In Mannfred Curze, Promo by Mannfred Curze

I’ve always found vigilantes to be exhausting. Self-righteous do-gooders who, in the vain of righteous heroism, seek to impose their own brand of justice on a world that seems to have fallen away from them.

They claim to want to help those that the world seems to have forgotten. To fix a system that has fallen apart, or have failed to serve and protect the people. They dive head first into a fight they can’t possibly win. But they fight and fight and fight, thinking they can finally force the system back into the model they believe to be the best for the people.

I’ve watched many come into the Bleak. They see the dark, depraved and empty world down here and think they can fix it. Impose a system that can not exist here onto the people who refuse to accept any form of control. Who will never comply with the rules and regulations the upper levels conform to. That the people above have accepted and live by.

Down here, a vigilante is just another criminal looking to take advantage of the broken and the downtrodden. Looking to give themselves an ego boost that have otherwise been denied of them for their entire lives.

But down here, a different form of life exists. One that a vigilante just can’t fit into. Down here, it’s not about laws and control. It’s predator and prey. You’re either one or the other. No ruler, no heroes. Just the ones able to survive. Only ones able to commit the worst levels of violence can last. We don’t need some self-righteous, would-be hero here. There is no place for your types.

I tried, before. I was abandoned down here, and now. I tried to save people. I tried to protect people. I tried to be a hero. I tried to be a vigilante hero, to impose my ways on the people here.

But it was rejected, and I learned. This is no place for someone wanting to do good. Just those who want to do evil to a certain type.

So, you can bring your bats. You can bring your weapons. You can bring whatever sense of heroism you cling to to try and force your ways onto the people here in the Bleak. But it’ll be meaningless.

Because you’ve found the biggest predator down here. You’ve found the monster that people only whisper of, for fear of what saying my name will do.

I’ve watched you try to play hero. To try and protect the Bleak, not realizing you’ve already lost this fight, Kpavio.

Try as you might, you’re now in my crosshairs, and I intend to end you.

I’ve chosen who I wish to to be here, and that isn’t some hero and I’ll show you why that is.

As the night is filled with your screams, you’ll see why vigilantes aren’t welcome.

Why the upper levels fear us down here.

Vigilantes scream at what they’ve witnessed here.

Enter the Night Haunter.