Zodiac: Rat and Ox

In Promo by Banzan

Legend tells of a great emperor, who called upon the animals of the land to compete in a race to see which ones would become part of the Zodiac Calendar.

The rat was known as the most cunning and deceptive of all the animals. He was very adept at tricking others into doing his bidding.

He would never win by himself against all these animals faster and stronger than he. So as the animals came across a wide river, the rat tricked another animal into giving him a ride across the water.

The ox.

The ox was stronger, and the rat knew that he could take advantage of him.

Ox swam across the river with the rat on its back, tiring itself out in the process. The rat leapt off the ox’s back at the last moment, scampering over the finish line to win the race.

He used the ox, and when finished taking advantage of him, left him exhausted in the dust.

You’ve found yourself quite the pair of rats lately, haven’t you Sir Gable?

Ever since your friendship with Captain Grimwolf took a plunge into the depths, you’ve been letting your rage drive you. Navigating the waters of anger towards a revenge you desperately seek to administer.

And those Vayikra rats see you swimming.

They know who can get them across the river towards the promised land they seek. I’d wager that they offered you fellowship, a shared vision. That together, you can scratch each others backs.

But rats will be rats, Cael.

“Dishonest men, you can always trust to be dishonest…”

But you’ve always been an honest man.

You had Israel’s back, you tried your hardest to make him succeed. And yet, the Nekken still comes after you. It led you to the unthinkable choice of killing a man you considered a friend.

But he still comes.

I see you at the end of your plank, ready to make some foolish choices with cunning rats who are eager to deceive you.

“…It’s the honest men you have to watch out for. You can never tell when they will do something incredibly foolish.”

The rats of Vayikra are leading you to their bidding, and you’re walking right into the same trap as the Ox.

But I’m no rat, Cael.

And unlike you, I’m no gullible Ox falling victim to the will of others either.

I am born under the sign of the dragon.

Strong, fierce and filled with an ancient wisdom.

Noble and fearless.

The Mighty Mountain is not so weak of mind that he would sell his integrity to the rats of this world.

Can you not see what you have become, foolish Ox?

Because when those Vayikra rats leave you high and dry, and they will, you will be nothing more than an exhausted Ox, falling short of the finish line while they walk into their sunset.

And you’ll be left at the mercy of Davey Jones’ locker, a weathered Ox whose Rat friends abandoned him.

Let those rats off your back before it’s too late.