Washed Up

In Promo by Sir Renault

I love a good comeback story.

There’s just something about returning to success after a period away for whatever reason that I find so inspirational.

There was this talented athlete who really made waves in the Olympic scene, and his fans cheered him and followed him like he was their idol.

But on the verge of winning a gold medal, a broken ankle spoiled his chance at gold.

He was washed up, and just like that a once promising career crashed and burned, never living up to its potential.

But then the unthinkable happened.

Miraculously, the athlete made a triumphant return four years later to claim what once was thought to be his.

Sporting a new vibrant, yellow “Live Strong” anklet, which he claimed provided him the power he needed, he plowed through all the competition on his way to the gold medal.

It was so unprecedented that they even tested him for performance enhancing drugs, the results of which were negative.

The conclusion they made was that he had simply walked through the gateway to greatness.

I’ve been made aware that someone has walked through the gateway to greatness that is the Slaughterhouse in order to finish what he had started some years ago.

They say he was one of the great ones, who showed great promise during his time in the squared circle, but was exiled with the death of the gods, prior to fulfilling his promise to become the one true god of Old School Wrestling.

Having been away for some time now, he has returned wearing that magical anklet handed down to him from his grandfather. He claims it grants him the power of Janus, and as such his followers call him “The Two-Faced God.”

Here to fill the void of a seemingly godless world, he aims to make a comeback like none other: conquer what he believes is justly his, and impose his will on us all as our lord and savior.

You sure picked the wrong time to make your little comeback, Terminus.

You’re putting your faith in the wrong place if you think you can walk back in here with your anklet and believe I will worship you.

See, you’re a false idol.

Me? I’m God’s Greatest Warrior.

And I’m going to cast you back to burn in the depths hell for your sins.

Upon your big return you’ll find that you’ll be wearing a new anklet, but it won’t be like the one with magical powers you wear now. It won’t even be a yellow, silicone Live Strong anklet.

No, there’s an ankle chain reserved for you that’ll bind you there for good.

Like I said, I love a good comeback story.

This just isn’t your story.

It’s Yahweh’s.

Yahweh is on the verge of being resurrected, and at OSW Forever I’m going to play spoiler to your big return when I sacrifice you in Yahweh’s name.

Because there’s no room for false prophets like you around here when Yahweh makes his return.

For there’s only one true god—

And unfortunately Ordell, it’s not you.

No miracle this time, you’re all washed up.

Deus vult.