Blood Hunt

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

Blood Hunt. An order given by a Prince calling for the Final Death of a Kindred for crimes the Prince feels puts the rest of us in danger.

Anyone who hears the call must partake in the hunt, and any Kindred who are the target of a hunt has until midnight to flee the city the hunt was called in. Any and all Kindred who aid the hunted, become prey themselves.

It is always fun as sheriff when a blood hunt is called. You can target anyone, and the blood flowing is nothing short of exquisite. I relish in the hunt, making the prey terrified of every moving shadow as I stalk them. Every step, every corner, a beat of a dead heart skips.

I’ve been a part of many blood hunts. You’d be amazed at how many young Kindred break the rules, even more so when rebels are involved. It’s a lesson to be taught, and it’s always a violent and gruesome affair.

Some will try to become heroes, try to protect a Kindred they deem to be innocent of the crimes they’re accused of. Some will build factions to try and stand up to the sheer might of the Prince.

They all fall when the pressure is on.

But the Hunt will continue. And one is called now.

The landscape may be different, but the hunt begins anew. The prey is all the same. Their time is ticking away slowly.

It doesn’t matter if you are a bad motherfucker, a holy warrior, or an eldritch horror from the deep. The hunt is called for the gold that comes with being at the top of the mountain is hard to ignore, and I’m running for each of you.

To hear your heartbeats rush at the sound of every creak coming from the darkest corners of the OSW arena. To taste the blood that has run cold as you feel the eyes of a deeper darkness watch your every step.

There won’t be any heroes when the night is through. Just bodies laying broken and bloodless, drained of the life for this Kindred to finally reign supreme.

I look forward to hearing the screams as the Blood Hunt at Wrestle Heroes takes it’s grip. Everyone will be a part of it, Kindred and Kine alike.

We smell the blood in the water, and we’re all circling like sharks.

You can run, every champion can run, but surely the circle gets tighter and tighter.

Each of you will fall, and your places taken by those of us hungry enough, starved for the prizes long denied.

Fight as you wish; the Blood Hunt will not be over until each of you lay broken at my feet. I’ll enjoy listening to the pained whines and screams of horror to come night after night.

It has been a while since I have been this excited for a blood hunt. Been a while since the prey has been this enticing.

Carpe Noctem, OSW. Welcome to the World of Darkness.