Where No Man Flies

In Promo by The Red Falcon

There are parts of this world where no man can roam, no matter how bright the fire burns.

A man can conquer the fields, can burn grass to a cinder, even drain the water until it is but a desert. But there is one realm that they can never subjugate.

The sky is the pristine paradise that rulers and monsters alike fantasize about.

Through flames, smoke, arrows may try to obscure it, the crystal blue shines through the gray.

Most of the poor fools who try and conquer my realm find themselves ill equipped to deal the death that rains from above as their last moments on this earth are wasted away by something they can’t even see.

The ice cold rain that pounds down around them, dimming their vision in a mist of obscurity.

The lighting that strikes the earth before them, getting closer and closer as the thunder cracks drown out every sound imaginable.

The howling winds that cut flesh to ribbons and chill down to the very bone leaving you breathless and aching for salvation.

Only for his razor sharp talons to pierce through the veil and tear your throat out.

A winged supernova faster then your eye can see who can travel the skies faster then you can blink.

The terror from above that reminds any fools who seek to conquer all they see that while a protector seeks peace, all they will gain is the sweet release of death.

The sky is vast and terrifying and the moment a warrior looks its way, their fate is sealed.

A man may conquer worlds but you will never conquer mine.

Which is why until now Grimskull you have hidden yourself away where my eye’s cannot see.

Deep within the catacombs of the city where no light can pierce through, you gathered strength within those weak enough to corrupt and subjugate

Your horses hooves evolved as you endured pain and suffering unimaginable, thrived on the agony of others.

And within the deep broken fire, you became something that longed to cage the light. To encase the brilliant blue into the gloomy black that you hold so dear.

But in your haste to escape the safety of the underground, you walked into the path that may well send you back down further then you ever wanted.

The pain and hardships you suffered will be joy compared to the demise the raging skies will unleash upon you.

The flesh that remains will peeled away, revealing the dead skeleton that reflects your broken soul.

Because in my world, you are nothing but another body for me to pick clean of all that remains.

How long until you realise the only place you will conquest is Tartarus itself?

The skies are pristine and terrifying Grimskull and I will show you every bit of them.

I will bring you into my world and as your body matches the color of your horse, I will drop you into the abyss.

Because peace will only prosper when monsters like you get what you deserve.