Zodiac II: Dragon

In Promo by Banzan

Legend tells of a great race that would determine the court of the great Jade Emperor.

Each animal was called but only the best would be able to vie for a position in the Zodiac.

The dragon, a powerful, mythical beast that had powers the other animals could only dream of was highly touted to be the victor.

He was the strongest, fastest, the best competitor.

Everyone knew it.

Especially the Dragon himself.

When the day of the race came, he quickly flew off into the lead. But he was cocky, arrogant and distracted by his own ego.

He stopped to tout his power at villagers, wowing them with his mythical powers.

The dragon was a badass, and he wanted everyone to know it.

But it put a target on his back. He bragged of his accomplishment, his glorious victory. But his ego blinded him from the race at hand.

And before he knew it, a measly rat had snuck the victory out from under his nose.

OSW is a race, Luke.

It always has been.

All the competitors lined up for the chance to impress the Jade Emperor.

Wanting to win that race, to claim the gold.

And you’re a badass Dragon.

The best of the best. The cream of the crop.

A name revered in legend and plastered in the gloss of the Hollywood lights.

But the thing is… Everyone knows it.

Especially you.

You have the ability to soar to victory over the other rats and pigs that you share these halls with.

None can hold a candle to the great Luke Storm.

But your egotistical ways caught up with you finally, did they not.

They got you.

With a sickness, they distracted you. And your ego let them fool you.

Again and again they kept that cure from you.

And you thought yourself invincible.

But that was it, it didn’t even matter if you were or not.

Because it cost those around you more than you can ever repay.

It cost you Shaw.

Your credibility as a leader.

Your ego led you down this path and put that target on your back, and you watched as a measly rat walked away with your belt.

You were had, badass Dragon.

Busy admiring yourself and how mythical your amazing powers are to realised just how far you were falling.

I’ve been there.

I’ve been had too.

It cost me my monastery once upon a time.

Those I held most dear. At the hands of a corrupt man named Berkshire Ellison Green.

And I too wanted my revenge, that very same look I see in your eyes.

But where you have nothing but your ego to rely on, I was able to meditate and reflect.

That unlike you, I’m no dragon.
When it comes down to it, I’m the Jade Emperor.

I’ve outlasted them all.

Helveig, Green, Gouldern…

In the end, they all ran in my race.

As do you.

A dragon blinded by his ego, thirsty for revenge.

Hunting the rats that stole his glory.

Run Dragon, run.