Darkness and Light

In Grimskull, Promo by Grimskull

Darkness and light.

Two opposing forces that have existed since the dawn of time.

It’s the duality of nature, a balance that must be maintained.

But in the beginning, there was only darkness.

Uncertainty. Fear.

Like a leaderless herd, the people wandered aimlessly.

But then a spark of light emerged.

It pushed back the darkness and illuminated the way forward. With this light came hope, safety, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

But not everyone was content with the light.

Some preferred the shadows, where secret and manipulation ruled the night. They reveled in their ability to stay hidden, pulling the strings from the safety of the dark.

They never dared to step into the light, for fear of being exposed for who they truly were.

Damien Wolfe is one such individual, a master of the shadows who only acts in secret.

He manipulates people, working from behind the scenes, running from the touch of the light.

Gaining strength in the darkness, he asserts that power as he strikes from the shadows. Weaving webs of deceit, he ensnares the unsuspecting in his schemes.

That leaderless herd is forced into submission as he uses legalistic nonsense to bind them to his will.

But recently, truth has come to him.

A red light.

And when that red light comes, he cowers in fear, making sure that the world sees him as unassuming, as unable to wield the power he so desperately craves.

It seems to destroy him, to remove all pretense of strength he has worked so long to cultivate.

Because when the light shines on the darkness, it cannot hide its falsehood any longer.

You can no longer run, Damien Wolfe.

The light is here.

Its name is Grimskull.

For all bear witness to my deeds.

Within me, there is no darkness, only a bright shining truth that none can ignore.

It’s the fundamental truth of the universe.

When the world grows darker, a new light shines bright to defeat it.

Just as the red light has brought your truth to bear, Damien, so have I come as the spark of light for the entire world.

And I will push back your darkness, showing those who’ve been roped in by your deceits that there is another way.

A better way.

It’s one that I show them every day, and one that I will make sure you now learn.

It is the lesson of pain.

It is to take your hope of power, and show you a new hope, one where you will not hope for the spoils of Arcadia, but for conquering the weakness of your mind.

It is to take the safety you find in darkness, and show you the comforting touch of agony, so that you will no longer be bound by your fear.

It is to reject the dark shackles of today, and promise you a better tomorrow, one where you will not run from the red light that haunts you.

But a tomorrow where you will embrace it.

That is your only path to victory.

You must embrace the pain.

You must embrace the Grimskull.