Whole Wide World

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

He’s got the whole world, in his hands. He’s got the whole wide world, in his hands…

Until it all crumbled down.

Humanity is always after their vanity, always after this goal of having everything in the world in the palm of their hands that they’ll do absolutely anything to get it. They’ll go to the ends of the earth to have it all.

But what is it all worth? What price is a price too much?

There was a man I knew, one of the few Kine I would work with. He chased everything he could. Money? He’d have it. Women? He’d have them. He chased the world and it all seemed to fall on his lap. Nothing was too out of his grip that he’d think twice about what it’d cost to claim it.

One day though, he took a step too far. He thought he had it all under control, he thought he had thought of everything. But those bullets taught him differently, and the whole world that was in his hands was now nothing but a pool of blood seeping through the wounds and pooling at his feet, the very place he thought the world sat.

It was hard to watch, greed and vice taking this man. But you’d know what it’s like, I’m sure.

The world has never been too far out of your reach, has it?

All you ever needed to do was make a call to a snake, and whatever you desired was right there at your fingertips.

All the money, power, influence. A mere mention of a snake’s presence was enough to make the very foundations of the world quake in fear of who or where they may be.

Your world was held tightly in your hand, and you have everything to show for it. Nothing has been too far out of reach, and like the man I once knew, you’ve never had to worry about much when it came to getting what you wanted.

But what happens when all that crumbles? What will Viper Roberts be when the world is no longer at his finger tips, and everything you’ve ever had is now just a gaping, bloody wound?

When I had to end this associate because his world started encroaching into my territory, he had to answer for it.

He could have his world all he wanted, but when he started taking what was mine? When he entered a world that wasn’t his own?




A gaping wound and his world was crumbling came to a sudden end.




And now I’ve ended your world, and everything in it is nothing but a bloody pool at your feet as you watch everything you ever chased, everything you ever were, disappear as if it were nothing.

Welcome to the World of Darkness.

I’ve got the whole world, in my hand. I’ve got the whole wide world in my hand.

Carpe Noctem, Roberts.

It’s my world now.