What’s A Bit Of Water?

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

There was once a mountain that no-one had ever climbed.

Generations upon generations of people had come and gone, but no-one had ever reached the mountaintop without losing their life. Finally, a mountain climber whose skill was known far and wide came to attempt the mountain.

He spent weeks preparing himself for the journey.

And with a confident smile, he bid farewell to everyone in the village and made his attempt at the climb. For weeks, the villagers waited. They hoped the climber would return but expected never to see him again.

They all knew the mountain was unforgiving. They all knew the treacherous journey he would make.

To their surprise, the climber did return. He succeeded in climbing the mountain and brought back a prize that proved it.

He’d done what no-one else had ever accomplished.

But he grew restless.

And upon hearing of another mountain, across the ocean, he decided that he had to go. After all, what’s a bit of water to the greatest climber in the world?

You people stand before the ocean, expert climbers. You’re vastly skilled and aptly trained in climbing the mountain. You’ve done it before.

Felix Foley has climbed the impossible mountain of sadness upon the cancellation of his show. He reached the top; he fought it and won.

Grimskull has climbed mountains of pain to reach the peaks and apexes of freedom. He revels in the agony and despair of the climb.

Colt Ramsey has overcome physical mountains like Caesar XL – passing through, around and beyond him in a matter of survival.

Teddy O’Toole has climbed mountains of obstacles to be the most prolific candy man in all of Arcadia.

Drewitt has figuratively and literally climbed every level of Arcadia – every mountain top and summit, to know every inch, nook and cranny of our world.

And Jasper Redgrave has overcome the mountain of justice that is Jackson Cade to roam freely around Arcadia.

Everyone in this match has overcome their metaphorical mountains, making them experts at the climb – they know how to succeed. They’re the worlds greatest ever climbers in that regard.

But they don’t stand before Mount Olympus yet.

They stand before the ocean, in which Mount Olympus is but a ‘simple’ journey across. Afterall, what’s a bit of water to the greatest climbers in the world?

And each of them will set sail across that stormy water in search for Mount Olympus, only, they won’t make it. The water will thrash, the sun will burn and the wind will blow them of course until each and every single one sink to their eventual watery graves.

You see, they’re all experienced and skilled mountain climbers.

But sometimes yesterdays tools are irrelevant to today’s problems.

And I’m the ocean.

Just because these eleven competitors are skilled in knowing how to get over one obstacle, doesn’t make them capable of getting over the next. Just because they know how to climb their proverbial mountains, that doesn’t make them capable of navigating the ocean.