In Promo by Sir Gable

Take a moment to think about all the things you regret.

All the words you wish you never spoke.

All the actions you wish you had never done.

Every little accident, every little mistake, every white lie, every skeleton in your closet, every piece of baggage you hold on to, everything you wish you could just let go.

Take all of them and imagine each of them as an individual weight, your smallest accidents being a mere gram, your biggest regret weighing the same as you.

Now grab all those weights and put them on a scale and watch the numbers climb, every new digit adding to the internal shame you attempt to ignore or run away from.

When you thought about your regrets, did you feel that heaviness weigh you down?

That tightening of your chest, your knees buckling, your legs shaking, it weighs more than you expected and you’re about to collapse.

Take that weight off you, do you feel better now that your body is no longer screaming in agony?

Move those weights to a new scale, one where without digits showing you the true nature of your soul.

All you have to weigh it against is a feather to counterbalance your choices, when you look at your regrets, is there any chance they weigh less than the feather?

I didn’t think so, almost no one has the luxury of a guilt-free life.

You have just experienced a snippet of the afterlife ancient Egyptians endured. The weight of those regrets versus the weight of a feather meant eternal damnation or eternal salvation.

Almost no one got the latter as that benefit didn’t go to those of us who are the average members of society. No, that luxury is reserved for the heroes of this world.

The only way you had a chance of being lighter than a feather was announcing all the sins you hadn’t done before your time on this planet was through.

If you could say all the sins you hadn’t done to get a chance at paradise, how much would you say?

Most would say a litany of things at a rapid pace to get there.

I don’t know if you could say a single word, SeeSaw.

From murder and torture to lying about the real you, the moment your regrets hit the scale, your feather would be flying.

Don’t think there would be a swaying action like your namesake, that feather would be catapulted joining the sky like the bird it fell off of.

However, there is some good news.

You still have a chance at salvation.

You see, you don’t have to worry about that scale, the ancient Egyptians like countless others were wrong about the afterlife.

Anyone can receive eternal salvation as long as they reject sin and accept the lord as their Christ and savior.

Pray for forgiveness or accept the fate your actions have dealt you.

Be a warrior for the lord or a toy for the devil.

Do what you must or prepare for a future that makes your toy box look like paradise.