Wilting Away

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“There was once a chrysanthemum that, on the surface, looked absolutely stunning. The flower demanded your attention with its vibrant, colorful petals and strong, sweet scent.”

“The plant brought happiness to everyone in the level it grew in. Nobody dared to mess with it unless they wanted to incur the wrath of the entire tier.”

“Beneath the surface, however, the flower was starting to die. Its roots were drying up and its petals were losing their color.”

“The beauty that once brought Arcadia unfiltered joy would eventually become morose and depressing. The once vibrant petals would turning black and its leaves would shrivel away.”

“The people that were once inspired to do better would eventually walk all over the flower, leaving it a crumpled mess on the dirt where it once stood.”

“I simply couldn’t let that happen.”

“When nobody was looking, I snuck up to the flower and plucked it from the ground. Instead of rotting away with shoe prints plastered all over it, I allowed the chrysanthemum to die in its most eye pleasing state.”

“Gemini is a beautiful chrysanthemum that brings joy to everyone in Arcadia. She demands your attention with her vibrant, bubbly personality and bright, optimistic outlook on life.”

“However, Gemini is also dying due to an internal battle that her current self is losing. Her personality is beginning to turn sour and her worldview is joining suit.”

“The fight is going to result in her happier half dying. As a result, the witch will permanently take over. When she does, Arcadia will be robbed of some much needed color and optimism.”

“I can see the rot already taking form, Gemini. With every passing day, your clothes turn a little darker, your smile less vibrant. You’re losing the fight and it pains me to see you this way.”

“The vibrant side of you is dying, and the witch is beginning to take complete control. If she’s able to, she’ll walk all over the corpse of the more pleasant one like a dead flower in the dirt.”

“So I’ll do what I did all those years ago to that pretty little chrysanthemum.”

“Pluck you.”

“I want the people of Arcadia to remember you for how you are now, not how you will be when the rot takes over. The sweet and bubbly side of you needs to be preserved for everyone to admire and adore.”

“I simply can’t let the image of the bubbly half of you wilt away. If I were to do that, then I would be doing everyone a disservice by allowing it to happen.”

“Know that when I put you down at Olympus, it’s not because I want to incur the wrath of everyone. It’s because I want to cut off the darkness from completely infecting you.”

“Only then will the witch be extinguished from our minds. Only then will your more vibrant half be burned into everyone’s heads when they think of Gemini.”

“So let me pluck you before your better half goes up in flames.”