Where no horse roams

In Promo by The White Bear

There are parts of the world where no horse ventures, no matter how red.

The tundra is the natural barrier for armies far and wide.

Frozen corpses are buried under layers of crystalline snow all across these borders.

Their blood Is as frozen as the ice that surrounds them.

Most of the poor bodies that ventured further into my world weren’t ready for the cold and the last moments of their life were spent in a state of shock and agony.

Their final expressions are frozen in a perpetual sense of fear and acceptance.

The rare few who weren’t destroyed by fellow man or mother nature fall to the worst fate, the bear no agent of war can cross.

If lucky, he’ll devour them as fast as possible.

If not, he’ll tear them apart limb by limb while they can only watch their lives slowly fade into oblivion.

A painful reminder that fools that try to wage war will soon face death whilst a protector ensures peace.

In the tundra,a warrior’s fate is sealed the moment they enter my world.

Their horse ride has an early stop here.

The predator within us begins the hunt long before a warrior meets their fate.

The moment they make the most subtle of footprints in the snow, I detect the motion and before snow can cover it once more, I make my move.

I sprint through the snow to meet them faster than any horse can make it, certainly much faster than any human.

If the threat survives its fellow man and these harsh conditions, I remind them why no war is won in the tundra but many are lost.

For the personification of war that you now are Drewitt, You know I’m right.

Your horse’s hooves will pierce through the snow and get stuck.

Your blood vessels will constrict and try to stay warm but they can only do so much.

If you were anyone else, you’d be long dead before you reached the inner circle of the tundra but here we are.

Your immortality has led you here and you’ll have the scars to prove you made the trek others couldn’t.

It doesn’t matter, you’re still way over your head in these frozen waters.

I can see you drowning long before our inevitable match occurs.

I already see your fate before you do.

Just accept this death to be added to your list of previous failures.

Or are you going to fight it?

Are you going to throw everything at me and still realize that In my world, you’re nothing but another frozen carcass to add to the list of failures.

How long will it take you to realize that?

Will it be when your horse can’t go any further?

Will it be when your body can’t?

Or will it be when the bear rips your leg off and the blood slowly ekes out?

Knowing how every warrior thinks, it is bound to be this one.

You’ll fight until the very end and when the pool of blood beneath you matches the color of your horse, you’ll accept peace will prosper through this land.