Where We Climb

In Promo, Vision by Vision

We’re all getting somewhere, fighting and clawing each step we take. We climb, ever closer… but we’re often blind to the reality of where we are climbing.

Consider a ladder. Sturdy in its design, a great tool to use to reach any height you wish. But if we climb the ladder without thought of where it is taking us, the ladder itself will be as helpful as a torch to a blind man.

If one does not consider the ladder before they start their climb, it will forever remain on the ground. This will not get you anywhere. You will neither rise nor sink from its heights.

Such a ladder carries neither risk, nor fear of falling but it also carries no reward, no sense of accomplishment upon reaching the top. Climbing a ladder lying on the ground is ultimately pointless, a fool’s task.

For it is not the ladder that is important. It matters where you place the ladder.

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster. When we climb towards the Kaleidoscope of agony, every inch of the climb brings pain. The higher one climbs the ladder of pain, the closer to their freedom the climb brings them.

But what kind of freedom is bought with agony? Surely, the destination found by climbing such a ladder will never bring the satisfaction that Third Eye sight provides.

We’re all climbing somewhere, scaling our ladders. But how much stock have the blind folks of Arcadia truly placed into where their ladders are leading?

Harold Attano, who scaled the ladder out of Deathrow as soon as Zeus opened the door. Yet, the world you have stepped into has been anything but what you were expecting.

Narcissa Balenciaga, who climbs the ladder of revolution. But what brighter day does her revolution truly promise while all over Arcadia, dwellings are ransacked?

What answers lie at the peak of Colt Ramsey’s ladder of investigation? The higher he climbs, the higher the stakes of truths he uncovers. Does Colt truly know what his truth will bring?

Gemini, who has shown the true form of her ladder as Nergal. A pestilence ridden quest of power but when chaos is your goal, what will remain of the ladder upon your destination?

The Third Eye is awoken within me, and grants me the sight of the destination that awaits those that can see the truth. I know where to place my ladder, despite the pain of betrayal stinging my climb.

I do not embrace such pain to find ill-fated freedom, nor use the pain to stir my rage into the ranks of revolution. I remain focused on the pathway the Third Eye illuminates.

The peak of the ladder. An Arcadia that sees the true power the prism provides and strong enough to grasp its future.

I am the future; the ladder is mine to climb. I can show Arcadia how true vision can guide them to my path. The only path.

The Third Eye guides my climb.