s a pinning predicament after a dragon suplex! One…Two…THREE!] [The young upstart leaps to his feet as he’s picked up a huge win in his debut against a fallen detective!] [Recorded earlier.] [Blackbeard is thrown into the parking lot by force as Captain Jack slowly exits the arena’s doors. He paces back and forth as Blackbeard rolls onto his shoulder. He spits out a wad of blood as a maniacal laugh emanates from his toothy grin.]

“Ye got a lot of balls, I’ll give ye that.” [The pirate looks up with a dire look in his eyes.] “Maybe not so much in the head department though.”

[Captain Jack walks over and kicks Blackbeard right in the chest knocking him back onto his back. Edward Teach groans in response.]

“Argh, but that’s where yer wrong, Teach. Ya see, aye got this all planned out. Aye hope yer ready to WALK THE PLANK!”

[There’s a sound of a car door opening before four of Captain Jack’s crew members begin dragging Blackbeard away. Blackbeard looks left and right realizing just how bad his odds are.]

“Ye’ll never get away with this, Jack! Do ye know who I am?! I’m the nastiest sonovabitch on all seven seas! I’ll wring yer neck, scallywag!”

[They lift him up next to a dumpster before throwing him in. A small step-ladder is set-up nearest the bin as Captain Jack climbs up to tower over the discarded Blackbeard who looks up at him with jowls quivering in anger.]

“Aye. Aye thought ye’d threaten me. Fer that…”

[Captain Jack withdraws a flintlock pistol from his coat and aims it at the fallen pirate.]


[BOOM!] [The gunfire echoes through the parking garage as the side shot is all that is seen as the dumpster closes, never showing what is within. The pirate hop back in their car and begin to drive away as the dumpster is being dragged in toe. Captain Jack looks over the scene as Polly flies into scene and lands atop his shoulder. Jack reaches up and strokes his bird as it chirps calmly.]

“Aye, my pet. Another foe vanquished at the hand of ol’ Captain Jack.”

[The VHS Rewind Championship is on the line as The Hobo makes his return to the ring. Jon Davenport is seething across the ring from him as the bell sounds.] [The Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog sleuths out his target with a flurry of strikes as he charges across the ring. The Hobo tries to cover up, but Davenport is pummeling him with blows in the corner. The referee comes up to say something, but Davenport raises a fist to him as he dares him to get in between. Hobo kicks him square in the testicles before reaching up and biting him right on the forehead! The Hobo releases him before rolling out of the ring.] [Davenport finally regains his senses as a small trickle of blood is coming from his forehead. He clamors out of the ring, but Hobo catches him off guard with a running flurry of punches! The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog grabs him by his nasty hair as he headbutts him before flinging him into the steel steps! Davenport yells out in anger before lifting up Hobo by his jaw and practically spitting him in the face when he says, “What’d you do to my hound dog?!” The internet sensation yells at the people to move in the seating area before grabbing Hobo and sending him flying into the seating area.] [Davenport climbs up onto the next up seating area which is a few feet up. He motions for those people to move before leaping for… THE MUDFLOP THROUGH HOBO THROUGH THE CHAIRS! Everyone is down, but Davenport gets to his feet as he notices the referee’s count of eight. Davenport grabs Hobo and rolls him into the ring before rolling back in with him. The Hobo is broken and seems to barely be functioning as a gash across his back begins to flow. Davenport grabs Hobo up, touches the blood on his own head, and BITES Hobo on the forehead! He releases him with a sour look on his face as if Hobo didn’t taste good. He spits in Hobo’s face before locking on… THE GEORGIA CRAWFISH! Hobo falls to the mat and frantically TAPS OUT!] [Jon Davenport slowly gets to his feet as Hobo is laid out. He reaches over and touches the back of Hobo to feel the blood on his fingers. He drags the blood across his chest before lifting up Hobo and depositing him outside of the ring before holding his title high.] [The match is over with both the Hobo and Davenport managing to get their fair share of revenge on the other. Battered, bruised and exhausted, both men recover in their respective corners when they are interrupted by a low growling sound. Stalking its way down the steps toward the ring, one of Davenport’s Hunting Hounds makes its way towards the men – a dog without a tail, just a bloodied stump where the tail once was. Five other hounds accompany the first. They descend the steps and enter the ring. One of the hounds has a familiar looking gym bag, which it drops at Davenports feet. All six hounds corner the Hobo, snarling and growling and baring teeth.]

“This is over, Hobo.” [Davenport begins, looking at the fear in Hobo’s eyes.] “The way I see it, you are going back to the streets tonight – either by choice… or by force.”

[At that, the hounds give a flurry of wild barks, still snarling and growling and chomping at the bit to tear flesh from Hobo’s bones.]

“I can have my hounds here take revenge, tearing you to piece in front of all of these people – and they would, because my hounds are very loyal creatures and you owe them a pound of flesh. Or…” [Davenport picks up the bag and unzips it. Inside is a rough, unbundled collection of cash, impossible to tell exactly how much.] “You take this bag, I call off my hounds and you walk off into the sunset… never to be seen again.”

[Davenport zips the bag up and tosses it across to Hobo. It lands in between him and the hounds.]

“You take that bag, it should be enough for you to get your life back together. But… You turn and walk back to those streets and you leave Old School Wrestling for good.”

[Davenport smiles, his hounds still ready to tear Hobo apart.]

“So, what will it be Hobo… Money bag or body bag?”

[The Hobo tries to simply leave the ring, but one of the hounds leaps forward and sinks it’s teeth into his arm. With a sharp yelp of pain, he returns to the corner to face the decision. He is backed against a wall with only two possible ways out. Shaking and solemnly, Hobo picks up the bag of cash.

Without fanfare or trumpets sounding, the Hobo exits the ring safely. The hounds are not called to attack. He trudges his way back up the steps, leaving the Schoolyard for the last time.] [The Best in the World meets up with the drug-addicted foe, Shane McGovern. Who will come out the victor in this exchange?] [The bell sounds as Shane comes flying forward to continue his chase from last week, but Tyler utilizes the ropes to put some separation between them. The referee backs him up as Brooks slowly enters the ring. Shane chases him again, but Brooks goes low with a dropkick taking out the knee of McGovern! McGovern cries out as this seems to have come full circle after the vicious attack at the hands of McGovern a few weeks ago. Tyler quickly grabs the knee and yanks it back inflicting some serious damage with the single leg Boston crab.] [Shane slowly begins crawling for the ropes and he gets there. Brooks releases the hold as he moves some of the hair out of his face before taunting to the audience’s disapproval. Brooks hits the ropes as Shane gets to his feet before getting BLASTED with an EYE OF THE SAVIOR! Tyler doesn’t waste a moment as he leaps to the top rope before motioning for… GUIDING LIGHT! Brooks hooks both legs! One…Two…But Shane McGovern’s hand falls underneath the bottom rope. The referee calls off the pinfall as Tyler looks at him with a groan.] [Brooks gets to his feet as he yanks up Shane with him. Shane looks out on his feet, but Brooks is sure to put him back on the mat with a snap suplex into the corner! Shane’s knee momentarily gets hung up as he’s crying out in pain! Brooks rips his kneepad down and kicks into the knee of Shane before the referee can pull him away. Brooks smiles and extends his arms to more boos. Brooks yanks him down and locks in a crossface while hooking his leg! ETERNAL SALVATION! Shane screams out in pain, but before the referee can even ask if he wants to submit, Brooks pulls him out of the hold and climbs to the top rope for… HEART OF DARKNESS! Tyler Brooks gets to his feet as he’s beckoning Shane up. Shane slowly begins to move as Brooks whips him into the ropes before… YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY! Shane slumps to the ground as Tyler Brooks places one boot across the throat of Shane. The referee counts him down. One…Two…THREE!] [The Straight-Edge wrestler smiles widely before swinging his hair out of his face. He sees Shane is in pain, but he leaps on him and locks in a single-leg Boston crab! The referee is instructing him to stop, but Brooks just smiles at the referee for a solid half minute before finally releasing it.] [As Tyler Brooks exits the ring celebrating a victory here tonight, the lights suddenly dim.] [Shane McGovern gets back to his feet, his eyes hazed after that complete arse kicking he just received at the hands of Brooks. He walks towards the ropes and before he can exit, flames shoot up, trapping him inside.] [Just like Hysteria last week, he falls backwards onto his ass.] [Darkness.] [When the lights return, they’re dimmed a dark blood red.] [But that isn’t our focus; not by a long shot. Stood in front of Shane McGovern is a thing unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. His skin is red and atop his head are two horns, curling away from the base of his skull.] [Shane rolls to his feet only to be grabbed by the throat. The beast leans in, his nostrils flaring as he smells his prey.]

“My name is Inferno,” [he sneers at a petrified McGovern.] “And Lucifer sent me forth to collect your soul.”

[The arena darkens one more time, before a horrifying scream can be heard in the middle of the ring. The audience panic as the sounds of McGovern’s cries echo throughout our tiny arena, eventually coming to a horrible and terrifying conclusion.] [When the lights return, Inferno has vanished, so has McGovern, but blood is splattered across the canvas.] [The blood of Shane McGovern.] [The battle for Last Pirate Standing is at hand as Captain Jack goes to battle with the ocean’s most feared scourge, Blackbeard! No-one knew if Jack had truly ended Blackbeard, but even he seems surprised that Blackbeard has arrived here tonight.] [The bell sounds as the two pirates begin berating each other from across the ring. They approach each other in the center of the ring before Blackbeard yanks the hat of Jack down across his eyes before hitting him with a stiff kick to the gut! Jack bends over before Edward Teach, Blackbeard, snaps him for a DDT. He chuckles as he demands the referee count. Captain Jack will not be held down as he quickly pulls himself back to his feet.] [Blackbeard charges him at the ropes, but Jack lowers his shoulder and flings him over the rope to the floor below. Jack climbs out onto the apron as Blackbeard gets to his feet. Jack leaps for a huge splash taking both scurvy gents to the floor. Jack is up first as he yanks Teach up by his scraggly beard before throwing him into the crowd! Jack climbs over people to get to his victim Blackbeard who is scurrying away through the people. Captain Jack grabs a drink out of a fan’s hand before lobbing it at Blackbeard as it soaks him with foamy beer!] [Blackbeard stops to wipe the beer out of his eyes but Captain Jack lunges onto him managing to push his back onto the hard edge of the stairs leading up! Blackbeard yells out in pain as he’s seemingly broken! Captain Jack stands over his piratey foe before pulling him up to his feet and slaps him across the face. Blackbeard is nearly crying as he’s pissed his pants. Captain Jack kicks him in the gut before holding him by the head on the top step. He leaps up and… WALK THE PLANK ONTO THE NEXT STEP DOWN! Blackbeard’s head smashes against the concrete step as blood begins to flow. The referee comes in and quickly counts to ten making Captain Jack the winner!] [Captain Jack stands with his hands raised high when suddenly the lights dim, bringing the crowd into a hushed frenzy.] [As Blackbeard struggles to a knee he is instantly blown back to the canvas by an eruption of flames shooting upward around the perimeter of the ring.] [Captain Jack glances around cautiously, keeping his guard up as Blackbeard still tries to clear the cobwebs. And then… ] [Darkness.] [For several seconds the crowd quietly stirs until finally the lights return. This time; however, the arena is covered in a dark, blood red shade and both Captain Jack and Blackbeard look on with a near terrified daze.] [NOT AGAIN!?!] [In the ring, standing there between the victor and the fallen is Inferno, the red skinned and horned beast we saw dispose of Shane McGovern earlier in the night. Both men recognize him and they spring to action. Jack jumping to the outside while Blackbeard hops to his feet but only to come under the grasp of the monster.]

“My name is Inferno,” [he growls as his clawed fingers grip the head of Blackbeard, a look of sheer terror in his eyes.] “I was bidden by Lucifer… to collect your soul!”

[WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS THING?!] [Blackbeard struggles against the clutch of the monster until finally letting out a grunting moan. Suddenly, a searing noise is heard as steam begins to rise up from the skin of the pirate. His eyes open wide and his body begins to convulse as he lets out an agonizing scream. And then… ] [Darkness. The searing becomes louder and louder, only matched by the petrified screaming of Blackbeard until finally there is silence.] [The lights return and neither Inferno nor Blackbeard are anywhere to be found. But in the ring, to the horror of those in attendance; on the canvas is what appears to be a large puddle of melted sludge and blood.] [The final remnants of the pirate known as Blackbeard.] [After everything that has already happened in the Schoolyard, the fans are a little anxious as we now find two mounds of sticks outside the ring. The fans have been cleared of the nearby bleacher, and are watching from the stairs. Everyone begins to boo as Christian and Faith begin to come down the opposite set of stairs. They soak in the jeers with smiles on their face before standing in front of one of the mounds.]

“Tonight,” [Faith begins.] “our Lord, your God, will cast down lightning to ignite these sticks to flame! Once and for all, we will prove how mighty our God is.”

[Christian steps in to take over.]

“And after that, I will prove that Viktor North is nothing more than an idol worshiper and more importantly, a loser!”

[He steps in front of the first altar, and bows his head. Faith motions for everyone to do so as well. Of course, most of them don’t.]

“O LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, today let it be known that You are God in Israel and that I am Your servant and I have done all these things at Your word.”

[Christian is reciting the prayer from Elijah in a similar situation from the Old Testament.]

“Answer me, O LORD, answer me, that this people may know that You, O LORD, are God, and that You have turned their heart back again.”

[The two of them smile and look upward with this eyes closed as their await the blessed response.] [SNAP!] [The sticks have ignited! Christian and Faith have the look of a kid who just got what they had begged for on Christmas Day.] [SNAP!] [That look evaporates as the other sticks ignite and Viktor North saunters out of the people, where he holds a small device in his hands.]

“Odin sought for years to find wisdom, he did not call to the sky for his power. He took it. Just as I will take Reel King later tonight. Just as the two of you will be cast down by the power of the Skull Splitter.”

[Christian has climbed into the ring to stay away from North while Faith yells incomprehensibly at Viktor, who ignores her.]

“But first, I have business with you. Your reckoning is tonight, Christian.” [North states as he climbs the stairs to the ring.] “It’s been a long time in coming. May your God bless you in death.”

[The bell rings throughout the Schoolyard as these two are set to end their issue.] [The sermons are over as Viktor North is set to go up against the man named for the religion he represents as Faith watches on from outside of the ring.] [The bell sounds as the two lock-up in the center of the ring. North gets the better with his sheer strength before pushing Christian back into the corner. Viktor takes a step back before delivering a stiff clothesline. The bearded Viking grabs Christian by his whiskers before hitting a deadly headbutt to the dome of the man of faith. Christian is groggy but Viktor hits the ropes to try for a rolling elbow! Christian sees this and ducks underneath the blow before hitting the ropes for a jumping clothesline that takes both men straight to the mat.] [North, seemingly the better of the exchange, begins to get to his feet while Christian is still groggy on the ground. Faith slams her hands on the mat while pleading with Christian to get to his feet. Viktor grins as he sees him down before leaping on him with a flurry of vicious elbow strikes! The referee is quick to stop the onslaught, but Christian is able to kick up and connect with some Little Skullsplitters. North falls to his knees and Christian doesn’t even appear to realize what he’s done. Viktor is spewing profanities into the mat as Christian gets to his feet.] [Christian sees an advantage and rushes over, grabs Viktor around the waist before depositing him on the back of his head with a German! He goes for the pinfall, but North powers out. Christian quickly locks in a headlock as he wrenches the hold. North struggles for a moment before the two of them make their way to their feet. North lifts the sheer weight of Christian up and deposits him on the apron. North nails a headbutt before taking a step back and nailing a rolling elbow to knock him to the floor. North sees his opportunity and hits the opposite rope before… GUNGNIR THROUGH THE ROPES TO FAITH ON THE OUTSIDE! Christian’s lady pushed her man out of the way as North collides into her! The referee immediately goes outside to check on her. North looks down at her before turning into… BIBLE BELT! The belt lashes across his chest before Christian rolls him into the ring. DISCUSS ELBOW TO THE FACE! Viktor North holds his chest for a second before pulling him in for… THE FALL OF UTGARD! North goes for the pinfall as the referee slides back into the ring. One…Two…THREE!] [Viktor North rises to his feet while still rubbing his chest. He grabs the belt and begins laying in shots to Christian before rolling him out of the ring to where he lays beside his woman. Viktor North looks prepared for his match later in the evening.] [Stephanie Rose is walking towards the tunnel backstage, looking extremely nervous before her match here tonight with Christian York. She stops before she gets there, almost turning away with nerves.]

“What’s up, pretty lady?” [Newcomer Jared Beckett says as he arrives in front of her.] “I’m Jared Beckett and you, you ought to come out with me.”

[He flashes her a smile, but she throws up – literally.]

“I’m sorry,” [she remarks, wiping the vomit from her mouth.] “I’m just really nervous. I have a match tonight with Christian York and I’ve gotta somehow knock him out.”

[Beckett looks a little disgusted.] “Right.”

“I mean, how am I supposed to knock that big lumbering oaf out? I can’t believe I somehow made him submit last week, let alone this.”

[Jared doesn’t care; he’s just eyeing her up instead.] “Look, do you want to go out or not? I’m the hottest new commodity here in Old School Wrestling and I’m offering you the first taste of the future. All I want is an answer, not your life story.”

[She shakes her head, ‘no’.] [But she’s trying to be polite.]

“Look, I don’t get turned down, okay?” [He remarks, pointing at his physique.] “I’m willing to bet you’ve got something on your mind,” [Jared says as if he wasn’t listening all along.] “How about I take care of that and then we talk, yeah?”

[Rose looks at him awkwardly and walks off towards the tunnel, preparing to head to the ring as he remains with a big goofy smile.]

“I’m taking that as a yes!”

[In a rematch from last week, Christian York battles Stephanie Rose in a No Disqualification, Knock Out Match! Can Rose pull out another victory against the bigger, stronger man?] [Christian and Stephanie meet in the middle of the ring, initiation in a collar and elbow tie-up. York uses his size advantage to maneuver Rose into a hip toss, but she counters with a quick knee to the stomach! This doubles York over, Stephanie leaps onto his back and attempt to strike the back of the head! York counters easily though and throws Rose off his back by her hair like a small child, she lands with a thud in the middle of the ring. With one hand Christian grabs Stephanie by the throat and pulls her to her feet, throwing her backward into the turnbuckles and rushing in with a back elbow to the side of the head that rocks Rose! Then another! She’s still conscious but the impact is devastating!] [Christian York winds up and goes for the killshot, but Stephanie moves out of the way! York hits the turnbuckles hard, stumbles out and into a flying headscissor – no! York counters the move and sits out while slamming Stephanie face first into the mat! York rolls out of the ring, dragging Stephanie out with him. She is on wobbly legs as the ref checks her, but she isn’t knocked out. York hoists Stephanie up onto his shoulder and rams her spine first into the ring post! Then body slams her onto the ring apron! Rose bends across the apron and crumbles to the floor in a heap, the ref checks on her and she looks him right in the eye, she isn’t out!] [Obviously a bit ruffled, Christian York looks under the ring and pulls out a section of steel barricade. He sets it up at an angle, leaning against the barrier that is holding back fans. Stephanie Rose is using the ring apron to stand up somehow, but York once again grabs her by the throat. Christian steps up onto the apron, drags Stephanie up with him and holds her up in the air over the steel barricade! She kicks him in the chest multiple times, not allowing him to compose the move! Kick after kick until finally York drops her! Stephanie lands on her feet on the apron and hits a leg-feed enziguri! Christian York is on dream street! Stephanie leans against the ropes on the apron when – WHAM! A chair out of nowhere to the back of Christian York! It’s JARED BECKETT! York is stunned even more, he turns to see who hit him and gets hit in the stomach with the edge of the chair! He bends over the top rope in agony! Beckett winds up and slams the chair directly into the head of Christian York, launching him off the apron and into the steel barricade that was set up earlier! York is done! He’s out cold! The ref checks on him to confirm and sounds the bell!] [Beckett throws the chair down and flashes Stephanie a wink before heading to the backstage. Jesus Christ!] [We pan to the backstage area to find Captain Jack marching triumphantly down the hall after a successful victory over his rival, Blackbeard, earlier tonight. His lips curl in a confident grin when suddenly, the fluorescent lighting in the corridor begins to flicker before dimming.] [EXPLOSION!] [Flames erupt from two doorways directly in front of the Pirate, filling the hall with fire. Jack is taken aback; singed by the flame and falling backwards into a support pillar.] [And then there is darkness.] [Seconds later, the lights return but this time the hallway is filled with a dark, blood red tint. Jack reaches to his sides, gripping the pillar; his eyes moving back and forth in awareness before a clawed hand wraps around the pirate’s throat.] [It’s Inferno. The beast that has brought pure hell to the School Yard on this night. He leans in; his curved horns only inches away from the face of the now terrified Captain Jack.]

“My name is Inferno,” [The monster hisses; his face distorted with a blood thirsty glare. His hand grips tighter to the throat of his victim.] “I saved your glory before, but now your end will be fitting of that a pirate.”

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!” [Captain Jack screams with fear sounding through his crackling voice.]

“Not I, but Lucifer.” [The demon growls.] “He has sent me… to collect your soul!”

[With that, something of a leather strap is slung over the pirate’s eyes from behind the pillar. Inferno grabs the other end and swings backward behind the pirate. The strap covering Captain Jack’s eyes is pulled tight by the demon from hell and we notice Inferno begin to wrench away on the strap. The act is a form of torture known as “woodling” commonly referenced in pirate lore.] [OH SHIT!] [The agonizing scream of Jack prompts the cameraman to lose courage and he turns from the madness, sprinting down the hall in the opposite direction. The view jolts and shakes as the camera bounds down the hall. In the chaos, the screams of Captain Jack continue until suddenly there is silence.] [The lights return and the cameraman stops in his tracks; repositioning the camera back down the hallway towards the site of the assault.] [Inferno and Captain Jack are gone, but the pillar where they once stood is covered in a dark red substance. Dripping to create a massive puddle on the floor below.] [The blood of Captain Jack.] [The Chosen One is stewing in the corner, but will he able to beat Chase Hero here tonight?] [The bell sounds and Ash comes out of the corner like a bullet! BOOMSTICK TO THE REFEREE?! Hero panicked and pulled the referee into the way! Ash looks momentarily distracted before being blindsided from behind! Hero begins stomping away on Williams before throwing him out of the ring! Hero climbs out after him and throws him up the steps towards the entrance. He climbs up but Ash is back to his feet as he lifts up Hero and slams him down atop of the stone steps! Ash Williams goes over and grabs a chair out from under some guy’s butt and slams it down across the back of Hero!] [Hero howls in pain but Ash isn’t finished! He wraps the chair around the hand of Hero and climbs up to the next step. He leaps down as Hero’s hand is SMASHED within the chair! Hero cries out once again as Ash is still seething. He leaps on him and begins drilling into his forehead with vicious right hands! The Chosen One grabs him up and throws him towards the ring. Chase Hero begins to get to his feet as Ash comes leaping off for a… BOOMSTICK! But Hero manages to dodge out of the way before hitting a bicycle knee to the chest!] [Chase Hero rolls Ash back into the ring before pulling out a sledge hammer! He climbs into the ring as Williams is slowly getting back to his senses. Hero begins sizing up Ash as he teases swings with the hammer. Ash turns around and… SLEDGE HAMMER MISSES! Ash evades the swing before hitting the ropes for elbow strike! Hero is staggered before receiving three kicks to the gut followed by… a leaping uppercut that flattens him! BOOMFINITY RUSH! Hero tries to get back up and… PUCKER UP! Ash flattens him with another signature move before going waking up the referee in preparation for the finish. Ash turns around and… SLEDGE HAMMER INTO THE THROAT! The referee was too groggy to see it as Hero slides the hammer out of the ring. TALK TO THE BOOT right into the throat as Ash hits the mat. Hero hooks a leg! One…Two…THREE!] [Chase Hero looks a little scared at Ash as the referee holds his hand up in victory. Ash clutches at his throat in pain at the sledge hammer’s usage.] [Chase scrambles away from the enraged Ash. The Chosen One’s rampage did not stop after the match by any means. He gets to his feet and chases after Hero, the Savior of Wrestling rolling under the bottom rope as Ash slides under after him.]

“You wanna bring up the past, Chase? Well you brought it up, and now you gotta deal with it!”

[Ash kicks the steel steps out of the way before walking around to follow Chase again. Hero holds his hands up defensively as Ash advances on him.]

“Calm down, Ash. You’re just being a villain now more than ever. You know this isn’t you, right?”

[Ash stops, his expression still of pure anger as he stares down Chase. Then, Ash smirks.]

“Oh. I’m being a villain aren’t I? That’s kinda funny. So I guess you’re the hero, right? RIGHT?”


“Then be the Hero here, Chase! Come on!”


“Ash, what are you doing?”

“Being the villain. It’s what you want, isn’t it!?”



[Ash continues to wail on the defenseless Chase, the crowd backing away from the carnage as security runs to the ringside, Ash fighting them off before he’s forced back by a large group of them. Williams is pulled to the back as the medical team rushes down to check on Chase and the fans.] [Brooks and North come face to face here tonight. Both men stare each other down from their corners. The bell rings and the match starts!] [Tyler Brooks moves cautiously around North, moving in for a quick lock up. Both men seem evenly matched and throw one another off. Quick lariat by North! Brooks ducks and North turns around to a pele kick! North stumbles back and Brooks capitalizes with a leaping knee strike! North is dazed and Brooks hits a snap suplex, he floats over into a quick pin for a one count! North throws Brooks off and rolls to his feet. The Skull Splitter hitting a knee to the rising Messiah and lifting him up into a Michinoku Driver! North mounts Brooks and lays waste with a series of elbows to the trapped opponent!] [North just doesn’t let up with his assault. He pulls Brooks to his feet by his hair and whips him across the ring. NORTH GOES FOR THE GUNGIR! BROOKS GRABS HIS ARM MID LUNGE, NORTH GETS PULLED TO THE GROUND INTO THE ETERNAL SALVATION! The cross face is on tight as North finds himself center ring. He tries crawling to the ropes, but Brooks wrenches back on the hold, keeping him in place. North looks around, and with nowhere to go he forces himself to his knees. He’s trying his best to stand and NORTH POWERS UP! Brooks tries his best to hold on but The Skull Splitter hits a huge kick to Brooks, forcing the hold to release!] [Both men are to their feet now, and Viktor looks savage as he rushes Brooks! An impressive combination of elbows and kicks forces Tyler back to a corner. Brooks looks to be in trouble- He catches an elbow! Tyler forces North into the corner and hits a massive knee strike! North looks dazed as Brooks backs up. He’s calling for the Eye of the Savior as he rushes forward and LEAPS WITH A ROARING ELBOW! NORTH MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND BROOKS LANDS ON THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE! North quickly traps Tyler’s head before VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE! Brooks is busted open by the huge superkick as Viktor schoolboys North off of the turnbuckle into a pin! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [North rolls to his feet after a hugely competitive match, he looks to the sky and let’s out a battle cry in celebration.] [It’s moments before the biggest match of his Old School Wrestling career and Pig is sat backstage, looking at the ground – focus oozing off of him in preparation.] [Suddenly, he looks across the room, spotting an invitation pinned to the door. Surprised and intrigued, he takes a walk over and has a look.] [The envelope itself has fancy writing on it. As Pig opens it, our camera turns to a view that can see it written.]

Hello there, Little Piggy!

I’ve been watching you dazzle and amaze the crowd for the past month or so and I believe you might be perfect for a little something I have planned. You see, little Piggy, the Carnival is coming to town later on this month, and we’re terribly short on acts. So, I’ve been scouting around this federation and truthfully believe that you could be something special in my wonderful little show.

Don’t take my offer lightly now, little Pig. Should you choose to refuse my offer, I’ll be sure to have my wonderful Fluffy change your mind the only way he knows how. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that now, do we?

Kindest Regards,

Alistair Huxley

[Pig rips up the invitation and throws it on the floor, looking extremely disgusted at what he’s just read. He looks at the camera, his first words ever spoken.]

“I’m no-one’s freak show.”

[The fans roar at the first time hearing of Pig’s voice as he storms off, leaving the camera to look down at the ripped up note one more time.] [It’s main event time as The Shark holds his title clutched to his chest. Pig looks psyched up as this will probably be these two men’s last encounter. Will the Pig become the top predator on VHS? Or will The Shark’s reign of terror continue? We find out NOW!] [The bell sounds as both of these men meet in the center of the ring. The Shark is jawing off as he undoubtedly informs Pig of all of the bad things he’s about to do to him. Pig looks down at him and headbutts him! Shark recoils in surprise but Pig doesn’t seem to be bothered as he kicks Shark ruthlessly in the chest sending him back into the corner turnbuckle. Pig charges him with a lowered shoulder. The Animal backs away only to grab Shark by his Mohawk and bring his head forward for another hard headbutt! He grabs the leg of Shark and T-Bone suplex!] [Shark begins crawling away on his hands and knees as Pig is in slow pursuit. The scene looks like a horror movie with Shark being the beautiful blonde. Pig raises his machete-like arm up for a final swing, but Shark uses the ropes to pull himself up for a kick to the gut. The Shark slides between his legs before popping up behind him and LATCHING ONTO THE NECK of Pig! Pig swings left and right, but The Shark is avoiding him like the Swine Flu. The Shark releases as the blood begins to flow from a wound on his shoulder. The Shark grabs him around the waist for a German suplex!] [The Shark gets to his feet before hitting the ropes. Pig comes to his knees before SUSHI KICK goes right over his head as he falls backwards! Pig gets to his feet and hits the ropes before going for MARCH OF THE PIGS but Shark grabs the side of his head for a bulldog! He shakes it off quick as both men are now standing in the center of the ring. The crowd begins cheering wildly as both men hold a gaze. Shark takes a step forward and extends a hand. Pig looks at his hand and seems to consider it. He grabs it and pulls it into THE DAY THE WORLD WEN-] [Shark slips out of it and leaps off the second rope for a DDT! The Shark climbs to the top rope and leaps off for… SHARK DIVE! The Shark goes for the pinfall! One…Two…NO! Pig powers out! The crowd pops as Pig slowly begins getting fired up! The Shark looks terrified by what he’s witnessing but he begins throwing vicious kicks to the back of Pig’s legs! He’s aiming for the hamstrings as Pig is just shaking them off! He grabs him by the sides of his head and brings his head in close to his for a headbutt! ANOTHER ONE! A THIRD HEADBUTT as The Shark is like putty within the hands of Pig.]


[HEADBUTTHEADBUTTHEADBUTT! Three more and Pig lifts up the lifeless body of The Shark before dropping it onto his knee! He doesn’t go for a pinfall but he yanks up Shark by the jaw. Pig hits the ropes before hitting MARCH OF THE PIGS! Shark hits the mat with a thud as Pig beats his chest. The Animal picks him up before taking him to the corner where The Shark bites him right on the same wound! Pig squeals out in agony! Shark releases and hits a dropkick into the corner before following up with a running knee strike to the chin! Pig falls as The Shark climbs to the top rope… FIN-NISH HIM! Pig takes it hard as The Shark staggers to his feet. The Shark leaps on his prey and… THE ASYLUM SPECIAL! The Animal tries to fight out but his energy is sapped. He stops moving as the referee raises his hand once…twice…three times. Pig is out!] [The Shark has managed to beat off Pig once more. He’s awarded his title as The Shark smiles wickedly. He hoists the title up high over his head with a mile-wide smile.] [The Shark gets back to his feet, being handed the VHS Championship with aplomb by the referee. He thrusts it into the air but is quickly cut off.] [BOOM!] [Red lights cover the arena as a circle of fire appears around the Champion. He has no-where to go and we all know what’s happening next; it’s time for Inferno.] [The arena turns to pitch black, and when the lights return, the fire has gone and Inferno now stands in the ring, opposite the VHS Champion.] [He reaches out and grabs him by the throat.] [WHACK!!] [WHACK!!] [WHACK!!] [The crowd go absolutely ballistic because standing behind Inferno with his shovel in hand is THE DEAD!] [Inferno turns around having taken those shovels to the skull and looks at him, his eyes burning red with rage. He goes to grab The Dead instead, but another shovel shot sends him to the canvas!] [Inferno rolls to the outside and backs away, looking at the DEAD who now stands tall, raising his shovel in the hair.] [He may have been here to condemn souls to hell, but how do you kill The Dead?] [VHS Tapeover goes off the air with The Shark having long escaped the ring, Inferno backing up the steps and The Dead in the ring.] [Boy, things are going to get interesting with VHS returns in two weeks!]