Who Wants to Live Forever?

In Promo by Mordecai

“There once lived an ancient man who sought the secret to immortality.”

“This soul feared death more than anything else in the world. His creaking bones and sagging face were a constant reminder of how close he was to approaching his final hour.”

“He would give anything to prevent his eventual demise from occurring. He would even give away his estate and fortune if it meant he could live forever.”

“That’s why he and a devoted team of scientists decided to attempt to make a eternal life serum so he wouldn’t have to face his eventual demise.”

“They worked tirelessly for months to create the perfect serum. Upon completion, the foolish man drank it and instantly felt its effects.”

“The aching of the bones vanished, as did the wrinkles on his face. He became ageless and seemingly immortal, conquering death for as long as he wanted.”

“However, in his excitement, he failed to notice that his family and team of scientists had either left him or died in his place. He was essentially alone and without a way to create anymore batches of the serum.”

“The ageless soul killed himself not a few years later, not being able to imagine a life without those he loved and cared for.”

“How does it feel to be forever young, Avalon? How does it feel knowing that you have outlived everyone and everything you’ve ever known and loved for eternal life?”

“I’m sure it hurts knowing that your longevity has come at the price of seeing your lineage and friends perish around you. However, that’s the hidden cost of eternal youth.”

“You’re a living relic of the past, one of the very few of your kind. Had you known that you’d be stranded in the modern world with the apocalypse having occurred not too long ago, you probably wouldn’t have taken a drink from the chalice.”

“Alas, here we are. You’ve arrived in OSW for reasons unknown and are in a bout against yours truly. In all of your years of being alive, you wouldn’t have expected squaring off against the gatekeeper of dreams himself.”

“You must’ve spent an eternity dreaming of the moment someone would put you out of your misery. Who knows how long you’ve watched friends and family pass around you, just waiting for the day someone would make you join them in the afterlife?”

“Fortunately for you, knight, I have the capability to send you to the afterlife like you desire. It only requires you to fall asleep, allowing me to snap your neck without resistance.”

“If you must resist, however, then I will have to make you sleep by force. Even in my drained state, I can still push you into a state of unconsciousness if need be.”

“This is your moment to meet your long deceased family and friends. I know you don’t want to pass this moment up, so allow me to do my work or perish fighting all the same.”

“Dream a little dream of your family. You’ll join them soon.”: